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, Cendra Wadisman
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 84-90; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.937

In the current 4.0 era, which is happening in the current technology, it can be said to have almost reached a satisfactory level. Where these developments are very influential in all fields, as now information technology has also been applied in various aspects ranging from human resource development and the development of micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). All levels are provided with the ease of existing progress. However, the use of information technology has not been felt in all regions, resulting in gaps in human resources in each region and hampering the rate of economic growth, especially in the micro small and medium business sector. For this reason, it is necessary to have equal distribution of information technology utilization so that it can improve HR and encourage the growth of MSMEs. The purpose of this study is that the use of information technology can improve human resources and strengthen the economy of the community from the MSME sector, especially in Kubu Gadang Urban Village, Payakumbuh. Keywords: Information Technology, Human Resources, SMEs.
, Juli Sardi, Hastuti Hastuti, Syaiful Islami, Hamdani Hamdani
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 53-58; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.811

Utilization of new renewable energy generation technology can encourage the increase of people's prosperity, especially fishermen. This can be done by utilizing solar energy using solar cell as a source of lighting on the fishing vessel's, thus saving the use of fuel oil. Based on the community service activities aimed at reducing the operational costs of fishermen in the form of Solar cell Installation for fishing boats in the Village Air Tawar Barat District Padang Utara. The implementation method that is given is the installation of solar cell in the ship and training maintenance of solar cell and the introduction of components and hand tools. This activity is held for three days which includes preparation, installation and training and followed by two groups of fishermen, each consisting of 3 members. Each group of fishermen received a complete set of solar cells and installed. This activity has been done well and the solar cell is working properly. Participants hope that such activities can be carried out for the next year, as there are still some fishing boats that are in desperate need. Keywords: Solar Cell, Fishing Ships, Groups of Fishermen
, Eddisyah Putra Pane, Sutejo Sutejo
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 59-66; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.812

The development of science and technology requires tertiary institutions as formal education institutions, to be able to produce qualified and competent graduates. Learning about higher education needs to be more innovative and creative in producing learning and responsive to labor needs. "Successful constraints of lecturers in teaching Data Structure subjects do not have learning models that approach students with abstract theories that are difficult for students to understand, to overcome these conflicts. learn with the Application of Cooperative Oriented Problems. However, in terms of grouping learning with the application of this method, it still takes a relatively long time to do individual testing several times to find a suitable group, so that the learning grouping is less than optimal. The method used in this study is K-Means Clustering, from the software that was built to help instructors in the subject of data structure in the process of grouping tutoring students. Grouping methods can be implemented to build valid student guidance grouping software. Keywords: Learning Grouping System, Clustering, K-Means
, Ermina Rusilawati
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 75-83; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.927

The library is a place that contains books, articles, papers and reading sources that are arranged as sources of information material. Therefore, with the rapid growth of technology, good management of library management is something that is very important for every college. One of the systems developed in this study is Near Field Communication (NFC) which is a subset of RFID (radio frequency identification). NFC is a technology that can simplify and facilitate transactions, transfer data, and wireless connections between two communication devices that are very close to a few centimeters. This system is designed using an Android device that has NFC technology. By using an NFC-based management system on an Android smartphone it is expected to improve its quality and be able to compete in the current technological era nationally or globally. The purpose of this study is to facilitate students in finding information sources by simply attaching an Android smartphone to the NFC tag attached to the book so as to obtain information about the book. This research method starts from discussing the discussion room, setting goals, discussing literature, analyzing problems, discussing models with UML, Designing systems, managing library information management and testing systems. Related to the completion of work in this study describes the design of library information management applications using Android-based Near Field Communication technology in Higher Education. Keywords:Library, Near Field Commnication, RFID, Android.
Yulanda Yulanda
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 67-74; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.906

Caltex Rumbai Employee Cooperative in Productive Business Loan Program, has utilized technology to facilitate its work. But, the development of technology utilized KKMC still feels less than optimal. The use of paper-based survey forms, puts the risk of damage or loss of data. Unit Savings and Loans re-enter survey data obtained from Surveyor into excel, which makes this activity complicated and takes a long time. It is time for KKMC to build a new system by using an application that can help the data processing of Productive Business Loan survey, this application will use PHP programming language with MySQL database. With this new system can help Unit Saves and Loans and Surveyor in entering data Survey Form and Rooting Profile, and print survey report and Rooting Profile Report Productive Loan Program. Keywords:Information System, Survey, Productive Business Loan.
, Irohito Nozomi
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 91-99; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.939

IN SMA N 2 Kota Pariaman school exams still use the answer sheet media at the time of publication. After the exam is complete the answer sheet of the exam will also be corrected by the subject teacher who will discuss the students' problems, each student also receives the same question. SMA N 2 Kota Pariaman was chosen as a research location because this school has not used the Application during school exams, it is easy to achieve and economical. The application to be used can randomize randomly so that exam questions can be varied and dynamic. With the application of the application that is expected to carry out school examinations will be better and obtained optimally by students, teachers, school management and parents / guardians of students. For this reason, the authors will conduct research consisting of the design of Computer Based Test applications using the Coupled Linear Congruential Generator (CLCG) method. The development of the Computer Based Test (CBT) model by using a Coupled Linear Congruent Generator (CLCG) can prevent the questioning of questions for students. CLCG is a random number generator based on the Linear Congruent Generator (LCG). CLCG uses the xj matrix to get random numbers. organized by rows and columns. The matrix prefers a range of numbers and has no arithmetic relationship between its elements. The matrix will have different row and column addresses. The value of the elements of the matrix obtained from the process with the Linear Congruent Generator to get as many random numbers as is done. CBT is one way of overcoming questions in each student. The use of LCG in the matrix value element can have a more complicated random pattern. Reducing the question answer key by entering the answer key time after the exam is finished. Languages supported using the CLCG method can optimize student abilities and reduce the level of cheating. Reducing the question answer key by entering the answer key time after the exam is finished. Keywords: CBT Appliaction, Couple Linear Congruential Generator, Linear Congruential Generator, Random Number, School Exam.
, Efri Yandani
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 100-106; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i2.958

This study aims to build a WEB-based decision support system to simplify the process of assessing credit numbers for initial proposals for functional lecturers. With this system the lecturer will be made easier in terms of completing the required files and can quickly and accurately calculate the amount of cum that is obtained. The resulting system uses the Mamdani type Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) to analyze the variables used in assessing lecturers' functional position credit numbers. Furthermore, the system development stage uses the waterfall model. System design analysis includes outputs, inputs, file structures, programs, workflows, hardware and software needed. Then this system will certainly greatly reduce the use of paper because it is based on electronics. So later, with this system, it is expected that the credit score submission process does not take a long time and can increase the number of lecturers who have functional positions in STIKES Dharma Landbouw. Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, FIS, Decision Support System, Mamdan
, Khairul Zaman
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 33-39; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i1.753

Medical record is a file that contains notes and documents about the patient's identity, examination, treatment, actions and other services that have been given to the patient. Based on Minister of Health Regulation No.269 / Menkes / Per / III / 2008 the medical record file can be destroyed (retention) after being stored for a period of 5 (five) years from the last date the patient was treated or returned to avoid the buildup of non-active medical record documents. As one of the private hospitals in the city of Padang that has been operational for 14 years, Siti Rahmah Islamic Hospital has carried out the process of destroying medical record documents with imaging methods and storing them to an external hard drive before the medical record file is destroyed to anticipate various needs. relating to medical records, for example, a medical record that is still valuable to be needed can be searched and reprinted. However, the method used is not optimal because of the potential for data loss and the difficulty of the data search process and has not been managed using an information system in the form of a truly computerized program. Optimizing data processing is needed so that integrity, access rights and data availability can be maintained. The application system that will be proposed later uses PHP and Mariadb programming and web-based. The results of the image will be processed in an application and stored in the database. The diverse data will be managed well, easily and safely in a well-structured system. Keywords: Information Systems, Retention, Imaging, Medical Records, Web
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 1-9; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i1.629

Toko Cahaya Sunnah is a business that produces and sells syar'i clothing. In its business development, Toko Cahaya Sunnah keep trying to expand its market target to out of town even all of Indonesia. To achieve its goal, Toko Cahaya Sunnah requires website. Currently in Toko Cahaya Sunnah in making sales report is still manual using excel application so that data processing of sales report still running slow and not yet detailed. Currently Toko Cahaya Sunnah does not have any special activities or strategies that handle marketing, product marketing is done in a conventional manner by providing customers with information about places, features and products to other potential customers. Ineffective information dissemination prevents customers from knowing the latest information in the Sunnah Light Store thus affecting customers to switch to other stores. With the website using the method of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) then the data storage process can be more accurate and stored neatly and making sales reports will be fast and timely and delivery of promotional information will be faster and response to sales will be faster. Keywords: Information System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web
INTECOMS: Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 2, pp 10-16; doi:10.31539/intecoms.v2i1.678

Universal Computer is a business entity in Pekanbaru engaged in the assembly and sale of computers and equipment that do not have a system that integrates well between sales, purchases, and inventory. The recording process is still manual by using the ledger so that the resulting data is less effective and efficient. In addition, the Universal Computer Shop has a weakness in reporting sales, purchases, and inventory that the level of accuracy is still lacking. Entities such as Universal Computer Store will be very good if they have a good information system so that the management of sales, purchases, and inventory in the business will be better. This information system is based on desktop using visual basic programming language .Net and SQL Server 2008 database and information system design that used is Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and ER diagram for business process to be designed. Information systems are provided for Universal Computer Stores to provide convenience to system users, especially employees, suppliers, customers, inventory, goods, and sales, purchasing, sales, inventory, employees, suppliers and customers. It can be concluded that this application is able to assist the Universal Computer Shop in handling the problem of recording purchases, sales, management, inventory, employees, suppliers, customers making reports on purchases, sales, inventory, employees, suppliers, and customers. Keywords: Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Visual Basic. Net, SQL Server 2008
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