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Tanto Lailam, Awang Darumurti, Ani Yunita
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 48-56; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1400

This service program focuses on developing competitive and cultured superior village tourism, with the leading partner as the latar omah art of kaki langit village tourism. This service is carried out with an empowerment approach (active participation) through training, mentoring, and facilitation. Some of the programs carried out are (1) training and practice of painting fire for the community of mangunan and surrounding areas, which aim to support the fire painting program and improve human resources in the field of crafts; (2) excellent service training for culinary and homestay managers, homestay managers are expected to have practical, friendly, professional homestay management; (3) facilitation of fire painting tools as a medium for innovating craft tourism; (4) tourism packaging and promotion as a means to introduce and develop tourism villages in a sustainable manner.
Srie Rosmilawati, Indah Tri Handayani
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 1-8; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1152

Citizen journalism or citizen journalism can now be done by anyone, anywhere, without special knowledge in delivering the news. This can be a severe problem because some citizen journalists only deliver news that occurs around the real world without fulfilling the news elements, namely 5W + 1H, and do not understand the journalistic code of ethics. So that the news delivered can violate the rules in journalism. Citizen journalism education action is needed to solve problems in most people in Indonesia, especially among students of SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Kalampangan, Palangkaraya. For this reason, all students must be able to participate in making social media a means of journalism by using journalism principles such as writing procedures and journalistic code of ethics. This citizen journalism education program, is a program in educating high school students using social media to become professional citizen journalists and can be used as a reference for the community in Kalampangan in obtaining information around their environment. It is hoped that in the future, the students of SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Palangkaraya can apply citizen journalism education into their daily life and be able to transmit it to the community around Kalampangan village.
, Imaniar Purbasari, Hutomo Rusdianto
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 36-43; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1363

Karanganyar Village is a village that produces traditional children's toys with toys based on coastal environmental structures. This traditional children's toy is one of Jepara's superior products that has not been developed by the Department of Industry and Trade and MSMEs in Jepara. This results in the underdevelopment of superior local products and local cultural wisdom compared to children's toy developers in other areas such as Purwakarta and Yogyakarta. The service program is a regional superior product development program in traditional children's toy producing centers, especially at Mekar Maju MSMEs. The specific objective of this program is to assist partners in developing superior local products in Karanganyar Village in the form of traditional children's toys so that they have a variety of toys with educational value and child-friendly and helping partners develop technology-based business management patterns. The main priority in this program is solutions to problems in the production process, product design, and marketing management. The results of this service activity can help MSMEs in (1) improving the business climate, (2) increasing access to productive resources, (3) developing products and marketing for MSMEs, (4) increasing the competitiveness of HR and MSMEs
Riska Ekawita, Supiyati Supiyati, Elfi Yuliza
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 44-47; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1364

Bengkulu city has abundant solar energy that has not yet been utilized to optimize. Bengkulu people, especially the Muara Bangkahulu district, do not yet have the skills and knowledge to use solar panels to meet their daily electricity needs. In this activity, the workshop was carried out on the use and solar panel installation technique that could be used as an alternative source of electricity. Participants were the residents of RT.20/01, Pematang Gubernur sub-district, Muara Bangkahulu district, Bengkulu City. The workshop consisted of three main parts; they were filling out the questionnaire, presentation, and practice of installing a solar panel. The questionnaire was given at the time before and after the material and practice were done. Some household products that are using solar energy were delivered during the presentation. The next step was the installation practice of solar panels and their components. The questionnaire result shows that participants are attracted to use the solar panel as alternative electric energy. In addition, the community who initially has a limitation of knowledge to install a solar panel, after the workshop is carried out, they have the skill for that installation.
Wa Ode Sri Asnaniar, Nur Wahyuni Munir
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 9-14; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1156

Management of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) aims to improve the quality of life for DM sufferers and reduce the risk of acute complications. Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is a process that facilitates knowledge, skills, and abilities in self-care for DM patients based on evidence-based research. This activity aims to increase DM sufferers' knowledge and health status at Parangloe Health Center, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. The methods used are lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. The DSME administration was carried out in three sessions with 45 minutes and carried out diabetic foot gym training. Besides, the blood sugar level is checked at any time. The results achieved were an increase in knowledge of DM sufferers by 63.4% regarding definitions, classifications, signs and symptoms, risk factors, DM complications, diet, physical exercise, types and benefits of drugs given, foot care, and 96% being able to do foot exercises for diabetic. Also, there was an increase in the understanding and skills of cadres about DM self-care management. DM patients are also expected to check their blood glucose regularly and use the DM Self-Care Manual that has been provided.
Mira Aryanti, Purwandyarti Apriliani, Intan Anggita
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 19-22; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1305

One of the efforts to prevent teenage pregnancy incidence is health education about teenage pregnancy in Adolescence; it is hoped that health education can help government programs reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancy in the Indramayu Regency. The TEAM carries out community service activities from the STIKes Indramayu Midwifery Study Program, which was implemented in early July-August 2019, located in the Margadadi and Plumbon Puskesmas area (two Puksemas located in the Indramayu District Work Area). Community service aims to improve the thinking skills and understanding of junior high school students in preventing teenage pregnancy in health education. The implementation method by using leaflets/brochures and preparing reproductive health education materials. It can be seen that before the extension, there were 102 students (60%) with low knowledge results, 58 students (34.1%) with sufficient knowledge, and ten students (5.9%) with good knowledge results. In contrast, the knowledge obtained from counseling and discussion showed a significant increase in knowledge about adolescent reproductive health; the results were 147 students (86.5%) with good knowledge of 23 students (13.5%) with sufficient knowledge. There is a change or increase in students' knowledge about adolescent reproductive health, especially about teenage pregnancy prevention. It is hoped that this community service education can reduce maternal and infant mortality rates caused by adolescent pregnancy.
Akhmad Sugianto
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 90-96; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1647

Guidance and Counseling Workshop on Strengthening Character Education in Guidance and Counseling Services for Junior Secondary Guidance and Counseling Teachers in Tabalong Regency was carried out to prepare guidance and counseling teachers who were capable of implementing guidance and counseling services in strengthening character education based on operational guidance and counseling in schools, by the Guidance and Counseling Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Education issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The workshop was held one day, namely on August 26, 2019, with 37 participants. Technically, the implementation of the workshop takes place in 5 stages of activities, namely registration; lectures; sharing experiences; and questions and answers practicum. Resource persons for the workshop activities were lecturers in the guidance and counseling study program. Based on the implementation of this service, it can be concluded that guidance and counseling teachers have an essential role in strengthening character education by using guidance and counseling services based on the Operational Guidance and Counseling Implementation Guidelines. Therefore, it is suggested to be followed up into technical guidance activities in implementing guidance and counseling services with a more specific activity agenda; and become a preliminary study in making guidance and counseling service modules for strengthening character education based on Operational Guidance for Guidance and Counseling Implementation.
Sri Rahayu, Dian Ekawati
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 29-35; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1355

The level of vegetable consumption in Indonesia is shallow compared to the standards that have been set. Various factors contributed to the low rate of vegetable consumption, including economic factors and knowledge. Most of the santri at the orphanage in Jatibening consume fewer vegetables due to lack of knowledge and economic reasons. All students in this orphanage come from underprivileged groups, whereas since 2012, the orphanage has not received subsidies from the government for its operations. This activity aims to provide knowledge and skills for students at the Al Hidayah orphanage and provide vegetable plant verticulture to improve the students' food security. The method approach used is the active community participation (PAM) method in which the community is directly involved in activities. The pretest method stages, providing material, post-test, demonstration of making vegetable plant verticulture and redemonstration by students. The plants cultivated are mustard greens, spinach, and bean sprouts. The activity was held at the Al Hidayah Jati Bening orphanage on Sunday, 1 October 2017. This activity was attended by 20 participants from the Al Hidayah and Roisul Falah Jatibening orphanage Bekasi. Based on the pre-test and post-test results, it was obtained an increase in knowledge of 72.43%. It can be concluded that there is an increase in knowledge about verticulture and skills in making vegetable plant verticulture as demonstrated. This activity resulted in verticulture at the Al Hidayah orphanage that could be used by students at the orphanage to meet the need for vegetables.
Adhianty Nurjanah, Dyah Mutiarin
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 65-71; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1445

We currently live amid the rapid development of communication systems and the media's tightness, which makes everyone aware of any information conveyed. The coverage of lies or hoaxes is the focus of attention, especially in online media. Hoax is information that is engineered to cover up real information. Based on the Community Service Team's interviews and observations with partners, PCA members and administrators are acting as consumers of mass media, especially TV and internet media, namely WA, as daily information media. In its management activities, media literacy has never been carried out, even though media literacy needs an empowered and information literate society. Thus, Community Service will be carried out through this community service activity in the form of Empowerment of Aisyiyah Ngampilan Branches through Healthy Media Literacy. The method carried out by the community service team is workshops related to the importance of media literacy in dealing with hoaxes; media literacy assistance in dealing with hoaxes; digital-based "Tabayun on information to be smart as a media literate person"; making a guide book for Healthy Media Literacy; Smart As Media literate individuals face hoaxes"; providing facilities for the Aisyiyah Ngampilan Branch office that can be used to support management activities of the Aisyiyah Ngampilan Yogyakarta Branch. This Muhammadiyah-based community service is the increased ability of the board and members, especially related to healthy media literacy in dealing with hoaxes.
Rauly Sijabat, Ratih Hesty Utami Puspitasari
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 23-28; doi:10.33084/pengabdianmu.v6i1.1342

The low level of public knowledge about fish processing causes fish to have less high economic value and less use as an alternative source of protein other than meat, significantly as an alternative solution to strengthen family income. Especially for milkfish, which has many thorns, causing people to be reluctant to consume and make processed milkfish a product of business choice. This phenomenon has led this service activity to introduce another alternative processing, namely thorn-pulled milkfish. Besides being comfortable, the tools used are relatively easy to get, and the price is not high. The processing of thorny milkfish can also be used as an alternative to increasing the economic value of milkfish, contributing to an increase in family income when engaged as a business route. The implementation of this thorn milkfish business management training activity showed that the participants had high enthusiasm. This was shown by the activity that the participants could independently remove or separate the milkfish from their spines. There is a growing desire to utilize thorns pulled milkfish as a source of family protein. Besides, the analysis of the thorn-pulled milkfish processing business also shows a potential opportunity as an alternative business in the context of strengthening the family economy.
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