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Dedi Riandika,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2242

XYZ Motoshop is an individual business engaged in the sale of motorcycle accessories and spare parts, located in Pamulang, South Tangerang. The problems experienced by XYZ Motoshop include: difficulty in knowing product availability information, order process is less effective because customers must come directly to the store, sales data processing requires a long time because it is still handwritten, having difficulty to know about shipping goods because it does not have proof of receipt of goods and the customer does not recognize the product being promoted on social media. To solve the above problems, we need a system that is able to manage product sales transactions effectively and efficiently. Researchers offer alternative solutions to help management to solve problems that occur by designing e-commerce systems. In this study, researchers used the Business Model Canvas approach to analyze the company's business model, problem analysis using the Fishbone Diagram approach, analysis and design of the E-Commerce system using the Unified Modeling Language approach and implementation of the E-Commerce system using the Content Management System, the search method using techniques Search Engine Optimization and marketing methods use the 4P marketing strategy. The final results of this research are an E-Commerce Website that can increase sales of motorcycle accessories products in XYZ Motoshop
, Hendrawan Armanto, Indra Maryati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2128

Logic Gate is one of the materials in the subject of Computer Systems at the level of SMK in class X. However, until now the learning media only uses textbooks, power point slides and manual simulations using blackboards. While the material about logic gates is very difficult if it is not directly simulated because it is directly related to the interaction of inputs and outputs at each logic gate. During the use of textbooks and manual simulation media students find it difficult to understand the material about this logic gate. The advantage of learning that utilizes augmented reality is an attractive display and displays 3D logic gate objects and input buttons that can be used to interact directly and the output is also in the form of 3D lamp objects, with this augmented reality technology will be very helpful and useful for simulating the gate logic is directly and easily understood by students. 3D logic gate animations are created using the 3D Blender application and the Augmented Reality process is created using the Unity and Vuforia SDK Library. This logic gate learning application has been applied to two classes, namely the control class and the experimental class. From the results of the Pre Test and Post Test that have been done, the control class has a 22.0% increase in percentage, while the experimental class has a 33.4% increase in percentage. Thus the learning application that utilizes Augmented Reality technology can be applied as a medium for learning logic gates at the vocational level of class X
Sarmayanta Sembiring, Hadir Kaban, Rido Zulfahmi
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2134

Efficiency system in using electrical energy has been designed using a PIR motion sensor, current sensor SCT-013-030, infrared LED and relay with a controller using Arduino Uno. The system is designed to turn off electronic equipment such as air conditioners, projectors and lights automatically as a solution from users forgetting to turn off electronic equipment when it is no longer in use. The experimental results show that the system has been running well, where the system can detect no movement for a predetermined time by using a PIR motion sensor. Detection of electronic equipment using sensors SCT-013-030 has been able to distinguish the state of the equipment whether it is ON or OFF based on differences in sensor output data that is read by the Arduino analog port. Sensor data when detecting the lamp when OFF is average = 1.333 while the mini projector and TV when off the average sensor data value = 1.667. The average current sensor data when detecting lights when ON = 5,333, mini projector = 8,333 and TV = 11,333. Overall the system designed has been able to turn off the equipment that is still active when the sensor does not detect any human movement during a predetermined time
, Kemas Muslim Lhaksmana
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2270

Mass running event has gained popularity ever since recreational running becomes more common as they often held annually by various organizers. As image documentation took a huge part to showcase the event, many thousands of images were generated during the event. Along with thousands of images that were generated, the participant is unlikely to found an image of themselves. To solve this problem, image annotation could be performed to address image with specific tags such as participant attribute like racing bib number (RBN). Manually annotate thousands of images would result in inefficiency of time and hard-labor. As a work to tackle this problem, this paper proposed an automatic image annotation system using the YOLOv3 algorithm based RBN recognition method. The experiment result shows 83.0% precision, 81.5% recall, and 82.2% F1 score as a result of our proposed method on running event dataset. Therefore, this implemented method will promote efficiency to solve the image annotation problem because it doesn't require manual annotation over thousand of running event images
Syifa Nur Rakhmah,
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2268

Online travel agent is one of the products of the advancing era that is currently booming. With the advent of online travel agents, the use of online travel in Indonesia is now beginning to be demand. The many conviences and advantages offered bya online travel, then customers are required to be keen to choose an online travel agency. This research was conductes to measure the effectivieness of online travel chosen by customers. By using the criteria in ISO 9001:2008 factors that influence customers satisifaction include Service Quality, Product Quality, Price, Situasional Quality and Personal Quality. This research was conducted on online travel customers in the City of Bekasi area with a population of 3,013,851 inhabitants with calculations using the Slovin formula obtained a sampel size 400 respondents. The metod use is the analytical hierarchy process. The results of this study indicate that the first alternative is Traveloka eit a weight value of 1.916 or 47.6%, then Tiket.com with a weight value of 1.018 or 27.7% and finnaly Pegipegi with a weight value of 1.141 or 24.7% and for criteria the main attraction customers in chossinh online travel is Service Quality 27.7%, Procust Quality 24.1%, Price 22.9%, Personal Factor 15.5% and Situasional Factor 9.8%
, Fauziah Fauziah, Nurhayati Nurhayati
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2149

The level of security in terms of access is one of the main priorities of everyone to improve the security system that feels the need for improvement following the development of modern technology. This study discusses a security system using Android-based face recognition. The aim of this research is that the safe safety system has a better level of security than the previous system. The initial stage to build this system, the authors do the literature data collection stage as a basis for the theory and system development methods used by software designers before is the waterfall method, in general this method is divided into several stages, including: Analysis, Design, Program Code and Unit Testing. For the method used in the research of this system is the eigenfaces algorithm method for the detection of facial objects in the initial process of image training. As well as the Local Binary Patterns algorithm method and Histrogram Equalization at the stage of reading the user's face recognition image accurately which has an accuracy of face reading up to 95.56%. The results of the user's face data will be processed in Wemos D1 and the data will be sent and stored in a database. The results of data from face recognition data will be used again as user data to open the safe. The conclusion, the system can read the user's face in real time and can work well for safe security systems
Fendy Sulistyo, , Winarsih Winarsih
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2137

Current technological developments, in the activities of information search and decision making at the Faculty of Communication and Information Technology of the National University have not been effective. Because the amount of data available makes it difficult for users to find the specific data needed. Like looking for student data based on class, religion and gender. Therefore, the Executive Information System of the Faculty of Communication and Information Technology of the National University was designed to be web-based so that users could find the required data. Application trial results to search for student data, the system can display search results by force, religion and gender with 100% accuracy. In searching the system data lecturers can display search results based on their latest education, expertise and research with 100% accuracy. Then for the data search system teachers can display search results based on the latest education and expertise with 100% accuracy. The system can also display the number of students by force, the number of lecturers based on expertise and the number of education personnel based on recent education in graphical form
, Hilal Hudan Nuha
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2209

In seawater aquariums, seawater quality plays a very important role for the survival of the biota in it. There are measurement parameters that determine the quality of the seawater fit to be inhabited by seawater ornamental fish such as clown fish. Measurement parameters are such as temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen content (DO), pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Current technological developments make it possible to create a system that automatically conducts seawater drainage in a seawater aquarium so that the quality of the seawater remains in accordance with its measurement parameters and is fit for habitation by seawater ornamental fish such as clown fish. In this study the measurement parameters that become the reference are the temperature, pH (acidity) values obtained from the temperature sensor and the pH sensor. For normal temperatures, if the temperature is in the range of 24°C to 28°C, while for the ideal temperature is in the range of 25-27°C. For an appropriate pH in a saltwater aquarium is 7.5-8.5 with an ideal pH of 8.2. From the results of measurements made by these sensors, the value will be processed using the fuzzy logic method, then the condition of sea water quality in the aquarium can be seen from the smartphone, and when the measurement results show an inappropriate value, the system will automatically drain the water
Nurul Adha Oktarini Saputri, Nurul Huda
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.2253

Prediction is an activity to predict a situation that will occur in the future by passing tests in the past. One way to get sales information in the future is to make sales forecasting. This sales forecast uses the Double Exponential Smoothing method because this method predicts by smoothing or smoothing past data by taking an average of several years to estimate the value of the coming year and this method uses the time series method. The results of this study are the right sales prediction information system, in order to determine the existing inventory of goods in accordance with the demand (demand) so that there is no overstock or lack of inventory in the future
, Moch Iswan Perangin Angin, Marsono Marsono Marsono
JURNAL MEDIA INFORMATIKA BUDIDARMA, Volume 4; doi:10.30865/mib.v4i3.1901

The diagnosis of impetigo by using an expert system that uses the source of expertise aims to obtain accurate information in accordance with the symptoms suffered by the patient, this expert system analysis uses the dempster shafer method with mathematical theory for proof based on belief function and plausible reasoning it makes sense to combine separate pieces of information (evidence) to calculate the likelihood of an event that can produce information from experts about the symptoms and solutions of impetigo symptoms accurately and build an expert application system program that is able to diagnose early impetigo in infants and provide solutions and information quickly
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