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Omar Faruque
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 8, pp 65-74;

The government is trying to discourage smoking through various programs, and at the same time is generating huge revenue from this sector. Basically, it is a contradiction. This research is also discouraging the bidi industry. According to the REOBTB (2019) report, the number of bidi workers in the country is 1,34,926, of which 54,694 are engaged in permanent production and excluding the number of children, this number stands at 47,918 with an average monthly income of Tk 1,982. According to the report, the total number of bidi industries in the country is 198. Every year a large number of bidis and cigarettes are produced from these factories which contribute to our national economy. It is very sad but true that, every year a large number of Bidi workers are suffering from complex diseases, which is having a massive negative impact on the national health sector. As a result, it is now more important to assess the socio-economic conditions of these workers properly. Out of the 198 bidi industries in the country, 53 are located in the Rangpur district. As a result, in order to engage the people of the region in sustainable development, it is necessary to properly assess the socio-economic status of this huge number of bidi workers and adopt a proper action plan based on those results. The objective of this study is to assess the socio-economic status of bidi industry workers, Haragachh, Rangpur. Primary and secondary data are used in this research work. Numerical analysis is given priority in the study. A structured questionnaire is used for the purpose of data collection. The results of the study said that, if child labor is not stopped in time, it will be difficult to achieve the SDG goal by 2021-2025. It is a matter of sorrow that no worker bears an appointment letter. As a result, they may face legal complications at any time. At the same time, the health risks in the factory are extremely high. It is time to reduce the health risks of this huge number of bidi workers and take necessary actions to ensure their rights. ------------------------------------- বিড়ি ও বিড়িশ্রম উভয়ই স্বাস্থের জন্য ক্ষতিকর। সরকার নানান কর্মসূচির মাধ্যমে ধূমপানকে নিরুৎসাহিত করার চেষ্টা করছে, এবং একইসাথে এই খাত থেকে প্রচুর রাজস্বও আদায় করছে। এটা পরস্পরবিরোধীতা। দি রেভিনিউ অ্যান্ড এমপ্লয়মেন্ট আউটকাম অব বিড়ি ট্যাক্সেশন ইন বাংলাদেশ (২০১৯) শীর্ষক গবেষণা প্রতিবেদনে বলা হয়েছে, দেশে বিড়ি শ্রমিকের সংখ্যা ১,৩৪,৯২৭জন, যার মধ্যে স্থায়ী উৎপাদন কাজে নিয়োজিত শ্রমিকের সংখ্যা ৫৪,৬৯৪জন এবং শিশুর সংখ্যা বাদ দিলে এই সংখ্যা দাঁড়ায় ৪৬৯১৬জন যাদের মাসিক গড় আয় ১৯৭২টাকা। প্রতিবেদনে আর বলা হয়েছে, দেশে মোট বিড়িশিল্পের সংখ্যা ১৯৮টি। বিবিসি (২০২০) এক প্রতিবেদনে বলেছে, বর্তমানে দেশে বিড়িশিল্পের বাজার প্রায় ২০০০ কোটি টাকার এবং তা...
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 8, pp 9-18;

Improving the ability of the satisfaction and proper management to reach the aged population is important for health and essential to mitigate the income erosion consequences of ill health in Bangladesh. This study examined the satisfaction and proper management of the elderly of some identified disadvantages of aged populations; including the effect of poverty-focused nongovernmental development interventions. The objective of the study is to determine the more influential factors that are affecting the health status and living arrangements of the elderly. The data were collected by direct interview method from Chapai-Nawabgonj District, Bangladesh. The chi-square test and logistic regression model were used to fulfill the objective of this study. The results of this study reveal that among literate the majority percent aged population has at least primary education and slightly over half of them have secondary level education. The majority of the elderly people are low income, economically dependent, living with married children. Also, they are unhealthy to suffer from different kinds of illnesses like Lame, Gastric, Blood pressure, Paralysis, Diabetics, etc. A large number of people is taking treatment from M.B.B.S, and a small portion of people are taking treatment from Homeopathic and Ayurvedic physician. Despite their suffering, most of them do not get the proper care. Television, Newspaper, monthly income-expenditure, family member, and educational status are associated with the satisfaction of elderly people. The logistic regression model exposed that serious operation and proper management are the most major significant factors effects satisfaction. It also exposed that mental torture, a different shelter for the elderly are major significant factors effects proper management. The paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of enhancing local capacities to determine whether self-treatment is indicated, to investigate socio-economic background, or in cases where satisfaction and proper management is sought, to judge provider competence and evaluate whether basic needs are justified. The provision of pharmaceutical training to the full spectrum of satisfied providers is also recommended.
Omar Faruque, Motiur Rahman
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 8, pp 43-54;

The financial result of a business largely depends on the employees’ satisfaction. When employees feel happy, then they contribute more attention to the work, show more sincerity. As a result, the production of the organization is increased, and finally, the profit is increased. The study has attempted to find out the perception of employees towards the growth and development of small scale industry in the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh during 2013-14 to 2017-18. The study is empirical. An interview was taken for 400 small-scale industry workers from 16 upazilas through a questionnaire. They were asked about their perception of the growth and development of this industry. The perception of the employee is measured by the Likert scale. The result shows that the participation in decision-making/ implementation perception contains the highest value of 51.0% satisfactory level and the excellent level of satisfaction holds the lowest value of 3.25%. Perquisites structure perception holds the highest value of 48% at a satisfactory level, health, and safety facility perception holds that 36.0% of employees are satisfied. On the other hand, 48% of employees are satisfied in job security perception and the bonus and incentive contain 56.0% of employees are satisfied. For day-care center facilities, 83.0% of employees are dissatisfied. The result concludes that employees show very poor satisfaction in perquisites structure, health, and safety facility, bonus and incentive, day-care center, termination policy, leave policy, and entertainment opportunities. It is mathematically proved that, if the employees are satisfied, then the growth of the organization will be increased. As a result, it is important to satisfy employees properly for the growth and development of the SSI. If that can be done properly, the sustainable development of small-scale industries is possible.
Myung Suh Choi, Seung Ah Choi, Jacquelyn Ryu, Yuli Choi
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 8, pp 19-32;

This study explores how social media act as a tool to communicate with the government and the world through the research of the role of social media and the processes by which people can be mobilized to engage in protests. Focusing primarily on Facebook and Instagram as Social Networking Sites (SNS), the study uses survey data collected through Typeform online survey (N=100). Findings indicate that the frequency of SNS has been strongly correlated with protest activities. SNS promoted on-site news consumption and political speech, which in turn facilitated protest participation. Despite the prevalence of incidental exposure to news on SNS, the exposure did not give rise to more political action, such as the voicing of political opinions on SNS.
Onyekachi Ohagwu, Zamri bin Hj Hassan, Dolly Paul Carlo
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 8, pp 33-42;

This paper explains recent statistics and phenomena related to returnee migrants in Edo state, Nigeria. The significance of this paper is that it creates awareness on causes and motives behind irregular migration leading to repatriation (returned migrants). Based on data gathered from most research participants (returnee migrant) – the quest to improve one’s socioeconomic living conditions are the motives behind most Nigerians’ migration journey (regular or irregular) to western countries (i.e., Europe, Canada, USA, etc.). The socioeconomic imbalance in Nigeria is mainly caused by the high rate of unemployment and poverty; thus, the majority of Nigerians are of the opinion that migrating to western countries, is a potential pathway to an improved socioeconomic living condition. This paper further suggests – skill acquisition (TVET) as an approach to reduce unemployment and poverty; thus, economically improving the socioeconomic living conditions of the majority of Nigerians.
Anne Obono Essomba
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 8, pp 55-64;

Globalization led by Europe has spread so-called 'universal' values across the globe, which seems to have cultural intermingling as its backdrop. All human endeavors are based on a culture that has become multidimensional. All the time, in their diversity, cultures try to complement and absorb each other. However, in this meeting of cultural giving and receiving, it takes on a new face, the culture shock. This encounter causes major changes in our modern societies, giving way to a loss of cultural identity and internal imbalance. This article aims to analyze the way in which contemporary Cameroonian musicians use cultural and linguistic facts for communication purposes and other arguments. The aim of our work is to show how the various songwriters have found, through song, a new mode of resistance so that African traditions escape sedimentation. In this way, they reconcile the elements of oral tradition and the contributions of modernity to create a hybrid product. To illustrate our point, we have chosen oral texts from different regions of Cameroon. In order to better understand the transcultural reality in the texts, we will highlight the marks of traditional and modern aesthetics, then show that the transcultural is seen as a space of symbiosis between the traditional and the modern.
Heena Sayyeda Amir
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 7, pp 123-136;

In the contemporary era, fatwas mostly contain derivative information from classical texts such as the Quran and Hadith. Fatwas are used to tackle pornography addiction while it may lack productivity in spreading innovative solutions among Muslim students. Failure to provide solid Islamic pornography rehabilitations and disfavouring to speak openly on pornography does not stop the prevalence of pornography among Muslim students. Therefore, the purpose is to explore the prevalence of pornography, its effect on Muslim students, and strategies to overcome pornography addiction. Through SPSS analysis, the numerical data shows that both Muslim male and female students view pornography regardless of its prohibitions. Some Muslim students are engaged in maladaptive behavior, affecting their spirituality, religion, and overall well-being (Ademola, 2017). The study, therefore, suggests alternative awareness programs to support Muslim students to overcome the struggles of pornographic addiction that is often too tempting to resist. Dealing with pornography per today's context perhaps will diminish the statistical rate of Muslim students watching pornography.
Noor Sabah Naeem, Norma Saad
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 7, pp 113-122;

The study was aimed at understanding the EFL Iraqi students’ perspective on speaking anxiety. Specifically, the study investigated the causes of speaking anxiety based on data collected for a pilot study involving two Iraqi EFL postgraduate students in Universiti Utara Malaysia. Pseudonyms were used to refer to the participants as Omer and Sarah. The data were collected through in-depth interviews with the participants. The interview sessions took approximately 15-20 minutes for each participant and were videotaped and audiotaped. Semi-structured interviews with 15 questions and probes were used. The results showed that the speaking anxiety experienced by the two Iraqi students were due to the class atmosphere, the teacher’s attitudes, lack of vocabulary, rate of speech, different accent and long conversation, fear of being embarrassed, and fear of failing to perform. The causes identified are rooted in Iraqi status of English as a foreign language and method of teaching English as well as the teacher’s attitude towards their students.
Wahiduzzaman Khan, Takudzwa Fadziso
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 7, pp 79-90;

The fast technological advancements in machine intelligence and automation may also arrive with risks and some negative effects on employees, firms, and society at large. Currently, both end-users, scientists, and practitioners have acknowledged the need for machine assistance and also welcome consideration for a robust ethical strategy that will allow a safe application and usage of improved technologies. Artificial Intelligence related ethics has been presented and considered from various standpoints and views. This paper furthers on the subject. Potential ethical issues are envisaged in the area of machine end-user perceptions, privacy, accountability, and the robot/ human rights, design of ethical machines, and technological singularity. It, therefore, possesses the question. What are the current ethical issues with the use of machines? The study adopted a quantitative and qualitative approach to drawing conclusions from the thematic and descriptive analysis. The result shows that majority of the respondents were males 46 (65.7%) while 24(34.3%) were females. They are mainly literates/ Majority 49(70%) are from the private firm and come majorly from the Asian continent. The majority of the respondents view that ethical consideration is necessary for machine and automation design, the machine-human relationship should be improved. Their privacy should be instituted while they consider technology singularity as a severe issue and desire the creation of ethical machines. Following this result, the study documents policy recommendations.
Takahiro Miyo
Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature, Volume 7, pp 91-112;

The percentage of the elderly is increasing on a worldwide scale, and Japan has the highest in the world. Under this difficult demographic situation, how well the elderly can live their later lives is a very important question. The purpose of this study was to find out how the elderly in good health can envisage their future lives in which they need care from others, which may help the elderly make their own care-plans. I conducted semi-structured interviews with one married elderly couple, who had had various experiences of caring for their old parents. While recalling their old days when they used to care for their parents, they were also asked to envisage their own future lives, in which they will need care from others. Based on qualitative descriptive analyses of their interview data, a highly individual care-plan emerged for each study participant. It was suggested that the ways their old parents lived in their later lives, as well as their experiences of caring for them, were strongly reflected in their own future care-plans. In order to envisage one’s realistic future in which he/she needs care from others, concrete experience of relevance may be necessary, which would make it possible to discuss frequently his/her own future life with family, friends, and medical providers.
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