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Published: 7 January 2022
Pharmaceutical Medicine pp 1-11;

A pilot study conducted in 2020 suggested that Medical Affairs Pharmaceutical Physicians (MAPPs) may be inherently undervalued within the pharmaceutical industry and vulnerable to replacement by less qualified roles. There are currently no standardized metrics to measure MAPP performance, thus it is necessary to measure the value of MAPPs to employers and clarify the need for their specific skills.
, Salil Prakash Shinde, Manmohan Singh, Chew Hooi Wong,
Published: 31 December 2021
Pharmaceutical Medicine pp 1-10;

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Published: 7 December 2021
Pharmaceutical Medicine pp 1-13;

Engaging influential stakeholders in meaningful exchange is essential for pharmaceutical companies aiming to improve care. At a time where opportunities for face-to-face engagement are limited, the ability to interact, learn and generate actionable insights through digital channels such as Twitter, is of considerable value.
, Thanh G. N. Ton, Jessica Davies, Simon Fear, Carolin Block, Kunihiko Tanaka, Danny Gonzalez, Roger Mutter, Noelia Alfaro-Oliver, Ignacio Mendez, et al.
Published: 7 December 2021
Pharmaceutical Medicine pp 1-13;

A Guide for Healthcare Professionals (HCP Guide) and patient alert card (PAC) for atezolizumab as additional risk minimization measures for physicians were distributed to raise awareness and help in the detection and management of immune-related adverse drug reactions.
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