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Ika Anggraheni, Yorita Febry Lismanda
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 710-716;

Nutrition is an important factor for child development. Parents' knowledge about nutrition plays a role in determining children's nutrition. Parents must determine balanced nutrition for their children. The balance of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients can increase the child's immunity to disease. The community service team tries to carry out a service program regarding the imbalance between the potential available in an area with the ideal conditions of the community. Local wisdom in the form of corn, cassava, and peanut farming in Kucur Village has not been followed by public awareness about the maximum utilization of local wisdom. The service is carried out with the aim of making guardians of kindergarten students in Kucur Village able to process food that is of interest to children. The target of this program is parents of kindergarten / RA children in Kucur village. The method of implementing the program begins with inculturation, discovery, design, define, monev and reporting of results. As a result of this dedication, the parents have knowledge of their local wisdom so that they can be used to support children's health through nutritious food. Parents have the initiative and are passionate about getting nutritious food for their children
Prima Agustina Mariamurti, Tania Intan, Sri Rijati Wardiani
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 724-230;

People were stunned as the number of Covid-19 victims around the world exploded. Everyone should live with this virus that has not yet found a cure and the number of infected and dead patients is increasing. Every government put health protocols to protect the citizen's well-being. The 3M's behaviour (wearing a mask, maintaining distance, washing hands) will prevent people from being infected with the virus. However, the number of mortality has not decreased. Through community service activities that are integrated with student community service programs, online interviews and surveys are conducted with partners around student residences to find out public awareness of health protocols. People already know and implement this protocol, but the pandemic condition which has been going on for almost a year has made them ignorant and negligent. This situation requires a constant reminder about the Covid-19 virus and its prevention. One option that can be accessed online is through digital booklets, which can be easily opened from any gadget and also be distributed to others. This activity also shows that to get through the pandemic period, everyone must have insight and a willingness to receive relevant knowledge.
Imam Habibi, Titik Irawati, Nunuk Helilusiatiningsih, Edy Soenyoto
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 717-723;

Pineapple was a potential commodity in Kediri Regency, favored because of its sweet taste mixed with acid which contains nutrients and antioxidants. The community service activity involves Faculty of Agriculture UNISKA in collaboration with the Pineapple Farmer Group and PT. PNM Kediri Branch. The purpose of the activity was identifying problems with pineapple farmers through survey activities, solving problems through training activities. Pineapple processing in Kediri district was not yet fully implemented. Still maintaining sales in fresh form so it was necessary to add value to the product. The training was held in September 2019. The tools and materials used were a set of cooking utensils and pineapple fruit. The expected output of activities was in the form of a cluster map of pineapple plant farmers in Kediri district and product diversification from pineapple plants. The results obtained were that farmers can produce fruit juice, pineapple jam and pineapple business assistance.
Wahyu Kyestiati Sumarno, Ali Shodikin, Adinda Aulia Rahmawati, Putri Dian Shafira, Imro’Atus Solikha
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 702-709;

Scientific literacy is one of the important literacies that children need to have. However, there are many findings that show the low level of scientific literacy in Indonesian children. "Panggon Moco" is one of the reading park communities (TBM) which was formed due to the community’s concern for the success of the literacy program. Until now, the literacy developed by this community is still limited to reading literacy. Therefore, it is necessary to develop other literacy such as scientific literacy. To answer this challenge, it is necessary to carry out a scientific literacy activities for children in the Panggon Moco community. A learning approach that has been proven to improve scientific literacy in children is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). The method of implementing this program includes several activities, namely (1) discussion and equalization of perceptions; (2) making Fun STEAM Lab books; (3) the STEAM experiment; and (4) STEAM literacy assistance. This activity is carried out offline and online. The results obtained from this program are increasing children's understanding of STEAM and increasing students' interest and motivation in learning.
Ahmadi Kgs, Lorine Tantalu, Nonok Supartini, Edyson Indawan, Imroatus Sholiqah
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 695-701;

The Eltari Waste Bank is one of the Malang Waste Banks under the guidance of the Malang City Environment Service. Located at Jalan Palmerah RT 02 RW 06, Cemorokandang, Kedungkandang District, Malang City, it provides a place for the process of collecting waste that has been sorted based on conditions and types of waste, both organic and non-organic. Not all residents have understood the importance of sorting waste by type, coupled with the not yet optimal use of non-organic or plastic waste to become goods needed by the community. Through the waste management assistance process by the service team in the form of the introduction of efforts to recycle plastic packaging waste into mats and bags, it is able to increase the productivity of the Eltari Waste Bank. The introduction activity succeeded in attracting the interest of residents around the Waste Bank because in addition to being able to increase the livelihoods of local residents, it can also increase family income up to 25%.
Yoyon Haryanto, Suyadi
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 687-694;

Youth around the forest in general is still very trusting, submissive and obedient to their informal leader. Independence of youth around the forest can be measured from the power strain, competitiveness and sanding. The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors that influence the leadership role of informal leaders, youth independence around the forest, and the leadership role of informal leaders on youth independence around the forest. The research was conducted from October to November 2020, located in the village of Pasir Madang, Sukajaya Subdistrict, Bogor Regency with a sample size of 50 youth. Data were analyzed using path analysis (path analysys). The results of this study are the factors that directly affect the leadership role of informal figures are the individual factors of informal figures, the independence factor of youth around the forest is influenced by the leadership role of informal figures and individual factors of informal figures, and the leadership role of informal figures significantly affects the independence of youth around the forest. Extension support by the government tarhadap informal leaders need to be improved, so that the informal leaders can be more active, innovative, and also care about the community
Anita Candra Dewi, Ma’ Ruf
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 679-686;

This activity aims to introduce and provide new understanding to teachers about the importance of using google classroom media in learning Indonesian. The solution offered in this activity is to conduct training for teachers at SMPN 2 Tanete Rilau, Barru Regency, South Sulawesi Province, in the form of understanding the material and applying the google classroom media. The results of the interview show that teachers are still minimal to be creative in teaching online during this Covid-19 pandemic which has almost spread throughout Indonesia. Another result of this training activity is that the training participants consisting of Indonesian language teachers plus teachers from other fields of study have knowledge about the importance of google classroom during the covid 19 pandemic, participants are able to design classes through google classroom, and participants can manage classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. learning process using google classroom.
Nisa'Us Sholikah, Sumartono
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 671-678;

Beef cattle are ruminants that have economic value for people's lives in rural areas. The problem that is often faced by beef cattle farmers is the farmer's knowledge that is still lacking because they still rely on experience without being based on correct and precise technical knowledge. The aim of the program was to increased the knowledge of traditional farmers about reproductive management so as to increase the productivity of beef cattle. The target audience for this activity was traditional farmers who maintain productive female beef cattle in Pakis Subdistrict. The method used in the community service program was counseling on reproduction management and application of recording. The results of this community service activity are manifested in an increase in the knowledge of traditional farmers in Pakis Subdistrict and the motivation to improve the management of the reproduction of beef cattle being raised based on the analysis of the results of the pre-test and post-test. It is hoped that the improvement of reproductive management can help increase productivity and improve the economy of traditional farmers if it is implemented correctly and appropriately.
Nindha Ayu Berlianti, Nur Hayati, Noer Af’Idah, Oktaffi Arinna Manasikana, Andri Wahyu Wijayadi
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 663 670-663 670;

This community service program aimed to increase the knowledge and awareness of mothers in Sumbernongko Village, Ngusikan District, Jombang Regency about the importance of early education about the risks and dangers of electromagnetic waves exposed by smartphone signals (gadgets). The activities in this program were carried out by giving lectures, presenting interactive videos and question and answer. The first step was to provide education about what radiation is and its use in communication and the impacts that will occur in the short and long term. Then, it was followed by giving tips on reducing the use of gadgets. The target of this community service program was to make parents able to be wise and firm when limit ing the use of gadgets to their children and familiarize their children with activities outside or inside the home more because the role of parents in children's development is largely determined by their daily activities.
Parmin, Stephani Diah Pamelasari, Endah Fitriani Rahayu, Aji Saputra
Jpm (jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat), Volume 6, pp 653-662;

Activities with service journal managers as research targets aim to increase managers' knowledge about management and journal articles' substance quality. Manager's knowledge which is the focus of activities, refers to the accreditation assessment of national journals. The main target of community service activities is the manager of the university service journal in Semarang. The method of mentoring activities is carried out online, divided into two forms: for management and article substance. Evaluation of activities was carried out through analysis of the value of pre-test and post-test questions on journal management and article substance and questionnaire analysis of participants' feedback. The average pre-test score is 65, and the post-test is 84, indicating an increase in knowledge on the target activities. From the mentoring in publishing service journals that have been carried out, the journal manager (the target of the activity) has had broader knowledge about the management and substance of the article. The accreditation simulation in the mentoring process has provided an authentic experience for managers to be more prepared to propose accreditation and reaccreditation of service journals.
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