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Fuji Rahayu, Desribeth Palullungan, Tasya Regina
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 10-15;

The consumption pattern of the people in Indonesia is experiencing a shift. Consumption patterns that are influenced by socio-cultural factors today make people tend to consume food and drinks that are practical and easy to obtain. This pattern began in 2014 until now, making the percentage of food consumption increase by 2.5% per year. Bread is a finished food whose demand pattern has also increased. Due to the development of the middle-class population, an increase in the income of young people, and society's consumption pattern, which is increasingly shifting to a practical urban consumption pattern. The bread industry in Indonesia is still classified as the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector. Small and medium enterprises (SME) is a business sector with a significant impact on improving the economy in developing countries. The products are distributed to offices that work with bakeries and are sold in stores. This shows that the shop production must work quickly to meet consumer demand in the surrounding area. In fulfilling consumer demand, a production quality control process is required in the workstation to reduce defective products. This study aims to carry out a quality control process to reduce faulty products by using a control chart and the concept of kaizen to control and maintain the production process in bread SMEs so that quality and work effectiveness can be realized.
Anggara Trisna Nugraha Angga, Muhammad Syahid Messiah, Dimas Rinaldi, Moch. Fadhil Ramadhan, Muhammad Jafar Shiddiq
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 35-46;

PT. Intan Ustrix that's placed at Jl. Raya Roomo No.425, Sekarsore, Roomo, Kec. Manyar, Kabupaten Gresik Indonesia is a company engaged in the paper and cardboard business, and has many machines used in the manufacturing process. The load of the induction motor will make the cost lower, thereby increasing the current cost through the device inside the carton production unit. Fixing the cost of cos is a great way to solve this problem. In this case, it is very important to install a capacitor bank to recover the charge. By installing a capacitor bank will affect the overall performance of the motor used. The cause of this research is the increasing cost of boarding at the cardboard production unit of PT. Intan Ustrix. As an evaluation, capacitor banks are installed on the H200, AFG, 6PA, FM, and 6PS buses so that low cos costs can be increased. The final result of this charge shows that increasing the cos cost at full load of 325 KW from 0.716 to 0.872 can reduce the actual power cost (S) from 396 KVA to 329 KVA, which can maintain 65 KVA and today's decrease (I) from 498 A to 410 A, the lower the current consumption price of the motor used can increase the resistance of the device to the carton production unit.
Oddy Virgantara Putra, Yoke Suryadarma, Muhammad Arsyad Maulana
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 16-25;

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Universitas Darussalam Gontor (UNIDA) is an important activity that can be proven by the number of MoUs that have been carried out. However, because the management of the MoU is still manual, there is a risk of damage, loss, and duplication of the MoU data. In this research, an information system for the Bureau of Cooperation, Alumni, and International Affairs UNIDA has been built to meet the bureau's needs in managing data correctly so that students and lecturers can utilize the data. The system is made in the form of a website using the concept of Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Single Page Application (SPA) by applying the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) methodology. The study results show the satisfaction value of the respondent's assessment is at 4.11 on a scale of five, which means that this information system provides satisfaction to users. In the subsequent project research, this system can develop an authentication site for user security.
Iswanto Iswanto, Tulus Tulus, Poltak Sihombing
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 63-68;

Stroke is a cardiovascular (CVD) disease caused by the failure of brain cells to get oxygen supply to pose a risk of ischemic damage and result in death. This Disease can detect based on the similarity of symptoms experienced by the sufferer so that early steps can be taking with appropriate counseling and treatment. Stroke detecting requires a machine learning method. In this research, the author used one of the supervised learning classification methods, namely K-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN). K-NN is a classification method based on calculating the distance to training data. This research compares the Euclidean, Minkowski, Manhattan, Chebyshev distance models to obtain optimal results. The distance models have been tested using the stroke dataset sourced from the Kaggle repository. Based on the test results, the Chebyshev model has the highest levels of accuracy compared to the other three distance models with an average accuracy value of 95.49%, the highest accuracy of 96.03%, at K = 10. The Euclidean and Minkowski distance models have the same level of accuracy at each K value with an average accuracy value of 95.45%, the highest accuracy of 95.93% at K = 10. Meanwhile, Manhattan has the lowest average compared to the other distance models, which is 95.42% but has the highest accuracy of 96.03% at the value of K = 6
Anggara Trisna Nugraha Angga, Alwy Muhammad Ravi, Dadang Priyambodo, Adam Meredita Realdo, Fahmi Ivanuri, Lailia Nur Safitri, Naufal Praska Zakariz, Muhammad Syahid Messiah
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 47-55;

People want energy to satisfy their each day needs. However, maximum of those energy customers are now no longer aware that using an electric powered load is too large, which regularly reasons disturbances. In coping with overload disturbances withinside the family sector, MCB is used as a protection tool. The running precept of the MCB continues to be the usage of magnetic, so it's far less effective. When disconnecting the cutting-edge because of overload, the MCB will experience a touch overdue, which could reason sparks and a hearthplace withinside the family. Therefore, on this look at a cutting-edge sensor protection circuit is designed to update the MCB. This circuit can show the cutting-edge cost at the LCD and restriction the overcurrent to a restriction of three amperes. The overload safety machine constructed from the ACS712ELC-5A cutting-edge sensor can come across currents among 0A and 5A. So, to reduce off the cutting-edge, a 12V relay is used. When trying out a ready-made machine, this protection tool can study currents withinside the variety 0A to 3A, with median studying mistakes of 0.65%. If the burden is better than 3A, the machine also can reduce the cutting-edge.
Muhammad Nur Faiz, Nur Wahyu Rahadi, Nur Wachid Adi Prasetya
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 1-9;

In the current era of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all activities use technology, such as the lecture process. Almost all of the lecturing processes in high education are carried out online because it is to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. The manual presences system by filling out forms or signatures is no longer effective because it has to be done offline. The online presence system is a system that is needed to find out about lectures, the discipline of teaching and students. The method used in the development of this system is Prototype. This method has the advantage of paying close attention to user needs and a faster time for software development. The results of this study are a system for online presence in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic in real-time with photo evidence. Teaching can validate and change the presence of students. In addition, the admin can easily recap the number of teaching and students presences for reporting. Teaching also finds it helpful to take the results of student presences for reporting the completeness of the assessment data and the head of the study program can see the presences summary report online. This system has been tested for functionality with an average result of 83.5% so that it can be said to be successfully built according to user needs
Anis Nadhiroh, Dewi Agustianingsi, Diajeng Syahdania Syahdania, Dian Prasti M
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 26-34;

Efforts Government provides social assistance in order to fulfill all the needs of the economy for the people, especially the business of Micro Small Medium Enterprises are exposed to the impact of the virus covid-19 turned out to be still considered not optimal. So many actors business who think that aid social who do not and have not been precisely targeted and The Government also recognizes the problem that, until the time of this Ministry of Social Affairs and the government is still updating the data in order to precisely target. The case is suspected to be due to data collection that is not in accordance with facts and is not real-time in each region. Inputting the data in manually in the District Paiton Probolinggo risk not the right target, the receiver doubles as well as there are elements – elements that utilize state of the. Be because the methods TOPSIS expected to be able to determine the criteria of Enterprises of Micro Small Medium Enterprises are entitled to receive the assistance of social COVID-19. Method of TOPSIS is a method that uses calculations or that provides the kinds of criteria specified which have a weight of up to the value end of the weight will be the decision final. Method of TOPSIS it refers to the benchmark Enterprises Micro Small Medium Enterprises or actors effort that deserves receive the corresponding data is relevant.
Annisaa Sri Indrawanti, Eka Prakarsa Mandyartha
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 56-62;

Nowadays, not all the patient can be hospitalized because of the COVID-19 pandemics. So, the self-quarantine for the patient with the various diseases will be the given solution by the hospital. It would make the hospital needs a system that can monitor the activity and the position of the patient from a distance. Nowadays, mobile phone is equipped by the sensor that can detect the user movement. Not only the user’s position, but also the user’s activity. In this paper, it will be developed an activity and position monitoring system for the self-quarantine patient that can be used in their home. The mobile activity monitoring can be achieved by activity recognition using classification method. For the needs of performance testing, we evaluate some classification method for activity recognition to compare the among classification method for the activity recognition. Some tested classification methods are Naïve Bayes, KNN, KStar and TreeJ48. Furthermore, we tested the impact of sliding windows per N samples taken to the accuracy of the activity recognition. We choose the best N sample that could give the best accuracy for activity recognition. The system not only monitor the patient’s activity, but also the patient’s position. The position monitoring can be achieved using Google Maps API. The result is Naive bayes has the accuracy of 81.25%, KNN has the accuracy of 78.125%, KStar has the accuracy of 78.125% and TreeJ48 has the accuracy of 75%. The N sample that could give the best accuracy is 6 with the accuracy of 90.15%.
Matlubul Khairi
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 91-102;

Penyelenggaraan Praktek kerja Lapangan(PKL) merupakan upaya yang dapat dilakukan SMK untuk tetap menghasilkan lulusan yang dapat bersaing di dunia usaha dan dunia industri (DU/DI). Salah satu tugas siswa PKL di SMKN 2 Kraksaan adalah membuat laporan PKL yang dibimbing oleh guru pembimbing sekolah yang berisi segala aktifitas yang dilakukan selama melaksanakan praktik kerja lapangan (PKL). Namun pandemik Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) berdampak pada dunia pendidikan dengan adanya kebijakan pemerintah untuk mengurangi kontak fisik melalui pembelajaran di/dari rumah. Kebijakan ini juga berdampak pada proses pembimbingan laporan PKL kurang efektif dan membutuhkan waktu yang lama. Salah satu solusi untuk mengatasi permasalahan tersebut dapat dilakukan dengan merancang dan membangun sistem bimbingan praktik kerja lapangan berbasis web. Sistem ini dibangun dengan model waterfall dengan tahapan, analisa, desain, pengkodean, pengujian dan pendukung. Alat perancangan sistem yang digunakan adalah Flowmap Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, dan Entity Relationship Diagram. Sistem bimbingan laporan PKL berbasis web dibangun menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP dan MySQL. Sistem bimbingan lapran PKL ini dapat membantu dan mempermudah proses bimbingan hingan pencetakan laporan dengan persentase kelayakan 83.6% dengan interpretasi sangat layak.
M Fadhilur Rahman, Bambang Bambang
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 3, pp 117-125;

Garbage is a never-ending problem in human life. Many of the problems caused by waste actually stem from human ignorance of the environment. Several solutions have been proposed to solve and avoid problems from the waste, one of which is making waste detection that can be applied directly to certain devices. This study aims to apply an object detection method in the form of Faster R-CNN to detect and classify at a speed that allows computers to detect trash objects directly through real-time video. The test results in this study indicate the method used can detect trash objects in 100 images with an accuracy value of 74%, and to detect real-time video with video frame rates in the range of 1 frame per second (fps).
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