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Khadijah Auliaur Rohmaani, Cut Nurul Kemala
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 4, pp 19-34;

The purpose of this study was to measure the decrease in depression symptoms experienced by the participant before and after following the intervention by applying the Internet-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (iCBT) approach. The participant was HN, a 14-year-old female adolescent who refused school due to major depressive disorder. The design of this study was a single-subject design with pre-post measurement. The intervention program was held eight sessions with a pre-session one day before, and a follow-up session was given two weeks after. The instruments used for this research are Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) to measure depression symptoms and Mood-o-meter, which serves as a mood rating to measure HN's mood fluctuation. This study showed depression symptoms decreased and positive mindset change and behavior towards the social environment at the end of the intervention program.
Ni Nyoman Budiartini
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 4, pp 9-18;

This research aimed to understand the effect of stress during the pandemic on marital quality in Bali. This research used a quantitative approach. Subjects involved in this research were 242 people who had been married for at least five years, with intact family conditions, and lived in Denpasar City, Bali. The instruments in this research were the COVID Stress Scale from Taylor (2020) and the Marital Quality scale arranged by Nurhayati (2017). The validity of this research used content validity by expert judgment. Reliability in the scale of this research used the Cronbach Alpha reliability coefficient. The COVID stress variable has a reliability of 0.934, while the variable of marital quality has a reliability of 0.889. As for the data analysis, descriptive analysis and simple linear regression analysis were used. Based on the data analysis, the regression coefficient was 0.028 and sig. 0.307, with the value of R square = 0.004. The results showed that COVID stress does not affect the marital quality in Bali.
Susilo Hidayat, Farida Agus Setiawati
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 4, pp 35-42;

This study investigates the effect of brand authenticity as a mediator of self-congruity relationships on coffee shops consumer loyalty. Data obtained by cross-sectional method with convenience/accidental sampling through an online survey platform. Four hundred thirty responses (44.4% male) were collected from consumers of various brands of coffee shops located in DIY. The mediation effect hypothesis was tested using a bootstrapping approach and additional analysis of the causal step approach using the Sobel test. Self-congruity and brand authenticity have a positive effect on brand loyalty. There is a partial mediating effect produced by brand authenticity on the relationship between self-congruity and brand loyalty. Consumers' consideration to be loyal to the brand is not only based on the suitability of their self-concept with the brand image/brand users image (self-congruity), but also the brand's authenticity.
Novia Haryani
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 4, pp 43-49;

This study aims to determine the level of career adaptability and work engagement and the effect of career adaptability on work engagement in millennial generation employees at a startup company. This type of research is ex post facto with a quantitative approach. The population of this study amounted to 34 employees who work at the startup company. This research is a population study; therefore, it uses the entire population of employees. The instrument uses a psychological scale of career adaptability and works engagement. The validity of the research scale uses content validity by expert judgment. The reliability of the research scale was estimated using Cronbach Alpha and composite reliability. The results of the descriptive analysis show that the level of career adaptability and work engagement of millennial generation employees at A startup company is relatively high. The results of multiple linear regression analysis show that: (1) career adaptability affects work engagement, (2) career adaptability concerns and curiosity dimensions affect work engagement, (3) career adaptability dimensions control and confidence have no effect on work engagement.
Eka Apristian Pantu
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 4, pp 1-8;

The spread of Covid-19 encourages educational institution to maximize online learning. Online learning can work well if students are able to focus on learning. The ability to focus on learning is known as academic flow. This study aims to explain effect of academic self-efficacy on flow academic in online learning. This research involve 296 participants who were selected by incidental sampling. The instruments used in this research are self-efficacy scale and flow short scale which were analyzed by using linear regression techniques. The results shows that academic self-efficacy have a significant effect on academic flow (β=0,609; p=<0,001). This means that any increase in academic self-efficacy will have an impact on an increase in academic flow.
Muhammad Abdul Hadi, Banyu Wicaksono
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 3, pp 47-61;

How the self-discrepancy of self-injurious adolescents was formed is yet to be understood clearly. Several studies have clearly stated that self-discrepancy contributes to propel adolescents to injure themselves. This study attempted to understand the dynamics of self-discrepancy formation in the sample of late adolescents who self-injure. This study used a descriptive qualitative research method and case study approach to examine this phenomenon. Data were obtained from six participants, using an open-ended questionnaire, which asks about how self-discrepancy in the participants was formed. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis to identify themes and subthemes that indicate how self-discrepancy was formed. The result showed that ten significant themes emerge in the self-discrepancy formation of self-injurious adolescents. Two factors contribute to form self-discrepancy among adolescents who self-injure: external dan internal. These factors are achieved from the familial and social interaction that are perceived negatively by the participants. Based on the results of this study, self-discrepancies in adolescent self-injurers should be considered when intervening in self-injurious adolescents.
Rita Eka Izzaty
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 3, pp 62-71;

Social problem-solving strategy accepted by society is the essential accomplishments in the development of pre-school children. However, until recent studies, social problem-solving strategies among pre-school children in Indonesia is still rarely conducted. This research examines the role of age, gender in children, and friends’ gender towards social problem-solving strategies. This research utilised a purposive sampling that voluntarily involved 162 children 4-6 years old. Those children were selected from an intact family consisting of a father, mother and children who lived together. A hypothetical social situation dilemma was utilised to gather social problem-solving strategies data from the subjects. The data were analysed with the use of cross-tabulation and chi-square test. Concerning the data analysis, the results reveal no significant difference in social problem-solving strategies when viewed in terms of age and gender of the children and friends’ gender. This suggests that children ages 4 to 6 years for boys and girls still have the same patterns of social behaviour dealing with similar gender and different ones.
Kartika Nur Fathiyah, Tria Widyastuti, Farida Agus Setiawati, Rahmatika Kurnia Romadhani, Yulia Ayriza, Yahya Abdullah, Lu’Lu Inayatul Lilmuallafah
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 3, pp 72-79;

The COVID-19 pandemic alters many aspects of everyday life that we have grown accustomed to. The enactment of various new policies to curb the spread of the disease, i.e., social distancing, work and study from home, restrictions on large-scale activities and restriction in travelling, compel each one of us to adjust. Not to mention the fear of being infected with COVID-19. These conditions led to various psychological problems such as anxiety, low hope, and negative emotions. Efforts to improve people’s mental health are urgently needed. One such step is to increase one’s understanding of self-management in facing psychological problems due to COVID-19. This study aims to improve the community’s mental health, namely the residents of Blotan hamlet during the COVID-19 pandemic through online self-management psychoeducation. To test the effectiveness of psychoeducation, this study used a one-group pre and post-test design. A total of 31 subjects participated in the activity in full. We can infer the effectivity through the anxiety score, hope, and positive emotions on the pre and post-test measurements. The results found that self-managed psychoeducation facing psychological problems during the pandemic significantly increased positive emotions (t = -2,753, df = 30, and p <.05). As for the measurement of anxiety and hope, there was no significant change due to the subject’s anxiety score and hope were already in the medium category.
Zarra Janna Muhammad, Yulia Ayriza
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 3, pp 80-91;

This study aimed to assess the correlation between the secure attachment style of child-mother and violence in adolescents’ romantic relationships. A quantitative approach with a correlational method is used in this research. The subject in this study were 408 adolescents aged 18-22 years who were in romantic relationships and lives in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The data collection method used in this study is the questionnaire method with the instrument used are the IPVAS-R scale and IPPA-M scale. Both scales used convergent validity with correlations of 0,18-0,78. Then the two scales were re-validated by expert judgement. Reliability for the IPVAS-R was 0,76, and the IPPA-M was 0,87. The data analysis used a non-parametric correlation test. The research results showed a negative correlation between child-mother secure attachment style and dating violence with r=-0,221 and α= 0,000 (p<0,01). The higher the secure attachment style between child and mother, the lower the violence in romantic relationships.
Umi Farida
Psychological Research and Intervention, Volume 3, pp 92-99;

This study aims to determine the effect of flexible working arrangements on the work engagement of online motorcycle taxi drivers. This research used a quantitative approach and included ex-post facto research. This study used 297 online motorcycle taxi drivers in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The data collection technique used a measuring instrument in the form of a psychological scale that has been tested for validity and reliability. The psychological scale is the work engagement scale with Cronbach's Alpha 0.881 and the flexible working arrangements scale with Cronbach's Alpha 0.910. The data analysis technique to test the research hypothesis used a simple regression test. Based on the data analysis, the regression coefficient was 1.636 and sig. 0.000<0.005 with R Square=0.671. These results indicate an effect of flexible working arrangements to work engagement positively and significantly by 67,1%.
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