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Bima Iqbal Khadafi
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 138-157;

This article interprets Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” using systemic functional grammar analyses (genre, transitivity, mood structure, and thematic structure) and thus implements the view that textual or linguistic justification is crucial for a credible literary reading. The SFG analyses result in the textual symptoms signifying that the short story deals with existential and feminist issues pessimistically that calls for a reexamination of Sartre’s and Beauvoir’s existentialism –especially on the notion of freedom, intentionality, and desire. However, the implementation of SFG itself raises a problem since the interpretation can be achieved without even implementing it in the first place. This research, therefore, highlights the question of the position that linguistic analysis has in literary reading; re-addressing the fundamental philosophical problem on the notion of credibility, objectivity, and methodology. However, the application of SFG is very useful in understanding Kate Chopin’s literary style and the proof of the non-existing line between language use and gender.
Siti Drivoka Sulistyaningrum
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 229-243;

One of the prevalence of digital technology in academic writing, particularly in literature reviews, is the use of paraphrasing tools.However, there is a lack of research focusing on overcoming students' paraphrasing difficulties in writing.Using the notion of Schuemann, C., Byrd, P., & Reid. (2006), this paper explores students’ difficulties with paraphrasing and the use of online paraphrasing tools. A descriptive qualitative approach was used to collect data from 30 students enrolled in the Magister's of English Language Education (MELE) study program. Students' responses to two types of questionnaires were used as data sources. The study found that 83 % of the paraphrasing tools were used to rewrite the source text. Then, the most difficulties in terms of content, structure, language, and paraphrase strategy are paraphrasing itself, using correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary, and redundant/un-variative words. Furthermore, online paraphrasing tools mainly assist students in using the appropriate parts of speech (3.88) and in selecting appropriate vocabulary (3.79). It can then rewrite the source text using the same idea but a different writing style (3.75), correct grammar (3.67), the appropriate synonym to paraphrase (3.67), and changing the active sentence to the passive voice and vice versa (3.54). It can also change the source text's sentence structure (3.46), use proper tenses in literature reviews (3.38), and use proper discourse markers (3.33). Finally, students of the MELE study program can change the source text. Despite the numerous advantages of online paraphrasing tools, students are unable to read or comprehend text, which is the first step in the paraphrasing process.
Aulia Juli Saputri, Anna Riana Suryanti Tambunan, Fauziah Khairani Lubis
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 158-170;

Lambe turah as the most popular anonymous accounts on social media in Instagram, discusses celebrity life and viral events, demanded avoid misinterpretation or any lawsuits to prevent of losing their face. To avoid it, Lambe Turah used euphemism. Through semantic approach, this study attempts at analyzing the types of euphemism in Lambe Turah Instagram captions. The study was conducted using a descriptive qualitative method and the data used were the written words that appeared in Lambe Turah Instagram captions. The result of this study shown that the most frequently types of euphemism were found was clipping. In conclusion, euphemism not only continually renames items and repackages them to "better" the sound, but also deals with the customs of language that the main function is to avoid someone losing their face. In over all, the use of euphemism in public especially in social media is increasingly demanded avoid misinterpretation or any lawsuits to prevent face loss, and also helpful to hide the harmful truth.
Sonia Rahmawati, Fuad Abdullah, Asri Siti Fatimah, Arini Nurul Hidayati, Yuyus Saputra
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 195-210;

English in-service teachers tend to encounter various challenges such as resources of teaching-learning (For example, book, additional support materials), learners' discipline, classroom management. Hence, English in-service teachers are required to have the ability in managing their emotions. However, inadequate attention has been devoted to describing teachers' emotional management during teaching in the classroom. To fill this void, this study aimed at describing how the teacher manages her emotions during English language teaching in the classroom. One teacher of Vocational High school in Tasikmalaya participated as a research participant. The finding indicated that (1) Performing Entertaining activities as a strategy of mitigating saturated teaching routine, (2) Self-relaxing and avoiding harsh words during anger, (3) Strategies to reduce the annoyance. The fact is that the teacher has her way of managing their emotion during teaching in the classroom to continue to do her job professionally.
Siti Suharsih, Murti Ayu Wijayanti
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 244-257;

This article discusses EFL learners’ perceptions, challenges and expectations on online learning during Covid-19 pandemic. The participants of this study were the second semester students of Magister of English Study Program in one public university in Banten. Questionnaire and interview were conducted to collect the data. The data were then analyzed qualitatively based on the themes. The research results show that the students perceived positively on the usefulness and the ease of use of online learning. They gave positive responses on online learning in terms of learning autonomy, discipline, technological skill, flexibility, accessibility, and their readiness dealing with technical things. The challenges they faced were dealing with the poor internet connection, motivation dynamics and learning material understanding difficulty. Finally, to deal with the challenges, they expected to have more well-prepared lecturers regarding technological capacity, course content and assessment.
Dodi Widia Nanda, Deded Pratama
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 185-194;

This research aims to explore the benefits of Know, Want and Learn (KWL) strategy towards students’ reading comprehension, particularly in English Language Teaching (ELT). The chosen topic is selected due to the students’ difficulties in comprehending English texts, showing that learners’ lack of motivation and reading interests and the ineffective teaching method offered. Additionally, this paper applies semi-structured interview to collect data, interviewing 3 English teachers in regard to the implementation of KWL strategy in the teaching and learning of reading comprehension. The research’s result shows that KWL strategy boosts students’ engagement and understanding. It also enhances students’ concentration and grades in reading comprehension. It would be a sensible idea for teachers to apply an interactive learning process and deeper exploration concerning this topic is required as well in upcoming investigations
Mahnaz Azad, Maryam Kamarei
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 171-184;

Technology enhanced instruction has been a paramount issue in recent decades leading to a shift in educational context. Moreover, telecollaboration as an electronically mediated intercultural communication has been introduced for the purpose of foreign language learning as well as the development of intercultural competence. Along this way, the present study was an attempt to probe on the effect of social networking through mobile assisted language learning (MALL) instruction (i.e., WhatsApp) on high school students’ reading comprehension and vocabulary learning. Furthermore, the difference between the effect of social networking through WhatsApp on the learners’ reading comprehension ability and vocabulary learning was compared. The design of the study was quasi-experimental with pre-test/post-test and the experimental and control groups. To do so, 60 female high school learners were homogenized using the Oxford Placement Test. Reading comprehension and vocabulary pre- and post-tests were administered among the learners to examine the effect of MALL instruction though WhatsApp on the learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary learning. To analyze the data, independent samples t-test and MANOVA were used. Findings showed the outperformance of the experimental group over the control group in both reading comprehension and vocabulary learning. However, no statistically significant difference was found between the learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary learning when they received social networking instruction through WhatsApp. Therefore, it can be concluded that using MALL can have beneficial effects on EFL learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary.
Rizky Eka Prasetya
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 211-228;

The online environment created strenuous and barriers for language learners in higher education. It essentially has an impact on the learning progress and achievements individually. The study’s purposes are to explore and establish the online language learners’ anxiety in Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle. The Explanatory mixed methods of linear temporal order were employed to the 221 participants or respondents from four higher education and university in the South Jakarta area. The questioner was adopted from the Foreign Language Virtual Classroom Anxiety Scale as FLVCAS, and the semi-structured interview was adjusted to identify a better perspective with open-ended questions. Data analysis of this study revealed that learning classification of the contradictions of language learning online progress, including interaction anxiety, agitation of dismissive communicative assessment, the examination of anxiety, and the Anxiety of English for Foreign Language purposes-lesson material. Meanwhile, feature LMS Moodle’s specifical anxiety determined learning content, general interface, progress tracking feature, quiz, and assignment feature. Although, there are much integrating technology and language pedagogy and internet-correlated anxieties studies. Educational performance’s online characteristics became dominant to English learning, specifically LMS Moodle in higher education.
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 122-137;

Appraisal has been regarded as a way of negotiating the social relationship that also reflects how people feel about people and things. This current study presents the appraisal analysis through the system of meaning (attitude) in an article taken from BBC News. A discourse analysis was applied by evaluating the meaning behind discourse towards attitudinal perspective to figure the feelings out behind the discourse. The findings of this study revealed that effect of unhappiness was the most controlling attitude subsystems utilized and used in the BBC News’ article to convey the feeling of people and phenomena/events presented in the BBC News’ article. It was then followed by the realization of other attitude subsystems; judgment and appreciation. Point to the findings, those can be used as a teaching material of reporting news. Students may be taught how to write news using attitude words to show feelings.
Delti Yulita, Hesni Neno
Journal of English Language Studies, Volume 6, pp 52-64;

This article presents findings from a study investigating the affective states of English teachers in East Nusa Tenggara regarding their EFL reading. Affective states related to motivation, feelings, volition, attribution and self-efficacy in EFL reading that make the readers be persistent to achieve their reading comprehension. This study used qualitative approach and the data were collected through questionnaire, interview, and observation. The participants were four English teachers in senior high school that have teaching experiences more than 10 years. The result showed that teachers’ affective states in EFL reading were high and triggered by external motivation. Regarding the feelings in EFL reading, the teachers have more positive feelings depending on text difficulties. Furthermore, the teachers showed high volition, attribution and self-efficacy in EFL reading because of internet era that allow them to access many reading sources and exercises. The analysis revealed that the teachers were more confident in this present time compared to their past experiences in EFL reading. The higher affective states could be beneficial for the teachers to overcome their reading problem and to train the teachers’ responsibility toward their own reading experience.
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