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Nurlan Hajizadeh Nurlan Hajizadeh
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 42-50;

The study of the static and dynamic state of the energy infrastructure complex has always been among the issues of scientific relevance. This reality is also largely due to the leading role of the energy infrastructure complex in the economy, in people's lives and economic life. From this point of view, the scientific significance of the study of the current state and development trends of the energy infrastructure complex of Azerbaijan differs. Therefore, the article analyzes and evaluates the related processes from a retrospective and perspective perspective. Generalizations are made and a broad schematic structure of the energy infrastructure complex in the Republic of Azerbaijan is presented. Keywords: oil strategy, energy infrastructure, oil and gas, electricity, chemical industry.
Arif Mammadov Mustafa Babanlı Mustafa Babanlı, Narmin Mammadli Tahir Jabbarov Tahir Jabbarov
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 14-20;

The article discusses the innovative development of metallurgy in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Methods of production of energy-efficient and competitive metal products are analyzed to ensure the environmental safety of metallurgical processes to meet the needs of Azerbaijan and other CIS countries, as well as the world metal market. The importance of innovative metallurgical technologies, including nanotechnology, to meet the country's demand for metal products in the oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, mechanical engineering, utilities and other industries is emphasized. Proposed principles of creation of steel products of higher quality on the basis of new scientific approaches to the discovery and development of oil and gas fields and other valuable natural resources in the deeper layers of the Caspian Sea. This discusses the development of technologically efficient types of metal products with low metal capacity and high strength for the needs of the defense industry. Production of non-ferrous metals with the application of high-yield technologies based on the use of ore deposits of the country, creation of products from "master-alloys", rare and rare earth metals, etc. issues such as Keywords: metallurgy, innovative technologies, oil refining, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, construction sector, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Nigar Hüseynova Nigar Hüseynova
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 87-92;

The processing of natural language, one of the main areas of artificial intelligence, has begun to be widely used in decision-making. The use of natural language processing plays a crucial role in improving decision making. Currently, natural language processing technology allows us to achieve better results in some accurate decision-making technologies. Because people understand linguistic information better and can make better decisions based on it. It is easier for people to understand the meaning of linguistic terms than quantitative information. Many studies have shown that people have difficulty in understanding quantitative information or are reluctant to make decisions based on it. The main indicator of its effectiveness is the fact that the level of reliability of decision-making based on linguistic information, which is closer to human intuition, is higher than that based on other types of information. The article discusses the measurement of natural language decision-making efficiency. In order to measure the number of tourists who can travel to the three selected countries in three quarters, people were provided with natural language processing and graphical surveys. Based on the collected data, fuzzy inference analysis was applied. The survey found that people tend to make decisions based on natural language rather than the most up-to-date schedules. Only 27% of people made decisions based on graphs, while others made decisions based on the “If ... Then” rule. The reliability of decisions made through natural language processing was 78%, while the other was 62%. Keywords: Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Decision Making based on Uncertainty, Fuzzy Rules, Fuzzy Inference Systems, Deep Learning.
I.R.Aliyev I.R.Aliyev
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 34-41;

Based on a comparative analysis of algorithms and models for the design of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) for the reconstruction and repair of second-hand cars, the purpose and main issues of the research article were determined. The proposed method provides for the development and reconstruction of vehicles that are physically and morally worn out and need to be maintained and redesigned. The aim of the article is to develop a flexible manufacturing module (FMM) for the automated reconstruction of various second-hand car models using an integrated computer-aided design and production system (CAD / CAM). The proposed solution prevents a large amount of the client's (car owner's) time and ensures that the work will be done within the assigned time frame. It also determines the cost at the initial stage, avoiding subsequent additional costs to the client. To implement the tasks at the initial stage, the layout scheme of the FMM was proposed and its mechatronic elements were selected. Based on CAD / CAM technology, the process of automating the design of innovative coatings and assembly of a second-hand car was carried out. Keywords: CAD / CAM technology, flexible manufacturing module, automation of design and assembly, second-hand car, reconstruction.
Y.V.Poletayeva A.V.Poletayev A.V.Poletayev
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 51-58;

Geological structure and bathymetry of the seabed of the deep water part of the Caspian Sea testifies to the formation of significant volumes of gas hydrates. In this regard, it was necessary to study the sedimentary deposits of the Caspian Sea in order to distinguish areas of gas hydrates and evaluate their potential, as well as obtaining new data. A significant volume of data published in scientific journals and reports was analyzed. Much attention was paid to the thermodynamic conditions of gas hydrates formation, as well as the analysis interpretation of geological and geophysical data. Experimental, theoretical and practical data indicates that maximal temperature, at which gas hydrates can be formed on methane is 24 °C. Therefore, an attempt was made to establish the depth at which there is a boundary with temperature in 24 С in the upper part of the section. Gas hydrates zones distinguishing as per data of geophysical methods with determination of BSR boundary or other diagnostic features are considered to be the main diagnostic indicator of gas hydrates. Keywords: gas, seismic investigations, pressure and temperature, BSR
Tarana Zeynalova Balakarim Huseynov Balakarim Huseynov
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 80-86;

The proposed system allows you to control the parameters of the house using a remote control system. Changes in temperature and humidity in the house are monitored by telephone. The entire lighting system of the house is controlled. If a gas leak or fire occurs in the house, an alarm is triggered and a notification is sent to the phone. If there is unauthorized access to the house, this is detected by a motion sensor and a notification is sent to the phone. Changes in the apartment, which is "under the control" of the system, can be monitored and managed in the "Serial Monitor" section. Selected optical sensors are sensors that capture an optical image and work by analyzing the darkest and brightest parts of the image using algorithms. The level of security increases depending on the sensor's sensing element, so the higher the sensor's resolution, the better the image details. The ultrasonic signal is transmitted to the finger located on the scanner. Due to the presence of pores and other details that are characteristic of each fingerprint, part of this signal is absorbed, and part is returned to the sensor. As a result, the sensor can recognize fingerprints. Password authorization. A password based door lock system is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to enter a restricted area. When an authorized person enters the user ID and password from the keyboard, the door opens and after a few minutes the door closes again. If the code is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the code lock will go into blocking mode. Keywords: "smart house", control system, temperature sensor, motion sensor, telediagnostics, telecontrol.
Aysel Gasimzadeh Aysel Gasimzadeh
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 04-13;

The article is devoted to the decomposition of strong water-crude oil emulsions formed during the preparation of crude oil for transportation. In the petroleum industry, there is a great need to develop new chemicals to improve the degradation efficiency of stable water- crude oil emulsions. Decomposition of strong water-oil emulsions is considered a key part of crude oil preparation for transportation. Therefore, the development of new demulsifying compositions to improve the degradation efficiency of stable crue oil emulsions remains relevant. This paper presents the results of studies of dehydration processes of Azerbaijani oils and emulsions depending on the degree of watering. The composition is based on Disulfan 4411, Disulfan 13280, Sarola 412, Difron 9426, ND-12 and Gossipol, they were also used to prepare Azerbaijani oil for transportation during laboratory tests of demulsification efficiency (except Difron 9426). During laboratory tests, it was determined that the best results on the degree of residual dehydration of petroleum phases were achieved using a composition called KAV-22. Keywords: Muradhanly, Bulla, Balakhany, Neft dashlari, Dehydration, Surahany, KAV-22.
Turkan Ibrahimli Aynur Jabiyeva Aynur Jabiyeva
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 21-33;

It is important to conduct research without storing wells. Prior to this study, the wells will be shut down to explore the wells and additional work will be done for the survey. The research work itself took 15-20 days, using this research to determine the necessary parameters for the joint operation of the reservoir in a short time. In solving engineering problems, the force often applied to the system is to determine its reaction. In such cases, the correct answer to the question can be obtained on the basis of theoretical calculations. However, this is not always possible, and in some cases, instead of a mathematical model of the object under study, research is conducted to find a similar one. An electrical circuit can be thought of as a similar model of the mechanical oscillations of a solid. Therefore, by studying the motion of an electric charge in an electric circuit, it is possible to apply the oscillations of a mechanical system and the distribution of pressure in a porous medium by studying the distribution of heat in an object. If the final results of the two events are similar, then the modeling can be performed. The formation is considered as a working machine to determine the similarity of the drainage zone of the oil and gas well. In this case, the fluid system is lifted by lifting pipes to a certain height with formation pressure and the production of the well is ensured. As a result of the research, it was found that the mode of operation of the drainage zones of the strata in the wells is close to the mode of operation of centrifugal electric pumps. Keywords: debit, formation pressure, gas flow rate, drainage zone of the well, hydraulic characteristics of discharge line, bottomhole pressure, stress on discharge line of the pump.
Vidadi Akhundov Vidadi Akhundov
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 70-79;

In this study, attention is drawn to the under-explored area of strategic content analysis and the development of strategic vision for managers, with the supporting role of interpreting visualized big data to apply appropriate knowledge management strategies in regional companies. The study suggests improved models that can be used to process data and apply solutions to Big Data. The paper proposes a model of business processes in the region in the context of information clusters, which become the object of analysis in the conditions of active accumulation of big data about the external and internal environment. Research has shown that traditional econometric and data collection techniques cannot be directly applied to Big Data analysis due to computational volatility or computational complexity. The paper provides a brief description of the essence of the methods of associative and causal data analysis and the problems that complicate its application in Big Data. The scheme of accelerated search for a set of causal relationships is described. The use of semantically structured models, cause-effect models and the K-clustering method for decision making in big data is practical and ensures the adequacy of the results. The article explains the stages of applying these models in practice. In the course of the study, content analysis was carried out using the main methods of processing structured data on the example of the countries of the world using synthetic indicators showing the trends of Industry 4.0. When assessing Industry 4.0 technologies by region, the diversity of country grouping attributes should be considered. Therefore, during the analysis, the countries of the world were compared in two groups. The first group - the results for developed countries are presented in tabular form. For the second group, the results are presented in an explanatory form. In the process of assessing industrial 4.0 technologies, statistical indicators were used: "The share of medium and high-tech activities", "Competitiveness indicators", "Results in the field of knowledge and technology", "The share of medium and high-tech production in the total value added in the manufacturing industry", “Industrial Competitiveness Index (CIP score)”. As a result, the rating of the countries was determined based on the analysis of these indicators. . The reasons for the difficulties of calculations when processing Big Data are given in the concluding part of the article. Keywords: K - clustering method, causal links, data point, Euclidean distance
Sevinj Suleymanova Teyyub Ismayılov Teyyub Ismayılov
PAHTEI-Procedings of Azerbaijan High Technical Educational Institutions, Volume 10, pp 58-63;

Complex compounds were synthesized by mixing natural petroleum acids with hexamethylene diamine at a ratio of 1:1 and 2:1 at room temperature, IR spectra of the complexes were studied and confirmed, physical and chemical parameters were determined, solutions were prepared and bactericidal properties were studied. The bactericidal effect of a complex compound of natural petroleum acids synthesized with hexamethylenediamine in a ratio of 1: 1 mol at a concentration of 250 mg / l is 95%, a complex combination obtained at a concentration of 500 mg / l and 1000 mg / l is 100%, bactericidal at a concentration of 2: 1 mol at a concentration of 250 mg / l The effect was 98%, 100% at 500 and 1000 mg / l concentrations. According to the results, complex compounds of natural petroleum acids synthesized with hexamethylenediamine can be used to prevent the growth of bacteria. Keywords: natural petroleum acid, hexamethylenediamine, sulfate-reducing bacteria, complex compounds, bactericidal properties.
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