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Robaka Shamsher
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 7, pp 20-29;

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has triggered the most significant global repercussions. This global crisis has drastically transformed consumers' market needs, attitudes,s and purchase intentions. The new market dynamics have taught consumers to set new priorities regarding their shopping habits and consumer behavior. This study examines the global perspective of changing consumer behavior during COVID-19 and reveals the sustainability of which behavioral changes are permanent. This study is based on descriptive research as it describes the changes in consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research design has been conducted using by secondary data method to analyze the changing behavioral perceptions. The results of the study revealed four aspects of behavioral changes. These are changes in shopping behavior, changes in spending behavior, changes in consumer behavior, and changes in brand loyalty. The study's findings also divulged that some consumer behavioral transformations could be endured after the pandemic. This study has important implications for professionals and academicians in adopting marketing decisions by integrating the fluctuating demands of consumers through communicating suitable marketing strategies to survive the transference of consumer behavior instigated by the pandemic.JEL Classification Codes: D10, M31.
Waseem Al-Khalil, Younes Megdadi
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 7, pp 12-19;

The study purpose is to examine the impact of electronic advertisements with their dimensions (advertising text, clarity of advertisement content, directing and technical design of the advertisement, and advertisement stimuli) on the development of banking services with their dimensions (technology used for services, quality of services, and diversity of services). The study methodology depend on the descriptive analysis approach used, and the study population covered all marketing department employees in the Jordanian commercial banks with a number of (409) employees, and the (SPSS) statistical program was used for hypothesis testing. The study concluded that there is a statistically significant effect at the level of significance (α≤0.05) for electronic advertisements with their combined dimensions (advertisement text, clarity of advertisement content, output and technical design of advertisement, and advertisement stimuli) in the development of banking services with its combined dimensions (technology used for services, quality of services, and diversity of services) for Jordanian commercial banks. The study findings suggest that the electronic advertisements are required including recorded videos that explain the nature of financial services within a clear content that highlights the benefits of those services and is designed and produced in technical ways within attractive stimuli for customers of Jordanian commercial banks.JEL Classification Codes: M30, M37.
Seun Oladele, Oluwatimileyin Adigun, Laosebikan S. Johnson, Femi Oladele, John Ajani
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 7, pp 1-11;

This study assessed the effect of adverts (Ads) based on users’ interest, Ads intrusiveness on the perception of behavioural targeting and click-through intention. The study further examined how the perception of behavioural targeting mediates the interaction between Ads based on users’ interest, Ads intrusiveness and click-through intentions. The study was a descriptive survey, and the approach was deductive. The study collected primary data from a sample of 376 internet users in Nigeria using a cloud-based questionnaire. The data obtained were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistical tools. Partial least square structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) was used to test the hypotheses. Findings showed that Ads based on users’ interest and Ads intrusiveness predict click-through intentions and the perception of behavioural targeting. Perception of behavioural targeting mediated the interaction between Ads based on users’ interests and click-through intentions. Overall, the study concluded that Ads based on users’ interest and Ads intrusiveness influences the perception of behavioural targeting, which affects click-through intention. Hence the study recommended that digital entrepreneurs carefully design, manage and control the Ads contents they direct to customers. Digital entrepreneurs should exercise caution in implementing their behavioural targeting strategy so as not to breach an acceptable threshold.  JEL Classification Codes: M13, M31, M37.
Abdullah Al Mamun, Apu Chandra Saha, Asraful Islam
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 6, pp 25-35;

In the era of globalization, the media is the essential fact of advertising in the competitive market. The main objective of this report is to analyze the uses of Facebook Advertising as a Social Media Marketing Techniques of a private bank. Data were collected using a survey questionnaire. The targeted respondents of this study were bank employees of a private bank, the Lohagara-Narail branch. Both male and female respondents have answered the questionnaire. Data were analyzed quantitatively using SPSS, which was a statistical method for analyzing numerical data. Both primary and secondary data were necessary for the fulfillment of the research project. Secondary data were collected from various published documents in related books, journals, social media, and websites. For getting primary data, respective respondents were interviewed personally to collect the data required through a structured questionnaire with marketing experts and employees from some reputed and leading companies that were descriptive research question and also a face-to-face interview with the customers that was exploratory research question. A five-point Likert scale has been used for study purposes. To attain customer attention, Facebook marketing is directly associated with the benefits of the social media platform. From this study, the employee and customers can know about Facebook Advertising as a Social Media Marketing Techniques.
Asraful Islam, Abdullah Al Mamun, Mijanur Rahman Molla
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 6, pp 14-24;

The study investigates is to analyze the uses of event marketing of a bank: A study on a commercial bank. To identify the uses of event marketing as experiential marketing in the banking sector is present in Bangladesh. It is clear that event marketing makes the bank more profitable than other advertising strategies because it can grasp client attention than other marketing strategies. Event marketing can increase loans more than other advertising strategies. Event marketing strategy is that given greater control over clients because it can grasp clients' minds with memorable experiences or promotional events. The findings of this study suggest that most government bank doesn’t pay more attention to event marketing. But private banks pay more attention to event marketing and experiential marketing and they are beneficial with this. So it can be that a combination of event marketing and experiential marketing is the best solution for any bank for chooses their marketing tools. In commercial bank limited they need to increase event marketing because the uses of events become increasing day by day. An event marketing strategy that has a big opportunity in Bangladesh. There is no potential risk of using event marketing in the bank.
Dipu Roy, Sharmin Nahar Eti, Sabeha Jannat
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 6, pp 1-13;

The paper focuses on analyzing the uses of viral marketing techniques in the banking industry. In this paper, the bank will learn to use viral marketing techniques. This report aims to analyze the uses of viral marketing techniques in Khulna city. The paper’s significant findings are different use of viral marketing techniques as a marketing strategy in the banking industry. Viral marketing techniques are more effective than any other marketing strategy to reach potential customers. To attract customer attention the use of viral marketing is effective. Spreading information is the best use of viral marketing techniques to measure customer satisfaction. To make customers happy, creating a positive attitude of customer’s mind viral marketing plays a significant role. The researcher’s findings also suggest that viral marketing techniques are more effective than any other marketing strategy. To make information available Facebook, webpage and website have no alternative sources. So banks should be used viral marketing techniques. To get trustworthiness and make customers happier, viral marketing is the best used as a marketing strategy. Creating a positive attitude in customers' minds and establishing a new brand viral marketing would be effective, so it should be maintained. According to factors analysis, if banks use 7 factors and maintain those factors properly, it will bring success.
Ghazal Zakir, Sohaib Uz Zaman
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 5, pp 60-88;

The principle motive of this research is to investigate digitalization and online consumer buying behavior because electronic transactions are increasing through different shopping platforms very rapidly. To conduct this study, I approached 300 respondents to survey the main cities of Pakistan. The sample consists of those people who prefer to use digital platforms for shopping for various products, especially in the Fashion Industry. As we all know Fashion industry is digitally growing rapidly mainly after this pandemic period. Now mostly citizens are avoiding visiting public places, marts, stores, etc., for shopping. From which 256 were selected considered as usable for analysis. The collected data was analyzed through different methods by using statistical tools like reliability test, hypothesis testing, correlation test, regression test, respectively. As a result, consumer buying behavior is affected by the factors involved in purchasing like time, availability, quality, and so forth. While risk factors haven't had any impact on online consumer purchase behavior. The effective utilization of digital platforms helps in increasing the sales of the company. The study further revealed that the majority of individuals previously shopping through the internet are also really likely to buy through the digital platform. Consumer buying behavior is also influenced by the security and privacy issues to make a purchase online. Thus, some customers still feel hesitant while making online purchasing because they thought the digital system for payment and transactions is insecure. But the study shows that there is no impact of any risk on consumer buying behavior according to the survey.
Muhammad Ismail, K. M. Anwarul Islam, Muhammad Zohaib, Riaz Hussain, Muhammad Yasir Tahir, Muhammad Ijaz, Zuhaib Hassan
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 5, pp 46-59;

Cumulative usage of digital media by customers, most of the companies are exploitation the digital marketing to get the access towards their target clients and markets. With the development of mobile technologies, mobile services have become an essential part of people's lives. After an ample research a series of advance experimentation and development, the mobile technology emerged and enters into more advance 5-G period. The purpose of this study is to examine various marketing strategies and investigate Pakistani consumers’ approach towards the existing mobile services and classify the factors affecting their preferences towards 5-G acceptance. With a view to accomplish this study. A cross-sectional technique with the help of questionnaire was used to collect data. 15 to 45 years age people male & female were our targeted audience from the different places of Multan city (Punjab province) Pakistan. 500 questionnaires were distributed and received (n) 430 which were completed by all aspects. (F=58%) & (M=42%). SPSS, (22nd) version used for data analysis. After the data analysis and discussion, (r) correlation was retrospection that (DV), (IV) & (MV) have a strong and positive relationship between each other. (r2) regression analysis also showed the confident, positive and durable relation among the all variables. Results show that the convenience, price, service quality, self-efficacy and value are the factors affecting consumers’ acceptance in the presence of a moderator that is perceived usefulness. Suggested an extended TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) for checking consumer’s behavior towards 5-G mobile services. Consumers should adopt the new technology and utilize it for the benefits of him/herself and for the community, nation and state.
Melaku Melese Haile
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 5, pp 36-45;

This study was aimed to analyze factors influencing honey marketing efficiency in case of Gimbo woreda; kafa zone with the specific objectives of examining the factors influencing honey marketing efficiency and assessing the level of marketing channels efficiency. In order to attain these objectives the researcher used primary and secondary data by using structured questionnaire to collect data from a sample of 120 and marketing middleman’s from six rural honey producing kebeles by using judgmental sampling techniques. The analysis of marketing efficiency was made by using marketing margin analysis. The assessment of marketing channels of honey show that there are four marketing participants; these include honey producers, retailers, wholesalers and consumers. Three marketing channels were identified in the study area. First channel involved selling of honey directly from producers to consumers; second channel involved selling honey from producers to retailers to consumers and third channel is Producer – Retailer – Wholesaler – consumers. The results from gross Margin analysis result reveal that beekeepers earned on average birr 1304.892 per hive as a Gross income from the sales of 15.781kg of honey on average. Based on the findings this research recommended policy remedies in order to improve honey marketing efficiency by facilitating reliable market outlet for the beekeeper, establishing marketing organizations (cooperatives) to allow farmers to sell their products at competitive product price. The findings suggests that, effective market service has to be established to provide accurate and timely market information to farmers and traders on current honey demand and prices at national and regional levels. Emphasis should be given to improve producers and marketing middleman’s capacity, through offering credit and other services to improve in the marketing of honey.
Adnan Arshad, Shahzaman Khan, Usman Zafar, Ayesha Abdul Qadir
International Journal of Marketing Research Innovation, Volume 5, pp 16-35;

This study examines the behavior of consumer in fast food industry. The customer psychology strongly effected from other customer’s word of mouth, review’s and pricing policy of a company. In this study, we examine the consumer psychology with three factors (referent price, referent deservingness and fair pricing). The three factors become a cause to reduce the anger of consumer and due to this customer satisfy from the operations of fast food industry. We distribute more than 300 questionnaire for analyze our research hypothesis. After analyze we conclude that referent price does not impact on customer anger but it impact on satisfaction of customer. The referent deservingness and price fairness has significant impact on anger of customer and satisfaction of customer. This study provides useful information to fast food sector regarding customer psychology.
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