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Dijana Vitko, Joseph W. McQuaid, Ali Hashemi Gheinani, Kohei Hasegawa, Shannon DiMartino, Kylie H. Davis, Candace Y. Chung, Joseph F. Petrosino, Rosalyn M. Adam, Jonathan M. Mansbach, et al.
Published: 17 September 2021
Children with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) are at an increased risk of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and renal scarring. Gut microbiota are associated with disease phenotypes, but there has been no study that associates urinary microbiota (uMB) and metabolic profiles with VUR pathology. To identify dominant uMB genera and metabolites associated with UTIs in VUR, urine samples collected under sterile conditions underwent 16S ribosomal RNA sequencing (n = 49) and metabolomic analysis by mass spectrometry (n = 96). Alterations in uMB and metabolomic profiles in VUR patients suggest remodeling of urinary bacterial communities after UTIs: Dorea- and Escherichia-dominant uMB profiles were more frequently identified in participants with VUR. Prevotella- and Lactobacillus-dominant uMB profiles were more prevalent in controls (p< 0.001). Microbial composition varied based on recurrent febrile UTI status (p = 0.001). A total of 243 urinary metabolites involved in energy, amino acid, nucleotide, and lipid metabolism were altered in VUR patients with UTIs (p< 0.05). Importantly, VUR specimens revealed changes in the bacteria-associated metabolic pathways such as glutamate degradation, methyl-citrate cycle, and bile acid metabolism.
, David Bock, Olof Akre, Eva Angenete, Anders Bjartell, Stefan Carlsson, Katarina Koss Modig, Martin Nyberg, Karin Stinesen Kollberg, Gunnar Steineck, et al.
Published: 15 September 2021
Radical prostatectomy reduces mortality among patients with localised prostate cancer. Evidence on whether different surgical techniques can affect mortality rates is lacking.
Nabeel A. Shakir, Nejd F. Alsikafi, Julia F. Buesser, Gregory Amend, Benjamin N. Breyer, Jill C. Buckley, Bradley A. Erickson, Joshua A. Broghammer, William P. Parker,
Published: 11 September 2021
Refractory vesicourethral anastomotic stenosis (VUAS) after radical prostatectomy poses challenges distinct from bladder neck contracture, due to close proximity to the sphincter mechanism. Open reconstruction is technically demanding, risking de novo stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or recurrence.
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