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Victoria Y. Ling, Jesslyn Saw, Cedric S. Tremblay, Stefan E. Sonderegger, Emma Toulmin, Jacqueline Boyle, Sung Kai Chiu, Steven W. Lane, Stephen B. Ting, David J. Curtis
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000277

Karen Vanhoorelbeke, Johana Hrdinova, Bogac Ercig, Chris Reutelingsperger, Jan Voorberg, Gerry Nicolaes
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000281

Iris Nederlof, Caroline A. Lindemans, Marc B. Bierings, Alexander B. Mohseny, Dorine Bresters, Marije Bartels
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000282

Amanda M. Dinofia, Shannon L. Maude
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000279

Naohiro Miyashita, Masahiro Onozawa, Shota Yokoyama, Daisuke Hidaka, Koji Hayasaka, Shinji Kunishima, Takanori Teshima
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000268

Abstract:We retrospectively evaluated 48 essential thrombocythemia (ET) patients who were treated in our institute (male/female, 14/34, median age, 61.5 years). In 14 patients treated with anagrelide (ANA), the degree of platelet count reduction (median, −56.6%) was strongly correlated with increase of mean platelet volume (MPV) (median, +11.7%) (R = 0.777). This correlation was not observed in ET patients treated with hydroxycarbamide alone (R = 0.245). The change in size of platelets strongly suggested that ANA affected the final process of platelet production. Thus, we hypothesized that ANA modifies the process by which platelets are released from proplatelets. To verify the association in an in vitro setting, we compared MEG-01 cells treated with PMA ± ANA. The number of platelet-like particles (PLPs) was decreased (P P This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 4.0, which allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon the work, even for commercial purposes, as long as the author is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0
Annelies Van Vuren, Bert Van Der Zwaag, Rick Huisjes, Nathalie Lak, Marc Bierings, Egbert Gerritsen, Eduard Van Beers, Marije Bartels, Richard Van Wijk
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000276

Lydia Scarfò, Alessandra Tedeschi
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000278

Anita M.A.P. Govers, Caroline R.M. Wiggers, Ruben Van Boxtel, Michal Mokry, Edward E.S. Nieuwenhuis, Menno P. Creyghton, Marije Bartels, Paul J. Coffer
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000270

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Alexey V. Danilov, John M. Pagel, Jennifer R. Brown, Brian T. Hill
HemaSphere, Volume 3; doi:10.1097/hs9.0000000000000275