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S Kaushik, S Choudhary, D Katoch, Ss Pandav
Published: 1 January 2022
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine;

Acquired lens colobomas secondary to ocular surgeries are scarcely described in the literature. We describe two cases of acquired lens coloboma in two infants with glaucoma who underwent ocular surgery. The coloboma in the first case was likely because of direct trauma to the lens zonules during an optical iridectomy with a vitrectomy cutter, resulting in localized loss of zonules and consequently localized lens coloboma. The coloboma in the second case was noticed during examination under anesthesia after scleral buckling and cryopexy for retinal detachment. The cause for coloboma development in this case could be disruption of the lens zonules because of stretching of the globe after scleral buckle surgery or because of injury to zonules during scleral buckling and the cryopexy procedure.
P Vaideeswar, M Bhuvan, N Goel
Published: 1 January 2022
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine;

Pulmonary carcinoid tumors are considered as low-grade neoplasms, seen as centrally located endobronchial masses or as peripheral circumscribed nodules. Calcification or ossification is a known phenomenon, but presentation as large bony mass is extremely uncommon. Herein, we report a case of ossifying bronchial carcinoid along with nodular Hashimoto's thyroiditis as incidental autopsy findings in a 32-year-old patient with a prior recent excision of pituitary macroadenoma. This association suggests the possibility of multiple endocrine neoplasia in this young male.
P Gupta, T Singh, R Aulakh, J Chhatwal
Published: 1 January 2022
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine;

With the first MBBS batch admitted under the new National Medical Commission (NMC) undergraduate curriculum entering pediatric clinical posting soon, creation of a Pediatric logbook in consonance with this competency-based curriculum was felt to be a need of the hour. No such document is yet available in the public domain. The logbook template, created after enormous brainstorming amongst authors, includes 176 Shows (S), Shows How (SH) and Perform (P) level competencies. These were further segregated into certifiable (23), affective domain (25) and clinic/field visits (9) leaving 51 as documentable competencies. The institutions may use this template to build their own institute-specific logbook based on the infrastructure, faculty strength, clinical patient load, student intake and preferred assessment method(s). It would also be worthwhile to integrate this with the internship logbook (and later the postgraduate one for students opting for post-graduation in pediatrics) to provide a longitudinal record of each student's trajectory of learning.
S Gupta, N Sood, B Arya, R Gupta
Published: 1 January 2022
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine;

Sialadenoma papilliferum (SP) is a rare benign tumor usually occurring in the minor salivary glands. Only two cases of malignant transformation of SP and an occasional case of dysplasia in SP have been reported in the literature till now. We report a case of SP of a minor salivary gland in a middle-aged male where the exophytic component retained the histomorphological features of SP while the endophytic component displayed characteristics of a mucoepidermoid carcinoma. Malignant change in sialadenoma papilliferum is an extremely rare phenomenon that requires further research and documentation. Careful evaluation of morphologic features and reporting of more such cases is required to delineate the clinical behavior of this unusual tumor.
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