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Evi Martha, Nindy Audia Nadira, Trini Sudiarti, Aisyah Putri Mayangsari, Embun Ferdina Enjaini, Tika Puspa Ryanthi, Dina Evariyana Bangun
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 153-161; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.153-161

Stunting associated to the increased risk of morbidity and mortality, reduced physical capacity, impaired development and function of children’s motor and mental condition. Efforts have been made by the Government through Integrated Healthcare Center (IHC), however it is less optimal as it didn’t involved all aspects of the community. Cadres and TBAs are important parts of the community that are strategic enough to be involved in this activity, because they are very close to mothers and the community.This program aims to improve the knowledge and practice of 31 cadres and traditional birth attendants (TBA) in early detection and prevention of stunting and implement their knowledge to the community by using lecture, discussion, practice, and film screening methods. There is a significant difference in the knowledge level of cadres and TBA between pre and post training (p value = 0.0005) with knowledge improvement of 30.68%. Furthermore, cadre and TBA did a Follow-Up Plan (FUP) in the form of stunting socialization and education, particularly to the expectants and mothers, with the results of about 124 people exposed to stunting. To monitor FUP, team formed a total of 3 Whatsapp Groups for each village as a forum of communication and discussion between fellow participants to PHC and Research Team. As the result, almost all trainees informed the FUP through Whatsapp group, in the form of socialization and education to other cadres and mothers during IHC, recitations, village activities, sports activities, as well as family or neighbors individually, etc. Through the empowerment of cadres and TBA, education on early detection and prevention of stunting goes according to expectations and is quite effective to the role of cadres and TBA in the community.Keywords: stunting, cadre, traditional birth attendant, empowerment
Mizanur Rahman, Deburra Peak Ngadan, Mohd Taha Arif
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 201-211; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.201-211

The improvement of quality in maternity care services is an effective strategy to reduce maternal mortality. The utilisation of the maternity services and its satisfaction indirectly measure the quality of services. This study aimed to assess the level of satisfaction with delivery care and also to identify the factors influencing the satisfaction among women on the quality of delivery care services in Sarawak. A cross-sectional study was conducted in the three main zones of Sarawak, Malaysia. A total of 1236 completed data were analysed. Data was collected using the validated Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ-18, Short Form) by face to face interview. Data entry and analysis was done by SPSS version 22.0 software. A p-value of less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant. A multinomial logistic regression analysis revealed that Bidayuh ethnics were 28.6% less likely to have good satisfaction with delivery care than the other ethnic groups. The respondents were 1.806 times more likely to have the average satisfaction and 1.972 times more likely to have good satisfaction on delivery care if a doctor attended the latter. Similarly, the respondents were 2.29 times highly satisfied if the out of pocket expenses were less than MYR 91.50 (US $ 21.73) compared to 2.10 times in average satisfaction. Overall, the women were satisfied with the delivery care services. However, assessment of satisfaction with the services provided from the different level of health care professionals needs to be explored to gain a deeper understanding of maternal care.Keywords: Delivery Care, Level of satisfaction, Maternal Health Services, Sarawak.
Ade Intan Puspita Sari, M.Kes Mulyono S.Km.
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 212-223; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.212-223

Fabrication Unit is a work area which there are processes of production activities of various kinds of work. Many types of work carried out in fabrication unit have risk that can lead to accidents. One of the types job in fabrication unit is grinding. Process in grinding can not be separated from potential hazards and risks that must be controlled to minimize the occurrence of accidents. This study intend to assess the risk on grinding in fabrication unit of PT. Ometraco Arya Samnta Surabaya. This was an observational descriptive study with cross-sectional design. Primary data obtained through interviews and observations whereas secondaray data collected from the company. Based on the result of the study, there were 21 hazards in grinding job that can be classified into 13 low risks, 5 medium risks, and 3 high risks. The high risks were the wheel rotation of grinding machine, grinding sparks, and falling material.Keywords: grinding, hazard identification, risk assessment
Triani Kholilatun Romsi, Mustakim Mustakim
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 181-189; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.181-189

Job satisfaction is one of the important factors to be considered by the organization. The satisfaction felt by employees in their work will minimize the high number of turnover and absenteeism of employees and can increase productivity and employee loyalty to the organization. Research method is an analytical study with a quantitative approach and a cross sectional study design. Data collection is done by questionnaire. The population in this study is all employees who worked in the Hospital of Mother and Child X Ciputat. Sample in this study were 50 respondents. Data analysis was performed using univariate and bivariate. The results of the study showed that employees who felt dissatisfied worked at the Hospital of Mother and Child X Ciputat by 36.0%. The results also show that there are four variables that have a significant relationship with employee’s job satisfaction at the X Ciputat Mother and Child Hospital including salary, organizational policy, job security, and working conditions. Therefore the hospital is advised to conduct employee performance surveys periodically and continuously to evaluate employee performanceKey Words : Job satisfaction, employee, hospital
Finda Muthia Hanum
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 133-145; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.133-145

The mission of Undaan Eye Hospital is to provide high quality and affordable eye health service. However, some problems which indicate customer’s dissatisfaction are still found, including the amount of customer complaints which hasn’t reached the target set by hospital which is zero complaint. Based on Customer Complaint Report of Undaan Eye Hospital, most complaints are caused by communication problem. The aim of this study is to analyze the interpersonal quality of Polyclinic of Outpatient Clinic of Undaan Eye Hospital which consists of respect, confidentiality, courtesy, responsiveness, dan empathy. This study is using descriptive and cross-sectional design and conducted to 82 people who are representing the outpatients and proceeded using simple random sampling method. The data were obtained by interviewing respondents using questionnaire. The data is analyzed using quantitative method and presented in tables. The result of the study shows that most of the respondents which includes 63,41% respondents feeling a little satisfied with interpersonal quality in Polyclinic of Outpatient Clinic of Undaan Eye Hospital. The result of the study shows that most of respondents feeling satisfied with respect, courtesy, confidentiality, and empathy of the service, however they are feeling a little satisfied with responsiveness of the service. Therefore, the hospital needs to improve their quality especially in responsiveness aspect by reducing patient wait times, and maintaining the quality of the aspects which have good ratings of patient satisfaction.Keywords: interpersonal quality, outpatient clinic, patient satisfaction
Nur Eka Vutrianingsih, Ikrimatuz Zulfa, Jojok Mukono
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 190-200; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.190-200

In the efforts to increase product of rice plant crops, the use of pesticides to excerminate pest can not be avoided. However rice plant farmers incline carry out spray of pestisides which abused impact can increase poison inciden of farmers. The objective of this research was to know about risk factors related to pesticide poison incidence because use carbamates pesticides and organophosphates pesticides in Masangan Kulon Village Subdistrict Sukodono District Sidoarjo. The type of this research is analytic observational with cross sectional approach. Sample of this research is 28 farmers. The collected data were analyzed analytically using Fisher Exact Test. The variable in this research were age, sex, educational level, length of work,the using Personal Protection Equipment, length of exposure, knowledge, total of kind pesticides, and management practices of pesticides. Checking cholinesterase enzyme value in the blood with Kinetic Photometric DGKC by BBLK of Surabaya.The result of this research showed as 2 farmers (7,1%) has pesticides’s poisoning. The result of statistic test showed there was no significant relationship between sex (p = 0,091), educational level (p = 0,553),length of work (p = 0,288), the using Personal Protection Equipment (p = 0,622), total of kind pesticides (p = 1,000), knowledge (p = 0,549), and management practices of pesticides (p = 1,000) with pesticides poisoning. There was significant relationship between age (p = 0,001) and length of exposure (p = 0,001) with pesticides poisoning. Conclution of this research counseling from relevant agencies about pesticides, periodic checking cholinesterase enzyme of farmers and observe pesticide sale distribution in village.Keywords : Pesticides, Carbamate and Organophosphate, Cholinesterase
Burhanuddin Lazuwardi
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 146-152; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.146-152

Infant Mortality Rate was death that occurs between the time after the baby was born until the baby not exactly one year old. Broadly speaked, from the side of the caused of infant mortality there are two kinds of endogenous infant death and exogenous infant mortality. Estimated about 8.8 million children whose age less than 5 years passed away. Based on previous data IDHs indicated that infant mortality has fallen by half, from 68 deaths per 1,000 live births for the 1987-1991 period to 32 deaths per 1,000 births for the 2008-2012 period. The purposed of this researched was to examine which factor most dominant influenced on infant mortality in East Java Province.This research used secondary data with a large sample of total population that consists of parents whose children (infants) died at the age
Fina Aprilia
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 245-251; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.245-251

Patient visitation is one of the hospital performance indicators. There are several factors which influence the decrease of patient visitation in a hospital. This study aims to identify the factors that caused the decrease of outpatient visitations at Surabaya Surgical Hospital based on the internal business process perspective. This study used a quantitative research method which used a cross-sectional design and descriptive approach. The participants of the checklist sheet-based interview involved health assurance, marketing, human resources, outpatients, and emergency room, while the questionnaire-based interview involved 79 outpatients and 23 employees at Surabaya Surgical Hospital. The research variables included innovation development, operational process, and customer management processes (marketing). The results showed that there was one variable that had a lesser average value, i.e., the customer management processes variable (marketing) with a poor average value (2.49). Particularly, the indicators which had the lowest score from the others on average were promotion and communication. In conclusion, the decrease of outpatient visitation at Surabaya Surgical Hospital was caused by one variable with lesser average value, i.e., the customer management processes (marketing) on the promotion and communication indicator. This is because the promotions advertised by the hospitals are not much known by the society.Keywords: internal business process, outpatients, Surabaya Surgical Hospital
Miki Kurnia Fitrizah, Ardini S. Raksanagara, Ridad Agoes
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 173-180; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.173-180

Increased knowledge and attitude on students can be done by using interesting, convenient, and simple health promotion method or media such as snake and ladder game. This study is aimed to measure and analyze the effectivenes of snake and ladder game and Triggering stop BABS on elementary school students’ knowledge and attitude. The research method used is true experiment approach to the design of two group pre-test post-test design. The samples were 62 respondents, 31 for triggering group and 31 for snake and ladder game group. The research instrument was questionnaire. Analyzing data used R Commander program. The result indicated that There were significant differences improvement of knowledge and attitude of students before and after snake and ladder game stop BABS (p=0.0001 for knowledge, P=0.0001 for attitude). There were significant differences in knowledge and attitude level of students before and after the triggering (p=0.0001 for knowledge, p=0.0001 for attitude). There were no Effectiveness difference between triggering and snake ladder game (p=0,556) (p=0,226).The result of analysis also indicated that provision health education through both snake and ladder game and Triggering Method have impact to improvement knowledge and attitude of elementary schools students. Snake and ladder game can be used as alternative health education media in school.Keywords: Snack and Ladder Game, Triggering, Knowledge, Attitude
Faiznur Ridho, Bambang B. Soebyakto, Haerawati Idris
The Indonesian Journal of Public Health, Volume 15, pp 162-172; doi:10.20473/ijph.v15i2.2020.162-172

Primary dentists at the era of the National Health Insurance are only paid IDR2,000 each patient. The Capitation funds can not cover the cost of services that must be spent. The payment system must be improved because it is related to the quality of service. The aims of this study to analyze the management and utilization of dental capitation funds including the bottlenecks and to generate solutions in the implementation of JKN. This research was descriptive with qualitative approach. The informants of the study were 16 (sixteen) dentists as an independent practitioners and pratama clinics in Palembang and Lubuklinggau with highest and lowest capitation coverage. Data were analyzed by data reduction, data presentation, conclusion drawing and verification. The result showed that there was a disparity in capitation fund income received by dentists both as an independent practitioners and pratama clinic. Not all dentists get the ideal number of participants 1: 10,000. Dentists with low capitation norms have difficulty to set their operational funds. The budget for operational cost is bigger than services cost. Revenues compared to capitation funds are still lacking. Most capitation funds for primary dentists are insufficient and still rely on fee for service patients. The government should set dental capitation norm and regulation for National Health Insurance era.Key words: dentist, capitation, clinic, utilization, regulation
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