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Teguh Luhuringbudi, Fitri Liza, Novian Akbar
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 11, pp 74-96; doi:10.32923/maw.v11i1.1011

This research is aimed at studying the role of the Muhammadiyah Association in global relationships based on slogan, watchwords, plans, and Islamic activities. This study uses a communication and media approach as an effort to discuss a Muhammadiyah organization in the era of globalization. The perspective used in this study is the perspective of "globalization" carried by Gill Branston and Roy Stafford with an analysis of the steps of cultural imperialism, free market and global analysis. This research proves that the higher the level of Muhammadiyah's active involvement and translation in socializing and contributing at the global level makes the position and role of this International Non-Government Organization proof and is obtained by many people.
Sarif Sarif

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana pemberdayaan peserta pkh melalui kelompok usaha bersama (kube) pkh di kelurahan Sinar Baru kabupaten Bangka Provinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. Jenis penelitian ini adalah deskriptif kualitatif. Pemberdayaan tersebut melalui usaha budidaya Jamur Tiram. Tahapan-tahapan dalam budidaya jamur tiram terdapat tiga tahap yaitu perencanaan, pelaksanaan dan evaluasi. Adapun subjek dalam penelitian ini adalah kpm pkh. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa adanya peningkatan penghasilan, pengetahuan dan skill, terjalinnya rasa kekeluargaan dan keakraban sosial diantara mereka, terbentuknya cabang usaha budidaya Jamur Tiram kube pkh Husna, dan adanya peningkatan kemampuan dalam memasarkan produk usahanya.
Abd Hannan, Zainuddin Syarif
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 11, pp 47-73; doi:10.32923/maw.v11i1.1174

In many social science studies, Madurese people are not only known for having traditionalist religious culture, they are also known for their heterogeneous religious typologies. This study specifically examines the constellation of religious thought between the two contemporary Islamism movements in Madura, namely the Madura Ulama Alliance (AUMA) and Gesper. Both AUMA and Gesper both were born from pesantren circles, and were driven directly by the religious elite of pesantran, Kiai and lora (read: Gus in Java) pesantren. Based on the composition of its management, Gesper consists of elite boarding schools, both Kiai and lora, the majority of which are active in managing large organizations, Nahdhatul Ulama (NU). On the other hand, AUMA is mostly inhabited by Nahdhatul Ulama (NU) non-structural elites, but culturally has emotional ties with NU traditions. Therefore, although both were born and developed from a pesantren environment, in some cases AUMA and Gesper have differences, especially in terms of thinking. The condition is at the same time an explanation of why AUMA and Gesper are often involved in the struggle of religious thought in the dynamics and diversity discourse in Madura. One of them is the debate about the correct use of the term Nusantara Islam, and the latest is the dispute about whether or not to elect and appoint leaders from non-Muslims.
Fauziah Nasution
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 11, pp 26-46; doi:10.32923/maw.v11i1.995

There are several theories about the arrival of Islam in Indonesia. The diversity of theories is due to the phenomenon of complexity, i.e. Islam does not originate from one place/country, nor is it carried by one group of people and not at the same time. Another factor influencing the diversity of theories is the difference in evidence, elements of interest, religious subjectivity, and the ideology of historians. Although there have been conclusions about the beginning of the entry of Islam into Indonesia in 1963, the process of coming and developing Islam in Indonesia is a changing study. So there is still an opportunity to correct or strengthen an existing theory. Ulama were central actors in the early arrival and development of Islam to Indonesia. Arabic scholars who work as traders are the first group to bring and develop Islam into the territory of Indonesia, then continued by preachers from the professional Sufi circles. The figure of the Sufi cleric is strongly attached to two figures: the merchant who spreads Islam through trade as well as the heartbeat of the people's economy, and to the sultan who spreads Islam through his power. These crystallized characteristics of the propagator of Islam make Islam develop effectively. Islam was developed by Ulama through three channels namely; cultural (da'wah, education, art, culture, and marriage), structural (politics and power), economy (trade routes). In other words, the process of Islamization in Indonesia is influenced by political power and the spirit of preaching.
Ahmad Habibi

Ethics is a one of science discipline has never been barren for discussion. In addition to theoretic culture that is rich in value, Ethics also represents an applied attitude that is in direct contact with the social behavior of the community. Urgency Ethics is also felt to be very sensitive because it connotes directly with good, bad, right, or wrong values. Very interesting if interesting scientific sources Ethics in the century BC (BC) because historically, the century BC (BC) is known as the Scientific term which means humans are far from modern scientific traditions, however, Ethics both theoretically and practically can develop a measure of the value of people's lives at that time in a different format. This research will discuss the People of the Pre-Christian Age, Aristotle. In addition to Western Philosophers, Aristotle was also a very important figure in the Islamic world, notably Paripatetik's Islamic leaders such as Al Kindi, Al Farabi, and Ibn Sina. This research is a research library. Researchers try to dissect the construction and paradigm of ethical values ​​built by Aristotle in his work entitled Nichomachean Ethics and then reflect the concept with the concept of Ethics narrated and developed in Islam which is sourced from the Qur'an. In this research, the writer found Aristotle's ethical formulation which acted realistically. For Aristotle, The Good, Virtue, and Happiness are not abstract values, but they all provide real and empirical conditions. Its existence can be created and can be felt by the human senses.
Didi Junaidi
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 11, pp 1-25; doi:10.32923/maw.v11i1.1203

This article aims to explore the meaning of jihad in the perspective of contextual interpretation. In this study, the Mawdlū‘ī (thematic) Tafsir method used to catch a big picture or spirit of text, with the tool as a analysis tool in the form of two approaches, namely: Historical (Historical) and Hermeneutic Approaches. From the results of the study, get conclusion that jihad, which has often been reduced by some people as a war against different beliefs (the others), turns out to have a far more substantial meaning and is relevant to the present context. The meaning of the author is that jihad strives to uphold human values, oppose tyranny, uphold justice. In this case, jihad is broadly interpreted not merely as a war against the enemy, but to fight against injustice, tyranny, social pathoologies such as poverty, ignorance, and most importantly, jihad against oneself.
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 7, pp 6-16; doi:10.32923/tarbawy.v7i1.1201

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji peningkatan sikap ilmiah dan prestasi belajar peserta didik kelas XI SMA 1 Godean dengan penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 dibanding peserta didik tanpa penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 pada materi Laju Reaksi. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian eksperimen dengan satu faktor, dua variabel. Uji coba lapangan pemanfaatan LVK berbasis HTML5 adalah melalui hybrid learning. Sampel uji coba lapangan terdiri dari kelas dengan penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 sebagai kelas eksperimen dan kelas yang tanpa penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 sebagai kelas kontrol. Data yang terkumpul dianalisis menggunakan manova untuk menguji pengaruh penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 terhadap sikap ilmiah dan prestasi belajar. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat perbedaan peningkatan sikap ilmiah dan prestasi belajar peserta didik kelas XI SMA 1 Godean dengan penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 dibanding peserta didik tanpa penerapan LVK berbasis HTML5 pada materi Laju Reaksi.
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 7, pp 23-36; doi:10.32923/tarbawy.v7i1.1184

Based on data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of autism in Indonesia in 2010 is estimated to reach 2.4 million people. In that year, the population of Indonesia was 237.5 million people with a growth rate of 1.14 percent. The number of people with autism in Indonesia is estimated to have an increase of about 500 people every year. It is necessary to make efforts to hone the special skills of children with autism that adjust to the stage of its development. The development includes all aspects of language development, social, emotional, and physical development of the child's motor. Professionals often focus on emotional, social, and family issues only whereas motor development is also an integral part in the life of an autistic child. Based on the data source, this research is a field research using qualitative research methods that is analyzed descriptively. The number of subjects in this study is 5 children. Respondents were taken based on purposive sampling. The data collection techniques used interviews, observation, and documentation and the data was analyzed using data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. The results of this study indicated that the sensory integration (SI) exercise includes 7 areas namely, vestibular, tactile, propioceptive, visual, auditory, gustatory, and olfactory. Exercise development was tailored to the conditions and characteristics of children, because between one child and another child was different. The progress of motor sensory training had five subjects and all of which had different characteristics of ability. The progress or speed in responding to their exercise stimulation was affected by age, environmental stimulation, and home-based exercise. Keywords: Intervention, Sensory-motor Exercise, Autistic Children
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 7, pp 47-60; doi:10.32923/tarbawy.v7i1.1185

Sebuah pendidikan yang berlandaskan keislaman menjadi wahana untuk mengembangkan pikiran, menata kepribadian, menumbuh kembangkan spiritualitas dan emosional. Untuk mencapai hal tersebut membutuhkan kelengkapan dalam setiap komponen pendidikan salah satunya adalah kepengurusan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskrepsikan secara kritis tentang Pembentukan Karakter Mahasiswa di Pondok Pesantren Nurul Ummah Kotagede Yogyakarta guna mencari jawaban atas permasalahan tentang: bagaiman proses pengaktualisasian nilai-nilai Islam dalam pembentukan karakter mahasiswa di Pondok Pesantren Nurul Ummah Kotagede Yogyakarta. (2) Bagaimana efektivitas pembentukan karakter mahasiswa di Pondok Pesantren Nurul Ummah Kotagede Yogyakarta. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian lapangan (field research) dan menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif. Pendekatan dalam penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan sosio-antropologis.Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa dalam proses pembentukan karakter mahsiswa di pondok pesantren Nurul Ummah Kotagede Yogyakarta terlihat dalam proses perencanaan dan pelaksanaanya. Secara pelaksanaanya, Jenjang pendidikan bagi mahasiswa terbagi menjadi tiga tingkatan yakni awwaliyah, wustha, dan ‘ulya. Pengaktualisasian nilai-nilai Islam di pondok pesantren Nurul Ummah di bagi dalam bebrapa program yang meliputi: program harian, program mingguan, program bulanan, dan program tahunan. Nilai-nilai Islam yang diaktualisasikan adalah nilai ilahiyah yang meliputi: nilai ubbudiyah dan nilai ketauhidan. Sedangkan nilai yng bersifat insaniyah meliputi: nilai kedisiplinan, nilai kesederhanaan, nilai kejujuran, nilai musyawarah. Kemudian proses pengaktualisasiannya diterapkan dalam kegiatan pembelajaran dan kegiatan sehari-hari.
Muhammad Rofiq Anwar
MAWA'IZH: JURNAL DAKWAH DAN PENGEMBANGAN SOSIAL KEMANUSIAAN, Volume 7, pp 33-41; doi:10.32923/tarbawy.v7i1.1188

Peneliti ini memfokuskan pada Impelementasi Sistem Manajemen Mutu ISO 9001:2008 di MAN 3 Sleman dalam Upaya Peningkatan Mutu Guru Mata Pelajaran PAI. Jenis penelitian ini menggunakan penelitian lapangan (field reseach) yang bersifat kualitatif dengan mengambil latar MAN 3 Sleman. Pendekatan yang digunakan adalah kualitatif. Subyek penelitian ini adalah kepala madrasah, wakil kepala madrasah MAN 3 Sleman, guru Man 3 Sleman, guru BK, dan siswa MAN 3 Sleman sedangkan obyek penelitiannya berkaitan dengan Implementasi Sistem Manajemen Mutu ISO 9001:2008 di Man 3 Sleman (Upaya Peningkatan Mutu Guru PAI).. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Implementasi Sistem Manajemen Mutu ISO 9001:2008 sangat tepat dalam Upaya peningkatan Mutu Guru Mata Pelajaran PAI. Impelementasi sistem manajemen mutu ISO 9001:2008 sudah dilakukan dengan sangat baik. Dalam upaya peningkatan mutu guru mapel PAI melalui sistem manajemen mutu ISO 9001:2008, MAN 3 Sleman melalui peningkatan kompetensi pedagogik dan kompetensi profesionalisme. Terdapat faktor kelebihan dan kekurangan dalam melaksanakan implementasi sistem manajemen mutu ISO 9001:2008 (upaya peningkatan mutu guru PAI di MAN 3 Sleman). Kelebihannya yaitu adanya keteraturan dan ketertiban diberbagai lini karena sesuai standar sasaran mutu. Sedangkan kekurangannya adalah masih ada beberapa guru PAI yang kurang sadar akan pentingan penerapan sistem manajemen tersebut. . ABSTRACT this research focus on advanced of education depends on the management system /management in an educational institution, especially religious-based educational institutions such as MAN 3 Sleman. This research is a field research (field reseach) that is qualitative, by taking the background MAN 3 Sleman. The approach used a qualitative. The subjects of this research are head of madrasah, deputy head of madrasah MAN 3 Sleman, teacher of 3 Sleman, BK teacher, and student of MAN 3 Sleman while the object of research is related to Implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 in Man 3 Sleman (Improvement Effort of PAI Teacher Quality) . Data collection is done by conducting observation, interview and documentation. The results show that the Implementation of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System is very appropriate in Improving Quality Teachers of PAI Subject Teachers. Impelementasi quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 has been done well. In an effort to improve the quality of PAI mapel teachers through ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, Man 3 Sleman through the path of pedagogic competence improvement and professionalism competence. There are advantages and disadvantages in implementing the system quality management of ISO 9001: 2008 in an effort to improve the quality of PAI teachers in MAN 3 Sleman. The excess is the existence of order and order in various lines because according to the standard of quality objectives. While the drawback is there are still some PAI teachers who are less aware of the importance of the implementation of the management system.
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