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Siraz Meah, Sarwar Uddin
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p115

The study has examined to categorize the retail banking products according to their important performance on scheduled commercial banks operating in Chittagong, Bangladesh. To do this, the authors have collected data from 118 bankers who are working at different level in different banks. Data have been analyzed with the help of SPSS IBM (Statistical Package for Social Science) 21.0 version. Factor analysis as well as multiple regression analysis has been conducted to get the result. Bartlett's Test of Sphericity along with Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) statistics has been used to highlight three (03) categories retail products responsible for retail banking products’ performance of scheduled commercial banks. The study has found that these three (03) categories could explain 59.169% of total variability of retail banking products’ performance. Finally, multiple regression analysis has suggested that these three (03) categories of retail products influenced retail banking products’ performance most significantly. Limitations and further research directions are also discussed.
Aysel Kurnaz, Orhan Duman
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p103

The aim of this study which derives its generation data from generation Z is to analyze the effect of electronic word-of-mouth communication (e-WOM) on the conspicuous and materialist consumption. The sample of this study consists of 12th grade students, representing the generation Z, who were born in 2000 and after. Students were selected from a total of 26 high schools in four districts of Balıkesir city in Turkey; districts of Bandırma, Gönen, Erdek and Manyas. A questionnaire was applied to the participants using the convenience sampling method. A total of 1065 questionnaires were found suitable for evaluation. Collected data were analyzed through first-order confirmatory factor analysis and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). It was concluded at the end of this study that e-WOM communication type triggered a significant and positive effect on conspicuous and materialist consumption.
H. Banikhalid, S. Al-Oshaibat
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p91

This study aims to derive the function that can be used to predict the growth rate in the added value of industrial production in Jordan, depending on the financial ratios of industrial companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive and analytical approach and multiple regression analysis were used using the SPSS program. The study population was represented by the public joint-stock companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange in the industrial sector from 1994 to 2018. Results show that the financial ratios influencing the growth rate in industrial production value added the most (Industry t + 1) are earnings per share (EPS), net profit margin (NPM), and return on equity (ROE). Moreover, the effect is non-linear expressed by a function that can be used to predict the industrial production in Jordan. The study recommends paying attention to the partial input to predict macroeconomic variables, especially with the development of systems for storing and processing big data, as this method provides appropriate and sufficient data to make accurate decisions and enhances the right track.
Armando Masucci, Antonietta Megaro
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p79

The provision of health services represents a set of central activities in the social context since, through the offer of prevention, diagnostic, treatment, care and rehabilitation services, they allow the pursuit of the ultimate goal of any health system, the well-being of the population and public health. The considerable relevance of the topic, supported by the ethical-social purposes that the health system ultimately assumes, make it an important field of analysis in business studies in general, and in management in particular, considering the economic activities developed by the many actors involved in the dispensing process. The importance of these activities and their strategic nature make them a highly regulated context, in which over time the reference legislative framework has developed and articulated for the determination of reciprocal relations between the actors, for the regulation of the flow of resources, for the control of medical activities to protect citizens. However, the proliferation of laws and regulations at the various levels of government (community, national and regional) has contributed to increasing the interpretative complexity of the health system. This work proposes the use of the Viable Systems Approach (VSA) for the interpretation and management of complex phenomena in the health sector, concerning the Italian National Health System (NHS). The deepening of the implications arising from the analysis enables the VSA as a useful approach to the advancement of research in health management, through the understanding of complexity, stimulating the observer with analysis methodologies capable of better understanding the health context under exam.
Benedetta Grandi, Maria Grazia Cardinali
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p71

Individuals are changing their approach to food and this phenomenon does not affect only consumption of good food, but also purchasing behaviour. The presence of products that support a healthy lifestyle is one of the main factors people take into account when choosing a retailer. As a consequence, the market is characterized by the proliferation of healthy store formats. However, very few studies have tried to analyze shopping experience inside these stores and its antecedents. Moreover, no studies have tried to investigate how the healthiness of the assortment impact on shopping experience. Thus, the present work aims to understand the impact of healthy assortment, healthy in-store communication and atmosphere on shopping value (both utilitarian and hedonic) and the effect of shopping value on customer’s satisfaction and loyalty to the store. For the purpose of the present study, a total sample of 101 shoppers was interviewed inside a new healthy store format developed in Milan by a leading French retailing company in 2017. Data were analysed using SmartPLS package. Our findings suggest that hedonic attitudes, formed favourably by perceptions of the healthiness of the assortment and products value, have a positive impact on satisfaction and loyalty to the store.
Khaled Otman
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p55

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are now widely recognized as engines of economic development. This paper discusses the importance of SMEs in the MENA economic area and identifies the challenges and barriers facing SMEs in MENA countries. In addition, this study analyses the effects of two 'black swan' Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) phenomena and a decline in oil prices on the economy of MENA in 2020. The current study found that the most significant challenges were identified as lack of access to finance, lack of managerial expertise, inefficiencies of government, lack of a well-trained workforce, inadequate infrastructure, corruption and bureaucratic obstacles. Among these challenges, the lack of access to finance appears to be the major challenge and suggests that future research is required to identify the role of Islamic finance models in the financing of SMEs in MENA countries. This research provides all stakeholders with policy implications intended for enhancing the different features of SME improvement in the MENA region and generally in developing countries.
Francis Donkor
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p43

The study examines the link between leadership styles and employee performance in the public sector organizations with respect to organizational commitment. A total of 330 respondents were selected from ten public sector organizations in Ghana. A PLS-SEM analysis was conducted and was found that organizational commitment partially mediates the relationship between both transformational and transactional leadership styles and employee performance. The study concludes that organizational success largely depends on the commitment level of employees which helps reduce labor turnover. Theoretically, the study findings reveal that leadership is the main element of employee performance through the commitment of employees. Therefore, the effectiveness of these leadership styles in encouraging employee performance are dependent on organizational commitment.
Ashraf Elsafty, Marwa Elshahed
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p1

During 2020, in the time of the COVID-19 during and after lockdown. Governments are imposing lockdown and shutdown for all activities/services inside the country to reduce the spread of the previously mentioned pandemic including international flights. Major factories and manufacturers had stopped for months during the pandemic which led to having thousands of people with no salaries. Major companies resorted to work from home procedures whenever they can to keep the business going. This research will focus on the Online buying intention that eventually leads to buying behavior of Ready-made Garments in Egypt over the internet and social media, such as Facebook and Instagram to be specific. Readymade garment industry has started booming with the spread of e-commerce, especially with the influence of social media. Paper focuses on the area of greater Cairo and its resident customer segment of readymade garments, focusing on middle and upper social with minimum college education, who are also well-enabled with the needed resources to purchase products via the Internet. The primary data was collected through Customer Interviews that were conducted through online questionnaires that resulted in the observation of COVID-19 as a catalyst for online shopping intention as a determinant of behavior since 32.5 % of the respondents increased their buying frequency during the lockdown. The secondary data was collected through the review of previous researches, models and cases. Although the Online Buying Behavior is relatively a new phenomenon, the Buying behavior is quite rich with theories, a theoretical framework was proposed for the study of the online buying intention as a determinant of behavior that is based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by Davis (1989) and 2 variables from Nayyar & Gupta (2011) along with 2 moderating variables which are eWOM & Psychological Factors and a mediating variable which is COVID-19.
Dongxia Huo, Saranan Photchanachan
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p35

Despite the sharp increase in awareness of workplace knowledge networks and creativity research, no attention has been paid to objectively visualizing the evolution of this fast-growing area to complement prior qualitative reviews. This bibliometric analysis involves an examination of 341 global knowledge networks and creativity articles in management-related research in the Web of Science database. Using CiteSpace V visualization literature measurement software, the knowledge map of the knowledge networks and creativity research was drawn using the scientific metrology knowledge graph research method. We conduct Publication time analysis, country/region analysis, journal co-citation analysis, author co-citation, document co-citation, the time-zone visualization analysis on research literature in the field of knowledge networks and creativity, the major researchers and topics in the field of knowledge network, and creativity are clearly presented. Moreover, we summarize the developing trends of knowledge networks and creativity research. On this basis, our review demonstrates the systematic development of literature and identifies trends to advance knowledge networks and creativity research.
Stefania Mele, Filomena Izzo
International Journal of Business and Management, Volume 16; doi:10.5539/ijbm.v16n5p25

Virtual healthcare has evolved through different research and application steps, this study tries to systematize what has happened in this disruptive situation in management studies, consolidating lessons learned in last twenty years. A bibliometric analysis gives the opportunity to explore in a massive method what was written in 2020, including instant papers and preprints, trying to concentrate on new emerging topics and research fields.
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