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Ahmad Padhil, Muhammad Dafha Reza Ramadhan Saputra Ramlan, Rifdat Indratma, Nurul Dwiana Lestari
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jmser.v4i1.2714

New Normal becomes the way out to keep Indonesia's weakened economy because of covid-19 pandemic stays in balance. Of course, New Normal must be well-balanced with the application of strict protocols to reduce transmission rates and anticipate a surge in new cases. From a few points of pandemic protocols, using face mask is considered as the most-effective basic need. Re-designing the mask is aiming at eliminating the worsening feature and developing the improving feature. This research is developing the widely used 1-ply mask, which doesn't meet WHO standard regarding cloth-material mask that must be made in 3-ply. The method used in this research is TRIZ (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch), an inventive problem solving theory to the issues regarding ideas, products, or concepts, in this case is face mask redesigning concept. In this research, the data are collected by doing library research to obtain secondary data that will be processed in qualitative and quantitative methods. The results shows the aspects that should be eliminated from cloth-material face mask are brittle for being easily damaged, short period of usage, and non-reusable. After the redesigning concept is carried out using the principles and features of TRIZ method, some aspects such as weight, material, design, and functionality are developed. The result is a relatively light weight face mask because the using of PLA+ filament-based material with good durability and environmentally friendly. This design has longer period of usage, and user only needs to replace the additional inserted tissue every 4 hours. The researchers hope that the new design can be further developed by government to deal with New Normal and other possibilities in the future.
Qianlin Yang
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jmser.v4i1.2854

This article explains the execution and delivery progression phases of the project lifecycle. It is the third phase of the project lifecycle that leads to the final realization of the project's goals. However, this essay will describe the understanding of the ‘enlightened planning’ approach during the execution and delivery strategy progress of a project’s lifecycle. The features and details in the Enlightened Planning and PMI PMBOK Guide are compared. The author explored the nature and role of basic frameworks such as the project lifecycle, the process phase structure, and key project definition questions — the seven Ws (Who, Why, What, Which way, Wherewithal, When, Where). Combining Enlightened Planning and PMI PMBOK Guide, the differences between the two approaches are given. In addition, the author elaborated the advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches in current practice.
Taiwo James Odebola
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jmser.v4i1.2769

A buttress on the need for welfare program in Nigeria and the important obligation to consider the Economics’ and CIA’s contextual position for the dependency ratios, both total and elderly dependency ratio alongside the consideration of the age structure and demography statistics of Nigeria relatively to other economies, particularly as an elixir for the declining older population in Nigeria and the aged male contraction in the nation. Although, older female population is higher in every country as obtainable globally, the Nigerian case is that of drastic contraction in both aged male and older population generally. Therefore, the submission is that the government has to consider total dependency ratio to the elderly dependency ratio, which is all-encompassing in order to cater for the declining older population and to appropriate the requisite welfare cum benefits programs in the nation.
Abdul Halim, Tarekul Islam
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jmser.v4i1.2941

This paper aimed to identify the washing defects of denim garments and the remedies for these washing defects of denim garments in Bangladesh. The other purpose of this paper is to explain how such errors are related to the waste, production, and production costs of denim clothing. It also provides a statistical review of the denim sector in Bangladesh as compared to other countries. This paper is conveyed based on theoretical and statistical. It appears washing defects of denim garment, and their remedial actions and reveals the effect of washing defects on wastage, production, and production cost of denim garments. This research paper shows more washing defects of denim garments in Bangladesh. The statistical review displays that Bangladesh is exporting denim products near 200 million pieces every year over the world and ranks as the second-largest denim garments exporter after China. By studying this paper, the manufacturer of denim garments in Bangladesh and other countries will be conscious of these defects and able to minimize these defects that will help improve the economy all over the world.
Mehrdad Behforouzi, Imad Mubarak Said AlBreiki, Kambiz Mokhtari
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jmser.v4i1.2753

Bullying is rampant and has severe effects on the health and wellbeing of the employees. Additionally, it also undermines job satisfaction and performance, thus affecting productivity. Bullying among seafarers is widespread, and their isolation from the rest of the people while at sea can enhance aggressive behaviour. Bullying is widespread among seafarers and severely affects them in core areas of their life. There is a significant effect of bullying on mental health. However, the Omani seafarers are loyal to their jobs and claim to be happy at sea despite the challenges and hardships. While there are different forms of bullying in the workplace, verbal abuse is the most rampant. The study seeks to highlight the impact of bullying on seafarers' happiness and job satisfaction who work in a shipping company. A questionnaire with nine questions was prepared based on the authors' experience and sent by mobile phone to fifty officers and crew members working onboard. More insight into workplace bullying among seafarers is essential in formulating adequate law, thus improving seafarers' health and safety.
I Gede Riana, Ni Made Novi Diansari, Ida Bagus Ketut Surya
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/jmser.v3i2.2615

The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of creative leadership in moderating the influence of knowledge sharing on innovation in the SMEs of leather craft industry in Badung Regency. The population of this study are employees of the leather craft industry of which the data was obtained from Bali Province Industry and Trade Office. The data of 2019 shows that there is a population of as many as 115 employees in the industry, and by using the Slovin formula, the samples obtained are 53 respondents. The collected data was analyzed using Right Moderating Regression Analysis (MRA). The results show that knowledge sharing has a significant effect on innovation. Creative leadership has a significant effect on innovation. Furthermore, the findings of this study indicate that creative leadership can strengthen the influence of knowledge sharing to support innovation. The implications of this study inform that creative leadership plays an important role because it can amplify the effect of the activities of cultural knowledge sharing to create innovation.
Amer Al-Mukahal
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/jmser.v3i2.2647

Purpose: This study aims at determining and understanding the critical success factors in order to apply the six sigma methodology in construction organizations to ensure reaching a higher level of construction organizations' output. The main purpose is divided into the following secondary objectives:- Determining the effect of each of the critical success factors (management support, project selection and execution of six-sigma) in the success of the application of six-sigma methodology in construction organizations.- Determining the effect of critical success factors altogether (support management, project selection and execution of six-sigma) on the quality of construction organizations' output.Research Methodology:This study used the quantitative (descriptive analytical) method through using practical method for the purpose of collecting and analyzing information, and testing hypotheses.Research limitation: Human limit: It is represented by workers in Jordanian construction organizations.- Place limit: Jordanian construction organizations in the capital city of Amman.- Time limit: The period of time it took to accomplish the study (7-9/2020).- literature limit: To determine the variables of critical success factors, the researcher referred to previous studies (Bhaji & Antony, 2001), (Goldstein, 2001), (Kwak & Anbari, 2006), (Hakeem Khan, 2005), (Urdhwareshe, 2004), (Buch & Tolentins, 2006), (Martins et al., 2006), (Coronel et al., 2009), (Johnson & Cale twohill, 2008), (Shahin, 2010), (Brun, 2010), (Gosnik & Vujicaherzog, 2010), (Zailani & Sasthriya, 2011), (Padhy & Sahu, 2011), (Kanjanpanykom & Kungvol, 2011).Originality/ value of the study:This study helps in finding out the factors of success in the application of six-sigma methodology, and how much they affect the quality of construction organizations' output. This will help find out the level of quality of construction project's output in terms of speed, cost and precision in results, which will help the improvement mechanism. This in turn will help the construction organization produce high-quality output, which will help the construction organization achieve competitive advantage, and lead to its continuity to work, thus the continuity of organizations, which have vertical association with the construction organization in work too, and this will lead to turning the wheels of the national economyFindings: Results of Statistical Analysis indicate that the relative importance of critical success factors in applying the approach of six sigma in a middle level of importance. Whereas, the arithmetic averages have ranged between (2.77-3.58). Moreover, Results of Statistical Analysis of this study indicate a positive impact on the outcomes of construction organizations for combined critical success factors which are; Senior Management support Factor, Project Selection, Implementation factor of six sigma. Furthermore, Results of Statistical Analysis indicate a positive impact of applying six sigma approach on the quality of the outcomes of construction organizations. Key Words: critical success factors, six sigma approach, management in quality assurance in construction projects
Hani Fadhil Jumaah Al Shawi
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/jmser.v3i2.2611

This study came to emphasize the importance of health promotion at the present time in all parts of the universe due to the federal movement witnessing the challenges of the Corona virus that originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread in all countries of the world with amazing and terrifying speed (for bacterial, parasitic and viral causes) despite the WHO assurances Globalization with a high degree of responsibility, and this was evidenced by the calls and appeals of leaders of health organizations in the world for prevention, awareness, discussions and advice that they gave to all of humanity, as the virus has infected most of the world without exception between developed and developing countries alike. (In his speech, Tiedros Adhanom Gebresus is Secretary-General of the World Health Organization: February 27, 2020).As the virus evolved from the respiratory syndrome of the Middle East caused by cats to SARS, who moved between camels to Ebola and then developed to the most dangerous corona, which is transmitted between humans through touch, spray and breath, which has exceeded cases in the world to more than 600,000 patients with a confirmed infection And over 26 countries in the world until March 2020 and from here the researcher eagerly awaits the moment when investors announce their willingness to embrace any innovation related to the recovery from these epidemics. It is a logical result stemming from the feeling of great dismay that has caused mankind in recent times as a result of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the massive series of panic in all parts of the globe that left behind and the confusion that made the need to invent vaccines and ways to spread awareness in a timely and instant manner and seize the finest federal concept between the administration and the media related to the hadith The time is "Participate in the comprehensive awareness campaign and the highest levels of caution and caution" To achieve maximum benefit from it in combating, preventing, sterilizing, and identifying the most important pillars upon which it is based, and then showing the health benefits of workers in local organizations with a view to preserving them, and to achieve the desired benefit in sounding the work and promoting it with health by integrating administrative and health concepts with each other and circulating them through disseminating them Seminars and conferences in a manner that achieves the desired goal above:- So this effort was divided as follows. Part one: - will cover the systematic aspect of the studyThe second part: - He will be interested in presenting the concept, benefits and pillars of the essential participation. Part Three: - He will examine the concepts of health promotion activities for institutions.Part Four: - Examination and testing the feasibility of including the concept of substantive participation and activities of the health promotion unit...Part Five: - Results, Conclusions and Recommendations.The study recommended the necessity of disseminating the health information in addition to the administrative information in all institutions and segments of society in order to address firmly the prejudiced rumors and ideas aimed at impeding the administrative and health growth in our local institutions
Gaoshen Wang, Yi Ding
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/jmser.v3i2.2689

In Container terminals, a quay crane's resource hour is affected by various complex nonlinear factors, and it is not easy to make a forecast quickly and accurately. Most ports adopt the empirical estimation method at present, and most of the studies assumed that accurate quay crane’s resource hour could be obtained in advance. Through the ensemble learning (EL) method, the influence factors and correlation of quay crane’s resources hour were analyzed based on a large amount of historical data. A multi-factor ensemble learning estimation model based quay crane’s resource hour was established. Through a numerical example, it is finally found that Adaboost algorithm has the best effect of prediction, with an error of 1.5%. Through the example analysis, it comes to a conclusion: the error is 131.86% estimated by the experience method. It will lead that subsequent shipping cannot be serviced as scheduled, increasing the equipment wait time and preparation time, and generating additional cost and energy consumption. In contrast, the error based Adaboost learning estimation method is 12.72%. So Adaboost has better performance.
M. Tirtana Siregar, Gilang Yoga Samodra
Journal of Management Science & Engineering research, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/jmser.v3i2.2620

This study aimed to determine the waste that occurs in activities from receiving to delivering of finished products that can result in delays in the delivery of audio to Japan. The waste identified is limited to activities in the finished goods warehouse. The problem that occurs is the delay in product delivery, because the product is not ready to be delivered so that it causes delays. The lean approach is used to reduce waste in the overall work process activities in the finished goods warehouse. Waste identification was performed through the 7 waste approach. Process Activity Mapping is one of the tools of VALSAT, and is looking for critical waste to find the root cause of waste. Delay can be minimized by making improvements to the layout of the warehouse and routine inspection of goods transporters. Companies should use lean to reduce the waste that occurs so there is no delay in the delivery of audio products.
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