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Ayouvi Poerna Wardhanie, Ahmad Nizar Yogatama
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 128-138;

This study explores how students' readiness at two private campuses in East Java in facing changes in the learning system from being used to face-to-face to a fully online system. This study uses Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) to examine how students experience their learning activities with the new system. The research also used the purposive sampling method in selecting the sample. The respondents of this study were four male students from the Department of Information Systems, Dinamika University - Surabaya, and four female students majoring in Management, Institute of Technology and Business Asia Malang. In collecting primary data, the researcher conducted semi-structured interviews. This study indicates that students are unprepared to fully accept online learning, especially certain subjects requiring much practice. Hence, the hybrid learning system is still the best solution for now.
Dwi Sasmita Aji Pambudi, Ruddianto, Anggara Trisna Nugraha Angga, Agung Prasetyo Utomo, Mahasin Maulana Ahmad, Mayda Zita Aliem Tiwana, Alwy Muhammad Ravi
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 91-101;

Main engine failure will damage engine systems, reduce navigation safety, and cause serious marine accidents. The cooling system is very important to prevent the engine's mechanical efficiency from deteriorating and engine failure due to overheating. Therefore, a monitoring and error detection system is needed. The system is based on the Modbus RS485 communication and interface. The collection equipment uses components from the 7S-50MC diesel engine. PLC is used as processing equipment and Logic Panel Autonics S070 is used as an interface. Through these tests, error detection in this study can provide an indication of an error when an abnormal situation occurs. In addition, data monitoring and system fault indication can be displayed on the interface. Testing of the system proved that it complies with the Indonesian Shipping Bureau (BKI) regulations on engine warning systems. The research developed can form the basis of more complex and reliable monitoring and fault detection system for applications on ships.
Hendy, Agata Iwan Candra, Abidatul Izzah
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 69-77;

Sharia tourism is a tour from nature, culture, or artificial tourism framed by Islamic values, which provides a sense of security and comfort. East Java, one of the thirteen provinces prepared by Indonesia to become a sharia tourism destination, has an excellent opportunity to be developed. One of them is Kediri Karesidenan. There are 154 destinations that can be explored and considered as sharia tourist destinations in Kediri Karesidenan. There has been no research that discusses sharia travel routes, as well as the need for government to develop sharia tourism in Indonesia, making this research very important to do. In planning the development of effective and efficient transportation routes, which reach sharia tourist destinations in Kediri Karesidenan, scientific and technological contributions are needed. A genetic algorithm is an alternative solution to searching and optimization problems. In this research, the genetic algorithm is used to determine the shortest route to reach sharia tourist destinations in five areas in Kediri Karesidenan, such as Kediri, Nganjuk, Blitar, Tulungagung, and Trenggalek.  The conclusion is the length of the sharia tourism route in Kediri, Nganjuk, Blitar, Tulungagung, Trenggalek, respectively, are 249.32 km, 289.148 km 452.95 km, 341.68 km, 384.67 km. In addition, the authors used the K-means clustering algorithm to group sharia tourist destinations in Kediri Karesidenan, basic on four properties, namely: the city where the destination is located, the type of tourism, the price of admission, and the distance of the destination with the city center. It can be concluded that the best value of  K is K=3, and in each resulting cluster, the authors apply the genetic algorithm to determine the shortest sharia tourism route.
Agung Prasetyo Utomo, Anggara Trisna Nugraha Angga, Dwi Sasmita Aji Pambudi, Dadang Priyambodo
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 78-90;

In line with the increase in the electrification ratio target to 100% in 2025, the electricity demand is projected to increase more than 7 times to 1,611 TWh in 2050. the share reached 58% or about 50 GW. On the other hand, the current energy diversification carried out by the government is directed at the utilization of renewable energy that exists in nature. One of the important components in this power plant is the battery. This is because the battery functions as a store of energy generated from the vertical wind turbine. After use, the battery needs to be recharged. The process of recharging the battery that is not suitable can cause a decrease in battery performance. Therefore, in the process of charging this battery, a safe battery charging system is needed for the battery to maintain battery performance and extend battery lifetime. This battery charging system uses a PI control system. From the research that has been done, it was found that. From the research that has been done, it is found that the output voltage value of the battery charger that is made has an average error percentage of 1.373% and the power output efficiency of the battery charger is 83-95%.
Fawaidul Badri, Ridwan Maulana, Khusnul Khotimah, Rizqi Putri Nourma Budiarti, Awang Andhyka
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 119-127;

During the pandemic, many events are held online. conference registration (webinars, seminars, workshops) which basically will cause its complexity for admins if there are excess registrants or over participants from achieving the registration quota target. In addition, the admin must monitor regularly to ensure that there are no excess registrants that result in inefficient. The method used in the development of this application is the waterfall method. The purpose of this research is to build a web-based conference registration system that can make it easier for admins/organizers to manage the registration process. The results of this study the system can display the results of the recap from the admin so that the user can see the quota from the conference registration organized by the committee as well as testing of users from several tests to produce an application system that runs well.
Efendi S Wirateruna, Mohammad Jasa Afroni, Fawaidul Badri
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 101-112;

Fossil fuel reserves are limited while the growing demand for energy utilization. It leads to an acceleration of renewable energy use. One of the renewable energy resources is solar energy, called the photovoltaic system. This paper uses a photovoltaic solar system consisting of a solar panel module, DC-DC boost converter, voltage divider, ACS712 as a current sensor, Arduino Uno, and load resistor. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller is implemented to track the maximum power point of the solar panel system using a boost converter based on the Incremental Conductance algorithm embedded in Arduino UNO. The PV system with MPPT controller is designed with PV 20 W. The testing of the ACS712 current sensor and voltage sensor show error values of about 1.82% and 0.83%, respectively, which are acceptable limits. Besides, the DC-DC boost converter is also tested, and its performance shows an increase in the output voltage. The test result of the PV system with MPPT control based on the Incremental Conductance algorithm shows the average value of the PV power output with resistive load at 36 Ω is about 7.34 W, while the PV system without MPPT is about 6.07 W. Thus, the Photovoltaic system using MPPT controller based on the incremental conductance algorithm can control PV power output at the maximum power point.
Farhan Setiyo Darusman, Amalia Anjani Arifiyanti, Seftin Fitri Ana Wati
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 113-118;

Pedulilindungi application has many benefits but many controversies arise in the community. Various opinions in the form of tweets were expressed by the public, both positive and negative opinions. In this study, the objective is to make a classification model to classify tweets into two types of sentiment, namely positive and negative. The model is made in several stages, namely data retrieval, data filtering, data labeling, data preprocessing, splitting data train and data test, feature selection using Information Gain and Genetic Algorithm, and then classification using the SVM method. The model using two-stage feature selection and SVM method, obtained an accuracy value of 64.08% with 841 features and processing time of 0.033 seconds with 9.6% CPU usage.The model with two-stage feature selection is more efficient and effective than the one-stage feature selection model whose accuracy value is only 60.56% with 1800 features and a processing time of 0.044 seconds with 15.4% CPU usage.
Anggara Trisna Nugraha Angga, Alwy Muhammad Ravi, Dadang Priyambodo, Adam Meredita Realdo, Fahmi Ivanuri, Lailia Nur Safitri, Naufal Praska Zakariz, Muhammad Syahid Messiah
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 47-55;

People want energy to satisfy their each day needs. However, maximum of those energy customers are now no longer aware that using an electric powered load is too large, which regularly reasons disturbances. In coping with overload disturbances withinside the family sector, MCB is used as a protection tool. The running precept of the MCB continues to be the usage of magnetic, so it's far less effective. When disconnecting the cutting-edge because of overload, the MCB will experience a touch overdue, which could reason sparks and a hearthplace withinside the family. Therefore, on this look at a cutting-edge sensor protection circuit is designed to update the MCB. This circuit can show the cutting-edge cost at the LCD and restriction the overcurrent to a restriction of three amperes. The overload safety machine constructed from the ACS712ELC-5A cutting-edge sensor can come across currents among 0A and 5A. So, to reduce off the cutting-edge, a 12V relay is used. When trying out a ready-made machine, this protection tool can study currents withinside the variety 0A to 3A, with median studying mistakes of 0.65%. If the burden is better than 3A, the machine also can reduce the cutting-edge.
Muhammad Nur Faiz, Nur Wahyu Rahadi, Nur Wachid Adi Prasetya
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 1-9;

In the current era of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all activities use technology, such as the lecture process. Almost all of the lecturing processes in high education are carried out online because it is to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. The manual presences system by filling out forms or signatures is no longer effective because it has to be done offline. The online presence system is a system that is needed to find out about lectures, the discipline of teaching and students. The method used in the development of this system is Prototype. This method has the advantage of paying close attention to user needs and a faster time for software development. The results of this study are a system for online presence in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic in real-time with photo evidence. Teaching can validate and change the presence of students. In addition, the admin can easily recap the number of teaching and students presences for reporting. Teaching also finds it helpful to take the results of student presences for reporting the completeness of the assessment data and the head of the study program can see the presences summary report online. This system has been tested for functionality with an average result of 83.5% so that it can be said to be successfully built according to user needs
Anis Nadhiroh, Dewi Agustianingsi, Diajeng Syahdania Syahdania, Dian Prasti M
Applied Technology and Computing Science Journal, Volume 4, pp 26-34;

Efforts Government provides social assistance in order to fulfill all the needs of the economy for the people, especially the business of Micro Small Medium Enterprises are exposed to the impact of the virus covid-19 turned out to be still considered not optimal. So many actors business who think that aid social who do not and have not been precisely targeted and The Government also recognizes the problem that, until the time of this Ministry of Social Affairs and the government is still updating the data in order to precisely target. The case is suspected to be due to data collection that is not in accordance with facts and is not real-time in each region. Inputting the data in manually in the District Paiton Probolinggo risk not the right target, the receiver doubles as well as there are elements – elements that utilize state of the. Be because the methods TOPSIS expected to be able to determine the criteria of Enterprises of Micro Small Medium Enterprises are entitled to receive the assistance of social COVID-19. Method of TOPSIS is a method that uses calculations or that provides the kinds of criteria specified which have a weight of up to the value end of the weight will be the decision final. Method of TOPSIS it refers to the benchmark Enterprises Micro Small Medium Enterprises or actors effort that deserves receive the corresponding data is relevant.
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