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Zeynep Sagir, Ertugrul Tacgin
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 24-35; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i4.229

The purpose of this paper is to compare three contemporary accident causation models, namely the Swiss Cheese, HFACS, and Fu (2018) Model-based on two accidents existing in the literature. The accidents reviewed are a mine explosion accident and an electrical plant accident. In this way, the validity of the models can be evaluated and weaknesses and strengths revealed. This study discussed the advantages and possible limitations of these models, and according to this discussion, all these models include human and organizational factors and have been found scientific and systematic. According to the results, Fu (2018) and HFACS are more modern, since they were developed based on Swiss Cheese. The product of this research will be a recommendation for safety investigators and accident inspectors which way to turn when choosing the most applicable accident analysis method
Tamer Aksoy, Yunus Emre Asan
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 10-23; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i4.231

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of the financial risks local governments are exposed to within the scope of financial risk management practices. ?stanbul Metropolitan Municipality (?MM) was selected for this study because it is the largest local government with the highest budget. ?n the study, the development of financial risk performance of ?MM between the years 2008-2018 was examined in the light of the risks ?MM is exposed to. The main results regarding the risks faced by ?MM during the period are as follows: Financial data obtained from the financial statements of ?MM were used to examine the performance of listed risks& effects they have on the budget of ?MM. The results indicate that (i) risk of Dependence on Shares from the central budget revenue; (ii) ?MM was directly dependent on the central budget in terms of revenues, so in this period, the risk of dependency was high in terms of counterparty risk.
Abdullah Turk, Pelin Vardarlier, Muhammet Ali Hazar
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 1-9; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i4.221

Employer branding is an important issue that businesses cannot neglect, as it is the process of creating a brand for employees and potential candidates. Especially with the development of technology, it has become easier to reach many resources. However, it has always been more difficult to reach talented human resources. At this point, discovering, attracting, and working with talented employees for a long time has attributed a key role to the employer brand. In this direction, the aim of the study is to investigate the roles of employer branding practices in attracting talents to the company in job applications. Content analysis, which is a qualitative analysis method, was used in the study. Maxqda 20 software program was used to access the findings of this analysis. In the research findings, it was seen that concepts such as reputation, communication, awareness, and the concept of Employer Brand were used together intensively. As a result of the research; It has been understood that businesses that want to attract talented employees to the company use the employer brand and communicate effectively with the external environment. It has been seen that this interaction supports the corporate reputation and this has played an important role in increasing the awareness of the company and in the preference and reliability
Yunus Emre Ozturk
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 36-42; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i4.232

Airline employees also carry the risk of losing their jobs in times of crisis that closely affect the aviation industry. Therefore, it is important to investigate the burnout syndrome experienced by airline workers in times of crisis. This study aims to evaluate the burnout syndrome of airlines. Findings show that airline flight crews who experienced high levels of burnout syndrome during normal periods experienced less burnout syndrome during crisis periods. It is understood that the reason for this situation is that they cling to their jobs more tightly against the risk of losing their jobs.
Doaa M Salman Abdou, Ranim Hussein
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 43-48; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i4.222

The aim of the paper to investigates the reason for business failure using Nokia as a case study. The paper applies the explanatory conclusive research design since there are cause and effect relations that seek to provide a better understanding of the reasons for the market failure. The mobile manufacturing sector is the most interesting and innovative of all in the “Information & Communications Technology” sector (ICT). Nokia was once known as the market’s dominant company, leader, and pacesetter until it underwent a tremendous market failure. The aim of this research is to shed light on Nokia’s failure in the market due to its complacency & fear of change, lack of innovation moving too slowly in terms of being too late in making decisions & inventing of the iPhone. Paper elaborately discusses and analyses the failure reasons supported by a literature review in addition to the characteristics of this industry and its market structure. Finally provide advice for business makers
Suseela Devi Chandran, Fadilah Puteh, Nur Alia Azmi, Norazah Mohd Suki
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 28-32; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i3.193

Medical tourism is a global phenomenon in many parts of the world. It features an activity where individuals travel from home country to the host country to seek or receive medical healthcare. Being the third largest sector, medical tourism has a significant contribution towards economic development in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. However, the literature review depicts a scarcity of research on niche areas among the top player in this region. This study aims to explore the development of the medical tourism industry in the SEA region. An in-depth interview with stakeholders and private hospitals were conducted and analyzed using thematic analysis coupled with document analysis from various secondary data. Four SEA regions were chosen namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore which offer specific niche markets to promote the medical tourism industry. Interestingly, these countries are complementing and not competing with each other in the same industry. This study is vital in enriching the literature in the field of medical tourism in showcasing the niche market of medical tourism in the SEA region. This study also contributes greatly to comparative analysis between these countries in the medical tourism sector.
Tuba Yiyit, Mahmut Arslan
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 20-27; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i3.210

The present study aims to propose a model suitable for Turkish organizational culture using observations, a qualitative research method. The reason behind this is that observation is frequently used in ethnographic studies, i.e. studies analyzing culture. An ethnographic study revealed the foundation of the organizational culture of the observed ABC firm. These factors can be listed as fear, fear-driven paternalism, pressure, silence, intimidation, ennui, insensitivity, and apathy and gossiping. It is possible to say that an abusive level of productivity is aimed at the organization and an authoritarian understanding of management.
Pelin Vardarlier, Esra Esra
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 1-19; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i3.211

Consumers highly value environmentally-conscious companies in today's world. These businesses announce their environmental awareness through various marketing tools such as advertising, public relations, sponsorship, social responsibility projects. These methods provide support to environmentalist images of brands since they are informative yet in some cases, they are perceived as unnatural by consumers. It is possible to say that being consistent and plain for actions taken for environmental activities have a direct impact on whether these activities are unnatural or sincere. In the article, the effects on brand and corporate image of green marketing practices of businesses were examined. While examining the image created by the green marketing practices of the brands in the consumer's mind, it is also important to examine the actions taken for social responsibility. Therefore, the green marketing application processes of the corporate social responsibility approach are examined. In this article, a fuel company's advertising film, which is known as environmentally friendly with green marketing practices, has been examined according to the semiotic analysis method.
Fawz Manyaga, Mariam Yasmin, Nilufer Nilufer, Zineb Hajaoui
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 1-7; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i2.197

This paper through a systematic literature review portrays the academic work that has been done in disaster management by applying multi-criteria decision making. This study reviews 36 academic articles that applied multi-criteria decision-making planning and management of natural disasters i.e. tsunami, floods, heavy rains, earthquake, land sliding, epidemic, pandemic, etc. This study finds out that lack of effective planning and management pre and post disasters is causing loss of human life, temporary migration of locals to safer places, loss of properties, and economic losses. Once the crisis is over, it requires efforts and additional finances to bring life to normal. There are regions where disasters are periodic such as floods in rivers or due to monsoon season. But with effective planning and pre-determined priorities, loss to human life can be mitigated. Disaster management departments need effective planning tools to forecast imminent disasters and prepare accordingly. This study is very relevant to the recent global pandemic COVID-19 that has caused human and economic losses and will leave footprints for the coming years and generations
Nilufer Nilufer
International Journal of Business Ecosystem & Strategy (2687-2293), Volume 2, pp 8-14; doi:10.36096/ijbes.v2i2.205

Covid-19 has deeper effects on our current understanding of business strategy and its implementation. Strategic management practices became more mandatory. In fact, it is a continuous process exploiting the opportunities for the sake of competitive advantages. From the aviation industry to retail, the new normal will continue to affect the value chain process of traditional companies. As a case in this study, Walmart is a well-known company with its cost leadership strategy. Cost is controlled by its most efficient value chain system, which includes all the activities from the buying of raw material to sending a product to the market. This efficient working approach and cost leadership strategy of the organization make it competitive across the globe. The company has a hand on to deal with the challenges from the internal and external environment due to changing technology and people demand. This literature-based study tries to cover the business strategy of Walmart, especially the low-cost leadership strategy and management activities in the value chain system.
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