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Evgenii Grishin, Kirill Nesterov
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 6-8; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001029

This article describes the process of developing an integrated process control system for an enterprise for the production of stainless steel pipes, based on the combination of local automation systems into a factory information technology system. Briefly describes the technological cycle of the production, the equipment used, its features, as well as its change as a result of the introduction of the process control system. It describes the requirements for quality control of products and methods for this control. The features and composition of the process control system are explained. The items of equipment included in the process control system are listed, their technical characteristics are given, and their choice is justified. Software and their structure, the interaction of elements in the system, the main tasks solved by the process control system and their influence on the quality of the finished product are described. The technical and economic analysis and justification of the application of the process control system for this production is carried out.
Kateryna Radlovska, Sofiia Kachala
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 86-88; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001035

The first finds of mummified carcasses of the hairy rhino, mammoth, horse, roe deer and other animals were carried out at a depth of 12 m when passing the mines for the production of ozokerite near the village. The expedition of the Academy of Skill from Krakow, when passing a mine at a depth of 17 m, found the remains of 3 more hairy rhinos. There were also numerous bones of small vertebrates (rodents), artichokes, numerous insects, beetles, parasitic worms, slag, butterflies, spiders, snails, vascular plants, seeds and branches of dwarf birch, alder, and other representatives of tundra flora. After the earthquake in the Vrancha Mountains (Romania), the first and still unique mud volcano in the Carpathians, which gave the Starunia paleontological location a new "sound", arose on the ozokerite deposit.An important result was the discovery of the most desirable area, where the remains of giant mammals and even the Cro-Magnon Pleistocene could still be found at the depths. All the numerous interdisciplinary traces of Polish and Ukrainian scientists confirm the uniqueness of Starunia on a global scale, requiring the preservation and further study of paleontological finds and the only mud volcano in the Carpathians. Such findings can only be made by organizing the Starunia geodynamic ground International Ecological and Tourist Center «Geopark Ice Age».
Anton Sheikus
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 20-22; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001043

Improving the control performance of objects with distributed parameters, which include the distillation process, is achievable by using mobile actions. It is known that moving along the column height of the feed point or redistributing a given flow between two contact devices of the apparatus makes it possible to achieve techno-economic indicators of stationary modes unattainable by traditional control. At the same time, transient responses in the column when using mobile actions remained unexplored.To solve this problem, a mathematical model of the dynamics of the distillation process has been developed, taking into account the mobile control actions, and the features of the dynamic modes of operation of the column when using them have been investigated. The model provides for the possibility of implementing disturbances and control actions of various shapes and intensities through several channels simultaneously or at certain points in time.It is established that a new stationary mode is achieved by regulating the pressure at the top of the column, the levels in the tanks to collect the bottom fractions and distillate. The use of PID controllers with actions on the refrigerant flow rate into the condenser and separation products is proposed. The dynamic process model is supplemented by a description of these automatic control loops.Using the developed model, computational experiments are carried out on the example of a column for the separation of a methanol-water mixture. It is proved that transient responses when using mobile control actions on the distillation process are characterized by acceptable quality indicators.The research results are applicable in the construction of systems for automatic mobile control of distillation processes, adaptive, optimal control systems using predictive models.
Inna Shalevska, Pavlo Kaliuzhnyi
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 55-57; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001042

In the process of manufacturing reinforced castings by lost foam casting it is important to determine the laws of gas-hydrodynamic processes that occur during mold pouring. The study of liquid metal filling process a mold filled with a locally oriented reinforcing phase was carried out by the method of physical modeling using cold liquids on a special experimental bench that allows superimposing rarefaction to the front of the liquid metal.The video frames of the filling process the mold cavity without the reinforcing phase and with the presence of vertically mounted metal rods are obtained. It was established that the filling process without reinforcing elements occurs in three stages:1) the flow of a gushing free stream into space;2) the destruction of the free stream with the capture of the gas phase;3) filling the form with a continuous stream with the removal of smaller gas inclusions from the liquid volume.It was also established that with an increase in the rarefaction, the character of filling the mold is preserved, only the intervals of existence of the corresponding stages are reduced.In the presence of a reinforcing phase in the cavity, a marked decrease in the height of the gushing of the jet in the initial stage with an increase in the number of installed rods. In addition, crushing by rods of a limited model space creates more favorable conditions for removing the filled gas phase from a moving stream.
Juraj Nevrela, Anton Kuzma
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 29-31; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001020

The contribution deals with creating structure, which have unique properties for influencing the spectrum of light. Since these structures exhibit the period under the diffraction limit of visible light or UV radiation, they can’t be fabricated by standard photolithography. As a result, this nanoscale structure must be prepared with progressive nanostructure patterning technology known as nanoimprint lithography (NIL). Especially, in our work UV-nanoimprint lithography was used. Considering preservation of low production costs, which plays a crucial role in the industry, the UV-nanoimprint lithography will be best suit for this purpose. Using this technology result with respect to reproducibility and uniformity of created nanostructure has been achieved. Ability of influencing light spectrum for nanostructures with the period of 800 nm and 600 nm with various feature size were presented with observation and simulation also.
Oksana Dovzhenko, Volodymyr Pohribnyi
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 58-60; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001031

Systematic theoretical and experimental studies of the keyed joints of concrete and reinforced concrete elements have been carried out at PoltNTU over the recent thirty years that made it possible to formulate recommendations for their design and to improve the existing design solutions of joints. The keyed joints have higher bearing capacity. The method for calculating the strength of the joints is proposed. This method is based on the theory of concrete plasticity, the variational method and the principle of virtual velocities. It considers the stage of destruction and takes into account the full set of influence factors. The research takes into account the influence of the following factors on the joints strength: the ratio of the key depth to its height; compression level; the intensity of reinforcement and the nature of the reinforcement location. The keys of a rectangular profile of circular cross section are considered, which are formed in the voids of the slabs at their ends surface when girders concreting. For their reinforcement, a spatial cage in the form of a hollow cylinder is proposed. The results of experimental verification of the quantitative and qualitative influence on the joints strength of these factors are presented. The boundaries of the efficiency of reinforcement intensity, the degree of compression are determined, the optimal ratio of the depth of the key to its height is accepted. The design features of the joints of multi-hollow floor slabs (roofs) with a monolithic girder and between themselves in a precast-cast-in-place frame structural system, with wall panels in large-panel houses, as well as joints of wall panels on flexible loops in large-panel buildings, are taken into account. Examples of improved structural solutions for connecting elements of modern load-bearing systems based on the specifics of their work are given.
Valeriya Ananieva, Anna Belinska
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 70-72; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001015

Microbiological oil solutions of provitamin A (β-carotene) as a dietary supplement are not widely used due to their low oxidation stability. The aim of research is determination of the effect of sesame antioxidants on the oxidative stability of provitamin A in oil solutions.The peroxide number of vegeTable oils is determined by the standard method by the titrimetric method. The value of the period of induction of oil oxidation is determined graphically from the growth curves of peroxide numbers. The content of tocopherols in oils is determined by spectrophotometric method. The content of sesamol and sesamoline in oils is determined by the colorimetric method. The oxidative stability of oils is determined using the accelerated “active oxygen” method.To plan the experiment and process the data, mathematical methods are applied using the software Microsoft Office Excel 2003.The oxidation stability of blended oils (a mixture of sesame, high oleic, sunflower and corn refined oils) and its components is investigated. Blended oil has a lower oxidative stability than sesame oil, but higher than corn and high oleic sunflower. The oxidative stability of the blend is enhanced by the antioxidant content of sesamol and sesamoline. The content of the above antioxidants, as well as the amount of tocopherols, is studied in blended oils. The oxidation stability of the obtained solution of provitamin A in blended oils is investigated. The period of induction of oxidation of blended oils with the addition of 0.2 % β-carotene increases by 1.3 times compared with the period of induction of the original blended oil. Blended long-life oil is recommended to be used to stabilize fat-soluble biologically active compounds.
Oksana Markova, Serhiy Semerikov
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 12-15; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001039

The article substantiates the necessity to develop methods of computer simulation of neural networks in the spreadsheet environment. The systematic review of their application to simulating artificial neural networks is performed. The authors distinguish basic approaches to solving the problem of network computer simulation training in the spreadsheet environment, joint application of spreadsheets and tools of neural network simulation, application of third-party add-ins to spreadsheets, development of macros using the embedded languages of spreadsheets; use of standard spreadsheet add-ins for non-linear optimization, creation of neural networks in the spreadsheet environment without add-ins and macros. It is shown that to acquire neural simulation competences in the spreadsheet environment, one should master the models based on the historical and genetic approach. The article considers ways of building neural network models in cloud-based spreadsheets, Google Sheets. The model is based on the problem of classifying multidimensional data provided in “The Use of Multiple Measurements in Taxonomic Problems” by R. A. Fisher. Edgar Anderson’s role in collecting and preparing the data in the 1920s–1930s is discussed as well as some peculiarities of data selection.
Serhii Buriak
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 32-34; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001025

Switch electric drives are one of the most important and responsible components of railway automation, and therefore require the development and implementation of advanced diagnostic systems. Achievement of the goal is possible only through the use of modern mathematical and software tools. There is a problem in the use of electric motors for switch electric drives today. The point is that the nature of the load on the engine is determined by the reducer. Deterioration appears on the reducer during operation. The appearance of gaps between the gears causes the instability of the load on the shaft. Measurements and control of the size of the gaps is not performed. To solve this problem, it is proposed to use linear measurement of the gaps of the gears and further modelling of the reducer. This method will allow to determine the arising load fluctuations by the deviation of the angular velocities of rotation of the drive and driven shafts. The effect of the gaps on the system operation is shown by model in the form of transfer functions of the constituent elements and the system of equations. It will be possible to set limit values for the deterioration of the gears of the reducer by the determination the maximum deviation of shafts angular speeds of rotation in order to take measures in advance for their timely replacement and to keep the engines from excessive load.
Cernaj Lubos, Kozarik Jozef
Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions, Volume 3, pp 42-44; doi:10.21303/2585-6847.2019.001037

The aim of this research is to research and verify possibilities of using the accelerometer to determine mechanical load acting on high voltage insulator. Accelerometer measurements were done on the outdoor post insulator C30 - 850 - II. The insulator was loaded multiple times with various bending force. Vibration induced by external forces was detected by an accelerometer. The insulator features a cable hole, which can be used for optical cables. The accelerometer was glued to the outside surface of insulator’s plate. The results of this research will be used to verify the suitability of the chosen method for detecting the mechanical overload of high-voltage insulators. The results will be used in the design of a device that will serve to detect overload early in order to prevent damage to high-voltage lines and increase its reliability and durability.
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