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Nayira Johar, M. K. Sunil, Upender Malik, Surangama Lehri, Nida Shreen
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 1-5;

Child abuse or neglect comprises all forms of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, bullying, and cyberbullying, exploitation, child labour, trafficking, and other digital forms of exploitation which is potentially harmful to child development and health. In case of abuse injuries in the orofacial region can be easily diagnosed by the dentists. Therefore, its dentist’s duty to suspect, recognize, and later report the case. Including dental treatment behavior psychological management is necessary to achieve the urgent adoption of protective measures for the victim as well as adequate follow up to avoid the abuse in the future.
Harvinder Singh Gill, Archana Nagpal, Sharad Vaidya, Vidushi Jindal
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 29-44;

With the increased popularity of dental implant therapy for the replacement of missing teeth, a need arose for a method to provide patients with bony support for these implants in cases where alveolar ridges volume were insufficient for implant placement. The posterior region of the maxillary alveolar ridge is an ideal example with severe atrophy of ridge due to faster resorption and pneumatisation of the maxillary sinus. This often required sinus floor elevation and grafting. The techniques of sinus floor elevation started early in the 1970s as direct sinus lift to indirect sinus lift with osteotomes in the 1990s and recently computer-guided templates being used for this purpose. This article enumerates various techniques available for sinus floor elevation and their complications and management.
Preeti Mishra, Shalya Raj, Rohit Ravinder, Akanksha Jain
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 6-8;

Solving esthetic problems in the anterior teeth is a challenge for the restorative dentist. For many years, full coverage restorations were the most highly preferred treatment for esthetic defects. However, such restorations are invasive and cause great loss of tooth structure. Enhancing and maintaining the life-like quality of the tooth is the story behind the beautiful smile. This article addresses the successful management of esthetic rehabilitation of anterior dentition using an all-ceramic crown and veneer.
Deepak Sharma, Shalini Chandel, Vinay Kumar Bhardwaj, Arun Singh Thakur, Pravesh Jhingta, Nishant Negi
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 55-63;

Advances in technology have transformed the dentistry to optimize patient care and satisfaction. This has made dental care more efficient, comfortable, and accessible. Dentists continue to utilise high-quality treatment approaches which are more accurate, faster, and precise than traditional methods. Leading-edge equipment and technological researches will give oral health care providers more confidence and predictability, resulting in improved healthcare for their patients.
Pardasani Sapna A, Parekh Sahaj R, Jasuma Rai, Patel Akshit P, Nanavati Vishwa K
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 20-28;

Background: The dental caries and gingivitis are considered as one of the most prevalent diseases in the general population. If dental caries and gingivitis are assessed at an early age, it might prevent the risk of endodontic and periodontal diseases in the future. This intervention is effective, especially among teenagers. The aim of the study was to perceive the prevalence of dental caries and gingivitis in children aged 12 to 14 years residing in a rural area of Vadodara city. Methods: It is a cross-sectional observational study with a total sample size of 339 in a secondary school of Vadodara district. DMFT index and CPITN index were recorded with No. 23 explorer and CPITN-E probes respectively, and a mouth mirror (Instruments were autoclaved prior to use). One-way Anova test and student t-test were used for analysis. Results: The prevalence of dental caries amongst participants was found to be 97.7% and that of gingivitis was found to be 75% (approximately). Conclusion: Children belonging to the Vadodara district have a high risk of getting an endodontic and periodontal infection in the future, indicating the need for oral health education and promotion.
Touil Dorsaf, Hassouna Mariam El Ons, Abdel Mouleh Yosri, Oualha Lamia
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 45-54;

Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) of the jaw is a severe, complex, and multifactorial complication of radiotherapy (RT) for head and neck cancers. Most cases of ORN develop during the first 3 years with a peak between 6 months and 2 years after completion of RT however the patient is considered at risk of developing this condition many years later. The management of ORN is usually based on conventional medical care by focusing on comorbidity factors, However, in some refractory ORN cases, the condition requires extensive surgical resection. Based on the “the radiation-induced fibro-atrophic theory” introduced by Delanian, a new conservative approach of ORN seems to be promising by combining antioxidant agents: pentoxifylline and Tocopherol (PtxE) in the treatment of severe cases of ORN. The aim of this paper was to report the case of a severe case of ORN of the mandible stabilized by a conservative approach combining antibiotics, antiseptic agent as well as antioxidant therapy (PtxE), and to discuss the efficacy of this approach.
Tarun Vyas
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 9-12;

Although oral medicine and radiology are speciality in many parts of the world it however 33 countries and 22 have post-graduate in oral medicine and radiology as speciality. Oral medicine is the speciality concerned with ‘dental’ and medical-related disorders of the oral and the facial region, including orofacial manifestations of systemic diseases. The latter include gastrointestinal, dermatological, rheumatological and haematological diseases, autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders, and the manifestations of neurological or psychiatric disease. This review discusses the formation and growth of this oral medicine and radiology in India.
Mayank Trivedi, Jay Mehta
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 13-19;

Obturators are custom made plastic material that is made to fit the precise contour of the hard and the soft palate that extends onwards to seal off the mouth from the nasal cavity. Fabricated by an orthodontist or a prosthodontist, it requires frequent replacements as the baby grows and preferably given at 2-3 days after birth. Breastfeeding in a cleft baby is difficult although there are a few compromised techniques that are employed such as breastfeeding positions, compression technique, supplementer usage, and nipple shield alone or in combination. Once the obturator is delivered the child stops regurgitation or vomiting as the lining of the nasal cavity is protected. Breastfeeding is very essential as it also facilitates the proper development of jawbones and facial muscles and in order to do that feeding of a child since day one of birth is a very important pre-requisite that can be achieved by delivering an efficient palatal obturator.
Akshay Kumar, Abhigyan Manas, Deepak Singh, Shishir Dhar, Amit Kumar Verma, Pramod Kumar Yadav
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 3-7;

Tripod fractures constitute of zygomatic bone and its four articulations viz; frontal bone, maxillary bone, sphenoid bone and temporal bone. Whenever a Tripod fracture happens,one or more of these articulations are interrupted. Personal altercations, Assaults, Road traffic accidents are the common causes leading to fracture of the zygomatic bone.The zygomatico-maxillary complex is one of the principle buttress of the face and helps in transmitting the occlusal forces to the skull base. Anatomic disfigurement caused by zygomatic fracture warrants intervention tore establish facial symmetry. It is most predictably restored to pre morbid condition by ORIF and AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen) miniplate osteosynthesis has proven to be an invaluable aid when used in severe cranio-maxillo-facial trauma.
Sumedha Srivastava, Veena Kalburgi, Kapil Jain, Shreya Modi, Anushri Gupta, Rachalwar Shweta Rajendra
International Journal of Drug Research And Dental Science, Volume 2, pp 16-22;

The healing of hard and soft tissue is mediated by a wide range of intracellular and extracellular events that are regulated by signaling proteins. Platelets can play a crucial role in periodontal regeneration as they are the reservoirs of growth factors and cytokines which are the key factors for regeneration of bone and maturation of soft tissue. PRF is a natural fibrin-based biomaterial prepared from an anticoagulant-free blood harvest without any artificial biochemical modification that allows obtaining fibrin membranes enriched with platelets and growth factors. The main aim of this review article is to briefly describe the novel platelet concentrate PRF and its potential role in advanced surgical dentistry.
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