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Amien Akbar, Ricky Zainuddin
Published: 10 August 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 9-14; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i3.122

This article aims to review the application of William's Flexion exercise in patients with low back pain problems. Low back pain is a clinical syndrome with the main symptoms of pain or discomfort in the lower back region which until now about 23% of adults in the world experience it. One of the physical therapies that can be used to treat patients with low back pain is William's flexion exercise which has been used for years and has been proven to relieve or relieve pain in patients with low back pain. This literature review aims to analyze the effect of applying William's Flexion exercise to patients with low back pain problems. Methods: This study explores quantitative evidence published in electronic databases such as Pubmed, and Google Scholar. Using a search strategy, we identified 32 articles with potential and relevant to the research objectives, but in this literature we only reviewed 5 articles. Results: We can see a significant effect on reducing the pain scale experienced by respondents after being given William's flexion exercise intervention. Conclusion: The results of a review of several articles in this review literature concluded that William's Flexion Exercise program was proven to be effective in reducing pain scales in patients with low back pain problems.
Sitti Badrah, Reny Noviasty, Rahmi Susanti
Published: 27 July 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 26-31; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i2.118

Adolescents’s Eating behavior that generally expects slim body increases the risk of eating disorders which causes poor nutritional needs. The objective was to identify the risk of eating disorder with SCOFF Tools for students in SMAN/S in Samarinda. The design was quantitative descriptive with SCOFF Screening instrument consisting 5 questions namely makin yourself (sick); Worry having lost (Control); Lost more than 6,35kg (One Stone); Believing Yourself (Fat); (Food) dominated your life. The random sampling technique use to selection that located in Samarinda consisting of 10 districts with a total of 39 SMAN/S high schools by measuring changes in eating disorders. The analysis using Pearson correlation test and simple linear regression. The research was obtained by 812 respondents from 19 SMAN/S in Samarinda. The data collection based on age there are 273 students aged 16 years, 25 students aged 14 years and 82 students aged over 17. There are 468 students who have a normal BMI, 35 students are mildly obese and 60 students are mild having overweight status and BMI under 17 as many as 124 students who are underweight. Eating disorder risk screening results with the SCOFF Tool found 57.4% of high school children are at risk of eating disorders. It can be concluded that adolescents in Samarinda tend to be at risk of eating disorders so that early intervention is needed to prevent prolonged malnutrition.
Bertin Ayu Wandira, Ketut Suarayasa, Kadek Viyan Kristiawan
Published: 20 July 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 21-25; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i2.116

The purpose of this research is to fine out how the management of post-disaster medicine logistics at the Pharmacy Installation of Regional Public Hospital Undata the research. Method used was qualitative with in-depth interview data cullcolection techniques. Research informants were 6 informants who were determined by purposive sampling technique. The results show that the planning of pharmaceutical supplies at Regional Public Hospital Undata used consumtion methods epidemiology. The obstacles to logistical planning for type medicine, a disease tread is changing. Medicine logistics budget in pharmaceutical installations comes from the state budget and BLUD. Procurement of pharmaceutical supplies using the method of direct purchases and E-purchasing, obstacles in the procurement of medicine logistic are still arrears of payment of medicine to distributors. Slow distribution of medicine from distributors and the emtiness of medicine stocks acceptance of pharmaceutical supplies is carried out by the pharmaceutical installation warehouse staff and reception team, there are still obstacles in receiving the time for quality inspection and quantity of logistical goods wich quite long. Medicine logistics storage is carried out with the FIFO and FEFO systems with alphabetical storage arrangements, constraints in logistics storage, narrow IFRS repositories. Medicine logistics control was done by taking inventory to find out the quality and quantity of medicine as well as the medicine expired date, the obstacles in controlling medicine logistics time to take stock of hospitalization takes a long time.
Vergel Ernest
Published: 21 May 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 15-20; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i2.96

Respiratory failure is a detailed syndrome of the respiratory system failing to perform the function of gas exchange, oxygen intake, and carbon dioxide release. Acute respiratory failure is the most common cause of organ failure in intensive care units (ICUs) with high mortality rates. The classification can be reviewed from two categories of acute respiratory failure and chronic respiratory failure. Acute respiratory failure is often found with the failure of other vital organs. Death is caused by multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). Etiology can be seen in two categories, namely Central nervous system Depression, Impaired ventilation, Impaired equilibrium perfusion ventilation (V/Q Mismatch), Trauma, Pleural effusion, hemothorax, and pneumothorax, Acute pulmonary disease. Respiratory failure, like failure in other organ systems, can be identified based on clinical features or laboratory tests.
Ketut Suarayasa, Bertin Ayu Wandira
Published: 30 April 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 8-14; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i2.86

The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of pregnancy risk factors in pregnant women accompanied by young doctor from the IKM-KK department of the Faculty of Medicine at Tadulako University during a stase at the Primary Health Care in the city of Palu. The design of this study was descriptive in order to obtain an overview of pregnancy risk factors obtained from the checklist for assisting pregnant women. The population in this study were all pregnant women who received young doctor from the IKM-KK department in the last 2 (two) years, totaling 147 pregnant women. While the sample in this study was 3rd trimester pregnant women whose notes in the accompanying book are complete. The results showed that: 1) Compliance with the lowest Antenatal Care standard in laboratory tests (70%); 2) Pregnant Women with Low Risk Pregnancy (KRR) of 58.2%, High Risk Pregnancy (KRT) of 32.2% and Very High Risk Pregnancy (KRST) of 9.6%; 3) The three highest risk factors for pregnancy are getting pregnant too soon again
Safrizal Safrizal
Published: 30 April 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 1-7; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i2.85

Airport epidemiological surveillance is the monitoring of the arrival and departure of aircraft and passengers with the potential to cause disease and the risk of epidemics and outbreaks. The purpose of this study was to determine the operational performance analysis and epidemiological reporting in the Class III Airport area of Banda Aceh. This study uses an evaluative descriptive approach and case studies with surveys and direct observations in the field. Data collection techniques are done using secondary data and documentation studies. The results of the study there are significant differences between domestic and foreign flights and unknown flights with a significance value of 0,000 or less than 0.05. there is no significant difference between the incoming crew and the departing crew with a significance value of 0.752 or greater than 0.05 where t arithmetic is still lower than the threshold value of 1.96. There is a significant difference between the number of passengers arriving and the number of passengers leaving. This is seen from the significance value of 0.001 or smaller than the threshold value of 0.05, where t value (3,419) is greater than the threshold value of 1.96. So that it can be proven that the number of passengers arriving and departing is different There is no significant health difference between passengers arriving and passengers leaving from the SIM airport with a sig value of 0.259 or greater than 0.05 where t value is below 1.96. The health conditions of passengers arriving and departing throughout 2019 are the same.
Risnawati Ramli, Nur Ainun Basry, Maryanti Fidmatan, Israyani, Jusriyani
Published: 6 February 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 34-38; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i1.49

Birth planning for a couple from the first and subsequent births can be arranged so that the welfare of the community increases and other undesirable things can be anticipated from afar. The methods include using contraception or prevention of pregnancy and family planning. Sterilization is to spay a man or woman by operating (in general) so as not to produce offspring. Sterilization for men (vasectomy) and women (tubectomy). Procedurally, vasectomy in men is relatively simpler than tubectomy while the procedure for tubectomy is a bit complicated and complex.
Risnawati Ramli
Published: 29 January 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 8-12; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i1.14

Reproductive Tract Infections (ISR) occur because of the process of entering and breeding the germs that cause infections into the female reproductive tract. Caring for sexual organs is often not done as often as caring for other organs. Though sexual organs need extra attention. In these sexual organs, the resulting sweat is quite excessive. So that the sexual organs become moist. prevention that can be done to prevent the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases that is with care and maintain the cleanliness of the reproductive organs. Treatments that can be done are consuming healthy and nutritious eating, avoid using tight pants, check with your doctor if you experience vaginal discharge for a very long time, make it a habit to cleanse the genitals after sexual intercourse, do not use pantyliner, avoid having sexual intercourse with multiple partners. Washing the genitals every day, changing clothes frequently, at least twice a day in the bath, during menstruation, use soft pads, always wash hands before touching the genitals, avoid using other people's towels or washcloths and shave a portion of pubic hair to prevent bacterial growth
Syamsul Burhan
Published: 29 January 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 24-33; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i1.17

Various ways have been done to reduce the risk of caries including by utilizing a variety of plants and plants one of which is young coconut water. This study aims to determine the effect of gargling young coconut water on saliva pH, knowing the pH of saliva before and after gargling young coconut water and to determine the effect of gargling old coconut water on salivary pH. This research method is Pretest and Post-test research design. This study aims to examine the pH of saliva before and after treatment. Retrieval of data is done by purposive sampling technique. The results showed that gargling young coconut water could affect the pH of saliva, gargling young coconut water could reduce the pH of saliva, gargling young coconut water lowered the pH of saliva compared to gargling old coconut water. We recommend that you rinse water after consuming young coconut water or old coconut water.
Surahma, Berliana Suroso, Febriyani Prastike
Published: 29 January 2020
Journal La Medihealtico, Volume 1, pp 13-23; doi:10.37899/journallamedihealtico.v1i1.15

Work posture is a point that can determine an analysis of how effective the work is done. This study aims to analyze the working posture of Las Manggaraya workshop workers using the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) method. This research collects anthropometric data which is part of ergonomics that specifically studies about ways to find out body size. In using the Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) method, every movement made will be given a predetermined score. The results showed that 5 out of 8 workflow processes have RULA scores with severe and very western risk level, which means that it is necessary to change work postures as soon as possible or as soon as possible. Overall the RULA score is at a level of severe and very severe risk so that changes in work posture are required
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