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Cheng-Shung Huang, Dah-Chuan Gong
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p191

Abstract:How does participative management influence work motivation? The empirical evidence is mixed. We bridged contradictory findings by proposing previously unexamined mediational mechanisms that link participative management practices to work engagement. The results show that participative management practices have the potential to prompt employees to act in line with the organization's goal and values that, in turn, leads to work engagement. In particular, person-organization (PO) fit, need-supply (NS) fit, and leader-member exchange (LMX) are central to setting the relations among participative management practices, perceived fit, and work engagement. The results suggest that participative management should provide multiple avenues to fulfill human needs, thus strengthening employee engagement at work.
Candida Bussoli, Mariateresa Cuoccio, Claudio Giannotti
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p164

Abstract:Using two research methodologies - the Altman’s z-score discriminant analysis, in the revised version referring to non-listed firms, and the Bayesian approach Diagnostic Distribution - the paper investigates the possibility of discriminating between healthy and bankrupt European SMEs based on financial statements and using a Bayesian discriminant model inspired by Altman’s model. It also aims to verify whether the geographic location of European SMEs influences the ability to discriminate between healthy versus bankrupt firms. The work finds a significant homogeneity regarding the capability of the new discriminant models to classify healthy and bankrupt SMEs within the Euro Area and in different geographic locations. The empirical observations confirm that financial statements are a relevant channel by which SMEs communicate information to the financial system, even if they cannot provide all the information that allows for healthy and bankrupt SMEs to be distinguished.
Lihua Gu
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p183

Abstract:We analyze the relationship between intelligent manufacturing and export sophistication from the perspective of industrial robots. We use industrial robot panel data from International Federation of Robotics in 70 countries from 1995 to 2016. Our empirical research shows that if a country increases 1% of industrial robots in production process, export sophistication will increase 0.0036%. The result is very robust when we use two kind of proxy variables. And we also find that financial crisis depresses the effect of industrial robots on export sophistication. Our estimates suggest that intelligent manufacturing is a way to realize export upgrading in the background of a new industrial revolution. Countries without producing any industrial robots can import some robots from other countries to increase export sophistication.
Mohamad Noor Al-Jedaiah
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p176

Abstract:Migration is forming a new challenge for governmental and labor markets. The effect on workforce diversity and competiveness is considered crucial consequence of internal and external migration. The objective of this research is to investigate the effect of migration on workforce diversity in Jordan. The results showed that the external immigration to Jordan due to crisis is controlled to great extent by government. Moreover, the regulation of government of this workforce minimize its effect on local workforce market. Invisible and out of control effect resulted of local migration, which increased in the last years due to high opportunities in some governorate and the concentration of commercials in these areas. Such migration is not controlled and requires the collection of more figures, as well as deep investigation on workforce diversity.
Yanhong Pang
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p121

Abstract:With the continuous enhancement of economic globalization and world economic integration as well as the further opening of the entire society, the demand for financial and economic professionals with an international perspective is on the rise. Therefore, various forms of full-English teaching have been tried in many higher education institutions. However, at present, the full-English teaching of professional courses in Chinese higher education institutions is still in the preliminary exploration stage. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of the full- English course, Audit and Assurance Service, of Nanjing Audit University, this paper summarizes the teaching practice of the full-English course of auditing from the construction of teaching team, the design of teaching contents and the evaluation methods, and so on. It hopes to provide reference for the development of full-English teaching of professional course in Chinese higher education institutions.
Veronica Goitsemang Magang, Tebogo Israel Teddy Magang
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p128

Abstract:This paper theoretically attempts to examine a ‘buzzword’ which has been used to describe a system of awarding tenders [infamously referred to as ‘tenderpreneuring’] in developing countries, by conducting a review of the literature on this practice. The paper endeavors to define ‘tenderpreneuring’ by examining literature, reports, opinion pieces etc on this practice which seems to be spreading rapidly in the public and private sectors in Botswana, South Africa, Kenya in particular. The paper also makes an effort to make a comparison between “tenderpreneuring’ and the traditional form of tendering which follows best practice governance principles. An endeavor is also made to trace the roots of ‘tenderpreneuring’ and how ‘tenderpreneuring’ has the potential to negatively impact citizen economic empowerment. The paper further attempts to use the theory of accountability to demonstrate that where tendeperpreneuring is practiced, there are potential connotations of poor governance on the part of [government or private company] officers who award lucrative tenders to tenderpreneurs. The paper concludes by attempting to examine the possible ramifications of ‘tenderpreneuring’. Consisely, it concludes that tenderpreneuring has the potential to condemn the society to poverty at both personal and national level and rob them of their respect and dignity. The discussion from this paper has potential to conscientise policy decision makers on bad governance practices emanating from possibly crooked tendering processes both in the public and private sector under the code name ‘tenderpreneuring’.
Elisa Martinelli, Francesca De Canio
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p138

Abstract:Studies on the country image topic in the services context are rare in comparison with the number of papers investigating the effect that the information on the country of origin exerts on consumer buying behavior when tangible products are concerned. To this regard, the current paper would contribute to the literature on the country-of-origin effect and consumer behavior, exploring the role played by Product Country Image (PCI) in shaping customers attitude when a service offer is concerned – namely: dining services. Specifically, this study tests a conceptual model developed in a multi-cue perspective, that is: evaluating not only the effect of the information on the origin of the service offer investigated, but also assessing consumers’ perceptions related to other service offer cues, such as service quality and perceived value, in this case. A specific national cuisine in the full-service restaurant setting is explored: the Italian one. From the methodological viewpoint, a survey was conducted among Danish customers of Italian restaurants in Copenhagen. The research method employed consisted in a structured questionnaire. Then, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) was applied to the data collected. Results evidence that product country image influences the formation of a positive attitude towards ethnic restaurants even when a multi-cue approach is employed. Scientific and managerial implications are discussed.
Arcangelo Marrone, Lara Oliva
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p110

Abstract:The growing attention to social, environmental and governance issues has increased the pressure on companies to disclose information that goes beyond the financial aspects. In this scenario, integrated reporting (IR), represents a tool able to bridge the information gap, through a focus on the financial and non-financial aspects, on the existing interconnections between the different business dynamics and on the ability of the company to create value in the short, medium and long term. Several aspects of integrated reporting have been studied in the academic field. However, no study has investigated the level of alignment of integrated reports with the <IR> framework. This study aims to fill this gap, first of all developing an adequate measure to assess the level of compliance with the <IR> framework and secondly investigating some determinants of the alignment level. The results show first of all, on average, a high level of compliance of the integrated reports analysed with the <IR> framework and, secondly, they show a positive and significant impact of the firm size and of the industry environmental sensitivity on the level of alignment. This is the first study that investigates the determinants of the level of alignment of the integrated reports with the <IR> framework.
Slaiman Alebrahim
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p149

Abstract:Much of the research surrounding Islamic banking has focused on the 2008 financial crisis and the distinctions between conventional and Islamic institutional performance. Given the consensus that due to lower risk profiles and higher efficiency performance, Islamic banking outperformed its conventional counterparts during that tumultuous period, it is important to extend the academic focus beyond this narrow timeframe. The current investigation has applied a systematic methodology to review quantitative data from several emergent studies regarding post-crisis performance comparisons between Islamic and conventional banking institutions. At the risk of regional or institutional bias, these findings have demonstrated a higher degree of volatility in technical and scale efficiency amongst Islamic institutions since 2010, yet simultaneously, a higher overall efficiency rate of 0.886 when contrasted with the average total efficiency of 0.771 in conventional banks. The evidence highlights a positive correlation between the risk-adverse investments utilised by the Islamic banking system, but suggests that there is significant opportunity for growth through network consolidation and institutional expansion in order for these banks to take advantages of regionalised economies of scale.
Nasina Mat Desa, Muhammad Hasmi Abu Hassan Asaari, Azley Abd Razak
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 14; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v14n12p79

Abstract:This study explores the relationship and the impact of the participation in related activities and autonomy of job performance toward task performance and contextual performance of job performance. The study was conducted on the electrical and electronics (E&E) engineers in the Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone, Penang. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed through the E&E manufacturing companies’ human resource managers. A total of 1,100 questionnaires were distributed that adapted and adopted the research tools of Govino on participation in related activities, Conway and Monks on autonomy, Williams and Anderson on task performance, and Hochwarter et al. on contextual performance. A total of 181 were returned but 150 questionnaires were useable for this study. A factor analysis was conducted on all variables of the study. Interestingly, participation in work-related variables had been divided into participation in HR-related activities and participation in work-related activities. Results indicated that participation in HR-related activities had no association with task performance but had a low relationship with the contextual performance. Furthermore, the participation in work-related activities had no relationship with both, the task performance and the contextual performance. Finally, the engineers indicated that their autonomy had a low relationship with the task performance and moderate relationship with the contextual performance.