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Muhammad Sayyidul Arwan, Faizetul Ukhrawiyah
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 63-75; doi:10.21067/jibs.v6i2.3878

Puisi merupakan media sastra yang sangat padat akan sebuah makna. Puisi juga sebagai media penyampai ide atau gagasan seorang penyair yang ingin disampaikan pada pembaca. Pada tulisan ini penulis akan menyampaikan paparan pemaknaan puisi “Bitaqah Hawiyyah” karya Mahmud Darwisy dengan menggunakan kajian semiotika. Pada tulisan ini pemaparan menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan cara penelitian pustaka dan memakai teori semiotika Riffaterre. Rumusan masalah pada tulisan ini yaitu bagaimana bentuk kesatuan struktur makna pada puisi “Bitaqah Hawiyyah” karya Mahmud Darwisy dengan menggunakan kajian semiotika Riffaterre. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengetahui bentuk kesatuan struktur makna pada puisi “Bitaqah Hawiyyah” karya Mahmud Darwisy dengan menggunakan kajian semiotika Riffaterre. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah bentuk kesatuan struktur makna pada puisi puisi “Bitaqah Hawiyyah” karya Mahmud Darwisy yaitu Nasionalisme dan Patriotisme yang terwujud pada kebanggaan, kecintaan dan pemertahanan pada identitas, tanah air dan kepemilikan.
Siti Jubaidah, Rusfandi Rusfandi
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 51-62; doi:10.21067/jibs.v6i2.3784

Researching teacher talk during teaching and learning process of English is essential because it offers practical implications for the improvement of teaching and learning process. However, there are still few studies which try to compare types of talk used by lecturers who teach content and skill subjects. This research investigates the types and the dominant types of lecturer talk during the teaching and learning process at an English Education Department. The participants were two English lecturers at a private University in Malang who taught Vocabulary (skill subject) and Poetry (content subject) classes. The researchers used an audio recorder to record the utterances by the lecturers. The data were analyzed qualitatively by using FIAC (Flanders Interaction Analysis Category). The types of lecturer talk produced by the lecturer who taught Vocabulary were Ask question, Give direction, Give lecture, Accept or use students’ idea, Praise or encourage, and Criticize or justify authority. The types of lecturer talk produced by the lecturer who taught Poetry were Give lecture, Ask question, Accept or use students’ idea, Give direction, Praise or encourage, and Criticize or justify authority. The most dominant types of talk produced by the lecturer who taught Vocabulary were Ask question and Give direction but Give lecture was the most dominant types of talk produced by the lecturer who taught Poetry. This finding indicates that types of course taught by lecturers affect the kinds of talk produced by the lecturers.
Maulana Sigit Purwa H, Lasim Muzammil
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 88-96; doi:10.21067/jibs.v6i2.4268

This research is intended to investigate how significant the effectiveness of AVE in which YouTube as the platform adopted being compared to the use of another media, i.e. Audio-Picture Series Exposure towards learners’ speaking skill. In order to achieve the purposes of the study, this study entails subjects taken from the population of SMK Budi Mulya Pakisaji by selecting 20 samples and 18 samples for control and experimental group respectively in which the former group was taught using Audio-Picture Series Exposure, while the latter one using AVE (YouTube). The researcher provided similar treatment and topic during the implementation of each exposure. The results show that both groups proved major improvement. Despite the performance improvement, since the result of independent sample t-test was 0.379, it attests that the difference between the groups was insignificant as the result was higher than the significance level set at .05. Such insignificance was apparently posed by some probable factors such as how the control group provide the same effective impact during the lesson, and also caused by the probable limitation as for adopting the availability of apt videos attributed to the selected topic which culminated in over reusing the similar contents. All in all, this study is expected to be contributive and propitious for the teachers and learners as for delivering insights of determining the use of the most suitable media for learning activity. It is also hoped that further research could present more detailed and provide more reliably advantageous findings.
Yohanes D.P.L Benany
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 97-104; doi:10.21067/jibs.v6i2.4269

This study was conducted to examine the types of slang words and the meaning of slang language used by members of Keluarga Besar group whatsapp. This research includes morphology and phonology. To find out types of slang in terms of phonology, Chrystal (1992) was employed to analyze the data. The researcher also used theory from Harimurti Kridaksana (1989) to analysis the tetun slang language in terms of morphology. From the analysis 17th September until 17th November 2019 used the theory from crystal (1992), it was found that from four types of slang languages in terms of phonology, there are three kinds of slang languages applied by the members of Keluarga Besar group whatsapp. 115 times of occurrence was found in their conversations, divided into: addition (15), replacement (2), sound transposition divided as: word reversal (80), PVB (14), insert one letter (2), sound change (2). While for morphology process,it was found that from four types of slang words in terms of morphology, there are two kinds of slang language applied by the members of Keluarga Besar group whatsapp. 13 times of occurrence was found in their conversations divided into: prefix (11), infix (1), and reduplication (2).
Arima Renny Dayu P, Paulus Kuswandono
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 76-87; doi:10.21067/jibs.v6i2.4131

This study investigated the implementation of senior high school students’ self-regulation in facing the high-stake university admission test. The researchers examined the factors that constitute senior high school students to be self-regulated learners and how the students implemented self- regulation in achieving their goals as well as entering a university. To obtain the data, the researchers conducted the study in a public one senior high school in Klaten, Indonesia using mix methods of qualitative and quantitative research. The researchers gained the data by interviewing 12 third grades of senior high school students and asking them to answer questionnaires. The researchers presented the data using narrative inquiry statements. The result showed that all participants did self-regulation learning in order to achieve their goals to enroll study at a famous and reputable university in Indonesia such as ITB, UGM, UNS, STAN and Politekes. To be self-regulated learners, the participants had implemented 4 conditioned phases such as forethought and planning, monitoring, controlling and reflecting phase.
Intan Vandani
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 32-37; doi:10.21067/jibs.v6i1.3680

This study aimed at investigating the roles of debate technique with rebuttal type in a speaking class setting. It was motivated by the fact that EFL students tend to be passive in speaking activities in the classrooms. This present study applied quasi-experimental design by involving two groups of students: the experimental group and control group in which each group consisted of 35 students of a vocational high school in Malang, Indonesia. The findings suggest that the use of debate technique with rebuttal type empowers the learning activities to be more effective and interesting. It provides the issues in the pubic area and increases the critical thinking of the students. The implications and suggestions were also discussed. Keywords: debate technique, rebuttal type, speaking skills, critical thinking
Munawwir Hadiwijaya, Ima Widiayanah, Maya Rizki Amalyasari
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 6, pp 38-50; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i1.3601

This research seeks to develop an English for Transportation (EnTra) application that can help cadets to master English transportation more easily. The design of this research is the ADDIE model development research. The following steps describe the research and development. (1). Conduct a needs analysis through preliminary research activities. (2). Planning in the form of product and participant determination. (3). The product to be developed is the English for Transportation (EnTra) application. (4). Expert validation in the form of expert / practitioner ratings of the Entra application includes format, language, illustrations and content, as well as multimedia experts, because the product produced is an android application. (5). Implementation of the product to the real target. (6) Product evaluation. The results of this study indicate that, there are seven aspects of assessment given by media expert, material expert and cadets as the aplication’s users. The results of the assessment of the three parties indicate that the application developed has been tested and categorized as very feasible. This means that EnTra's idea of bringing class into one single application that can be accessed anywhere and at any time brings a different atmosphere for cadets in learning English transportation. The limited time they have in learning is overcome by this application. Keywords: English for Transportation (Entra), ESP Transportation, Learning Media
Ina Roudhotul Jannah
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 58-65; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3180

Writing is a skill that language is used to communicate indirectly and not face-to-face with other people. Writing skills do not come naturally, but it requires adequate exercises. This study examines the learners’ problems in essay writing descriptions using the integrated observation learning methods. The lack of ability of the students in writing a description is due to lack of interest of students to learn, teachers’ traditional methods in teaching, and the theory – oriented activities without practice writing especially writing descriptions. The use of an integrated observation method proved to increase the ability of students to write descriptions. It can be taken from the test given to the students to write descriptions. With integrated observation learning, learners are able to generate ideas into writing descriptions by conducting an observation during the learning takes place. An observation was done outside of the classroom and school environment as well as just around the backyard of the school, so the students have a lot of good ideas to compose a good essay. Key Words: Improved, writing, descriptions, integrated observation method.
Yohanes Johardianto
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 77-94; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3168

We have been quite familiar with art and literary work in our life. They can be music, pain or literature. Literature is human expression consisting experience, consideration, feeling, idea, spirit, and conviction in form of concrete description that arouse attraction by using language. Literature is the result of ideas that belongs to human. The result of literary works can be written work , pictures or music. Literary works in written form include the novel, poem, short story, verse, etc. While in pictures form include painting, movie, photograph, etc. And literary works in the form of music include songs that every day we listen. This thesis is an effort to analyze the moral values in the movie entitled “47 Ronin”, which might be very useful for the researcher himself, the readers, and other researchers who might need it as source of information. There are three research problems proposed from this “47 Ronin” analyzing film. They are: (1) The moral value found on this film, (2) The moral values conveyed on this film, (3) The messages that can be delivered to the viewers. Based on the result of this study the researcher found some moral values contained in the movie”47 Ronin”, such as: friendliness, tolerance and acceptance, self-confidence, determination, honesty, positive attitude, patience, initiative and courage, motivation, self respect. The researcher hopes those values would be useful for the Viewers and the readers of this thesis as their life guidance to be better persons. Keywords: Moral Value, “47 Ronin” Film
Yusi Anita
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 103-110; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3169

The objective of this research was to find whether collaborative strategic reading was effective to improve students’ reading comprehension on SMPN 1 Gondanglegi Malang. The participants are students from 8D and 8C Class. The first group was 8D as the experimental group, and the control group was 8C. The data mainly came from statistical results, including the questionnaire responses. The scores of both groups were analyzed by using independent sample t-test. The result of independent sample t-test showed that the probability (p) was less than level of significant which is 0.05, it was .000. It means there is a significant difference between students who are taught by using Collaborative Strategic Reading than they who are not. The mean score obtained by experimental group was higher than the mean score obtained by the control group (74.58 > 62.66). It shows that there was a positive effect after applying Collaborative Strategic Reading in the experimental group. Thus, it can be concluded that Collaborative Strategic Reading is effective to improve students’ reading comprehension. Keywords: Collaborative Strategic Reading, Reading Comprehension, Effectiveness
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