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Samina Alam
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences;

Nomophobia is a term that describes a terrible feeling of being without a mobile device, or outside mobile phone communication, in today's world. It's on the rise between today's high school and college students. A number of college students are now using their mobile phones to shower. Sign and symptoms include Irritation, Panic, Nervousness, Anguish, and Inability to regulate or avoid using activities, severe disability, Depression, Anxiety, Social phobia. The treatment consisted of the use of medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and the application of evaluation tools.
Sadia Qureshi, Shama Akram
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences, Volume 10, pp 1-8;

In medical education, different teaching methods are being used, and it is believed that methods involving active learning are usually stronger, motivate learners as they can control their learning process. So, the study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of traditional teaching augmented with interactive sessions (TT+IS) as a new teaching approach in Biochemistry teaching.
Marwa M., Elmaghrabi
Canadian Journal of Applied Sciences, Volume 9, pp 1-3;

A pneumonia or respiratory illness of unknown source was detected in China during the late 2019,[2] that was identified afterward as a positive-sense single-stranded RNA genomic material called SARS-CoV-2. World Health Organization (WHO) declared that as nCoV- 19 or COVID-19. The person to person transmission of the virus is rapid by close contact and droplets produced when infected patients talk, sneeze or cough. The virus may also be transferred by touching the contaminated surfaces followed by contacting the nose, mouth or eyes.
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