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Betari Maharani, Arinda Lovita Fendisty, Ulfa Luthfiana Masjidin, Dwi Ardiyan, Nita Dian Rizky, Nur Hidayah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 434-440;

There are 26 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Srumbung Village registered at the village office. However, not all MSMEs run well. Most of the MSMEs players have limited knowledge and skills in using information technology. Meanwhile, information technology for MSMEs players is critical, especially since the emergence of the Covid-19 and the implementation of the PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar) policy. The existence of MSMEs will be hampered or slumped if they do not utilize technology in their business. Therefore, this society's dedication aims to improve the knowledge and skills of MSMEs players on utilizing Facebook and Instagram as online marketing tools. Society dedication was conducted from October 20, 2020, to November 5, 2020. The participants are 4 MSMEs, consist of Jenang & Krasikan, Keripik Pegagang, Sagon Kering dan Manisan Salak. The method used is education (socialization) about online marketing and operating and management training of Facebook and Instagram. This society's dedication is the increase of knowledge and skills of participants in operating and managing social media Facebook and Instagram as digital marketing media.
Indri Fariroh, Nurul Dwi Novikarumsari, Ratih Apri Utami
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 348-355;

Hidayah Tani Farmers Group is a farmer's institution in Jember, East Java. The potential for large cayenne pepper productivity is around 523 tons, but most members of the Farmers Group still prioritize farming with rice-rice-palawija and rice-rice-tobacco cropping patterns. Meanwhile, cayenne pepper as a local potential has not become a priority because of the lack of technical knowledge about cayenne pepper cultivation. This group has several needs in terms of assistance and economic empowerment through farmer group institutions. Through group-based institutions, farmers can get counseling and assistance related to the cultivation of cayenne pepper in an integrated manner by utilizing their yards. Service activities are carried out through socialization of service programs, providing integrated cayenne pepper cultivation assistance, conducting counseling related to institutional strengthening of farmer groups, and monitoring and evaluation. Farmers' responses to the implementation of the mentoring program showed that the participants' perception of the cayenne pepper cultivation technique was good, and the women agreed that there would be a Women Farmers Group formed.
Muhammad Nur, Mustam Mustam, Yudhi Dwi Hartono, Ahmad Muhlis Nuryadi
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 333-339;

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are one of the economic strength pillars of the community because their management involves the community directly, both in providing production facilities, labors, and its marketing chain. However, some SMEs failed in the middle of their business road or are unable to develop. This condition also occurs in SME of Al-Barkah Laying HenFarm. The purpose of implementing this program is to increase business capacity both from the production and management aspects of the Al-Barkah layer chicken business. The method used in overcoming these problems and achieving goals is by providing direct training, guidance, and application of science and technology. All activities were carried out jointly by the owners and employees of UKM Partners, guided by the implementation team. After implementing the program, the SME partner now: (1) understands and can conduct business planning; (2) can carry out business effectiveness and efficiency; (3) can increase understanding of the importance of order in the livestock business process; (4) Understands the importance of hygiene and cage sanitation; and (5) can increase the chicken health, egg production, and farmer income. The conclusion from the program implementation is that the Al-Barkah layer chicken business has increased production by 15% and an increase in business efficiency by 12% as a result of improvements in production and business management aspects.
Yulasteriyani Yulasteriyani, Gita Isyanawulan, Isma Nurillah
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 406-415;

This service is motivated by the socio-cultural phenomenon of education in Kalampadu Village since the distance school system has created new social problems. The quality of school resources, parental resources, online media, and internet access does not support the learning process, causing children to find it challenging to understand school subject matter. This socio-cultural-educational problem should not be left without efforts to solve the problem because the nation's children are the hope and successor in a prosperous future of Indonesia. The Unsri community service team helped solve this educational problem by conducting socialization and internalization of socio-cultural-educational. This community service activity was carried out at the Village Hall, Kalampadu Village, involving 32 participants consisting of parents, teachers, students, community leaders, and the village government. This method is carried out by delivering material and direct practice to the participants of service activities. The results of these activities are full of practice from Parsons' structural, functional theory. Every series of events from beginning to end fits perfectly with the AGIL scheme in socializing and internalizing educational norms. Welcoming remarks as a process of re-adaptation, delivery of material according to the re-integration scheme, and a question-and-answer and interactive process is applying all elements of adaptation-achievement of goals-integration-maintenance of patterns. This service activity integrates the socio-cultural system of education towards an ideal and prosperous educational, social system.
Faisal Nomaini, Muhammad Husni Thamrin, Oemar Madri Bafadhal
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 382-390;

Practitioners and academics are faced with problems about why public policy fails to achieve its goals and is met with resistance from the public. This then led to the birth of an evidence-based policy (EBP) concept that is trusted and has been proven to increase policy success. Unfortunately, this concept has not yet reached the village government level. Therefore, this community service aims to socialize this concept and put it into practice by taking a case study on the environmental resilience index as one of the compilations of the village developing index (IDM). We took a case study in Desa Lorok, Kecamatan Indralaya Utara, Kabupaten Ogan Ilir for several reasons, such as governance and their readiness to accept this new concept. This community service is a model for implementing EBP by the needs and characteristics of the community because it is formulated jointly between us as academics and the community. Another result is policy recommendations for increasing environmental resilience by focusing on the criteria composing the index.
Rahmawati Budi Mulyani, Lilies Supriati, Melhanah Melhanah, Susi Kresnatita
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 369-375;

Lebak swamp weeds such as Kayambang (Salvinia molesta) grow abundantly. They can be used as compost, which effectively improves soil fertility, increasing nutrients N, P, and P K quickly and environmentally friendly. The effectiveness of compost fertilizer needs to be increased by adding indigenous microbes as decomposers and biological agents to control plant diseases. The activities carried out to empower horticultural farmer groups on sandy land in Tanjung Pinang Village, Palangka Raya are through socialization, training in composting with three types of antagonist fungus Trichoderma sp. (Trichocompost), facilitate the procurement of weed chopping machines, assist farmers in horticultural crop cultivation, and increase farmers' independence in self-supporting organic fertilizers. The use of Kayambang as Trichocompost with microbial decomposers and indigenous biological agents is new knowledge for partner farmers. The application of Trichocompost on the demonstration plots shows that eggplant plant growth and yields are excellent, meaning that Trichocompost can improve the fertility of sandy soils. Farmers participating in the training stated that the use of Trichocompost could reduce farming costs because it can substitute for manure that has been used by farmers and can meet the self-help needs of organic fertilizers. Participants wanted an advanced mentoring program because the farmers had not yet mastered the isolation or propagation of biological agents and decomposer microbes.
Wahyuddin Wahyuddin, Herlyana Herlyana, Habriani Habriani, Rahmawati Rahmawati
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 416-426;

Learning problems amid a pandemic tend to be one-way. Teachers provide more one-way information and assignments to students without feedback, resulting in boredom for students studying online. Therefore, one solution is given through the startup project leadership (SPL) program. This activity was held on October 31 - November 27, 2020, at three elementary schools: SDN Mangkura III Makassar, SDN 234 Barambang II Maros Regency, and SD IT Asshiddiq Bone Regency, involving as many as 40 students. The results of the activity can be concluded that the SPL Program is a collaborative action of teachers in innovating to create quality education in the pandemic era consisting of 3 stages: Incubation which is the initial planning carried out by designing joint activities with students and parents related to the problems faced by students and solutions that will be applied; Startup which is an active activity for program realization agreed at the incubation stage; and Mobilization which is the final stage through process reflection, evaluation, and conclusion drawing, as well as follow-up to the results of program realization that have been carried out. The implementation of SPL is running well according to the time and targets that have been determined and can increase learning productivity during pandemics.
Nita Arisanti Yulanda, M. Ali Maulana, Ikbal Fradianto, Djoko Priyono
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 340-347;

Hypertension is a non-communicable disease with an increasing incidence, especially in the elderly. One of the reasons is that many sufferers do not routinely even take medication after experiencing hypertension. In addition to medication, dietary factors can also increase the risk of an increase in blood pressure. Community service is expected to be able to help health problems independently. Community empowerment is carried out by introducing regional conditions, introspective surveys, deliberation, participatory planning, implementation of activities, and sustainability development. The implementation is carried out by providing health education about hypertension diet and medication adherence by using poster media entitled “CAT HITAM” during a pandemic, before and after the activity, pretest-posttest is carried out to determine dietary knowledge and medication adherence for hypertension sufferers, Health Education regarding activities that can be done, recommended food consumption, and medication adherence that hypertension sufferers must adhere to during a pandemic. The pretest-posttest results showed differences in knowledge of diet and medication before and after health education with a p-value <0.05. Dietary problems from the results of community assessments are mostly about the limits of salt consumption for hypertension and treatment. Most of the respondents said they stopped treatment because they felt they had no complaints. It needs cooperation from various parties to continuously motivate the elderly to follow the rules of diet and treatment of hypertension.
Nur Hudha Wijaya, , Wisnu Kartika
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 321-326;

The potential of Wirokerten Village, Banguntapan District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region is quite a lot. The potentials were tourist villages, herbal medicines, BUMDes (fishing, paving block factory construction, hydroponics, and waste sorting). Currently, Wirokerten village had four hectares of land for fisheries which BUMDes manage. However, some things were a problem for the fish breeder group: the absence of water filters for pools so that the water was free from harmful bacteria, water that lack oxygen in each pool, so it could not be used for fish breeding, and lack of lighting at the location of the pool, because the lighting was taken from residents' homes by pulling long cables while the distance from residential areas was quite far. The solution to these problems requires supporting technology to realize the expectations of fish farmer groups, namely portable aerators and pool lighting and water filters to sterilize waste in pool water reservoirs. The purpose of this community service was to help fish farming groups to be able to do fish breeding and rearing independently with the help of aerators and portable lighting and to be able to filter water in pool water reservoirs before it flows into each pool plot.
Fida Muthia, , Ichsan Hamidi
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat, Volume 6, pp 327-332;

One of the reasons for the emergence of the sandwich generation is the inability of parents to plan for retirement. One of the ways to break the sandwich generation chain is to do good financial management and planning. Good financial planning usually needs to be supported by a good level of financial literacy. One reason for the lack of knowledge in retirement planning is the low level of financial literacy in society. Therefore, it needs efforts to increase retirement planning knowledge to reduce the number of sandwich generation in Indonesia. The purpose of this service activity is to increase financial literacy in teachers and introduce retirement planning. The implementation of this community service activity is carried out using the lecture and discussion method. Activities are carried out in the form of webinars using the Zoom application. From the results of these community service activities, it can be assumed that there are still many teachers who do not realize the importance of preparing for pension funds. This is due to a lack of understanding of retirement planning.
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