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Evan Setiawan Sie, Mahmud Yunus
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 133-138;

This paper discusses cone polygonal metric spaces. We analyze some characteristics derived from convergence and Cauchyness of sequences. Our result consists of some conditions on uniqueness of limit point and completeness in cone polygonal metric spaces.
Ade Novia Rahma, Esty Erizona, Rahmawati Rahmawati
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 7-16;

Penelitan ini bertujuan untuk menentukan determinan dari suatu matriks centrosymmetric bentuk khusus ordo berpangkat bilangan bulat positif. Dalam menentukan determinan matriks centrosymmetric bentuk khusus terdapat beberapa langkah yang perlu dikerjakan. Pertama perhatikan bentuk pola matriks centrosymmetric bentuk khusus sampai sehingga didapat bentuk umumnya kemudian dibuktikan dengan induksi matematika. Kedua perhatikan bentuk pola determinan matriks centrosymmetric bentuk khusus sampai sehingga didapat bentuk umumnya lalu dibuktikan dengan pembuktian langsung. Hasil akhir dalam penelitian ini diperoleh bentuk umum matriks, determinan dari matriks centrosymmetric berpangkat bilangan bulat positif dengan ganjil dan genap.
Leomarich F Casinillo
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 1-6;

Let G=(V(G), E(G)) be a connected graph with order |V(G)|=p and size |E(G)|=q. A graph G is said to be even-to-odd mean graph if there exists a bijection function phi:V(G) to {2, 4, ..., 2p} such that the induced mapping phi^*:E(G) to {3, 5, ..., 2p-1} defined by phi^*(uv)=[phi(u)+phi(v)]/2 for all uv element of E(G) is also bijective. The function is called an even-to-odd mean labeling of graph . This paper aimed to introduce a new technique in graph labeling. Hence, the concepts of even-to-odd mean labeling has been evaluated for some trees. In addition, we examined some properties of tree graphs that admits even-to-odd mean labeling and discussed some important results.
Elfira - Safitri, Sri Basriati, Elvina Andiani
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 117-132;

The Sentosa Santul Women Farmers Group (KWT) is a group of women farmers in Dusun Santul, Kampar Utara District an is engaged in the field of food crops is chili. The Sentosa Santul Women Farmers group (KWT) uses 4 types of fertilizers for chili plant fertilization, namely hydro complex fertilizer, phonska, NPK Zamrud and goat manure.The KWT wants the minimum fertilizer cost but the nutrients in the plants are met. The method used in this research is the dual simplex method and the quick simplex method. The purpose of this study is to determine the minimum costs that must be incurred by the Womens Farmer Group (KWT) for fertilization using the dual simplex method and the quick simplex method to obtain an optimum and feasible solution. For the dual simplex method, the optimum and feasible solution were obtained using the Gauss Jordanelimination. While the quick simplex method, the solution is illustrated using a matrix to reduce the number of iterations needed to achieve the optimal solution. Based on the research result, it is found that the quick simplex method is more efficient than the dual simplex method. This can be seen from the number of iterations carried out. Dual simplex method iteration there are two iterations and quick simplex one iteration. The dual simplex method and the quick simplex method produce the same value.
Corry Corazon Marzuki, Yusnita Sari, Abdussakir Abdussakir, Fitri Aryani
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 17-28;

Misalkan adalah suatu graf dan adalah bilangan bulat positif. Pelabelan- total pada graf adalah suatu pemetaan Bobot titik dinyatakan dan bobot sisi dinyatakan Suatu pelabelan- total dikatakan tak teratur total, jika bobot setiap titik berbeda dan bobot setiap sisi berbeda. Nilai ketakteraturan total (totally irregularity strength) dari graf dinotasikan dengan adalah nilai minimum atau label terbesar minimum yang digunakan untuk melabeli graf dengan pelabelan-k total tak teratur total. Dalam makalah ini diperoleh nilai ketakteraturan total 4 copy graf bintan Sn adalah dengan merupakan bilangan bulat positif dan
Cindy Aisa Putri Noor, Lailany Yahya, Salmun K Nasib, Nisky Imansyah Yahya
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 29-44;

Suatu graf dikatakan terhubung pelangi jika terdapat lintasan antara dua titik yang setiap sisi-sisinya memiliki warna berbeda. Misalkan terdapat suatu graf G tak trivial dengan definisi warna c:E(G)->{1,2,3,...}, maka bilangan terhubung pelangi dari graf G yaitu minimum k dari pewarnaan-k pelangi yang digunakan untuk mewarnai graf G dan dinotasikan dengan rc(G). Tujuan dari penelitian ini yaitu untuk menentukan bilangan terhubung pelangi pada graf salju (Sn_m). Metode yang digunakan pada penelitian ini yaitu metode studi literatur dengan prosedur sebagai berikut; menggambar graf salju, mencari pola bilangan terhubung pelangi, dan membuktikan teorema bilangan terhubung pelangi pada graf salju (Sn_m). Sehingga diperoleh rc(Sn_m)=m+1 untuk 3<=m<=7 dan m={9,10} dan rc(Sn_m)=m untuk m=8 dan m>=11.
Marco Ripà
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 61-68;

In the present paper, we consider an optimization problem related to the extension in k-dimensions of the well known 3x3 points problem by Sam Loyd. In particular, thanks to a variation of the so called “clockwise-algorithm”, we show how it is possible to visit all the 3^k points of the k-dimensional grid given by the Cartesian product of (0, 1, 2) using covering trails formed by h(k)=(3^k-1)/2 links who belong to k (Euclidean) length classes. We can do this under the additional constraint of allowing only turning points which belong to the set B(k):={(0, 3) x (0, 3) x ... x (0, 3)}.
Jakub Czajko
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 69-89;

The special theory of relativity (STR) is operationally expanded onto orthogonal accelerations: normal and binormal that complement the instantaneous tangential speed and thus can be structurally extended into operationally complete 4D spacetime without defying the STR. Thus the former classic Lorentz factor, which defines proper time differential can be expanded onto within a trihedron moving in the Frenet frame (T,N,B). Since the tangential speed which was formerly assumed as being always constant, expands onto effective normal and binormal speeds ensuing from the normal and binormal accelerations, the expanded formula conforms to the former Lorentz factor. The obvious though previously overlooked fact that in order to change an initial speed one must apply accelerations (or decelerations, which are reverse accelerations), made the Einstein’s STR incomplete for it did not apply to nongravitational selfpropelled motion. Like a toy car lacking accelerator pedal, the STR could drive nowhere. Yet some scientists were teaching for over 115 years that the incomplete STR is just fine by pretending that gravity should take care of the absent accelerator. But gravity could not drive cars along even surface of earth. Gravity could only pull the car down along with the physics that peddled the nonsense while suppressing attempts at its rectification. The expanded formula neither defies the STR nor the general theory of relativity (GTR) which is just radial theory of gravitation. In fact, the expanded formula complements the STR and thus it supplements the GTR too. The famous Hafele-Keating experiments virtually confirmed the validity of the expanded formula proposed here.
Zahra Aulia Emeralda, Christiana Rini Indrati
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 104-116;

Dalam tulisan ini dibahas mengenai beberapa sifat metrik pseudo-$b_s$ dan topologi dalam ruang metrik pseudo-$b_s$ di antaranya kekonvergenan-$b_s$ barisan, barisan Cauchy-$b_s$, ruang metrik pseudo-$b_s$ lengkap, serta himpunan tertutup-$b_s$.
Okky Widya Arditya, Widowati Widowati, Sutimin Sutimin, R. Heru Tjahjana, Priyo Sidik Sasongko
Journal of Fundamental Mathematics and Applications (JFMA), Volume 4, pp 96-103;

In early 2020, covid-19 spread fast in the worldwide and cause the high death. The disease started from the Asian region which resulted in a viral pandemic in 2020. In order to anticipate the increasing of the cases, a strategy is needed to inhibit its transmission. The mathematical model approach is important tool for predicting of covid-19 spread in populations. In this paper we propose and analyze the dynamical behaviour of a developed logistic model by considering the effect of the contact patterns in reducing the covid-19 spread process. To verify the developed logistic model, numerical simulation was given with case study of covid-19 spread for patients under supervision in Central Java Province, Indonesia. Based on simulation results, it was found that physical distancing can reduce the growth of the covid-19 spread for patient under supervision. It can be seen from the number of covid-19 spread for patients under supervision with physical distancing intervention smaller compared to without physical distancing intervention.
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