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Syukrianto Syukrianto
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 94-107; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.94-107

Curriculum development of local content developed with the development of the theory and practice of education, also varies according to the flow or educational theories which adhered. Strengthening local content curriculum developed by SMA 2 Darul Ulum Rejoso Jombang pesantren with in the school curriculum of reinforcement for the creation of local content. This research method using of development Dick & Carey (2009), is the identification of the learning objectives, analysis of learning, learner and context analysis, define learning objectives, development assessment instruments, developing learning strategies, developing and selecting study materials, design and conduct formative evaluation, revision and designing and conducting evaluation summative. This research data using the local content curriculum development for SMA 2. The result and discusion concept of strengthening the curriculum of SMA 2 educational concept is Tebuireng reforming education boarding school that has existed previously with the emphasis on the concept of making the Qur'an as the main source for research in learning and make the Quran as development of an strengthening local charge. The formation of character in students graduate SMA 2 is able to master the three curriculum i.e. boarding schools curriculum, national curriculum and curriculum of Cambridge, formally pocketed three diplomas i.e. diploma boarding schools, national public ijasah, and Cambridge Certificate, which will be used as a provision for continuing education to the next level.
Atnawi Atnawi
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 83-93; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.83-93

Things that have little role and meaning in this education problem are the roles and participation of parents in the family. As one part of the educational institution that has the first and foremost predicate, families should be a good opportunity to catch up with children in school or can also be used as additional momentum to understand and clarify material from school. Thus the role of parents in this problem is very large. As part or component of the education system, guardians of students and the community in general are entitled to develop their participation in the advancement of education. In the development of children's learning interest and many are influenced by several by several factors, both internal and external factors. Participation of guardian students is included in the external section which has important values in efforts to increase children's learning interest. The participation of guardian students can be useful in increasing students' interest in learning, this can be seen from the emergence of encouragement of children to study hard, easy and easy for students to solve the difficulties they face and as a medium for success in learning.
Syafrawi Syafrawi
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 72-82; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.72-82

Efforts to improve the quality of education always require sustained conditions of high discipline in addition to requiring energy, costs and time to achieve the expected goals. Education lasts a lifetime, therefore education is a shared responsibility between the government, family and society. Of the three educational environments it is an integral part of achieving these objectives ranging from kindergartens to tertiary education both private and public. according to the term Indonesian is "People whose jobs (livelihood, profession) teach". While the words of supervision when viewed from etymology are from English, namely Supervition. The teaching and learning process is a process that contains a series of actions by teachers and students on the basis of reciprocal relationships that take place in educational situations to achieve certain goals. To achieve the goals in the teaching and learning process, the smooth running of the teaching and learning process must be fulfilled.
Supandi Supandi
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 60-71; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.60-71

The purpose of Islamic religious education is identical to the purpose of life of every human or Muslim. The implementation of education aims to humanize humans, glorify them because science utilizes reason with all its intelligence in order to achieve what it aspires to. Therefore, the success or failure of an educational process will also be influenced by the surrounding environment, namely the family in this case is the parents. Based on this background, the researcher is interested in examining the activities mentioned above. This research activity uses qualitative research with informants, the teachers are researchers who meet in the field, then guardians of students / parents and some students in the field. Based on the reviews in advance both through liberty research and fild research, it can be concluded as follows: 1) Parental education is the first and foremost education to humanize and socialize human children. 2) Education of parents as the smallest social unit provides basic stamps and foundations for the development and improvement of the quality of children's religious education. 3) Behavior in the family will give inpact or a contagious influence on the community environment.
M Sahibudin
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 50-59; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.50-59

As stated by Kartono et al., One of the main obligations and rights of parents who cannot be separated is educating children, because parents give life to children and they have a very important obligation to educate their children, besides that, the school also holds important role for the implementation of education. Thus, collaboration between parents and teachers is important so that the implementation of educational activities can run smoothly. Therefore researchers are interested in the research. And from the results of the research carried out it can be described as follows: 1) that parent and teacher cooperation on the success of students in school is absolutely necessary, 2) It is very necessary to have parents and teacher cooperation to support and improve learning activities for educational success, 3 ) The parent and teacher approach has a considerable influence on the success of student learning, both at school and at home, 4) The results of the study show that MTs Nurul Asrar Panggung students, with the cooperation of parents and good teachers, are quite influential for children's learning activities at school.
Abd Haris
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 40-50; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.40-50

In general, education can be categorized into two categories, namely the world of formal and non-formal education. While the implementation of education will not be separated from the activities of the teaching and learning process, and in the learning process there are several factors including how the teacher is required to master the subject matter that will be delivered to the students themselves. Subject matter is something that the teacher presents to be processed and then developed by students, in the achievement model of instructional objectives. Based on the discussion of the results of the research conducted by researchers about the relationship of teacher teaching material to student achievement in Kadur MTsN Kadur Pamekasan Regency which consists of two problems, researchers can draw formulas from the discussion presented in front, conclusions that can be drawn from this thesis are as The following: 1) The relationship between mastery of teacher teaching material and student achievement at MTsN Kadur Pamekasan is a very urgent relationship because without a good relationship it is difficult to achieve the desired goals by the teacher and students. 2) With good communication between the teacher and the students, students will be more active in learning, and with good communication will also show a match between what the teacher has to say and the students' abilities.
Muhammad Kholil
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 30-39; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.30-39

The Role of the Kalianget BP4 Institute Sumenep functions as an official institution that supports the duties of the religious department in improving the quality of marriage and to enhance marital quality and realize a healthy household, this can be seen from the composition of the management and work programs in each field. In addition, the thing that supports BP4 is the development of exemplary sakinah and mother family movements with the establishment of West Kalianget Village as the Village of the Sakinah Family (DBKS), then reinforced by the sending of sakinah family motivators held by the East Java Regional Office. This shows that Sumenep's Kalianget BP4 has positioned its role well. In addition, BP4 serves as a forum that provides guidance and fostering towards the realization of marital conservation. The advice is given with the intention to broaden the horizons and maintain integrity and realize a family that is sure to be blessed and blessed. All of that is supported by the condition of the community that has a high level of public awareness as happened in Kalianget Sumenep.
Abdul Munib
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 19-29; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.19-29

Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam, which is given to Muslims. The essence of fasting is the control of things that can cancel or reduce the value of fasting. So that, this worship can be a means to shape physical and spiritual health, as well as a medium of education towards quality human beings. Some Karduluk people see fasting as a mere obligation whose motivation is to get reward and avoid torture in the hereafter, there are also those who view it as a spiritual need for humans to always relate to their Lord, which is driven by a deep sense of love for God . Worship for the Karduluk community is interpreted as self-servitude, in which humans are positioned as servants of God who must submit and obey all His commands. Worship is not only in the sense of ritual worship, but also includes all human good deeds which are intended as worship. Fasting is still an effective means to increase discipline in worship, both ritual worship and social worship. This is because fasting which is carried out seriously will lead people to be disciplined, devoted to Allah Almighty. And it is this taqwa that provides a way for humans to always obey all the rules of God without the need for external supervision.
Sihabuddin Sihabuddin
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 11-18; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.11-18

Holding common election is an election proscess of people to fill certain poltical position, there are many postion such as president, vice president vice people, representative regional council (DPD), globally common elections. Election in a broad sense is all processes related to suffrage, election administration and voting behavior. Whereas, in a narrow sense the electoral system is a way which voters can express their political right by voting, which a country is transformed into a seat in parliament or political officials who have three functions in the form of legislation, budgeting and supervision.
H. Abd. Muqit
Al-Ulum : Jurnal Penelitian dan Pemikiran Ke Islaman, Volume 6, pp 1-10; doi:10.31102/alulum.6.1.2019.1-10

Religious education, between world welfare and ukhrawi happiness, as understood together that Islam provides guidance and direction to all humanity in all sectors of life, worldly life is no problem to be pursued in all its dimensions, only needs to be directed and used according to the religious rules , by means of forgiveness and abandoning evil ways, so that the welfare of the world obtained will lead to happiness hereafter. In Islam is the balance of worldly and ukhrawi orientation, not neglecting one of them let alone defeat it. This is not easy, so religious education is an important and necessary thing as a guide and media that directs humans to become educated and devoted beings. With education and devotion, humans will easily get and reach the welfare and happiness of the world and the hereafter.