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Andang Sunarto
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 267-275; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.440

Abstract:Economics mathematics courses are abstract and require high thinking activities. Nevertheless, all students studying in the Islamic Economics study program FEBI IAIN Bengkulu must learn it because it is one of the compulsory subjects in the Islamic Economics program FEBI IAIN Bengkulu that must be taken. Learning mathematics economics needs to need learning media that can improve students' understanding in learning economic mathematics. With the media, students are given the ease of visualization of the material presented, including series, linear functions and things needed in economic mathematics learning. accurate for users so that they can be used as a choice of learning media in teaching and learning processes, inspire lecturers to use web media in the teaching and learning process and students can study anywhere without being limited by space and time. The method used is research and development or in English Research and Development is a research method that is used to produce certain products, and test the effectiveness of these products used in this study is the software used in this application is moodle, xampp and internet. Keywords : moodle, xampp, internet.
Erwin Dwika Putra, Dedy Abdullah
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 262-266; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.365

Abstract:On research done previously for segmentation of vehicle license plates have been on test cobakan method using edge detection to get the edges of characters not quite optimal. Then from the problem on this research will be focused on the detection plates two-wheeled vehicle uses a method of edge detection, where the results of this research will be resized using the technique of measurement of the confusion matrix. where in these measurements will be compared from the entire technique of edge detection, on the results of detection of vehicle license plates. edge detection method on the dispatcher of the good according to the results of the sobel operator i.e. matrix confussion and prewitt operators. With the level of accuracy of 60% while the sobel operator prewitt 63% success rate. But on each operator as explained above that still has weaknesses, namely apabil objects more than 2 objects, and when there is excess light reflection around the object that you want to detect. Keywords: edge detection, confussion, matrix methods, detection.
Muhammad Luthfi Hamzah, Ermina Rusilawati, Astri Ayu Purwati
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 251-261; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.433

Abstract:This study discusses the infrastructure facilities management system in universities. The system is designed using Near Field Communication technology that uses an Android smartphone to support the use of this system and also the web using PHP and MYSQLi programming languages for online data storage. The method used in designing this system is the Waterfall model. This system modeling uses the UML language (Unified Modeling Language). This research was conducted at Pelita Indonesia College. The results showed that the use of Infrastructure Facilities System using Android-based NFC technology is easy to use for Staff and Infrastructure Heads in managing their inventory. Keywords : Infrastructure Facilities, Universities, Near Field Communication, Android. ABSTRAK Penelitian ini membahas tentang sistem manajemen sarana prasarana pada perguruan tinggi. Sistem yang dirancang menggunakan teknologi Near Field Communication yang menggunakan smartphone android untuk mendukung penggunaan sistem ini dan juga web menggunakan bahasa pemograman PHP dan MYSQLi untuk penyimpanan data secara online. Metode yang digunakan dalam perancangan sistem ini adalah Waterfall model. Pemodelan sistem ini menggunakan bahasa UML (Unified Modelling Language). Penelitian ini dilakukan pada Perguruan Tinggi Pelita Indonesia. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa penggunaan Sistem Sarana Prasarana menggunakan teknologi NFC berbasis android mudah digunakan bagi Staff dan Kepala Sarana Prasarana dalam memanajemen inventarisnya. Kata Kunci : Sarana Prasarana, Perguruan Tinggi, Near Field Communication, Android.
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science; doi:10.31539/intecoms

Yuvidarmayunata Yuvidarmayunata
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 231-239; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.302

Abstract:Expert System is a computer-based system that uses knowledge, facts and reasoning techniques in solving problems that normally can only be solved by an expert in the field. Many cases can be used as research in Expert Systems, one diagnosis of proper nutrition. In this study we will design an expert system to diagnose the type of proper nutrition for pregnant women. Determining the proper nutrition for pregnant women is important to note because it causes birth defects and infant mortality. In this study, the system uses the Backward Chaining method in determining the proper nutrition for pregnant women. This system can provide the right solution for pregnant women. This application is made to the programming language PHP and MySQL as its knowledge base storage. System testing is done by matching the search process Backward Chaining in the decision tree to determine the proper nutrition for pregnant women at the design stage to the actual system that has been built. Keywords : Expert System, diagnose, Backward Chaining, Nutrition, Pregnancy
Roki Hardianto
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 240-250; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.298

Abstract:Determination of the personality of elementary school students with Case Based Reasoning method is an activity to map student behavior in school so that student mischief can be directed into something that can support student's success in learning and teaching process. With Case Based Reasoning is a method of searching in a regular system of experts and widely used psychological problem calculations. In this method there are 4 stages namely Retrieve, Reuse, Revise, and Retain. Because primary school in its special area is very far from the primary school in the city on the sensitivity of the principal's head evaluates the learning process of the students and the desired learning according to the character of the students Keywords : Expert System, Personality, Case Based Reasoning
Rio Bayu Sentosa
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 212-223; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.295

Abstract:The development of science at the moment with rapid technological advances to be applied in all areas. In addition to the creation of computers and the advancement of the current Internet network is also equipped with a web-based application that can be used to disseminate information quickly. Based on the research that has been done and taking data samples at the Office of the Governor of West Sumatra by using Action Research methods, libraries and laboratories, it is known that the Content Management System that researchers designed can be used as news portals that are able to disseminate information. Designing a Content Management System that uses the Codeigniter Framework, is able to provide ease in the development of the system in the future and can be used to build other website applications based Rapid Application Development. Keywords : CMS, CodeIgniter, MariaDB, News Portal
Dimas Dwi Randa
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 224-230; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.294

Abstract:During the Big Store clothing store doing inventory data processing his shirt still manually by recording ordinary that takes a long time to recalculate the amount of stuff that is in the barn. Then be made to an application program which helps and facilitates the shop owners in calculating its inventory. Applications created using the Java programming language and the MySQL database as its storage medium. The method used is the EOQ method, which allows the owner to store EOQ method in minimizing inventory costs so that the owner can increase sales revenue at minimum cost. Keywords : Java, EOQ, UML, MySQL
Afriansyah Afriansyah
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 168-182; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.292

Abstract:University can’t be separated from the Tri Dharma namely in the fields of education, research and community service. Institute for Research and Community Services Lancang Kuning University has launched a strategic framework for research through the Research Master Plan (RIP) and the Roadmap Research to support research results and superior quality. One of them by building an Information Systems Research Activities Administration and Community Services seeks to streamline the work of the staff LPPM and also makes it easy for researchers in particular lecturers and reviewers in their duties. In this system, the researchers register their proposals online. Furthermore, staff LPPM recaps the number of proposals on all types of grants that is then distributed to the reviewer to assess. Administration Information System Research Activities and Community Service is used method of analysis Work System Framework. Methods of work system framework, expected later able to provide a description of the process or activity system that uses information technology or other resources. Modeling design methodology using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and MySql database. Keywords : Information Systems, Administration, Work System Framework, UML Alter, S. (2013). Work system theory: overview of core concepts, extensions, and challenges for the future. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 72. DIKTI. (2016). Panduan Pelaksanaan Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat di Perguruan Tinggi. Direktorat Jenderal Penguatan Riset dan Pengembangan Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi. Edisi X. Hamzah. (2016). Sistem Informasi Kegiatan Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Universitas Respati. Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi(TEKNOSI), 2(2): 17-26. Lee, S. Unified Modeling Language (UML) for Database Systems and Computer Applications. Rohman, N. (2009). Sistem Pengolahan Data Kp Dan Ta Pada Program Studi If, Mi Dan Ka Stmik Mardira Indonesia Bandung. Jurnal Computech & Bisnis, 3(1), 1-13. Rosa, A. S., dan Shalahuddin, M. (2013). Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak Terstruktur Dan Berorientasi Objek. Informatika. Bandung Williandy, I., Fitriawan, H., & SP, R. A. (2016). Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Fakultas Teknik Universitas Lampung Menggunakan PHP dan MySQL. Jurnal Rekayasa dan Teknologi Elektro(ELECTRICIAN), 10(3) : 192-200.
Yeviki Maisyah Putra
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 1, pp 198-211; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v1i2.293

Abstract:Computers are an electronic device that is not strange to every human being because it serves as a tool in all things. The computer has an application program capable of processing various types of data quickly, precisely and accurately. Therefore, many agencies that use computer services as a tool that can help in the activities of the company. Based on the research that has been done in the Library of SMA Negeri 2 Muara Bungo by using field research methods, libraries and laboratories, it is known that the system used in borrowing and returning books is still done manually and simply. With the design of Library information systems supported by Java programming language will provide better solutions to the problems encountered. The level of error in doing the calculations can be minimized, the information produced more accurately and the data can be stored safely Keywords : Library, SMA Negeri 2 Muara Bungo, Java, MariaDB, Library Information System