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Jozélio Freire de Carvalho
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 10; doi:10.30564/jim.v10i1.2992

Background and purpose: To describe a patient with urticarial lesions which was successfully treated with mindfulness and nutraceuticals.Material and methods: Literature review and case report.Case report: A 20-year-old female patient with an unmarked past medical history presented with diffuse pruritic urticarial lesions associated with breathless and severe fatigue, lasting for 5 months. The lesions covered all body, except palms and plants. Hospitalized for three days, she received dexamethasone, promethazine, and subcutaneous adrenalin and discharged with fexofenadine, prednisone, and ranitidine. Mindfulness and relaxation practice were instructed and some nutraceuticals. After two months, she returned asymptomatic, without any new episodes of urticaria or fatigue. Conclusion: Most of the chronic urticaria patients are treated with antihistamines and/or steroids. This case illustrates an alternative holistic approach, combining mindfulness and relaxation practices with nutraceuticals. This alternative therapeutical strategy should be explored by back to back comparison to the conventional pharmaceutical approach.
Jing Wang
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 10; doi:10.30564/jim.v10i1.2955

【摘要】 目的:建立火香消夏软胶囊的HPLC特征谱。方法:在Tech进行色谱分离伴侣C18-ST(5um的,4.6 × 250nm的)柱 由Agilent以1.0mL∙min的流速1260高性能液相色谱仪,洗脱的乙腈和0.05%磷酸中的梯度洗脱- 1个。检测波长设定为270nm。选择橙皮苷作为参考峰,以计算相对保留时间的RSD。还研究了精密度,稳定性和可重复性。这项研究包括来自5个制造商的80个不同样品。结果:建立了火香消暑软胶囊的HPLC特征谱图,在80个样品中具有11个特异的色谱峰。该方法准确,可靠,重现性好,可全面控制火香消暑软胶囊的质量。
Yi Zhu, Yibo Wang, Fan Yang, Hao Yue
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 10; doi:10.30564/jim.v10i1.2755

The exploration of fracture internal fixation materials has been one of the research hotspots in the field of biomedical materials. The traditional internal fixation material for fracture is metal fixation. Although its mechanical strength is very large, it can not be degraded and absorbed in human body after implantation of human body or canine joint, which requires secondary operation to remove, which not only brings pain to patients, but also causes economic pay. [1] Therefore, the development of a biodegradable fracture internal fixation material has become the goal of many researchers. Polylactic acid (PLA) is nontoxic and harmless, has good biocompatibility and strong mechanical properties. It can be degraded in vivo after implantation. The degradation products are CO2 and H2O.[2]For the study of the feasibility of polylactic acid as a substitute for common fracture fixation materials ,18 northern Chinese pastoral dogs were randomly divided into blank group, PLA group and plate group. The data were recorded according to the Wakitani score from the first week to the fifteenth week after operation. First, all the indexes were divided into two categories by principal component analysis [3], then the blank group, steel plate group and PLA group were fitted and compared. Finally, it is concluded that PLA is more beneficial to joint repair than steel plate.
Binbin Tang, Quan Liu, Zhen Li, Gaobo Shen, Lianguo Wu
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2260

【Abstract】Background: Missed diagnosis rate of spiral tibia shaft fracture with posterior malleolus crack fracture (PMCF) is high in the clinical. However, the mechanism and related factors of fracture are still unclear. Moreover, PMCF has been observed in other types of tibial shaft fractures. Objective: To explore the correlative factors of tibial shaft fracture with ipsilateral PMCF, decrease the rate of clinical missed diagnosis, strengthen the effective fixation of PMCF, and reduce the incidence of traumatic arthritis. Methods: From September 2014 to May 2019, we collected 137 tibiofibular fracture. Only 68 cases involved in ankle joint CT examination and were retrospectively analyzed. The patients were divided into posterior malleolus group (30 cases) and non-posterior malleolus group (38 cases) according to whether come up PMCF or not. The posterior malleolus group contained 24 males and 6 females, 27-77 (47.57±11.79) years old, the non-posterior malleolus group contained 23 males and 15 females, 18-85 (48.71±13.84) years old. The gender, age, location, fibula fracture and tibial shaft fracture classification were observed for univariate and multivariate analysis. Results: The probability of PMCF was higher with right tibial shaft fracture (OR=3.69 95%CI:1.13-12.08 P
Qiaole Li, Yanhong Li, Haoran Niu
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2245

Enzyme engineering is an important part of modern biotechnology. Due to its high reaction specificity, high efficiency, mild reaction conditions, and low pollution, it is also an important method widely used in the pharmaceutical field. The application of enzymes in medicine is diverse, such as: diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases with enzymes, manufacture of various drugs with enzymes, etc., mainly through manual operations, to obtain enzymes required by the pharmaceutical industry, and through various means Enzymes perform their catalytic functions. This article mainly introduces the application of enzyme engineering in the pharmaceutical field, and also prospects the development trend of enzyme engineering in the pharmaceutical field.
Jian Shen, Feng Xu, Bin Jin, Rong-Quan Zhang
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2321

目的 研究加味生脉散对飞碟运动员高温训练前后外周血中热休克蛋白72(HSP72)的表达和血液生化的影响,为防热疾病药物增强飞碟运动员热耐力、预防热疾病提供实验依据。方法 选取浙江省飞碟运动员24人,采用随机数字表方法分为对照组、中药组两组,每组12人。其中,未饮用加味生脉散者为对照组,饮用加味生脉散者为中药组。在夏训期间,进行高温训练任务2周,中药组飞碟运动员每日上、下午训练前饮用加味生脉散,实验前及2周后分别抽取每组外周静脉血,分别进行淋巴细胞HSP72含量、血液常规及生化指标测定。结果 实验前,经测定,对照组、中药组的血液常规、生化检测值、HSP72表达均无异常,经比较,无显著差异(P> 0.05)。高温训练结束后,中药组的HSP72表达显著高于训练前及对照组(P< 0.05),白细胞计数实验前后存在显著差异(P< 0.05)。结论 服用加味生脉散能显著提高飞碟运动员受热刺激后HSP72表达的上调,达到增强热耐受性、预防热疾病的作用。
Xiping Zhu
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2238

Objective: To explore the non-placement of "T" tube" after laparoscopic choledochotomy. feasibility and complication analysis of primary suture bile duct. Methods: Retrospective analysis of January 2013~ December 2016, Laparoscopic choledocholithotomy for primary bile duct suture in 87 cases, Combined with literature, the indications, methods and complications of the operation were summarized and analyzed. Results: There was no operative death in the whole group, Postoperative complications occurred in 5 cases (5.7%), 1 case with jaundice, gradually subsided after 4 days of conservative treatment. Two cases had postoperative bile leakage, to prolong the drainage time of the peritoneal drainage tube and stop by itself. In 1 case, bile duct stenosis occurred. 1 case of residual common bile duct stones. The average postoperative hospitalization was 9 days. Conclusion: Select the right case strictly, Patient and delicate operation, Laparoscopic choledochotomy is safe and feasible.
Jian Shen, Feng Xu, Bin Jin, Rong-Quan Zhang
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2274

Objective: To study the effect of training under high temperature on blood and heat shock protein 72(HSP72)expression of flying saucer athletes. Methods: The numbers of training group and control group are 30. Twenty-four flying saucer athletes in Zhejiang province were selected and randomly divided into training group and control group, 15 in each group. Peripheral venous blood of each group was taken before and after the experiment. The HSP72 content of lymphocyte, blood routine and biochemical indexes were measured respectively. Results: There was significant difference in white blood cell in training group count before and after the experiment(P< 0.05). The expression of HSP72 and the white blood cell in training group was higher than that control group(P< 0.05). Conclusions: Organism could be affected and turned to stress state due to training under high temperature. It is necessary to provide the safeguard for the flying saucer athletes under high temperature in order to prevent the damage.
Alessandro S. Cavelzani, G Rizzi, S Crispino, G Cauli, R Anniverno
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2484

This article aims to discuss the psychological consequences of the Covid-19 lockdown for patients being treated for psychological disorders and preparing for childbirth.Two clinical examples are used for illustration.
Yanjiao Liu, Longying He, Qian Zhang, Xinglong Zhang
Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 9; doi:10.30564/jim.v9i2.2555

Objective: To study the expression of CDC20、TOP2A in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and its relationship with survival of esophageal carcinoma.Methods :65 patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma from January 2016 to June 2018 were selected by computer random selection. All patients were treated with radical operation. The CDC20、TOP2A expression of the patients was examined. At the same time, the relationship between 3-year survival rate and CDC20、TOP2A was analyzed by follow-up investigation.Results: the CDC20、TOP2A expression level of cancer tissue group was higher than that of adjacent tissue group and normal tissue group (P 0.05; there were differences between groups (P P >0.05) and positive proportion in TNM stage, lymphatic metastasis, invasion factor and CDC20、TOP2A expression level; there were differences in tumor differentiation ,5-year survival rate and CDC20、TOP2A expression level (P P >0.05), and showed inverse proportion relationship.Conclusion: metastasis, recurrence and prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma are related to the level of CDC20、TOP2A expression. These two indexes can effectively evaluate the pathological situation of esophageal cancer and provide an important reference for the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients.
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