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Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 61-73; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i2.66

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries that heavily regulated in most of country in the world. Regulation made by the regulatory is intended to ensure the system or process in the industry produce the product without impacting the safety, efficacy, integrity and quality of the product. Computerized system are commonly used by pharmaceutical manufacturing activities from planning, warehousing, production, engineering and testing in laboratories. Computerized system that used not only as information system or processing the data the system also used by the company to control their proses such automation system in production area. Recent report from regulatory showing there is increasing reports from regulatory regarding company failure in maintain their computerized system to comply with cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) from regulator.
Agus Budi Harto
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 87-97; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i2.67

One way to increase website popularity is by increasing the user's visit to the website. Search Engine Optimization is a popular concept to increase website popularity or page ranking of a website in search engine, but not many designer know on how to implement the concept so their website popularity could not be controlled. This research aims to create a template based on checklist created from SEO concept. Evaluation is done by comparing website page ranking that created based on this checklist and not. The result of this research is the website popularity ranking which implement SEO design is higher.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 75-86; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i2.79

Human resource is one of the functions of a company that is considered as an asset. Therefo re, the theory of performance qualificat ion was adopted by the company in order to get an overview of employee performance. Furthermore, the company needs an effective method to predict the performance not only for the employees but also for the new applic ants. The goals of this research are to get a decision tree model of the employee performance. By learning employee data, the performance of the new applicants could be predicted. The study would provide the characteristic of new applicants who will give better performance than other applicants . The data from a company in Indonesia will have been used for this research. The data mining technique will be applied to the data of operators (such as admins, clerks, cashiers, machine operators, and security offi cers). The data mining technique was use d is decision tree. The decision tree technique was commonly used for a supervised learning data. The decision tree technique also has advantages compared others, because of its ability to produce information that is easy to understand. The result of this research shown the high dependency of employee performance with employment type (work contract). It also means that employees are encouraged to provide good performance to the company if those employees have become p ermanent employees. This research also showed that there is no relationship between employee performances with gender or position grade.
Rizaldi Rizaldi
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 55-60; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i2.65

In banking industry, reconciliation software can help you rise to a range of regulatory, business and operational challenges. In this new, challenging operational environment, an automated reconciliation strategy has proved to be a mandatory system to help reduce costs and risk, to achieve compliance and improve transparency, efficiency and scalability. But migrating system is a big project, And like other big projects, sometimes the result are not satisfactory, to measure client satisfaction on this project, we use Kano Model to measure it, a theory of customer satisfaction and product development developed by Professor Noriako Kano in 1980.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 45-54; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i2.64

In this paper will be explained about a Multi Nationed Company which have many branch office around the world and the company has developed and implemented a new approach to strategic planning that better aligns all activities and competency with the corporate bussines goals. Information Technology employee has to improve their knowledge and competency regarding to technology innovation (C. Casado-Lumbreras, 2013). Hopefully this paper could be the initial framework to realize Capacity Building for Information Technology Resources in companies or any other agencies.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 37-43; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i1.63

The internet utilization is become more growth for every years where the cyber-attack also taking part into risk in the organization. The existing cyber security infrastructure (Web gateway) shall be replacing to answer adequate of respond to threat, Vulnerabilities or viruses. Therefore company using NIST Framework [1] to improving Infrastructure Cyber Security thru identification of risk. The framework will help Company to identify, asses and managing cyber security risk in regards with replacing the old Web Gateway. And future outcomes of the replacement of Internet web gateway shall address the current and future profile and managed security program base on risk evaluation.
Yudha Fernando Silitonga
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 13-19; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i1.60

The publisher has not yet granted permission to display this abstract.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 1-12; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i1.59

Interior design is an industrial company that works of flow from visual drawing into implementation construction of interior design drawing on site as a framework to fulfilled demand of client needed. Each day interior design company market becomes more high competitiveness as a national or even as a global market, and demand to fulfill with adequately performance to reach global market. In this report depart from previous comprehension; augmented reality can be a purpose effort interior design application for environment experience from computing interaction.
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 6, pp 21-27; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v6i1.61

Business feasibility research is needed before business development team decided to start the business. SWOT analysis is an important part of it, since it described Strength – Weaknesses – Opportunity – Threats. However the result have no score, so its makes harder to consider each part in making decision. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is one of the method in decision tool to scoring, AHP carry the quantitative analysis of the problem. The combine of SWOT and AHP in feasibility research provide more reliable accurate in decision making. The aim of this paper is to analyze the business feasibility in opening learning centre at Balaraja based on SWOT and AHP method.
Hussein Abed Ghannam
Journal of Applied Information, Communication and Technology, Volume 5, pp 73-83; doi:10.33555/ejaict.v5i2.55

WhatsApp is a giant mobile instant message IM application with over 1billion users. The huge usage of IM like WhatsApp through giant smart phone “Android” makes the digital forensic researchers to study deeply. The artefacts left behind in the smartphone play very important role in any electronic crime, or any terror attack. “WhatsApp” as a biggest IM in the globe is considered to be very important resource for information gathering about any digital crime. Recently, end-to-end encryption and many other important features were added and no device forensic analysis or network forensic analysis studies have been performed to the time of writing this paper. This paper explains how can we able to extract the Crypt Key of “WhatsApp” to decrypt the databases and extract precious artefacts resides in the android system without rooting the device. Artefacts that extracted from the last version of WhatsApp have been analysed and correlate to give new valuable evidentiary traces that help in investigating. Many hardware and software tools for mobile and forensics are used to collect as much digital evidence as possible from persistent storage on android device. Some of these tools are commercial like UFED Cellebrite and Andriller, and other are open source tools such as autopsy, adb, WhatCrypt. All of these tools that forensically sound accompanied this research to discover a lot of artefacts resides in android internal storage in WhatsApp application.
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