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Ina Roudhotul Jannah
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 58-65; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3180

Abstract:Writing is a skill that language is used to communicate indirectly and not face-to-face with other people. Writing skills do not come naturally, but it requires adequate exercises. This study examines the learners’ problems in essay writing descriptions using the integrated observation learning methods. The lack of ability of the students in writing a description is due to lack of interest of students to learn, teachers’ traditional methods in teaching, and the theory – oriented activities without practice writing especially writing descriptions. The use of an integrated observation method proved to increase the ability of students to write descriptions. It can be taken from the test given to the students to write descriptions. With integrated observation learning, learners are able to generate ideas into writing descriptions by conducting an observation during the learning takes place. An observation was done outside of the classroom and school environment as well as just around the backyard of the school, so the students have a lot of good ideas to compose a good essay. Key Words: Improved, writing, descriptions, integrated observation method.
Yohanes Johardianto
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 77-94; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3168

Abstract:We have been quite familiar with art and literary work in our life. They can be music, pain or literature. Literature is human expression consisting experience, consideration, feeling, idea, spirit, and conviction in form of concrete description that arouse attraction by using language. Literature is the result of ideas that belongs to human. The result of literary works can be written work , pictures or music. Literary works in written form include the novel, poem, short story, verse, etc. While in pictures form include painting, movie, photograph, etc. And literary works in the form of music include songs that every day we listen. This thesis is an effort to analyze the moral values in the movie entitled “47 Ronin”, which might be very useful for the researcher himself, the readers, and other researchers who might need it as source of information. There are three research problems proposed from this “47 Ronin” analyzing film. They are: (1) The moral value found on this film, (2) The moral values conveyed on this film, (3) The messages that can be delivered to the viewers. Based on the result of this study the researcher found some moral values contained in the movie”47 Ronin”, such as: friendliness, tolerance and acceptance, self-confidence, determination, honesty, positive attitude, patience, initiative and courage, motivation, self respect. The researcher hopes those values would be useful for the Viewers and the readers of this thesis as their life guidance to be better persons. Keywords: Moral Value, “47 Ronin” Film
Yusi Anita
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 103-110; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3169

Abstract:The objective of this research was to find whether collaborative strategic reading was effective to improve students’ reading comprehension on SMPN 1 Gondanglegi Malang. The participants are students from 8D and 8C Class. The first group was 8D as the experimental group, and the control group was 8C. The data mainly came from statistical results, including the questionnaire responses. The scores of both groups were analyzed by using independent sample t-test. The result of independent sample t-test showed that the probability (p) was less than level of significant which is 0.05, it was .000. It means there is a significant difference between students who are taught by using Collaborative Strategic Reading than they who are not. The mean score obtained by experimental group was higher than the mean score obtained by the control group (74.58 > 62.66). It shows that there was a positive effect after applying Collaborative Strategic Reading in the experimental group. Thus, it can be concluded that Collaborative Strategic Reading is effective to improve students’ reading comprehension. Keywords: Collaborative Strategic Reading, Reading Comprehension, Effectiveness
Putri Rachmawati
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 66-76; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3170

Abstract:This study focuses on the analysis of the main characters; Jack Frost, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Pitch Black, and the Sandman’s internal and external conflicts in “Rise of the Guardians” Movie. The purpose of this study is to find out type of the internal and external conflicts based on the William Kenney’s theory. The study was conducted by using descriptive qualitative approach. The findings of this study; internal conflict: Jack Frost vs. Himself and the external conflict include Santa Claus vs. Yeti, Jack Frost vs. Easter Bunny, Pitch Black vs. Group of Guardians, Jack Frost vs. Group of Guardians, Jack Frost vs. Pitch Black. The problem solving of those conflict is competitive, because the Group of the Guardians pursues their own concerns at the Pitch Black’s expense. Key Words: Conflict, main character, rise of the guardians, movie
Yulinda Indriani
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 95-102; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i2.3181

Abstract:Reception study is a review of literature relating to the acceptability of the reader, reception in the research and study of children’s literature there are several theories about the nature of literature and its reception horizon approach and its reader, study psychology literature has a functional relationship to the reception of literature, the reader psychology and child psychology reader. Theories abaout the nature of children’s literature , children’s literature begins with some types of children’s literature. Research of literature, namely the study of the reception of literature that analyzes the child’s response to foklore Malin Kundang. reason researchers use the story of Malin Kundang is favored by many people ranging from children to adults, other than that a lot of the mandate contained in the story of Malin Kundang. Key words : the reception of literature, children’s literature, folklore
Linda Setiorini
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 4, pp 125-130; doi:10.21067/jibs.v4i2.3188

Abstract:This research analyzes the grammatical errors in spoken English of customer services of Malang Tourist Information Center. The objectives of this research are to determine the types of errors and the cause of errors spoken by the customer services. The data were collected from four customer services by recording their conversation between them and the tourists. The study only focuses on the customer service’s utterances. The design of this research is descriptive qualitative research and the instrument is researcher herself. The finding of this research showed that the most dominant error was error of omission with 44 numbers (44%), followed by error of selection with 38 numbers (35%), error of ordering with 14 numbers (12%), and error of addition with 8 numbers (9%). The research also investigated that the causes of errors spoken by customer services were interlingua and intralingua transfer. Interlingua transfer was considered as the major cause of errors of customer services of Malang Tourist Information Center. Keywords: grammatical errors, error analysis, utterances
Luluk Diana Novita Sari
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 13-24; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i1.3171

Abstract:Sastra adalah karya cipta atau fiksi yang bersifat imajinatif dengan menggunakan bahasa yang indah. Sastra menjadi dua jenis, yakni sastra literer dan sastra populer atau sastra “serius” dan “hiburan”. Salah satu bentuk sastra adalah novel. Salah satu jenis novel adalah teenlit. Teenlit adalah kisah seputar remaja, mengenai kisah percintaanya, romantisnya, kehidupannya, khayalannya, impiannya, dan lingkup remaja ini sendiri dari remaja SMP sampai mahasiswa. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan resepsi anak usia SMP tentang nilai estetika, muatan emosional, dan nilai didaktis dalam novel teenlit yang berjudul Dalam Rinai Hujan karya Arie Saptadji.Dalam penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan resepsi sastra, sesuai dengan namanya pendekatan ini mencoba memahami dan menilai karya sastra berdasarkan tanggapan para pembaca karya sastra tersebut. Penelitian resepsi pembaca terhadap novel teenlit yang berjudul Dalam Rinai Hujan ini menggunakan metode deskriptif kualitatif yakni penelitian yang menghasilkan prosedur analisis dan tidak menggunakan prosedur analisis statistik atau cara kuantifikasi lainya. Penelitian ini penelitian yang bermaksud untuk memahami fenomena tentang apa yang dialami oleh subjek penelitian misalnya perilaku, resepsi, motivasi, tindakan, dan lain-lain. Sumber data dalam penelitian ini adalah anak usia SMP di Desa Tumpakrejo Kecamatan Gedangan yang terdiri dari laki-laki dan perempuan dengan jumlah sebanyak 34 orang. Kata Kunci: resepsi, novel, novel teenlit
Moch. Arif Bina Mandra
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 35-47; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i1.3177

Abstract:Figurative language is a way to express ideas in written and oral production by involving feelings and soul. The present study focuses on describing (1) figurative language used by Ahmad Tohari in the novel Orang – Orang Proyek, (2) the most frequently used figurative language, and (3) the reasons of the use of figurative language in the novel. The design of the study was descriptive qualitative by employing content analysis method. The source of the data was the novel Orang – Orang Proyek. Fields notes were administered to collect the data including reducing data, coding the data as well as classifying the data. The research findings show that the kinds of figurative language used were (a) comparison, (b) contrast, (c) bond , and (d) repetition. Besides, Hyperbola was the most frequently used in the novel because Ahmad Tohari intended to convey moral values by presenting the story inside the novel, so it motivated people to give respects to the poor. Keywords: Figurative language, novel, Orang-Orang Proyek
Eka Ratmawati
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 4, pp 116-124; doi:10.21067/jibs.v4i2.3178

Abstract:Society is bunch of individuals that have the same backgrounds and characteristics based on their environments, then make a culture. The culture is reflection of the society’s life such as job, religion, knowledge and culture that is formed by people’s belief. Belief that is passed down from generation to generation written or verbally is called folklore. Such as Javanese myth, is story that tells about Javanese’s belief to sacred things. Myth is one of oral traditions, basically not too different with Javanese’s written tradition. Myth or pamali means warning that ancient people used. The warning that comes from generation to generation is often heard from the old people, such as grandpas and grandmas. Keyword: myth, form, mean
Arum Yunita Puspitasari
JURNAL ILMIAH BAHASA DAN SASTRA, Volume 5, pp 25-34; doi:10.21067/jibs.v5i1.3183

Abstract:Writing is one of four basic skills that students in junior high school have to learn. While a writing is complicated because there are many aspects such as mechanics, vocabulary and grammar, and writing activities.The students must be able to combine word and sentences grammatically into written text. Based on junior high school curriculum which is designed by Indonesia government, the students should understand and create various functional texts, monologues and essays in the form of descriptive, procedure, report, recount and narrative text. The student should be able to develop their skill to express the meaning and the structure of the text. In this research the researcher founds some problem faced by the students in the eighth grade of SMP Islam Al Amin Malang. They don’t know how to start writing and organize their ideas. Second, they still had difficulties to understand conjunction and punctuation, third they were also low of vocabulary mastery. Beside that the teacher still used conventional technique to teach writing, especially in narrative text.The researchers used classroom action research. In this research, the researcher conducted one cycle in implementing the method by using Scrambled Picture. The researcher conducted in one cycle because in cycle one the criteria of success had been achieved. The success of this research is influenced by two factors; the researcher’s factor and the student’s factor. The researcher’s factor was the researcher’s classroom management and the researcher’s explanation. The students also happy to used Scrambled Picture in writing narrative text during teaching and learning process. Key Words: Improving, scramble, narattive