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Siwen Huang
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9;

With the progress and development of China’s economy and society at present, energy and power engineering has gradually become an extremely important key factor in promoting the sustainable development of economy and society. However, we are also faced with a difficult problem, that is, the shortage of energy will pose a huge and serious threat to the future development of the earth and mankind. Therefore, efficient utilization of various new generation energy sources has gradually become the development trend of energy and power engineering in China in the future.
Yang Hu
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9;

With the continuous development of China’s sustainable development, new energy has become the internal driving force for the transformation and upgrading of various industries and the creation of green economic benefits. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing, housing construction, transportation and other fields. The application of new energy in ships can not only reduce the pollution rate of ship transportation, but also promote the scientific development of ship design and manufacturing. The value of applying new energy in ships can be seen. This paper analyzes the application strategy of new energy in ships, in order to promote the shipbuilding industry to keep pace with the times.
Wenrong Qu
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 31-34;

New energy vehicle technology is a new type of vehicle based on the concept of sustainable development in China. In terms of functional use, it can reduce the content of toxic gas and carbon dioxide in vehicle exhaust and reduce the impact on urban air quality by means of electric energy or mixed energy. At the same time, with the characteristics of new energy, it can effectively alleviate the problem that non-renewable energy is almost exhausted, and make the construction of urban economic system more suitable for the development situation of sustainable development concept. In this paper, based on the analysis of the types of new energy vehicles, it is expected to provide a good reference for the subsequent research and development of new energy vehicles.
Zhenrui Zhang
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9;

Heat storage technology is one of the key technologies in the field of solar thermal power generation and cogeneration. It uses heat storage materials as the media to store solar thermal energy, industrial waste heat, low-grade waste heat and other kinds of thermal energy, and release it when needed, so as to solve the mismatch between energy supply and demand. This paper introduces the classification and characteristics of heat storage technology, analyzes the research progress of heat storage technology in the fields of solar thermal power generation, heat storage materials and industrial drying, and forecasts the development trend of heat storage technology in the future. The results indicate that heat storage technology is beneficial to improve industrial production efficiency, broaden industrial energy conservation and emission reduction ideas, and has a great application prospect under the continuous improvement of practitioners with innovative spirit.
Shang Shang
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 39-42;

Under the environment of advocating environmental protection and energy saving, the new energy electric vehicle technology has developed rapidly and become the research hotspot of the current international automobile industry. The new energy electric vehicle has obvious advantages in power, energy saving, environmental protection, driving experience, post-maintenance and so on. Its production process and efficiency are much higher than those of traditional fuel vehicles, which is the inevitable trend of the future development of the automobile industry and plays an important role in the overall sustainable development of the automobile industry. This paper mainly introduces the three core technologies, development status and future development trend of new energy electric vehicles.
Yue Zhang
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 23-26;

China's automobile industry has made rapid development in recent years, but the environmental pollution caused by automobile exhaust is also very serious. In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by automobiles, new energy automobiles have become the main development direction of the automobile industry. Fuel cells are one of the new energy sources. Although China has a very rich variety of fuels, the research and development of new energy vehicles is still in its initial stage and still faces severe tests.
Xuan Zhang, Shiming Xu, Ping Wang, Lin Xu, Lei Li, Lele Chen Chen
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 14-22;

Membrane distillation is a distillation technology that has emerged in the last 50 years.Compared with the traditional thermal distillation, membrane distillation has the advantages of compact structure, simple device and easy operation, so many membrane distillation technologies have been developed up to now.Recently, a novel air gap diffusion distillation (AGDD) technique has been proposed.This paper mainly introduces the research progress of air gap membrane distillation, solarenergy distillation and humidification and dehumidification technology in recent years.
Min Wang
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 10-13;

For capacity matching and design calculation on off-grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System, commercial software like Homer developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is commonly used at present. This paper takes the load demand of household users as the research object, and uses the three cities with different potentials of wind and solar resources as the of the Wind/PV/Storage hybrid power generation systems simulation installation site. The Homer optimizes the system capacity configuration, and the goal is to find the minimum investment cost while meeting the users electricity demand. The results show that the potential of the wind and solar resources will affect the levelized cost of energy of the installed system. The levelized cost of energy will be smaller in the place where the wind and solar resources are abundant. At the same time, the unit cost of the wind turbine is higher than that of the Photovoltaic system, so the cost of wind turbines effect is more obvious for the levelized cost of energy of the overall system. Finally, the paper also analyzes the sensitivity of the technical parameters of wind turbines and loss of power supply probability.
Qian Yang
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 1-3;

With the rapid development of social economy, the demand for new energy is also increasing, and then the problem of large consumption also has a negative impact on the development of the construction industry. Under the concept of green building, the design and construction units pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, so they actively use photovoltaic new energy in the field of electrical energy conservation of construction projects, so as to improve people's quality of life. Starting from the principles and characteristics of building electrical energy conservation, this paper discusses the methods of building electrical energy conservation, and analyzes how to use photovoltaic new energy in the field of building electrical energy conservation, hoping to better practice the concept of energy conservation.
Chong Wang, Xun Zhu, Xianyan He, Tyu Tan, Bin Ding, Yudong Ding
Progress in Energy & Fuels, Volume 9, pp 4-9;

A method for the measurements of the flow rate of high temperature molten slag using image identification was proposed. Image of molten slag could be acquired by high-speed camera. The flow rate of molten slag was calculated by the diameter, which was obtained by the edge detection, and the velocity of the feature points obtaining by threshold segmentation. Feature points could be found on the liquid column of molten slag by photo graphing, which showed that the method is feasible. Then glycerite was used to study the influences of different shooting parameters on the measurement accuracy. The effects of exposure time, frame rate and focal length on measurement accuracy were obtained. At the same time, it was found that the selection of location and length of feature region would also have a significant impact on the measurement accuracy.
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