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Published: 14 September 2017
BAOJN; doi:10.24947/baojn

Neurology and Neurosurgery Clinical Neurology Journal Impact Factor. Bioaccent wishes to give out the best neurology journal for the readers, clinicians and practitioners.
Published: 19 June 2017
BAOJN; doi:10.24947/baojn/

Journal of Clinical Nutrition Impact Factor is a peer reviewed, open access journal that aims to publish the latest research updates in the field of nutrition and dietary to the communities to build strong
Colloca G
Published: 21 December 2016
BAOJN, Volume 2; doi:10.24947/baojn/2/3/127

Saumen Km
Published: 23 November 2016
BAOJN, Volume 2; doi:10.24947/baojn/2/3/126

Harrison Dw
Published: 30 September 2016
BAOJN, Volume 2; doi:10.24947/baojn/2/3/123

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