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Junaidi Junaidi, Ismail Arafah, Nurhazizah Nurhazizah
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 22-44; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10921

The focus of this research is on the news of how AJNN.net informs the Controversy Area of Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri Teungku Dirundeng Meulaboh. To find out the content of the news text and how the message in the text is conveyed through the discourse constructed on the news, the author uses descriptive qualitative methods. To get some conclusion clear, intimately close and critical conclusions, some of the news in the media were analyzed using discourse analysis theory by Teun Van Dijk. there are six (6) elements of analysis that the author uses to review the news that has been selected. The results found that during the conveyed news, the AJNN reporter did not convey the news in equal manner. The news was found without containing information verification from both informants (cover both sides).
Nur Anisah, Maini Sartika, Hendra Kurniawan
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 94-112; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.11080

This study entitled "Use of Instagram Social Media in Improving Health Literacy in Syiah Kuala University Students" aims to assess the use of Instagram social media by seeking information about health in improving student health literacy at Syiah Kuala University. This study uses the uses and gratifications theory. This research is a qualitative research with descriptive type. The criteria for informants in this study were Syiah Kuala University students, active users of Instagram social media, and using Instagram for health-related purposes. Data collection methods used are interviews, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that Instagram is proven to be able to meet the needs of students to get access to the health information needed. The seven informants have good conceptual knowledge so that they can improve their health literacy through the use of Instagram social media. Students also have a better understanding of health after being exposed to health content on Instagram. This is in line with the students' motives to obtain useful health information in increasing their understanding of health, so that they can make the right health decisions, it contributes to improving students' health literacy.
Farid Muthaqin, Hamdani M Syam, Putri Wahyuni
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 63-82; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10821

This study aims to find out how the framing in the news related to the destruction of the Musala in North Minahasa on the news of online media Kompas.com in the period 30 January to 13 February 2020 and Republika.co.id for the period 30 January 2020 to 12 February 2020. This study uses a qualitative method. descriptive analysis with framing analysis by Robert N. Entman with four elements, namely defining the problem, diagnosing the cause, making moral judgments, and recommending treatment. This study focuses on news about the destruction of the Musala that occurred in North Minahasa. The results show that the framing of the news presented by Kompas.com media is objectivity in reporting the case of the destruction of the Musala in North Minahasa, by not taking sides with certain groups, as well as in explaining that Kompas.com refrains from writing in a safe style, as well as a narrow news perspective. while Republika.co.id is more daring in conveying facts and news that are presented in depth and viewed from various perspectives so that it is possible to find the aspirations of Muslims to get the right to get a Musala as a place of worship. The difference in the frame of the two media is influenced by the ideological factors of each media. Even though they have different framing, these two media want the incident of vandalism of places of worship in North Minahasa to be resolved peacefully.
Al Zuhri, Heri Rahmatsyah Putra
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 1-21; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10842

The goal of this study was to look at the use of ethics in Aceh's cinema, namely, as an area of Islamic law. Qualitative content analysis with an explanatory approach was employed as the strategy. Meanwhile, documentation were employed to obtain data. The study's focus is on audiovisual items of Aceh movie video compact disc, "Zainab Section 2". The study's findings suggest that the movie "Zainab Section 2" failed to convey themes that are consistent with Islamic communication principles. Even if there are, they are in the minority. There is a lot of lameness in Islamic communication ethics, according to the author. Furthermore, this film lacks a specific personality that distinguishes it from works outside the region, has gotten little government attention, and does not prioritize the presentation of educational and da'wah aspects. As a result, the presence of a particular movie censorship institution in Aceh is extremely vital for the future orientation of Acehnese cinema, given that, in addition to being able to have positive effects, films may undeniably have detrimental impacts on the audience. And good cooperation is needed from various parties, be it the government, universities, media crews, artists, and elements of society. So, it is hoped that in the end, the enforcement of Islamic law in Aceh can immediately touch the movie aspect.
Nadia Muharman, Zakirah Azman, Tari Aulia Sari
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 83-93; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10442

This study entitled "Public Relations Of Bendahara Sector Police's Strategies In Creating A Positive Image In The Eyes Of The Public After The Death Of The Alleged Drug Abuse Perpetrator Case" with the aim of finding out the strategies carried out by the Bendahara Sector Police's Public Relations in creating a positive image in the public after the death of the alleged perpetrator of Narcotics abuse. This research is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. The data collection technique in this study was done by using interviews with the head of Public Relations of the Bendahara Sector Police and the General Section Chief Public Relation of Bendahara Sector Police. The determination of informant was chosen using a purposive sampling technique. The results showed that there were seven PR strategies used by the Public Relations of the Bendahara Sector Police, namely visiting victims' families regularly, approaching community leaders, counseling in turns to villages, saweusikula (visiting schools) activities, approaching Aceh Tamiang news journalists, uploading activities documentation to social media, and providing donations and assistance to local communities in need. There were several obstacles for the Public Relations of the Bendahara SectorPolice in carrying out the strategies that had been designed, namely the lack of facilities and the lack of personnel in charge of the Public Relations sector or department.
Lalu Ahmad Zaenuri, Andri Kurniawan
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 45-62; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10920

This study aims to determine the involvement and role of ulama in preventing early-age marriage in West Nusa Tenggara. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach with the type of library research. Data collection techniques using the literature review through various references related to research. The results of the research through a literature review are looking at government programs such as those related to early-age marriage, then the stakeholders involved are not enough from government agencies only. It’s also important the involvement and role of ulama as role models for the community in suppressing cases of early-age marriage through da'wah communication activities and forming special guidance and assistance programs for parents and adolescents regarding the negative impacts on early-age marriage.
Atika Fadhilatul Rodiyah Saputri, Muhamad Bisri Mustofa, Siti Wuryan
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 131-143; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10949

Intercultural communication will occur if there is communication between each other who has different backgrounds. When someone has a different culture and background, it is possible that the barriers to communication will increase. Likewise, what was experienced by Pattani students who were studying at the Raden Intan State Islamic University Lampung, when there was communication with local students who had various cultures, of course, they encountered many obstacles. Communicators who are involved in the interaction certainly want effective communication between each other. Therefore, Pattani students are required to be able to adapt and acculturate the existing culture to reduce uncertainty. Qualitative descriptive is the type of research used in this scientific work. Based on the data seen in the field, a common thread can be drawn, that Pattani (Thailand) students have 2 ways of interacting, namely: verbal and nonverbal communication.
Nur Afni Muhammad
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 4, pp 113-130; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v4i2.10487

The research is used to answer three main problems, namely what are the discourses behind Felix Siauww's appearance on social media such as YouTube and Instagram, how is the narrative of Islamic Populism discourse built by Felix Siauww on Instagram, and how YouTube media builds and strengthens Felix Siauww's religious authority. The researcher used the visual ethnographic method offered by Cristine. Data collection is done by combining empirical and theoretical data that is devoted to social media which is devoted to Felix Siauww's Instagram account and YouTube Channel. The results of Felix Siauww's research maximize the sophistication of social media, namely by paying attention to aspects of ethical values, character, and aesthetics. There are three reasons to mention Felix Siauww as a representation of Islamic populism among Netizens; First, Islamic populism is synonymous with anti-establishment terminology. second, Islamic populism is synonymous with anti-authoritarian narratives, third, populism contains narratives of religious purification and calls for a return to true teachings.
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 2, pp 73-90; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v2i2.5895

This research was conducted to know the form of communication Da'wah that was built by the management of Da'wah Group on Channel Syiar Tauhid ACEH in the message of Da'wah messages, Da'wah material that is more often raised to the Channel Syiar Telegram Da'wah Group Tauhid Aceh to not be left behind in the message of Da'wah and the constraints faced during the process of delivering Da'wah messages through telegram on the channel Syiar Tauhid ACEH. Qualitative approaches and field research methods (Reseasch files) and library research. Data collection techniques in research are conducted with interviews, observations and documentation. Results of the research that the form of communication Da'wah that was built by the channel manager Da'wah on the channel Syiar Tauhid ACEH in the delivery of Da'wah messages consisting of question and answer in this respect the party Channel of Da'wah Aceh Syiar Tauhid A variety of Da'wah message materials both related to the message of Aqidah, as well as the message of Sharia and Ahklak. God. The obstacles faced during the process of delivering Da'wah messages through telegram on Channel Syiar Tauhid ACEH Competence Less and lack of the number of employees. The lack of the number of admins become the main constraint in delivering the messages of Da'wah by the Da'wah Channel Syiar Tauhid Aceh.
Jurnal Peurawi: Media Kajian Komunikasi Islam, Volume 2, pp 56-72; https://doi.org/10.22373/jp.v2i2.5889

This article examines the message of preaching in the Instagram media @sahabat_islami, because along with the development of the era, the netizens use Instagram media as a media in reviewing about the Islamic, with the media, the messages will be delivered quickly to the followers. This study uses a qualitative research type with a descriptive approach. It is used to examine the design as a whole, while the approach is a descriptive approach with the goal of being able to describe comprehensively the research results obtained in the field. The results of the discussion say that the messages of Da'wah through the media istagram @sahabat_islami contain the message of Aqidah, sharia message, and Akhlak. Netizen comments on the post are positive and negative. Positive comments are helpful for gaining insight into Keislaman, a negative comment saying that the account is indicated by the business. The message of preaching on the Instagram account @sahabat_islami in raising religious awareness is, since becoming an Instagram follower they have an impact in the better direction, and often practice about the knowledge gained through the postings on the account.
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