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Hasan Mahmud Syfuddin
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 5, pp 35-38;

Recent outbreaks of various deadliest diseases provide a histrionic example of the destruction and dread of epidemics, especially those brought on by newly discovered or remerging diseases. Most research on epidemic diseases is dominated by a focus on managing and preventing infections in living populations. Therefore, a systematic study is critically needed to mitigate the risk and impacts of pandemics before it hits globally in an unprecedented manner. In this regard, the historical study of epidemics, alongside the investigation of the health geography, adds temporal depth to our understanding of the causes and effects of diseases essential for making future predictions about how diseases may affect human biology and demography. This review summarizes some of the advancements in our knowledge of the genetic foundations of diseases, recent human changes, and long evolutionary history that can all contribute to understanding how and why people become vulnerable to epidemics. Analyzing the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Cancer data in this review, it has become evident that evolutionary genetics gradually increase our understanding of geographies of disease by combining the knowledge with the evolutionary history recorded in the human genomes. The increasing availability of diverse genetic information from different populations will help us define an individual's disease risk more precisely in the future.JEL Classification Codes: C22, B15, N3, I12.
Mohamed Gwila, Ali Jaralla, Moniruddin Chowdhury, Syeda Humayra
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 5, pp 31-34;

The study investigates the Giant Cell Tumor of Tendon Sheath (GCTTS), which is the second most prevalent soft tissue tumor after ganglion cysts. It is a benign nodular tumor found on the tendon sheath of the hands and feet. An atypical case of GCTTS with an abnormal location away from the tendon sheath has been reported. A 23-year-old Libyan man visited the Zliten Teaching Hospital with a history of first web space left-hand swelling since 6 months, increased in size, not tender on examination, hard mobile swelling not attached to underlying tissue, with the full range of motion in adjacent joints, and neurological deficit in the ulnar side of the thumb. The diagnosis was made clinically with a firm, nodular mass that does not transilluminate and had decreased signal intensity on both T1-and-T2-weighted MR imaging. Radiographic and histopathological examinations confirmed the benign nodular mass and the treatment modality. Marginal excision was performed and the tumor was completely removed to prevent a recurrence.JEL Classification Codes: H75.
Masuma Tunazzin Rim, Anusree Ghosh, Anwara Akter Khatun, Shihabul Awal
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 5, pp 21-30;

The study investigates the nutritional deficiency resulting in anemia among girls and women in northern Bangladesh. The severity of the anemia problem was measured by observing the anemia patient who visited two Clinics in Dinajpur Sadar Upazila. In a cross-sectional survey of 120 rural non-pregnant pregnant women and adolescents, severe anemia (Hb<7.0 g/dL) was uncommon. Data on socio-demographic and weekly diet diversity was collected by questionnaire survey during May and June 2021 in health care centers randomly among those women and adolescents. The study found that 37.0% suffered moderate anemia (Hb=7.0-9.9g/dl), and 83% sustained mild anemia (Hb=10-12g/dl). When evaluating the effect of iron-rich food consumption on hemoglobin concentration, a difference was found in daily or weekly dose schedules. The study showed that 81.7% of participants suffered from prolonged menstrual bleeding, and the remaining 18.3% didn't. As menorrhagia can cause iron deficiency anemia, differences were found in hemoglobin levels. In the case of the moderate anemic group, the major percentage had prolonged menstrual bleeding and also suffered from dysphagia, glossitis, and cheilitis. Mild anemia is higher in the low monthly household food expenditure group. The findings of the study suggest that socio-economic factors influence anemia. JEL Classification Codes: I18, H51, R00.
Azmir Sharif, Atiqur Rahman, Mita Rani Mallik
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 5, pp 14-20;

This study aims to assess the impact on Human Resource Management (HRM) practices of the Ready-made Garments Sector, evaluate major changes due to COVID-19 in HRM, and examine employees' non-financial job satisfaction during COVID-19. This study collected data from 100 randomly selected respondents from Ready-made Garments of Bangladesh to accomplish these objectives. The findings show that job satisfaction (non-financial) has positive significant (p<0.05) relation with working environment conditions (WEC) and also has a positive significant (p<0.05) association with employee management relationship (EMR). In contrast, a similar positive correlation is also found between WEC and EMR. However, during COVID-19, non-financial job satisfaction, including hand sanitizer, soap, masks, sick leave, health safety issues, etc., was increased and indicated a satisfactory rank. This suggests that most firms maintain health issues, safety, and others during a pandemic, which enhances non-financial job satisfaction. On the contrary, financial benefits are reduced, loss of jobs, and lack of job safety increases, which cannot be ignored. Moreover, this study also recommends several policies that may improve the employees' productivity and the industry as a whole.JEL Classification Codes: G32, F65, L66, L25, M41.
Shahadat Hussain, Habibur Rahman
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 5, pp 1-13;

As an emerging country, the progress of Bangladesh is highly promising. Foreign aid may be one of the key players fueling such advancement. The note is an attempt to examine the effect of foreign aid on the economic growth of Bangladesh. With a view to fulfill our objective, the study employs annual time series data during the period of 1971 to 2019. It has used some econometric tools i.e., Unit Root Tests and OLS Methods to process the collected data. The dependent variable is Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while other independent variables i.e., Foreign Aid (ODA), Gross Capital Formation (GCF), Population (POP), and Education (EDU). The test results confirmed that GDP growth is positively related to foreign aid, gross capital formation, and education, but negatively related to population. In Bangladesh, if foreign aid increases by 1% then the GDP growth, gross capital formation, and education rate will accelerate to 0.1988%, 0.6015%, and 0.0652% respectively. So it is evident that foreign aid plays a propitious role to progress the economic growth of Bangladesh. It is a crying need to swell up effectiveness, transparency, proper accountability in allocation, and stronger management of aid inflows to speed up economic growth.
Marina Akter
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 4, pp 40-52;

After being affected by the Covid-19, Bangladesh also faces challenges related to this pandemic like other countries globally. The impact was spreading to all sectors of the economy. The principal purpose of this study is to give an overview of the pandemic's impact on the economy as a whole and summarize recommendations for mitigating the pandemic's devastating effects. This study employs descriptive and exploratory techniques based on secondary data collected from journals, newspapers, published articles, websites, and the internet. The discussion result reveals that, more or less, all the sectors of the economy are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, not only public health. The study found that Manufacturing industries face losses, and workers are also affected by the various uncertainties about their earnings and job security. The country's education industry has been hit hard. In a new typical circumstance, students are unsure about studying and are concerned about the academic delay. The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the mental health of students as well as the general public. The study recommends that the government's intervention, in conjunction with the engagement of relevant sectoral stakeholders, has the potential to recoup losses and design a new strategy or solution to address the problem.
Humaira Begum
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 4, pp 25-39;

This study attempts to present the prospects and problems of the digital currency in Bangladesh as well around the world. To demonstrate the prospect, price and trading volume of selected ten digital currencies being presented for observing the emerging the demand. From our country's perspective, the opinions of the respondents collected through questionnaires shed light on the prospect of digital currency in Bangladesh. Additionally, the study presents a systematic literature review (SLR) of research on digital currency. The review incorporated 11 articles presenting several issues related to digital currency. This study uses data from 2013 to 2020 for respective currencies related to price and trading volume. As well respondent’s opinions collected through “questionnaires” are presented as per percentage. This study also makes theoretical contributions to the extant literature. The findings demonstrate that digital currency is now successfully traded in the most countries around the world except a few. Descriptive statistics of price and trading volume indicate that most of the variables are highly skewed with large outliers and kurtosis column shows that all the variables are near to normal distribution and investment regarding these values indicates a safe trading. The consents of 175 respondents present a positive attitude of the general public towards digital currency. The SLR methods suggest that a secure system and advanced technology should be attached to the block chain system to ensure better performance. The SLR findings also point out that digital currency is obviously a better alternative to cash, although it has some risks.
Sabrin Sultana, Athkia Subat, Nasim Bhuiyan
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 4, pp 14-24;

Despite the increasing number of studies on the relationship between job satisfaction and deviant behaviors in the workplace, still there is a lack of studies where job satisfaction has been measured considering stress and job engagement and also whether all of these three variables are directly correlated with workplace deviant behaviors or not. This study aims to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and workplace deviant behaviors and other important objectives is the relationship between job satisfaction, stress, and job engagement with workplace deviant behaviors and the relationship between stress and job engagement with job satisfaction. Our study found that stress is liable for less satisfied employees which produces a high level of involvement in workplace deviant behaviors. On the other hand, job engagement creates job satisfaction which reduces workplace deviant behaviors. The quantitative approach is employed on 82 employees of private and public commercial banks. Based on PLS-SEM method conceptual frameworks were constructed, descriptive analysis and regression analysis were used. Our study concluded that there is a strong causal relationship between job stress, job engagement with job satisfaction which results in workplace deviant behavior. Therefore, workplace deviant behavior can be reduced if organizations take some recreational activities that will increase job engagement.
Jesmin Ara
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 4, pp 1-13;

Managing funds for venturing into a new business is a very challenging task for women. The goal of the study is to recognize congenial sources from where they can easily get funds to start their business and after starting a business which financial strategy they follow to expand their enterprise. To perform this task, primary data collection was carried out through a well-designed questionnaire and a total of 180 women entrepreneurs from different parts of the country took part in this program spontaneously. It is observed that usually women do not get bank loans easily, but they discovered that semiformal and informal sources of funds are available for their business and these loans help them to achieve the entrepreneurial goal. Although the interest rate is much higher, to be self-employed women must collect funds from these sources. 77 percent of women withdraw profit and their business follows the start small and stay small characteristics, but others save and re-invest their profit to expand the business operation. Despite the great loss caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is a light of hope that some women are doing very well by using the digital platform and providing home delivery services. From this paper, the new women entrepreneur can perceive what should be done and they will go through the right way. By following former entrepreneurs, they should take the right decision and bring success assuredly.
Abdul Muhith Chowdhury
Bangladesh Journal of Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, Volume 3, pp 41-47;

There is a growing concern in the areas of employability that has increased in the last few decades due to the increased growth process and global competition. This study is based on identifying the impact of university commitment and student ambition on graduate employability. The research aimed to investigate the job market scenario in Bangladesh by reviewing the literature and provide suggestions to different stakeholders of employability. In total, the sample comprises 100 responses from students who are in their final year of study. Different international and local studies on this topic have been reviewed, and a structured questionnaire was used for collecting data from the respondents. The multiple Linear Regression method was used to analyze the data statistically. The result indicates that a one percent increase in the commitment by the university will increase graduate employability by 45 percent, while a one percent rise in student ambition will help to rise graduate employability by 31 percent.
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