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Yun Liu, Yiming Yang, Yu Huang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 102-107;

With China’s comprehensive development of information technology, it is now widely used in the field of higher vocational education, and online teaching has emerged at a critical juncture. In the information age, there are challenges in meeting the actual needs of contemporary vocational students with traditional teaching methods, along with higher vocational training and school-enterprise cooperation and enrollment work taking place. Online teaching can stimulate students’ interest in learning, break the limitation of time and space in conventional teaching, as well as improve the teaching efficiency. Therefore, taking higher vocational colleges in Chongqing as an example, this study explores the integration of online teaching into public physical education courses, in hope to provide some reference for higher vocational colleges.
Lingpeng Mao, Bozhi Cao
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 67-74;

Objective: To investigate medical students’ cognition on the doctor-patient relationship and its influence on their career choice as well as to provide reference for medical education and communication education. Methods: A self-compiled questionnaire survey was carried out at a medical university in W city, and descriptive statistics as well as chi-square tests were conducted. Results: There were significant differences in medical students’ cognition of doctor-patient relationship among different genders, registered residence, only-child status, whose parents are working in the medical field, and their own evaluation of the major (p < 0.05); the different cognitions of doctor-patient relationship have a significant influence on medical students’ career choice. Conclusion: Medical students’ vocational cognition and educational guidance should be strengthened, hospital information should be open and transparent, media reporting of medical events should be standardized, and a doctor-patient conflict regulation mechanism should be established.
Chunmei Zhou
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 75-80;

Primary education, guided by the cultivation of disciplinary core literacy, places a greater emphasis on students’ autonomy and is committed to promoting students’ all-round development. English reading is one of the main ways for students to acquire English knowledge. Although it is a fundamental learning point in English teaching, it poses challenges to English teaching in primary schools. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the current state of English reading education for primary school students from the perspective of core literacy, and then proposes effective strategies for improving students’ English reading skills.
ChengChieh Su
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 1-6;

This paper describes how the PBL approach is integrated into English writing courses in colleges and focuses on the process of designing and implementing a writing project via PBL. This allows for the promotion of innovation in the English writing curriculum as well as the active participation among college students, thereby strengthening the cultivation of students’ self-learning ability and improving their ability to apply knowledge flexibly in real-life settings.
Jinli Xu, Yuewen Wang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 39-44;

The construction of course-based ideological and political education is currently in its full swing. With both instrumentality and humanity, college English is the ideal carrier of ideological and political education. College English education should keep pace with the era, integrate with ideological and political education based on traditional Chinese culture, and construct a teaching system with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to strengthen ideological and political orientation, reasonably integrate the teaching content, comprehensively enhance the quality of teachers, and actively innovate the teaching method, so as to further improve the effect of course-based ideological and political practice as well as realize the fundamental task of cultivating students through moral cultivation in higher education.
Shang Wang, Jinru Ma, Xuesong Zhen, Jie Yu
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 24-31;

Material Mechanics is an important subject for science and engineering students in vocational colleges. However, its teaching effect has not been up to par for a long time. In order to improve the teaching quality, this paper discusses four problems existing in the teaching of Material Mechanics and proposes corresponding countermeasures. Rich animations and Mises stress nephograms can be formed using new techniques, such as finite element simulation, making it easier for students to understand abstract concepts. The introduction of engineering-related cases can enhance students’ interest, and students’ hands-on skills and innovation can be improved with open mechanics laboratory. The suggestions are worthy of reference and should be flexibly applied to the teaching of Material Mechanics.
ZhiHan Zhang
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 94-101;

This paper explores the factors influencing consumers’ willingness to purchase under the influence of IWOM, taking perceived risk as the theoretical framework. The factors influencing consumers’ willingness to purchase under IWOM are investigated from three perspectives: perceived functional risk, perceived psychological risk, and perceived financial risk. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods is used to derive the questionnaire theory using the interview method. The research findings are drawn using the questionnaire method and combined with the path analysis method. Based on the research results, relevant suggestions and countermeasures are proposed for such IWOM-influenced restaurants.
Honglei Guan
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 32-38;

This article will illustrate a typical English learning activity in an English training institution in Australia. Several international students, age ranging from 18 to 25 years old, were included in this study. All of these students are Asians, needing to improve their English level. Majority of the students come from Indonesia, Philippines, and China. The students attend the institution to improve their English skills before commencing their studies in Australian universities. There are 15 students from China and 5 students from other Asian countries, among which 12 are female students and 8 are male students. As the teachers are from China, some of them have a typical Chinese accent, while others have British or American accent. These are the context and setting of TESOL. From the perspective of one of the learners, an international student from China who had just arrived in Australia, the English learning context is general and typical in Australia, and there are also some common issues in learning in the context of TESOL. One of the issues is that students are quiet and do not actively respond to questions posed by the teachers. Another issue in TESOL is that most students are too shy to use English to communicate in the classroom.
Ren Zhao
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 87-93;

Flipped classroom has become a topic of interest in education. The question of whether high school English writing instruction can be integrated with flipped classroom is of utmost concern. In consideration of the characteristics of both elements based on the constructivist theory, and the integration of language knowledge, background knowledge, as well as discourse knowledge into English writing instruction, this study designs a high school English writing instruction model based on flipped classroom. Both the flipped classroom and English writing instruction focus on constructing meaning in learning, thus providing a flipped classroom model for English writing instruction in high schools.
Yuqin Qi
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research, Volume 6, pp 11-15;

With the continuous development of information technology in China, the era of digital publishing has arrived, overthrowing the traditional publishing paradigm. Compared with mass publications and professional publications, teaching research publications are unique. In the field of education, they play a guiding role in the teaching work and in promoting the development of education in China. The editorial work of teaching research publications should be innovated in the digital era. In order to ensure the dissemination value and depth of content of teaching research publications, as well as to provide high-quality publications with leading value for money, editorial transformation and work innovation should be carried out in time, taking into account the characteristics of the digital era. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the existing problems in the editorial work of teaching research publications to propose innovative strategies for the editorial work of teaching research publications in the digital era.
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