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Pratama Benny Herlandy, Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau Program Studi Pendidikan Informatika, Fauzan Azim, , Universias Muhammadiyah Riau Program Studi Pendidikan Teknik Elektronika, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Program Studi Pendidikan Sistem Dan Teknologi Informasi
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 120-128;

This research is based on limited laboratories in vocational high schools in the city of Pekanbaru. Students are could not to use one computer device (PC) for each. The actual condition is one PC is used by 2-3 students. This fact has an impact on the achievement of vocational competence. The proposed solution is to present a virtual laboratory concept based on Augmented Reality (AR). The purpose of this study was to measure the effectiveness of AR based learning media on the achievement of vocational competencies of. The type of research applied is equals-experimental with two groups pretest-posttest design method. The population and sample in this study were the Multimedia Study Program of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Pekanbaru City. The results obtained were learning to use AR media is effective for increasing the learning outcome in the basic computer network material. The use of augmented reality-based learning media can be applied to vocational learning in SMK with material adjustments designed according to the needs of the applicable curriculum.
Harianto Harianto, Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta Program Studi Teknik Informatika, , Sudarmawan Sudarmawan
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 40-49;

System and network security from interference from parties who do not have access to the system is the most important in a system. To realize a system, data or network that is safe at unauthorized users or other interference, a system is needed to detect it. Intrusion-Detection System (IDS) is a method that can be used to detect suspicious activity in a system or network. The classification algorithm in artificial intelligence can be applied to this problem. There are many classification algorithms that can be used, one of which is Naïve Bayes. This study aims to optimize Naïve Bayes using Univariate Selection on the UNSW-NB 15 data set. The features used only take 40 features that have the best relevance. Then the data set is divided into two test data and training data, namely 10%: 90%, 20%: 70%, 30%: 70%, 40%: 60% and 50%: 50%. From the experiments carried out, it was found that feature selection had quite an effect on the accuracy value obtained. The highest accuracy value is obtained when the data set is divided into 40%: 60% for both feature selection and non-feature selection. Naïve Bayes with unselected features obtained the highest accuracy value of 91.43%, while with feature selection 91.62%, using feature selection could increase the accuracy value by 0.19%.
Muhammad Fatih Fahmi Fadhlurrahman, Universitas Mercu Buana Program Studi Sistem Informasi, Dwi Ade Handayani Capah
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 30-39;

In Indonesia, there is one well-known sport, namely Futsal. Therefore, there are many businesses such as futsal court rental places. Basically, the futsal field rental is still manual, that is, customers come to the futsal location and make field rental transactions. This manual futsal court rental has a problem, namely that prospective customers cannot immediately find out the available empty schedule, this causes when they are already at the location but there is no desired schedule they are just wasting time. The purpose of this research is to find a solution in order to solve the problem in the manual futsal court rental method. With the creation of a web-based futsal court rental application that is expected to be able to solve this problem. This application was created using the waterfall development method so that the process of making this application is recorded in order and neat. This study produces a web-based futsal court rental application that has been tested for its feasibility using the black box testing method. This application provides a field rental feature for potential customers, as well as facilitates the processing of field rental data and financial report data for field owners.
Nur Rochmania, Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya Program Studi Sistem Informasi, Indri Sudanawati Rozas, Ilham Ilham
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 10-19;

The use of Information Technology (IT) frameworks from year to year in Indonesia has shown an increase. However, there is not much research on the use of IT frameworks. The research on IT frameworks can be used by a company to analyze trends in the use of frameworks in Indonesia. That way, it can help a company consider choosing a framework to use. The IT frameworks discussed in this study are COBIT, ITIL, and ISO 27001. Data related to research IT frameworks taken in the 2014-2018 period. Data collection through the Google Scholar web search engine using the Publish or Perish software. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive quantitative methods. The results of this study can use to determine the use of the IT framework in Indonesia. The amount of raw data obtained from the data collection process was 5,708 data with Authors, Title, Years, and Publisher variables. Research data on titles and keywords obtained in the Indonesian domain amounted to 754 and overseas amounted to 194. From the research results, it can conclude that the most widely used framework is the COBIT framework, with a percentage of 69.3% in the Indonesian and 58.7% in the foreign domain.
Andri Andri, Universitas Bina Darma Program Studi Sistem Informasi, Suyanto Suyanto
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 85-94;

Rubber auction cooperatives are cooperatives whose main function is to auction rubber agricultural products for these member communities. Currently, among the problems that exist in the auction process, namely: first, auction entrants must come to the auction site even if only to bid a price. Second, the auction administration process has redundant of entrant data due to having to fill out a form every time they participate in the auction. From these two problems, this research will conduct application development as an auction medium for related parties. The application developed is a mobile-based application so that it can be accessed easily by all parties. The method used in the development process is the adaptive software-development method with three major stages of speculation, collaboration, and learning which was tested using black box testing. The Research Results are an application with the main feature of conducting the auction process from the cooperative's side, and auction participants can bid prices through the application. The application developed also functions properly in accordance with existing features as evidenced by the results of application testing using the black box technique so that it can help the rubber auction process for related parties.
Alfiya El Hafsa, Mochammad Arif Bijaksana, Arief Fatchul Huda
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 50-57;

Arabic is the main language of Al-Quran. Nowadays, many people are studying the Language of Al-Quran, called Quran Arabic. For the beginners, it is important for them to understand the syntactic relationship in a sentence found in the Qur'an. If they do not understand enough, the interpretation will be different and wrong. It will turn into dangerous because Al-Quran is a source of guidance for Muslims’ life. Dependency parsing is very important for linguistic research, especially for rich languages such as the Arabic Language. This study aims to build dependency parsing, in order to make it easier to get to understand syntactic relationship information in sentences. This study uses a parsing method called deterministic parsing, which the method used is shift-reduce parsing with the Easy-First parsing algorithm. The evaluation used labeled attachment score calculation. The score generated from the evaluation was 69.7, beforehand, the comparison both the system results and the gold standard have been done. 62 sentences found the correct head and relation in each word. The number of words found to be wrong is not more than 3 words in one sentence. Evaluation scores produced are not exorbitant due to the complicated tagset used and lacking test sentences.
Iga Setia Utami, Setia Budi, Nurhastuti Nurhastuti
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 112-119;

Student diversity is one of the demographic advantages of education. One type of diversity is the registration in higher education students with special needs. For this purpose, teachers as educators are expected to be able to provide all students with adaptive teaching. Although the number of students with special needs is still a minority, educators still need to provide full education for them. Appropriate teaching can be achieved with the use of information technology, in particular the Internet. The use of the Internet as a support for classroom activities can be realized in a blended learning model. However, for each model to be used, an analysis study needs to be performed in order to have optimum results. The purpose of this study is to recognize needs and to obtain information on a blended learning model for deaf students in higher education. Needs analysis is carried out by means of a survey approach using a questionnaire provided to deaf students. The data were analyzed descriptively. The results have shown that deaf students meet the criteria for the development of a mixed learning model. Based on the study, it was concluded that the blended learning model can be applied to deaf students.
Taufik Akbar, Universitas Hamzanwadi Program Studi Teknik Komputer, Indra Gunawan
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 155-163;

The development of increasingly sophisticated medical science and technology has an impact on the development of science and technology in the field of medical-devices. One of the existing equipment and is often used in hospitals, one of which is an IV. Currently in the world of health, infusion is still controlled manually. Because it takes time if the nurse has to go back and forth throughout the patient room. Not only is it time consuming, but there will be risks if it is too late to treat a patient whose infusion has run out. Technology needs to be used to minimize risks in the medical world, one of which is the application of IoT technology. This study aims to make it easier for nurses to control infusion conditions in real time using the concept of IoT ( the Internet of Things). The method used is the Waterfall method. This research uses hardware consisting of Load Cell with the HX711 module as a weight sensor, NodeMCU V3 as a processor, and Thingspeak Web server as the interface with the user. The results of the measurement of the tool made have an error of 0.25 Gram, sending data to the Server requires a good connection for maximum results.
Muhammad Zamroni Uska, Rasyid Hardi Wirasasmita, Usuluddin Usuluddin, Baiq Desi Dwi Arianti
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 164-171;

RapidMiner is an application that is used to analyze data quantities and qualitatively to obtain information and knowledge as expected. This software is implemented to process data using several methods or algorithms in Data Minig learning. However, when using this software, users sometimes cannot distinguish between various methods or algorithms in Data Mining. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate to optimize the use of this software in data mining learning. This study focuses on RapidMiner evaluation of data mining learning using the Persiva model. This model consists of aspects of satisfaction, behavior, impact, and effectiveness. The data collection technique was in the form of a questionnaire with 48 subjects. Data analysis used is descriptive statistics to determine satisfaction, behavior and effects. Meanwhile, Think-Aloud Retrospective technique is used to determine the effectiveness of RapidMiner. Our findings show that users are satisfied with the results of respondents on average agreeing (80%), in the aspect of behavior and impact, the percentage results are above 80%, and the use of this application has been effective with a completion rate above 90%. So it can be concluded that by using this application in data mining learning users can easily complete tasks, and be motivated, and add insights and knowledge in relevant disciplines.
Isnania Lestari, Ikip Pgri Pontianak Program Studi Pendidikan Teknologi Informasi Dan Komputer, Meko Hendwi Pratama
Edumatic: Jurnal Pendidikan Informatika, Volume 4, pp 95-102;

Information and computer technology (ICT) is currently being used in all fields, including education. One of the uses of ICT in the field of education is for learning media and learning resources that can be used by teachers. This study aims to determine the extent to which the competence or ability of teachers, especially in ICT subjects, in utilizing ICT both as a medium of learning and a learning resource. The use of ICT is carried out to make it easier for teachers to implement the learning process. The research method used is descriptive with a survey form. The data collection tools used were questionnaires and interviews. The data analysis technique used is quantitative-descriptive to process questionnaire data and qualitative-descriptive to process interview data. Based on the data obtained, the use of ICT as a Learning Media and Learning Resources by Equivalent High School teachers in East Bunguran District, Natuna Regency is at a percentage above 80% with a high category. This shows that the teacher's ability to use ICT is very good. The learning media is majority often used are presentation processing applications and projectors. Meanwhile, the most widely used learning resource is the Internet.
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