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Yulia Fitri, Anggi Nadia Putri, Sri Fitria Retnawaty
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 1-6; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2061

Peningkatan emisi CO2 sejalan dengan peningkatan jumlah penduduk serta aktivitas sehari-hari dalam menggunakan energi. Konsumsi energi yang digunakan oleh setiap rumah tangga untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidup seperti penggunaan LPG dan konsumsi daya listrik. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui emisi CO2 dari pemakaian LPG dan konsumsi listrik di Kota Pekanbaru. Metode Krejcie and Morgan digunakan untuk menentukan jumlah sampel dan untuk menghitung emisi CO2 adalah metode IPCC 2006. Sampel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah sebanyak 167 Rumah Tangga di Kota Pekanabaru. Total emisi CO2 dari rumah tangga di Kota Pekanbaru adalah sebesar 40.806,386 Ton CO2/Bulan dengan rata-rata setiap CO2 rumah tangga menghasilkan emisi CO2 sebesar adalah 0,1570409 Ton CO2/Bulan. Konsumsi listrik merupakan penyumbang emisi CO2 terbesar yaitu 34.602,51363 Ton CO2/Bulan dan LPG menyumbang emisi sebesar 6.204,424 Ton CO2/Bulan. Maka dapat diartikan bahwa konsumsi listrik dalam sektor rumah tangga berkonstribusi lebih besar menghasilkan emisi CO2 .
Rahma Diyan Martha, Fatimah
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 7-15; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2146

Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and the ability of these cells to attack biological tissue. Various attempts have been made, one of them with treatment to kill cancer cells, but not a few of these efforts actually cause side effects. This fact demands the need for a safe alternative way to treat cancer using natural ingredients. One of the local natural resources that has the potential to treat cancer is Majapahit (Crescentia cujete). In this study, Majapahit (C. cujete) stem extracts were carried out which have anticancer activity. The first stage was screening by conducting a qualitative analysis of the ethanol extract of the stem of the majapahit plant (C. cujete). Furthermore, a toxicity test was carried out against Artemia salina Leach using the Brine Shrimp Lethality Test (BST) method. Phytochemical testing was carried out to check the content of secondary metabolite compounds contained in the majapahit stem extract, and the results were positive for flavonoids, tannins, saponins and phenolics. This data, supported by spectrophotometric tests, proved that the largest concentration of the ethanolic extract of the majapahit (C. cujete) stem was 24.05% tannin. Then the LC50 test from the toxicity test of the active component of majapahit plant stem extract (C. cujete) against Artemia salina Leach showed a concentration of 0.01 µg / mL and 0.04 µg / mL, namely with a percentage below 50%.
Egosrivajawaty Sinaga, Hubertus Ngaderman
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 45-50; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2197

Determination of compounds and temperature modeling during heating of limestone have been carried out to obtain pure CaO from Papua limestone. . The purpose of this research is to determine the compounds, morphology and characteristics of each element and molecule present in limestone from Papua and to simply model the optimum temperature to obtain CaO. From the results of XRF testing, there is one main element that contains the most chemical elements in the limestone sample from black soil (sample 1) and perumnas three (sample 2), namely Ca (calcium) with weight percent 99.57 and 99.69. XRD results are also supported from characterization with EDS where the dominant elements of sample 1 are O, Ca and Mg in sample 2 dominant elements Ca, O and C. Then based on SEM analysis, the morphology of CaMg (CO3) 2, Ca (Co3) and MgCa ( Co3) resembles a cube but the particle size is uneven and irregular due to impurities. The temperature obtained based on the results of this calculation is 12800C.
Muhammad Rizul Efendi, Elfindri, Jasrida Yunita
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 45-54; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2166

Professional nurse career development in the form of career paths is a system to improve performance and professionalism, in accordance with the field of work through enhancing competencies that produce professional performance. The aim of this research was to find out the development plan for clinical nurse careers at Dumai Regional General Hospital. The research used is qualitative method. This research was conducted in August 2018. Data analysis was carried out in the form of data appearance, data verification, and matrix formation. The informants in this study amounted to 16 people who were taken based on purposive sampling.The research results obtained important themes namely; Human Resources (HR), Costs and Internship Processes are still a problem in efforts to develop clinical nurse careers. The research results obtained important themes namely; the comparison of the number of clinical assessors and nurses is not ideal, there are regulations about the number of clinical nurses who can participate in the credential process, many clinical nurses who work not according to their competence due to the impact of the length of credential process waiting time, lack of motivation of clinical nurses in following the credential process, not yet the issuance of the prescription decree, the absence of incentives for the preceptor, the lack of formulation of an increase in career level services, and the Internship process not yet implemented in the credential process. Keyword- Career, Clinical Nurse
Julimar Julimar
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 27-31; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2161

Many children do not wash their hands before eating, so that the bacteria can result in hand with food will be brought in through the mouth and throat to the digestive tract so that the occurrence of an initial survey pencernaan.Based o n the survey that has been done at SD 017 Kelurahan Buluh Kasap Kota Dumai. Most students take hand washing not matching true procedures.The purpose of the research to Description Of The Behavior Of The Primary School Students In Hand washing SDN 017 Buluh Kasap Kota Dumai Tahun 2018. This is a descriptive study conducted on students in grade III and VI SD 017 Buluh Kasap Kota Dumai. The population is all elementary students in grades III through grade VI. Sampling technique with accidental sampling, with a sample of 43 people. Data collection tool used was koesioner and observation sheets . Analysis of the data used univariate data analysis. The results obtained over half (88.3%) of respondents had a high level of knowledge about hand washing, half (88.3%) of respondents have a positive attitude about hand washing, and over half (53.4%) of respondents have either no action about hand washing. In order for the implementation of hand washing behavior expected for elementary school students in order to make policy regarding hand washing, controlling, providing motivation for elementary students 19 olo desert village about handwashing, and complete facilities and infrastructure, including the provision of hand soap and paper towels or clean towel.
Dedi Dedem, Welly Sando, Suci Badri Yana
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 55-62; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2237

Regional information system is a term that is used to describe a system consisting of a combination of input such as human resources (brainware), software, information needs format (informware), information technology and communication technology, the process of sending an analysis report recording (entry). the feedback and output data information mechanism that can be accessed together and has adequate quality, regional information system in the Langsat Health Center Medical Record Unit only started in 2017, SIKDA in the medical records unit lacks Human Resources because it does not there is a Medical Record and IT graduate. Obstacles that occur, such as disruption of soft ware and hard ware networks when opened, experience delays, causing delays in the given services. For the Fund itself, there is no special budget provided for the implementation of theregional information system application because it has been allocated by the Health Office. Budget allocation of funds is held only if needed. This type of qualitative research uses interview and observational sheets. The research was conducted in February-September, at Langsat Public Health Center, Pekanbaru City. The research subjects were the Head of Langsat Community Health Center, the Head of the Medical Records Unit, the person in charge of SIKDA, and Operators. Data analysis was used by systematically managing the interview guidelines, then processing the data, data from observations were identified to describe each variable, a summary will be presented in a narrative form. The results of this study indicate that the Generic regional information system in the Medical Records Unit has been running at its maximum, even though there is a lack of calm in Human Resources there are no medical records and IT graduates. Infrastructure is lacking in terms of ginset, Fund Allocation is not a special budget. Must improve Human Resources, Facilities and Infrastructure.
Isnaniar Isnaniar, Wiwik Norlita, Salmi Gusrita
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 32-44; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2144

Labor is the final process of pregnancy that the mother and family have gone through during three trimester periods. When the labor process begins, the mother's role is to give birth to her baby, while the role of the health worker is to monitor childbirth to detect complications early and with the family to provide assistance and support for maternity mothers. The purpose of this study was to provide an effect on the role of the husband on the level of anxiety of pregnant women in dealing with the delivery process at the Harapan raya puskesmas. The research design used in this study was a quantitative descriptive method, at the Harapan Raya Puskesmas Pekanbaru. The population in this study amounted to 40 pregnant women in Harapan Raya Puskesmas Pekanbaru with a sample size of 33 respondents using the Accidental Sampling method. Data collection techniques using questionnaires and data analysis used were univariate and bivariate. Data collection was obtained using a questionnaire, then analyzed using the chi-square test. The results showed a significant influence between the role of the husband with the anxiety level of pregnant women in dealing with the delivery process with a value of p = 0.001. The conclusion is the influence of the role of the husband on the level of anxiety of pregnant women in dealing with the percentage of labor in the Harapan Raya Health Center Pekanbaru there is an influence between the role of your husband and the level of anxiety of pregnant women.hopefully the third trimester pregnant women can pay moor attention to their condition both phisically phisiologically and ask the husband to always provide suppore and particapate in taking care of the pragnancy as walk as in preparing the pragnancy.
Lita Febriani, Yusni Ikhwan Siregar, Ridwan Manda Putra
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 11, pp 16-26; doi:10.37859/jp.v11i1.2089

The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors in community-based waste management and analyze the environmental, economic and social impacts of waste management in Marpoyan Damai District, Pekanbaru City. The approach of this research is quantitative analytic with cross sectional research design. The population in this study were all family heads in the Tangkerang Barat sub-district Marpoyan Damai Pekanbaru City as many as 4,345 households with a sample of 98 people. The results of this study are there is an influence between education (p value = 0.006), infrastructure (p value = 0.003), knowledge (p value = 0,000) with community participation in household waste management in Marpoyan Damai District, Pekanbaru City. The logistic regression analysis results found that the education variable has a value of p = 0.048 and an OR 2.888 which means that education has 2 times the risk of waste management. Infrastructure variable has a value of p = 0.001 and OR 6.838 which means that infrastructure has 6 times the risk of waste management. Knowledge variable has a value of p = 0,000 and OR 9,617 which means knowledge has 9 times the risk of waste management. The environmental impact of proper waste management is decreasing the volume of waste generation and environmental damage. Economically, there is currently no economic value to waste management, other than the public does not understand waste management that has economic value with 3R. Inadequate waste management causes low levels of public health, so people need to pay more for treatment. Socially, most people do not care about waste management and even though there is waste management it is still individual and not organized in an integrated way.
Aulia Astri , Syamsul Bahri Rivaí, Sri Desfita, Jasrida Yunita, Nurlisis
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 10, pp 174-179; doi:10.37859/jp.v10i2.1631

Breast cancer is among the most discussed cancers because of its malignancy which often ends in death. Based on the 2013 Basic Health Research Data (Riskesdas), the number of breast cancer patients reached 61,682 cases in Indonesia. As in Riau Province according to the medical records of Arifin Achmad Regional Hospital, breast cancer ranks first with 325 cases out of 580 cases in Irna Surgical Cendrawasih in 2016. Purpose of this study was to determine the determinants of breast cancer incidence in women in Arifin Achmad Regional Hospital in Riau Province in 2019. This research uses a quantitative research design with a case control approach. The research instrument used was a questionnaire. The sampling technique was Consecutive Sampling. This research was conducted in May to July 2019. Case samples in this study were women who were diagnosed positive for breast cancer and control samples were women who were diagnosed with negative breast cancer. Univariate and bivariate data analysis with chi square test and multivariate analysis using Simple Logistic Regression test. The results showed the most dominant variables related to cause and effect with the incidence of breast cancer were a history of abortion 3.7 times, a history of hormonal contraceptive use 5.4 times, the age of first child birth> 35 years 3 times, and the number of nulliparous children 2.3 times. It is expected that health workers and related institutions will be able to provide health education regarding the positive and negative impacts of contraceptive use, the importance of planning the marriage age and promoting family planning programs that have been launched by the government.
Chairil , Dien Fadilah
Photon: Jurnal Sain dan Kesehatan, Volume 10, pp 180-186; doi:10.37859/jp.v10i2.1792

Background Behavioral hygiene of reproductive organs An effort of a person (young women) in improving health by maintaining the cleanliness of reproductive organs. Purpose: This study is to determine the hygiene behavior of reproductive organs in adolescent girls at Rumbai Pekanbaru High School sports. Method: The design of this study is the sampling technique probality sampling technique, amounting to 49 respondents, data collection using a questionnaire. Results: research conducted on January 28, 2019 obtained results about that respondents in the category of good behavior are all respondents, namely 49 respondents (100%).So the hygiene behavior of female students at the Rumbai Pekanbaru high school sports is included in the category of good behavior, but there are still some students who do not use tissue after BAK, do not use cotton pants, do not change pads in one day, use narrow underwear and do not use soap, because all include hygiene behavior in maintaining the cleanliness of the reproductive organs.
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