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Akmal Panji Rabhani, Adela Maharani, Anggia Arfiani Putrie, Devianti Anggraeni, Hadid Fathan Azisabil, Imelda Cantika, Intan Cahyani, Lina Lulus Destianti, Putri Tsania Mahmud, Ricky Firmansyah
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 275-280; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.890

Kejaksaan Negeri Kota Bandung is a unit of the state institutions that carries out state power, particularly in the field of prosecution. Kejaksaan Negeri Kota Bandung implemented an information system to intensify operational activities. Using a computerized tool that is FaceUnlock to record the attendance list of employees. The system must be able to manage, convey, and maintain information security properly. Then, an audit is needed to evaluate the governance of the current information system. In this research, the capability model is used as a measurement of respondent's answers from a questionnaire based on the COBIT 5 framework with the MEA (Monitor, Evaluate, and Assess) domain as a reference. Respondents who were involved in filling out the questionnaire were employees of Kejaksaan Negeri Kota Bandung who carried out SIMPEG operations on daily. Based on the recapitulation of the answers from the respondents, the value of the current capability level is 2.4 in the range 1-4. To get the expected results, there some alternative to intensify SIMPEG's performance at Kejaksaan Negeri Kota Bandung in the future.
Kharis Anwar, Lilik Dwi Kurniawan, M. Ijur Rahman, Nur Ani
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 264-274; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.905

Competition in sports field leasing is quite fast these days, making sports field managers improve facilities and provide competitive prices to attract sports field tenants. However, this progress was not accompanied by advances in technology so that sports field managers still had to do the manual method for field operations and promotion. On the side of the tenants of the sports field also still have to go to the sports field to find out the availability of schedules, facilities, and prices offered. Then many tenants who have an interest in exercising more than one branch of sport, therefore researchers use the concept of a marketplace that can bring together the managers of sports fields with field tenants in one container. In the application development process, it is done by using the agile method application development method because in its development it can be possible to collaborate and correct each other among team members to increase the customer satisfaction ratio. The application implementation uses the Laravel framework, PHP for programming language, and the MySQL for Database Management System. The results of the study can be concluded that the use of the marketplace concept can bring together prospective field tenants with many field managers and the ease of finding a sports field following the wishes of tenants by selecting the category of field, price and closest location and the manager of the sports field can promote the sports field by registering the field.
Akhsani Taqwiym
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 254-263; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.895

Bookkeeping is an activity carried out by entrepreneurs and businesspeople whose purpose is to record, document transaction activities that occur in business and business processes which then from bookkeeping results are one of the factors in decision making. Recording manually for the time being is felt to be ineffective due to the difficulty of finding transaction data, there is the possibility of human error, lack of efficient storage of documentation, and lack of management in the use of time so that interfere with performance in making bookkeeping. The solution to this problem is to change the manual method to computerized. The method used is the iteration method, application design that is designed is a database-based websitebased application. By using the iterative method, the results are in accordance with the needs and the resolution of problems that occur at PT. XYZ The purpose of designing bookkeeping sales is to be a solution to the problems that occur at PT. XYZ, helps in making notes and bookkeeping automatically, helps store data to be more time efficient and neat. The benefit of iterative reengineering is the change of the manual recording system to a new system by not disrupting the system user in carrying out the sales recordkeeping process. One of the advantages of using iterative methods is the shorter operational time and costs incurred in designing small systems when converted into requirements. From the application of the interactive method, it is obtained that the application designed can help in making notes faster and the data will be stored automatically and correctly. Data storage will be entered into books which can then be accessed by leaders and parties who need the information as needed.
Fajar Romadoni, Yuyun Umaidah, Betha Nurina Sari
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.903

Electronic money is a cashless payment instrument whose money is stored in media server or chip that can be moved for the benefit of payment transactions or fund transfers. In Indonesia, there are already many electronic money products, one of which is OVO. OVO is very popular with the people of Indonesia because it offers many promos such as discounts and cashback. But over time, that much promotion is detrimental to OVO shareholders, so the portion of promo given by OVO to its customers is finally reduced. That incident caused many pros and cons opinions about OVO, one of them is on social media Twitter. Sentiment analysis can be used as a solution to process the opinions of OVO customers on Twitter. This study aims to classify the customer opinions on OVO services into positive and negative classes. This study uses the Support Vector Machine algorithm with 3852 data taken from Twitter with keyword @ovo_id using web scraping techniques. The dataset divided into two classes, 2034 positive and 1818 negative sentiment data. The classification process is carried out with four splitting data scenarios, with 60:40, 70:30, 80:20, 90:10 data ratio and with four kernel such as linear, rbf, sigomid, and polynomial. The final results show that the greatest accuracy value obtained by linear kernel with 90:10 data ratio which gets an accuracy value of 98.7%.
Nur Aini Rakhmawati, Achmad Thoriq, Deanda Bevani, Luh Putu Gayatri, Alexander Sidum Laka Kaki
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.816

The Local Indonesian government generates various legal products. This study aims to cluster the titles of regional regulations in Java. The data are collected from law repositories of all provincial governments in Java. The repository is called as JDIH. The analytical method used is clustering with the K-means algorithm. We divide 1849 regulations into ten clusters. 890 data are in the cluster related to motor vehicle tax, public health and safety.
Dentik Karyaningsih, Puji Siswanto
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.907

Lecture courses in the English Language Education Study Program of STKIP Setiabudhi Rangkasbitung are still conducted in face-to-face class, so the students who do not attend lectures cannot know the pronunciation material at that time, because the Pronunciation course is a practical course in the English pronunciation system. The E-Learning Pronunciation is built so that lectures can be carried out anywhere and anytime without reducing the quality of the teaching and learning process. Therefore, the students who are left behind can continue to follow the Pronunciation course material, as well as habituating students in utilizing communication and information technology. E-Learning Pronunciation is important to be built to improve the ability of students’ pronunciation when doing distance learning, so that students are clearer and more firm in understanding Pronunciation so that there are no errors in English pronunciation. Participants in this study were first semester students of English education study programs. This study uses an experimental research design with the Prototype System development method and system of testing uses Black box testing.
Winanda Delrinata, Fernando B Siahaan
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 222-228; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.875

The supply of drugs in a pharmacy is very important to maintain the fulfillment of consumer needs based on a doctor's prescription. Problems arise due to limitations on the expiry date of each drug, this needs to be overcome so that there is no buildup of drug stocks at the pharmacy so that it causes losses because there are types of drugs that have expired in sufficient quantities, therefore we need data mining that can determine which pattern of drug type works best, using a priori algorithm. The association method is needed to see the correlation between a number of attributes for example if a consumer buys drug A then he will buy drug B as well. A priori analysis to determine the minimum conditions for support and confidence. The conclusion of this research is that if you buy amlodipine 5 mg, you will buy sanmol, this is obtained from 33.33% support and 66.66% confidence, if you buy 500 mg amoxan, you will buy sanmol with a support value of 41.66% and confidence 71, 42% and if you buy sanmol, you will buy amoxan 500 mg with a support value of 41.66% and confidence 62.50%.
Dwi Januarita Ak
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 215-221; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.872

The rapid development of technology makes this technology have an impact on many fields, one of which is the business world. The number of businesses that have emerged both small and large businesses that have an impact on competition between these businesses. Today, business in the culinary field is getting tougher. The culinary business sector of restaurants is increasingly popping up in this age. We need to overcome the competition in the emerging restaurant business. By using the stages of making software requirements specifications based on ISO / IEC / IEEE 29148-2018, this restaurant business will have an international standard information system. The result of this method is a software requirements specification document (SKPL) as a reference document for all activities carried out during the development of this information system.
Yudi Eko Windarto, Marfuah Marfuah
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 208-214; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.823

One type of pet is Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). Chickens are the result of the domestication of red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) which is most commonly kept throughout the world. These animals include animals that are easily maintained because they are good at adapting to various conditions of the place. Types of chickens include Broiler, Kedu, Nunukan, Pelung, Garut. Chicken disease can be caused by bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Sometimes the guards don't know that their pet chickens are sick. This can result in death due to delay in handling given. There are also owners who self-treat their chickens, without knowing clearly beforehand what diseases they are suffering from and what drugs are suitable for the disease. Other factors that influence the occurrence of this problem include the limited availability of veterinarians and are not always available at all times. Therefore, an alternative is needed that can provide convenience and ability like a veterinarian in diagnosing infectious diseases suffered by domestic chickens using the naïve bayes method - certainty based on android with 15 types of diseases including Avian influenza, Encephalomyelitis, Chlamydiosis, Pullorum, Fowl Typhoid , Chicken Pox, Chicken anemia syndrome, Helicopter Disease, Aspergillosis, Infectious Bursal Disease, Infectious Bronchitis, Diarrhea, Bacterial Pododermati, Pyotraumatic Dermatitis and Pyoderma. Analysis of test results is done by comparing the results of system diagnoses with the results of diagnoses performed by experts based on the input of the same symptoms from 50 test data, it is known that 45 system test data are declared to match the expert test data, the accuracy of the accuracy of diagnosis results of 90% is in good category.
R.M. Nasrul Halim
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 203-207; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.868

The development of computerized technology requires many parties to compete in using a computerized system to improve the performance and effectiveness of a company or agency. Likewise with the Harmonis Bookstore (TB) which so far is still using the manual method in its sales system. This can affect performance and company profits. Overcoming this matter, TB Harmonis created a desktop-based computerized sales information system so that it can improve company performance to be fast, accurate and can do data processing on a large scale which can affect profit and can compete with other similar companies. The system development method in this study uses Framework for the Application of System Thinking (FAST) method. FAST is a combination of several systems development methods consisting of 7 phase of development. Modeling the system using UML consisting of use case diagrams, activity diagrams and class diagrams. The results of this study are book sales information systems which can improve the performance, effectiveness and efficiency of Harmonis TB Palembang.
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