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Vivi Sahfitri
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 158-164; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.802

A Lecturer as an educator in Higher Education System has an obligation to fulfill the Tri Dharma University which consists of Education, Research and Community Service. A research, which is a part of the lecturer responsibility, shall be conducted in various activities with the cost coming from a wide range of sources. Bina Darma University through the Research and Community Service Institute has an agenda to administer Internal Research Grants which aim to facilitate and motivate Lecturers in the research activities. The assessment of Research proposal is carried out by a reviewer appointed directly by the institution. The reviewer has a full right to determine whether the proposal would be funded or not. The reviewer's full right may affect the objectivity of assessment by the Reviewer which eventually would influence the final decision. Thus, this research aims to design a system for determining the acceptance of Internal Research proposals, that is by using the implementation of Profile Matching Method. The final result of the study shows that the final value of the research proposal which will get the first rank is the value of the ID PROP007 with the final value 4.55. Meanwhile, the lowest end value is 3.1 obtained by ID PROP004. The assessments criteria contained in the research proposal include abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, budget conformance and research schedule.
Resistania Anggita Putri, Nida Inayah Maghfirani, Galih Rendi Setyawan, Adam Achmad Rayhan, Nur Aini Rakhmawati
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 152-157; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i2.817

Thousands Ministry Regulations are found in Indonesia shows that it is a big number. These regulations are intended to focus on various fields in order to be upheld in the public interest. It has recently been discovered that the numbers are increasing and some are no longer enforced. Clustering in data mining can be used to find out the focus of problems are often discussed at each ministry. The method that will be used for clustering ministry regulation data is the K-Means algorithm. K-Means is a non-hierarchical data clustering method partitions data into clusters so data that has the same characteristics will be grouped into one cluster and data that has different characteristics will be grouped into another cluster. This research was conducted by conducting data collection, data cleaning, data processing, and visualization of the results. The results of this paper are grouping the best ministerial regulations into four clusters that have an inertia value of 405.142786991133. Cluster 0 is a collection of regulations on the empowerment of children, women, and victims of violence. Cluster 1 is a collection of regulations on environmental policies in both flora and fauna. Cluster 2 is a collection of regulations relating to science and professionalism. Cluster 3 is a collection of regulations relating to the safety of the creative economy in the field of tourism.
Dahnial Dahnial
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 144-151; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.819

Student council election is a routine school activity every year, but currently the student council election is done manually using ballot papers containing the candidates. The weakness of this system is in addition to the process of getting longer results, it is also prone to fraud due to the excess of manipulated ballot papers, as well as being less environmentally friendly. Therefore the need for a system that is able to provide solutions to these problems, one of which is a responsive web-based student council election system. Web-based systems are more common than mobile-based systems, because they are supported by all device platforms, different if only based on mobile (Android), only devices based on the Android operating system can use the application. Moreover, web technology is now very good, responsive web allows the display of web pages to adjust to the user's screen size automatically, responsive web framework used in this study is bootstrap. In this study, researchers used a software development model which is a prototype. And for the tools used in developing this application is the Unified Modeling Language, and the system testing method uses a blackbox. The results of this study are expected to provide results in the form of a system that is fast and accurate, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Keywords: e-voting, bootstrap, prototype
Yurindra Yurindra, Ari Amir Alkodri, Anisah Anisah, Supardi Supardi
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 138-143; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.837

A common problem that is often faced by almost most Barbershop is in terms of serving customer queues, for barbershops who have many customers and have many service chairs, then of course a good customer queue service management concept is needed as well. One of the concepts of queuing services for customers is how queue information can reach customers without queuing at the location. For this reason, a queue service concept for customers is needed based on Android. Android is preferred because almost all smartphone users are currently based on Android. The application will be built based on the concept of client server so that the queue service will occur in real time. The Queuing model used is Multi Channel Single Phase, because in the queue at barbershop there will only be one stage of the process, but it requires a lot of queue flow. This can be seen in the structure of the development diagram. By using an Android-based application based on a single phase multi channel model that will be built it is ensured that customers will find it helpful, without having to spend time in a queue customers can order queues and see queues in real time so they can rush to barbershop when it is close to the queue
Harrizki Arie Pradana, Fitriyani Fitriyani, Marisa Marisa
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 132-137; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.840

Sekolah Dasar Islam pada dasarnya adalah sekolah yang menerapkan konsep pendidikan Islam berdasarkan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah. Banyak orang tua memiliki pilihan untuk mengirim anak-anak mereka ke sekolah Islam untuk mengeksplorasi agama Islam lebih lanjut. Tetapi seringkali orang tua bingung untuk menentukan pilihan mereka. Ini karena tidak ada metode atau alat yang dapat digunakan untuk menentukan sekolah dasar pilihan. Untuk itu, dirancang suatu sistem untuk menentukan Sekolah Dasar Islam dengan menggunakan metode Simple Additive weighting (SAW) dan Fuzzy Multi Attribute Decision Making (FMADM). Metode Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) digunakan untuk menentukan peringkat dari alternatif yang tersedia. Metode Fuzzy Multi Attribute Decision Making (FMADM) digunakan untuk menemukan alternatif dari banyak alternatif dengan kriteria yang telah ditentukan. Hasil penelitian ini dapat digunakan sebagai alat dalam pengambilan keputusan untuk merekomendasikan Sekolah Dasar yang berbasis Islam.
Tanni Maisari, Asti Amalia Nur Fajrillah
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 122-131; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.804

As time goes by the needs and aspects of competence and productivity of Human Resources (HR) are increasingly diverse to form complex communication patterns. To balance and fulfill those needs and aspects, there needs to be an increase in performance, one of them is with enterprise architecture (EA). This study raises the case of one manufacturing company with a focus on the HR management function which has problems regarding the composition and competency of HR that is uneven so that HR productivity is low. One solution to this problem is by designing an EA. The solution produced in this research is expected to be able to meet the company's business requirements which will then be able to help meet the goals of the HR management function and also the company by considering aspects of HR. The design method of this research EA uses TOGAF ADM (The Open Group Architecture Framework) which is one of the frameworks for designing EA by connecting business architecture, data, applications, and technology. TOGAF ADM is flexible so it is possible to proceed with a different framework. In this research, EA design focuses on only three stages, namely the preliminary phase, architecture vision, and business architecture. Business architecture is a phase in the TOGAF ADM which acts as the main component capable of sustaining further architecture. The business architecture contains the definition of baseline architecture and targeting which will be used as guidelines for the basis for the development of integrated information systems for the HR Management Function. Business architecture is very instrumental in helping to handle the issues and risks that occur in the company, so it can facilitate the company to make the right decision.
Lukas Tommy, Delpiah Wahyuningsih, Parlia Romadiana
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 108-121; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.813

STMIK Atma Luhur Pangkalpinang setiap tahunnya mengadakan kegiatan PMB dimana saat ini camabanya dapat mendaftar dengan datang langsung ke bagian informasi, mengisi formulir Google Forms, atau menghubungi WA panitia PMB. Ketiga cara pendaftaran ini memiliki beberapa kekurangan seperti terdapat pengeluaran tambahan untuk ATK dan transportasi, serta waktu pendaftaran yang terbatas. Selain itu, panitia harus menginput ulang data dari camaba dengan sistem desktop yang ada karena belum terintegrasinya database dan camaba perlu dihubungi satu per satu jika ada perubahan seperti perubahan jadwal pengarahan. Hal ini mengakibatkan kegiatan PMB STMIK Atma Luhur menjadi kurang efisien, melelahkan, dan lambat. Solusi permasalahan yang diusulkan adalah membuat aplikasi PMB berbasis Android dengan push notification serta terintegrasi dengan database Oracle saat ini. Push notification memungkinkan notifikasi langsung dikirimkan ke pihak tertentu jika suatu peristiwa terjadi seperti ada pendaftaran baru atau pendaftaran ditanggapi admin. Hal ini berarti pendaftaran baru dapat langsung diketahui dan ditanggapi oleh admin. Database terintegrasi memungkinkan data yang diinput camaba melalui aplikasi dapat langsung tersimpan ke database Oracle. Hasil pengukuran Skala Likert terhadap kuesioner yang dibagikan kepada 475 responden menunjukkan tingkat kepuasan pengguna yang cukup baik terhadap aplikasi, yaitu rata-rata sebesar 3,39. Skor 3,33 diperoleh untuk pernyataan mengenai aplikasi membuat pendaftaran di STMIK Atma Luhur menjadi mudah dan efisien. Pernyataan mengenai aplikasi memudahkan dan mempercepat pekerjaan panitia PMB memperoleh skor 3,48. Selain itu, pernyataan mengenai informasi terkait PMB pada aplikasi menarik, mudah diakses, dan jelas memperoleh skor 3,25.
Hendra Hendra, Mochammad Abdul Azis, Suhardjono Suhardjono
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 102-107; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.756

Good accreditation results are the goal of the college. With good accreditation, prospective students can glance at and enter the tertiary institution. To achieve this, there are several aspects that affect good accreditation results, one of which is graduate students who play an important role in determining accreditation. Timely graduate students can benefit the college or a student. Graduates can be predicted before the final semester using a method one of which is the decision tree. Decision tree is a method that is simple and easy to understand by producing rules in the form of a decision tree, but using a decision tree model alone is not enough to produce optimal results. So we need a method for optimization that is particle swarm optimization with advantages can improve accuracy by eliminating unused features. From the results of research with primary data of 2000-2003 graduate students in Amik PPMI Tangerang explained that the particle swarm optimization method can increase accuracy by 87.56% and increase by 01.01% from the decision tree method with a value of 86.55%. From the particle swarm optimization method can also find out which unused attributes have no weight, so that way can improve accuracy. From the results of the increase, it can be used by the Amik University of Tangerang to prevent students from graduating on time.
Benny Wijaya, Arie Pratama
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 97-101; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.770

Permasalahan yang ada diwarnet cyber terletak pada belum terdapatnya sistem keamanan server warnet, oleh karena itu beberapa kali server warnet cyber mengalami permasalahan karena adanya penyerangan yang dilakukan oleh pihak lain seperti ping flood, smurf attack dan lain - lain. Ada beberapa alternatif solusi untuk mengatasi permasalahan keamanan warnet yang kurang maksimal salah satunya adalah penerapan metode IDS (Intrusion Detection System). Sistem ini bekerja dengan membuat peringatan bahwa adanya penyusupan dari luar yang bisa membaca parameter berupa alamat IP (Internet Protocol) penyerang. Dengan Implementasi sistem ini ,maka sistem mampu menutup akses terhadap usaha-usaha penyerangan terhadapa jaringan komputer. Dengan demikian jalur komunikasi menggunakan Snort dan IDS bisa lebih efisien.
Dzikry Ahmad Fauzy, Iskandar Iskandar, Jepry Rahmadhan, Rinto Priambodo
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 89-96; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i1.783

Sepeda motor adalah sarana transportasi yang penting dalam beraktifitas khususnya di daerah Jakarta yang terkenal kemacetannya. Dengan menggunakan sepeda motor perjalanan yang ditempuh lebih efisien. Maka dari itu sepeda motor membutuhkan perawatan agar kondisi motor tetap baik dan prima. Namun demikian tidak semua pengguna sepeda motor mengetahui kerusakan yang dialami. Aplikasi Bengkel Ku memudahkan pelanggan dalam reparasi, jasa servis, penjualan sparepart dan perawatan sepeda motor, mulai dari perawatan berkala sampai servis kerusakan sepeda motor dengan mendatangkan mekanik langsung ke rumah atau lokasi pelanggan (Home Service). Aplikasi Bengkel Ku memudahkan pelanggan mendiagnosis kerusakan sepeda motor dengan menggunakan metode Forward Chaining yang mengacu pada pengetahuan para ahli atau disebut Sistem Pakar. Dengan teknik penalaran Forward Chaining, deteksi dilakukan dengan memulai dari sekumpulan pertanyaan gejala nantinya dapat melihat kesimpulan jenis kerusakan pada sepeda motor. Dengan metode ini pelanggan dapat mengetahui kerusakan kendaraan sepeda motor sebelum datang ke bengkel atau berkonsultasi kepada mekanik
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