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Matteo Luigi Giuseppe Leoni, Michael E Schatman, Laura DeMartini, Giuliano Lo Bianco, Gaetano Terranova
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1315-1321; doi:10.2147/jpr.s240138

Genicular Nerve Pulsed Dose Radiofrequency (PDRF) Compared to Intra-Articular and Genicular Nerve PDRF in Knee Osteoarthritis Pain: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis
Sumi Elizabeth Mathew, Pallavi Madhusudanan, Sahadev A Shankarappa
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1305-1313; doi:10.2147/jpr.s250198

Effect of Peritumoral Bupivacaine on Primary and Distal Hyperalgesia in Cancer-Induced Bone Pain
Ariane Paoloni-Giacobino, François Luthi, Ludwig Stenz, Joane Le Carré, Philippe Vuistiner, Bertrand Léger
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1289-1296; doi:10.2147/jpr.s251782

Altered BDNF Methylation in Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and High Biopsychosocial Complexity
Stephanie Petterson, Kevin Plancher, Dominic Klyve, David Draper, Ralph Ortiz
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1277-1287; doi:10.2147/jpr.s247463

Low-Intensity Continuous Ultrasound for the Symptomatic Treatment of Upper Shoulder and Neck Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial
Dion Diep, Jasmine Ko, John Lan, Kinga T Koprowicz, Gordon Ko
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1297-1304; doi:10.2147/jpr.s254032

Benefits, Safety, and Adjunct Modality Prevalences of Long-Term Botulinum Toxin Injections for Cervical Dystonia and Myofascial Neck Pain: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Petra Tariba Knežević, Robert Vukman, Mia Uhač, Davor Illeš, Daniela Kovačević Pavičić, Sunčana Simonić-Kocijan
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1323-1333; doi:10.2147/jpr.s239831

P2Y2 Receptors Mediate Masseter Muscle Mechanical Hypersensitivity in Rats
Xiaohua Wang, Qingsong Lai, Baoqing Zheng, Li Ye, Si Wen, Yunling Yan, Bin Yang, Mao-Qiang Man
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1201-1207; doi:10.2147/jpr.s245514

Prevalence and Severity of Dermatological Condition-Associated Skin Pain in the Chinese
Gabriel Gallegos, Charity J Morgan, Garrett Scott, David Benz, Timothy J Ness
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1163-1172; doi:10.2147/jpr.s252760

Effect of Neuraxial Analgesic Procedures on Intraoperative Hemodynamics During Routine Clinical Care of Gynecological and General Surgeries: A Case–Control Query of Electronic Data
Floriane Rousseaux, Aminata Bicego, Didier LeDoux, Paul Massion, Anne-Sophie Nyssen, Marie-Elisabeth Faymonville, Steven Laureys, Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 1129-1138; doi:10.2147/jpr.s231737

Hypnosis Associated with 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Technology in the Management of Pain: A Review of the Literature
Giustino Varrassi, Franco De Conno, Luciano Orsi, Filomena Puntillo, Giovanni Sotgiu, John Zeppetella, Furio Zucco
Journal of Pain Research, Volume 13, pp 979-986; doi:10.2147/jpr.s243222

Cancer Pain Management: An Italian Delphi Survey from the Rational Use of Analgesics (RUA) Group
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