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Pradityo Utomo, Arief Budiman
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 74-82; doi:10.25273/research.v3i2.6700

Universitas Merdeka Madiun (UNMER Madiun) is a private campus in Madiun, East Java, led by a Chancellor. The Chancellor served for four years. Prospective Chancellors choose through Senate consideration. The selection parameters include Curriculum Vitae, Vision and Mission, and Feasibility Test. In giving attention, debates often occur in Senate meetings. Based on this, this study created a system based on information technology that can help in making decisions. Decision Support System made using the Weighted Product method. Because in terms of computing time is faster than other SPK methods, so it is faster in making decisions. The criteria used to determine decisions using the assessment parameters used in the 2019 Chancellor election. The flow of this research starts from the stage of data collection, library research, making a decision support system, and testing the system. At the stage of data collection, it was done by collecting secondary data such as the parameter parameters in the selection of the Chancellor, which then is used for the criteria data. Furthermore, in making decision support systems using prototyping system development methods. After the system is created, the system tested. For the results of this study have been successfully applied Weighted Product method to support the decision of the Chancellor selection. Furthermore, the system that has tested using the BlackBox method evaluates the success of the system. Based on the results of system testing, the success rate of SPK that has made 100% successful results.
Teguh Sri Pamungkas, Agus Susilo Nugroho, Ichsan Wasiso, Tri Anggoro, Kusrini Kusrini
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 45-54; doi:10.25273/research.v3i2.7084

In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the government organized a Direct Cash Assistance as known as BLT for the people who were affected by Covid-19. The nominal amount of BLT received by the public is Rp. 600,000 per month. But in fact, the amount of BLT quota is not proportional to the list of BLT recipients submitted by regional officials, in this case, RT (Rukun Tetangga). So, to find out who is really suitable or appropriate, a decision-making system is needed so that the deposit of the BLT from the government can be right on target in accordance with the criteria set by the government. Stages of the study began with clustering of weights. After that, it is entered into the system to do a decision support process with AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process). The target of this research is the application that can be used to assist the government in distributing BLT to be right on target. Based on the functional testing of the system, the functions in the system have been succeeded according to plan. This system has successfully applied the K-Means and AHP methods for decision making, to receive direct cash assistance from the government. This system has a 100% accuracy rate. Where the most important criteria in this system are income with a weight of 0.394142515, ownership of a house with a weight of 0.231035138, number of dependents with a weight of 0.190359096, age with a weight of 0.081077616, employment with a weight of 0.058111736, and weight with a weight of 0, 045273898
Jamilah Karaman
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 93-100; doi:10.25273/research.v3i2.7614

The development of information and communication technology offers convenience for its users. The use of information and communication technology also has a positive impact on the business world. For example, the use of advances in information and communication technology in the transportation sector. Cizqi Rent A Car is a Turkish company that launched a mobile application for online car rental service providers which is expected to make it easier for tourists or local residents who want to rent a car to travel in Turkey. By conducting usability analysis with the WEBUSE method, this study aims to determine the usability level of the Cizgi Rent A Car application. From the results of data analysis it is known that this application is quite famous because it has been downloaded by more than 10,000 downloaders from several countries including Indonesia. This application is used by Indonesians who make work visits and travel to Turkey. The usability level in the Content, Organization & Readability variables and the Navigation and Links variables can be said to be Good. The usability level for the User Interface Design variable can be said to be quite bad. The usability level for the Performance and Effectiveness variables can be said to be moderate.
Erwin Apriliyanto, Kusrini Kusrini, Rudyanto Arief
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 67-73; doi:10.25273/research.v3i2.7060

Information Services in agriculture are entering the era of industrial revolution 4.0, always associated with the use of automation machines integrated with the internet network. The technological sophistication of this era makes many conditions change. The chatbot application is one of the right solutions to solve farmer problems, this farmer chatbot application is about the information on handling rice plants, and this application uses the Artificial Intelligence Markup (AIML) method. The purpose of this study was to test the accuracy of the answers to the chatbot. This research method uses question data with words under 5 words and above 5 words, and uses question data according to keywords and outside keywords in this chatbot, with 50 question data, with each question data tested four times than taken the average. average. The results of this study are to get an accuracy of 90.9%, while the response time for answering questions of less than 5 words is 0.01 seconds, and for more than 5 words is 0.02 seconds with a data set of 1000 lines.
M Mujiono, Adimas Ketut Nalendra, Rafika Akhsani, Anang Widigdyo
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 83-92; doi:10.25273/research.v3i2.6272

Attendance record and calculation absent is a key success for the the teaching and learning process in college. The process of recording attendance using manual signatures makes it difficult to record absent data. This data is important to see the level of student discipline in taking lectures and is an early detection to monitor student discipline by giving a warning letter. For this reason, it is necessary to make an application for student attendance recording that can calculation absent and warning letters. This application is based on the web and using PHP programming language, Codeigniter framework and MySQL for database. Testing this application using blackbox testing and user questionnaires. The results of the black box testing prove that the functionality provided by the application is functioning properly according to planning. Testing with a questionnaire was carried out by distributing to all lecturers and academic staff are 15 respondents, the results of the questionnaire which were divided got a score of 90% of the respondents who chose that this application helped the presence process and the recording of the number of student absences
Khoirudin Eko Nurcahyo, Sucipto Sucipto, Arie Nugroho
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 55-66; doi:10.25273/research.v3i2.6883

The purpose of this study is provide data warehouse modeling which make executive of school can analyze data easily, the problem is executive of school are analysis list registrant list difficulty, what the most and least registrant junior high school come from and the major which most and least registrant. This study do is because how important data management on education organization and how the data can be managed better. The study use descriptive quantitative method research and use 4 step data warehouse dimensional modeling by Kimball. On building data warehouse used ETL, data be extracted and transformed into data warehouse as dimension and fact. For next data be imported and be showed by web base business intelligence app. The result of this study is an web base business intelligence app which can show sum of registrant on gender, majors, junior high school graduate come from, recommendation and register year. Data warehouse is good at data analyzing for decision making, because data warehouse can show information quickly and accurate.
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 16-23; doi:10.25273/research.v3i1.5782

Peternakan adalah salah satu bidang yang membutuhkan sentuhan teknologi. Ayam merupakan hewan ternak yang paling banyak diternakkan di Indonesia. Tetapi tidak semua peternak memiliki pengetahuan yang cukup tentang penyakit dan gejala yang diderita ayam. Hal ini mengakibatkan jika ayam peliharaan mengalami sakit, peternak akan mengalami kebingungan untuk mengobatinya. Salah satu strategi yang dilakukan untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut adalah dengan menggunakan aplikasi sistem pakar. Untuk menyelesaikan masalah ketidakpastian dari seorang pakar menggunakan metode certainty factors (CFs). Dalam penerapannya aplikasi sistem pakar ini masih harus dioptimalkan lagi. Pendekatan yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode studi pustaka dan kualitatif dengan metode pengumpulan data yang didapatkan dari buku, jurnal yang relevan dan seorang pakar ayam. Kemudian dari hasil pengumpulan data tersebut digunakan untuk membangun aplikasi sistem pakar diagnosis penyakit ayam yang dapat menghasilkan keluaran berupa kemungkinan penyakit yang diderita ayam berdasarkan gejala yang dimasukkan pengguna kedalam aplikasi dan memberikan solusi pengobatannya.
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 24-30; doi:10.25273/research.v3i1.5352

Proses klasifikasi citra digital dilakukan terhadap data fitur yang menggambarkan ciri suatu citra. Dalam penelitian sebelumnya mengenai klasifikasi biji kopi untuk menentukan tingkat roasting, digunakan fitur warna RGB dan metode klasifikasi Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan dengan algoritma Back Propagation. Namun dalam penelitian tersebut didapatkan hasil klasifikasi yang kurang memuaskan akibat dari fitur yang digunakan kurang dapat memisahkan ciri dari setiap tingkat roasting biji kopi. Pada penelitian ini dilakukan penambahan fitur warna yang digunakan melalui penggunaan representasi warna RGB dan HSI, yang kemudian dihitung nilai mean, median, standar deviasi, skewness, kurtosis, dan energy pada setiap komponen warna. Dengan demikian terdapat 33 data fitur citra biji kopi. Dengan jumlah fitur yang semakin banyak, menimbulkan masalah baru dimana tidak setiap fitur mempunyai kontribusi yang signifikan dalam proses klasifikasi, sehingga diperlukan proses seleksi fitur untuk mendapatkan fitur dengan kontribusi maksimal. Pada penelitian ini metode Principal Component Analysis diujikan sebagai metode untuk seleksi fitur. Uji coba dilakukan terhadap 240 data citra digital biji kopi, dimana terdapat 120 citra biji kopi Arabika dan 120 citra biji kopi Robusta. Setiap jenis citra biji kopi tersebut terbagi menjadi tingkat roasting mentah, light roasting, medium roasting, dan dark roasting. Hasil penelitian ini didapatkan bahwa rata-rata proses training pada data fitur setelah dilakukan proses seleksi fitur mengalami peningkatan dibandingkan tanpa seleksi fitur. Hal ini terlihat dari 5 kali proses training dengan seleksi fitur didapatkan nilai akurasi terbaik hingga 90,8%, sedangkan tanpa seleksi fitur didapatkan akurasi terbaik adalah 89,6%.
Rafika Akhsani, Adimas Ketut Nalendra, M Mujiono,
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 38-44; doi:10.25273/research.v3i1.6247

Kegiatan pramuka merupakan salah satu kegiatan ekstrakurikuler pada suatu sekolah. Aplikasi Phasbara adalah aplikasi berbasis android yang dibuat untuk membantu anggota pramuka dalam mendalami materi SAKA Bayangkara. Untuk mengetahui apakah aplikasi sudah sesuai dengan kebutuhan pengguna memerlukan sebuah evaluasi terhapat aplikasi itu sendiri. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengevaluasi usabilitas aplikasi phasbara dan memberikan usulan perbaikan guna meningkatkan kemudahan penggunaan aplikasi Pasbhara. Pada penelitian ini menggunakan metode Heuristic Evaluation. Responden adalah anggota SAKA Bayangkara di Blitar. Data diperoleh melalui penyebaran kuesioner. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa rule-rule dalam metode heuristic evaluation yang digunakan pada penelitian yaitu Visibility of system status, Match between system and the real world, User control and freedom, Consistency and standards, Recognition rather than recall, dan Flexibility and efficiency of use mendapatkan nilai presentase persetujuan dengan rating skala setuju. Ini berarti bahwa desain antarmuka aplikasi phasbara sudah baik. Akan tetapi pada rule help and documentation juga mendapatkan persentase persetujuan dengan rating skala setuju. Ini berarti bahwa dari sisi bantuan penggunaan aplikasi masih perlu disempurnakan kembali.
RESEARCH : Computer, Information System & Technology Management, Volume 3, pp 1-7; doi:10.25273/research.v3i1.4728

Perkembangan teknologi sistem informasi berkembang cukup pesat sehingga berdampak pada bermunculannya trend dari Revousi Industri 4.0 dan Society 5.0. Perguruan Tinggi merupakan salah satu Lembaga yang berkontribusi dalam kegiatan pendidikan di Indonesia tentunya harus mampu beradaptasi dalam menghadapi beberapa trend yang berkembang tak terkecuali trend Society 5.0. Upaya yang bisa dilakukan adalah memahami peran serta strategi yang perlu dilakukan perguruan tinggi dalam menghadapi era Society 5.0, dengan melakukan studi literatur mengenai Konsep Society 5.0 dan proses analisa data menggunakan metode analisa TOWS diharapan dapat menemukan peran serta strategi yang bisa dijadikan sebagai referensi kebijakan bagi perguruan tinggi dalam menghadapi tantangan di era Revolusi Industri 4.0 saat ini dan Society 5.0 kedepannya. Selain itu diperlukan komparasi keterkaitan anatra society 5.0 dengan Revolusi industri 4.0 dan SDGs sebagai data tambahan dalam menyusun peran dan strategi perguruan tinggi.
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