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Alfi Nurfazri, Naldi Nashih Ulwan, Rinto Priambodo
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 10, pp 1-9; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v10i1.934

In life, there is also death, every day the number of people who are born in the world continues to increase followed by the death of a person. The death rate in DKI Jakarta in early 2020 was 3,072 reports and then there was a significant increase in February as many as 5,792 reports. Public Cemetery is an area of land provided for funeral purposes for any person regardless of religion and class. The City Parks and Forests Service of the Provincial Government of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta is a Regional Work Unit in charge of Forestry, Landscaping, and Cemeteries in the DKI Jakarta Regional Work Scope. The amount of time and energy needed in the funeral process for a corpse in DKI Jakarta Province starts from registering the body, selecting the location to the heir to obtain an IPTM from the PTSP. While the burial process must be carried out quickly, especially in certain conditions, such as during the pandemic, where the bodies must be buried immediately and the limited burial ground available. This recommendation system aims to simplify the process of registering bodies, selecting the cemetery, selecting plots, and managing tombs. By using the SAW method in the selection of cemeteries and grave plots, it will optimize burial plots by selecting the best alternative based on predetermined criteria so that it will reduce TPU cases of fullness or unavailability of grave plots.
Muhammad Naufal Rabbani, Ahmad Yusuf, Dwi Rolliawati
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 10, pp 18-24; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v10i1.939

Every year, all the colleges hold new student enrollment. It is needed to start a new school academic year. Unfortunately, the number of students who resigned is considerably high to reach 837 students and caused 324 empty seats. The college’s stakeholders can minimize the resignation number if the selection phase of new students is done accurately. Making a machine learning-based model can be the answer. The model will help predict which candidates who potentially complete the enrollment process. By knowing it in the first place will help the management in the selection process. This prediction is based on historical data. Data is processed and used to train the model using the Adaboost algorithm. The performance comparison between Adaboost and Decision Tree model is performed to find the best model. To achieve the maximum performance of the model, feature selection is performed using chi-square calculation. The results of this research show that the performance of Decision Tree is lower than the performance of the Adaboost algorithm. The Adaboost model has f-measure score of 90.9%, precision 83.7%, and recall 99.5%. The process of analyzing the data distribution of prospective new students was also conducted. The results were obtained if prospective students who tended to finish the enrollment process had the following characteristics: graduated from an Islamic school, 19-21 years old, parents' income was IDR 1,000,000 to IDR. 5,000,000, and through the SBMPTN program.
Aditya Alif, Ilham Rahmaditia Arlingga, Ika Nur Suciati, Bagus Priambodo
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 10, pp 10-17; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v10i1.942

Low costing flats are subsidized by the local government, but until now, there are still many flats that do not have a good system to manage the facility. The obstacle faced by the current management is that there is no system that can give priority scale there is no system that can provide a fast and precise priority scale to determine facilities that need to be repaired immediately by the management based on the availability resource so fast which facilities need to be repaired as soon as possible. Such as determining the priority of repairs among damaged public toilets or repairing damaged garden chairs. In this study, we propose the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method to determine priority maintenance for facilities in low-cost flats. The results of calculations using SAW are evaluated by comparing the results of calculations using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). The experimental results show that the ranking results using the SAW method are better than the results of ranking using the AHP, furthermore using SAW is also more efficient because the complexity required in the calculation is simpler.
Susan Dian Purnamasari, Firamon Syakti
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 420-426; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.1000

One of the products of information technology that is common today is the school website. Where the school website is the spearhead for schools in disseminating information to related parties. The most important aspect of a website is the usability aspect because it greatly affects visitor convenience. The use of the website for disseminating information is also used by SMK Negeri Sumsel and the school's main portal on the internet. For that to see the importance of the usability aspect, this study aims to see the level of usability of the SMK Negeri Sumsel website. In measuring the level of usability, usability testing techniques are used with the stages of preparation, selecting respondents, data collection and data analysis. The test results show that the usability aspects on the website such as errors, learnability, memorability and satisfaction get good ratings while the efficiency aspects are not categorized as good.
Feri Prasetyo, Agus Dendi Rachmatsyah, Jumadi Nur, Faisal Adam
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 412-419; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.883

Recognition and mastery of the hijaiyah letters which are the basis for reading and studying the Holy Qur'an from an early age is very important, because if at the time of reading the hijaiyah letters you are accustomed to the wrong words it will cause different meanings so that we are required to read properly and correctly. The method in learning hijaiyah letters is usually given by traditional (conventional) reciting teachers or people often call it the sequential method. With this kind of teaching, children tend to be passive in accepting their teaching lessons, because the Koran teacher explains the children in learning to read hijaiyah letters orally, in writing and in body language. The application of recognizing hijaiyah letters is very effective and easy to use for students of paud al fina in recognizing and writing hijaiyah letters because the design of the learning aid program to read hijaiyah letters is a method in the form of visualization in the form of images, text and sound. To implement this method, the author uses Android Studio programming which acts as a tool (programming system) used to build an application, this application program is expected to generate interest for early childhood or adults who want to learn how to learn to read hijaiyah letters properly and correctly. accommodated.
Hendro Wijayanto, Iwan Ady Prabowo
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 395-399; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.1021

The penetration of Indonesian internet users in first quarter of 2020 has increased by 17 percent compared to 2019. Based on Google Consumer Barometer in 2018, many 79% of Internet users in Indonesia use the internet on a daily basis. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, universities had to do Study From Home and Work From Home. This resulted, use of information technology and computers also increasing. This increase will have an impact on the level of cybercrime vulnerability. The scale of cyber vulnerability is needed to measure level of cybersecurity in universities, especially in data managers. There are five scales, Very Safe, Safe, Vulnerable, Very Vulnerable, and Dangerous. Where the scale is used in negative and positive statements. The measurement results show an average value of 3.3 or a vulnerable scale. Total average value of negative statements is 2.53 or scale close to vulnerability. So it is necessary to socialize the importance of cybersecurity to minimize occurrence of cybercrime.
Lydia Liliana, Henny Hartono, Devi Yurisca Bernanda
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 400-406; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.1022

Pertumbuhan teknologi membawa dampak terhadap peningkatan data untuk digunakan bagi setiap orang. Akumulasi data tersebut telah menciptakan pola data yang semakin banyak, namun perolehan informasi dari data tersebut masih minim. Oleh karena itu, saat ini diperlukan suatu teknik analisa data dalam mencari pola dari kumpulan data tersebut, salah satunya adalah data mining. Data mining merupakan proses pencarian informasi baru dari kumpulan data yang besar untuk menemukan informasi baru sebagai bahan pertimbangan dalam pengambilan keputusan di berbagai bidang, seperti bidang pendidikan. Dalam bidang pendidikan, banyak menghasilkan berbagai macam data, seperti data performa siswa dalam persiapan mengikuti ujian. Data tersebut dapat dianalisis dengan menggunakan metode On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) untuk menemukan pola dari data performa siswa tersebut. Penelitian ini berfokus pada proses integrasi data mining yang terdiri dari association, clustering, classification dan forecasting dengan kombinasi metode On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) pada data performa siswa. Penulis juga menggunakan bantuan tools Power OLAP untuk membantu analisa metode data mining. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah penemuan pola baru dalam proses identifikasi kelompok data tersebut, seperti informasi mengenai rata-rata hasil ujian siswa berdasarkan persiapan ujian yang dilakukan dalam bentuk grafik sebagai alat pemodelan dari data, sehingga pengetahuan baru tersebut dapat membantu pihak universitas/sekolah untuk melalukan klasifikasi mengenai tingkat kelulusan dan dapat menetukan strategi dalam meningkatkan kelulusan siswa pada tahun - tahun berikutnya.
Siti Monalisa, Fakhri Hadi
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 387-394; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.932

MAN 1 Inhil is a school that applies ministerial regulations to determine the direction of student majors at the beginning of entry, namely in class X. Determination of majors is done by considering several indicators, namely the results of academic tests, interviews, and student interest. The calculation in determining this course is very simple, namely by adding up the values of each indicator and dividing them together so that an average value is obtained. If the value is fulfilled then the student is grouped based on their interests. This can lead to errors in decision making by the school because it can be subjective because it prioritizes student interests. Therefore we need methods and algorithms to help make decisions well, the decision tree method. One algorithm that can be used is CART algorithm to classify majors with three indicators, namely Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Religion. The results of this study indicate that the CART algorithm is able to predict correctly, from 360 data classified using the CART algorithm, it can be concluded that 71 data majoring in religion and correctly classified by CART. 144 data majoring in Natural Sciences, 119 data correctly classified and 24 data classified as IPS, and 1 data classified as religion. Of 146 data majoring in social studies, 129 were classified correctly, 16 data were classified as natural sciences. Therefore it can be concluded that CART algorithm has an 80% accuracy so that it can be used in decision making
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 380-386; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.992

Currently, the sales system is overgrowing. The concept of selling that was done manually (which is still less than optimal) becomes electronic (e-commerce). System development requires a digital platform. This platform must be able to carry out all activities that were carried out before (manually), such as collecting documents, recording transactions, and reporting. Besides, the e-commerce platform can provide support and increased performance in the sales process, both in checking stock items, transaction reports, and services. Besides, this optimization can provide services precisely and quickly to consumers. A management information system concept is needed to carry out e-commerce and services with integrated data and be stored in its development database. This prototype concept requires a method for website development. The method used is a waterfall. Website design uses the Hypertext PreProcessor (PHP) programming language and MySQL database. The design model uses two concepts: entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) and data flow diagrams (DFD). The result is a website and e-commerce services that can be accepted by users and e-commerce organizers with tests that have been carried out. System testing uses Blackbox and Whitebox testing, each of which results can be used to implement e-commerce sites and services. The website can assist officers in service and e-commerce and make it easier for officers to determine the target and service status.
M. Alfine Ridho, Molavi Arman
Jurnal Sisfokom (Sistem Informasi dan Komputer), Volume 9, pp 373-379; doi:10.32736/sisfokom.v9i3.945

DDoS attack (Distribute Denial of Service) is one of the weapons of choice from hackers because it’s proven it has become threat on the internet worlds. The frequent of DDoS attacks creates a threat to internet users or servers, so that requires the introduction of several new methods that occur, one of which can use the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) method. This study took advantage of Neural Network ability to detect DDoS attack or normal based on traffic log processed statistically using Fixed Moving Window. The DDOS attack scheme uses a network topology that has been designed based on the needs and objectives that are found in monitoring network traffic. In each DDoS data and normal consist of 27 traffic log with total numbers of dataset as much as 54 data along with each testing data as much as 10 DDoS data and normal. Data collection was performed using LOIC, HOIC, and DoSHTTP with 300 seconds of traffic monitoring. The result of the Fixed Moving Window processing is the extraction value that will be put in the Neural Networks have 6 input values, one hidden layer with 300 neurons and 2 outputs which consist of a normal dataset and a DDoS dataset. The results of this study showed that Neural Network can detect DDoS and Normal in a good way with accuracy value as much as 95%.
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