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Glori Abdiningsih Rachmani
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 10-28; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.10-28

Abstract:Exposure to dust in the work environment is a potential factor that can cause impaired pulmonary function. Concentration of dust in the air is one factor that affects the severity caused. Higher exposure to dust in the air, increase the risk of impaired pulmonary function. The objective of the research was to analyze the exposure to respirable cement dust and pulmonary function impairment of Finish Mill operators in PT. Semen Indonesia, Tuban Regency. This study used a cross-sectional study design, with the number of sample using purposive sampling method as many as 10 people. The level of inhaled semen dust is measured using a Personal Dust Sampler (PDS). The characteristics of workers are also seen include age, length of employment, smoking habits, use of personal protective equipment and respiratory complaints felt. The results of this study were 90% of operators with respirable dust levels > 3 mg/m3. The highest respirable dust content was 26,7151 mg/m3. The lowest respirable dust content was 1.4665 mg/m3. In addition, 22.2% of operators who have inhaled dust levels > 3 mg/m3 have impaired pulmonary function. Conclusions can be drawn pulmonary function impairment more experienced by operators aged 36 - 45 years, with a working period of more than 15 years. Smoking habits and respiratory history may be seen from operator respiratory complaints.Keywords: finish mill operators, pulmonary function test, respirable cement dust.
Aulia Tjahayuningtyas
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 1-10; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.1-10

Abstract:Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is a disorder or damage to the joints, ligaments, muscles and other skeletal systems due to unnatural or awkward body position especially if carried on for a long duration. Complaints of MSDs are influenced by internal factors (age, work durration, exercise habits, and body mass index) and external factors (work position and workload). The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between internal and external factors on complaints of MSDs to workers in the informal sector. The research design was crossectional approach. Data was analyzed by chi-square. The results of this study to 38 workers show that age (p = 0.102), exercise habits (p = 0.297), BMI (p = 0.332) and work positions (p = 0.864) have no relation to MSDs complaints while work durration (p = 0.019) and energy expenditure (p = 0.000) has a relationship with MSDs complaints. The conclusions of this research was that workload durration and cooking workload have a relationship with the complaints of MSDs in informal workers. Based on the level of MSDs complaint, mostly, workers felt the complaint on the right hand wrist (86%) and right foot (68%). It is recommended to informal workers to stretch the muscles on the sidelines of doing the work so that MSDs complaints can be minimized.Keywords: cooking work load, informal worker, manufacturing industry of tofu, subjective complaint of MSDs
Tsimaratut Tahrirah
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 76-83; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.76-83

Abstract:A profession as a teacher of schools of disabled children (SLB) is one of the jobs that can cause work stress. Teachers at SLB need more patience, attention, and special skills than teachers in ordinary schools. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between mental workload and work stress on SLB teachers in Jombang. This study was an analytical observational study with a cross sectional design. The samples in this study were three out of nine SLBs in Jombang that were chosen through random sampling. The data collection was done by using a questionnaire filled by 33 respondents. The questionnaire included the Subjective Workload Assessment Technique (SWAT) questionnaire to measure mental workload, and The National Union of Teacher (NUT) Stress Survey to measure work stress on SLB teachers in Jombang. The results showed that there was a strong relationship between mental workload and work stress (p-value = 0.049 and r = 0.360). In conclusion, most SLB teachers in Jombang are female and are in the age group of young adults. The Background Education of SLB teachers mostly comes from non-Special Education (PLB) department and the majority of them were new and had been teaching for years. According to the result of this study, the mental workload of SLB teachers in Jombang was at a moderate level, and their work stress was in the low category. Mental workload is one of the factors that can cause work stress on SLB teachers in Jombang.Keywords: mental workload, SLB teachers, work stress
Nurlita Wulansari, Denny Ardyanto W.
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 84-93; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.84-93

Abstract:Container loading and unloading activities are categorized high risk, because the equipment used is a lifting plane for heavy lifting. Based on the results of observations, a work accident caused due to unsafe actions. According to ILCI theory, unsafe actions are caused by management factors (availability of machine maintenance procedures) and individual factors (age, education, employment and knowledge) of workers. The design of this research was cross-sectional. The samples of this study were 35 workers from the total population of 43 mechanical workers of lifting aircraft. The samples were taken from mechanics included in the inclusion criteria of HMC mechanical workers (Harbour Mobile Crane). The data were obtained through observation and filling questionnaires to workers. Data were analyzed statistically by using spearman test. The statistic test results showed that there was no relationship between age with unsafe actions is 0.217, and for knowledge with unsafe action there was a relationship is 0.000. There was a relationship between the working period and the unsafe actions is 0.002. There was an relationship between the availability of the machine maintenance procedure and the unsafe actions is 0.019. With α
Nitasya Ayu Alamanda Putri
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 11-19; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.11-19

Abstract:Welding is a job that has potential hazards and risks. An effort to reduce the risk of hazards in welding is by providing protection to workers in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with the type of work. Substandard act is an action that can cause accidents. The purpose of this study was to analyze factors related to the incidence of substandard act done by welding workers in PT. INKA (Persero) in the use of PPE based on the ILCI Loss Causation Models theory. This study used observational technique with a cross sectional study design. The research respondents were 16 welding workers of assembling carbody division in PT. INKA (Persero). The data collections were done by using questionnaires and observation sheets with spearman correlation test analysis. The results of the statistical analysis in the study showed that age (r = -0,180), working period (r = -0,041), education level (r = 0,123), and knowledge (r = -0,391) had a weak relationship with substandard act of using PPE. The increase age, years of service, level of education and knowledge increased the tendency of workers to use PPE below the standard, while the higher level of education will increase the actions of workers in accordance with the standard use of PPE.Keywords: personal protective equipment, personal factor, substandard act
Saadatuddaroini Saadatuddaroini, Soedjajadi Keman
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 115-123; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.115-123

Abstract:Benzene is a natural compound contained in petroleum. Exploitation of petroleum can be done traditionally and modern. Exposure in traditional oil mining contained benzene compound can cause high levels of urine t,tmuconic acid in workers. The highest urine t,t-muconic acid levels can be affected by several factors including work period and work duration. The aim of this study was to analyzed the correlation between work period and work duration to urine t,t-muconic acid levels in traditional oil mining workers. This was an observational study with cross sectional approach. Eleven (11) sample was drawn from twelve (12) population of traditional oil mining workers. The variables studied were urine t,t-muconic acid levels, work period and work duration. Methods of data analysis to known the correlation between variabels used spearmen correlation test with α=0.05. The result showed that benzene level in ambien air measured at 4 points were exceeded the threshold limit while, 72.3% of workers had t,t-muconic acid levels within urine highest the BEIs levels. Work period and work duration were significally correlated to urine t,t- muconic acid levels (all variables, p
Jiana Rofik Baitur Rozaq
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 66-75; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.66-75

Abstract:Job stress is a physical and emotional disturbance as a result of a mismatch between capability, resources or the needs of workers coming from the worker's environment. Job stress is one of the most important issues discussed in the world of health, as some studies found its impacts on workers and productivity. To reduce the incidence of this work stress one of the Health Safety Environment (HSE) program was created. One of the Health Safety Environment (HSE) program which applied by Sakinah Supermarket is Islamic job music. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between Islamic music work with the incidence of job stress at Sakinah Supermarket. Quantitative research approach with cross sectional research design. The population in this research consist 68 workers, where research sample counted 40 workers. The variables studied were acceptance of Islamic music work and stressful work events. The data collection instrument used a questionnaire modification of the NIOSH Job Generic Stress Questionnaire. To test the relationship between variables Spearman correlation test used. The result of the research shows that workers' acceptance on Islamic music work in the high category (52.5%) is very high (45%) and the incidence of work stress does not exist where majority of respondents are in light work stress category (72.5%). Based on the Spearman correlation test the relationship between the two significant variables.Keywords: HSE program, islamic job music, job stress
Mia Rhosita Sawitri, Mulyono Mulyono
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 29-37; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.29-37

Abstract:This research is aimed to hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control, and risk residual on dentist's job in Probolinggo. This kind of research is observational research by using descriptive method with cross sectional design. The population of this research including dentists in Probolinggo as much as 70 dentists that included in Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia (PDGI) Probolinggo. The sampling of this research is being done by using simple random sampling method. The sample in this research is 41 people. This research is conducted in Probolinggo. The instrument used is task risk assessment sheet, Baseline Risk Identification of Ergonomics Factors (BRIEF) observation sheet, questionaire, sound level meter, and lux meter. Based on the result of this research, it is known that the job of dentist has 12 potential of danger and 8 risks. Risk assessment in the job of dentist has 3 low risk categories, 7 medium risk categories, and 2 high risk categories. As the conclusion of this research shows that the job of dentist have not applied risk control of ergonomics hazard yet. The suggestion for the respondent is by doing stretching move either in the break time or when doing the action and take a chance to do physical activity such as doing sport regularly.Keywords: hazard identification, risk assessment, risk controlling
Milla Rosa Mufida, Tri Martiana
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 47-56; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.47-56

Abstract:Fire is an accident that can cause many losses. One of building safety requirements are application system of fire emergency response. The building contained a safety against fire hazard through the protection system of active and passive protection. This research aims to study fire emergency response system the administration building of PT PJB UP. PAITON in 2015. The variables are policy, procedures, organization, simulation training, communication and emergency response system for prevention and mitigation fires. The system of fire prevention and countermeasure are active and passive protection system. This was an observational study with cross-sectional design. This study was comparing the data observations and interviews with regulation Health Ministry of Indonesia 2010, international standard NFPA 10, 13, 14 and 72 and Kepmen PU No. 10/KPTS/2000. The result show that building have 4th floor and more than 200 employee, so need protection when there are fire building. Policy, procedure and organization unresolved by management industry. Simulation training has routine every 1 year. Communication of emergency response are good action. Active protection system are sufficient compliance with the standard. Passive protection system exist that do not meet the requirements. The results show that emergency response management system fire and fire prevention and countermeasure system still needs to be improved, especially in the management system. Keywords: administration building, electrical industry, fire emergency response system
Puput Lestari Windy Puspitasari
The Indonesian Journal of Occupational Safety and Health, Volume 8, pp 94-103; doi:10.20473/ijosh.v8i1.2019.94-103

Abstract:Universal precaution is a precautionary guidance on infection prevention that is expected to reduce the risk of transmission infection from patient to health worker regardless of the status infection. The purpose of this research is analyze the correlation between intention with compliance universal precaution application to nurses. This research is an observational study with cross-sectional design. Respondents in this study were nurses from 9 rooms who served in inpatient installations with total of 47 people. The sampling technique using simple random sampling. The data was collected by using questionnaires and observation. Analysis data used analysis of chi-square and Cramer’s V correlation. Universal precaution observed was hand washing, use of Personal Protective Equipment, management of sharp objects, and management of medical waste. The results showed that the majority of nurses (74.5%) were well behaved in compliance of universal precaution application. Statistical analysis show that there is a relationship between intention and compliance to the application of universal precaution (0.001) and strong correlationin in medium category (0.526). The conclusion was that the better of intention, the better the nurse compliance level in the application of universal precaution.Keywords: compliance, intention, universal precaution