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Stefany Livia Prajogo, Ananta Yudiarso
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 85-100;

The prevalence of anxiety disorder in Indonesia increases significantly every year. It is worth special attention, especially in facing the uncertainty during pandemic. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the third-wave cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), usually used for anxiety disorder treatment. In this research, I want to examine the effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to decrease the level of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), taking General Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7), Geriatic Anxiety Inventory (GAI), and Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), as the standard. It uses a meta-analysis techniques processed by statdirect trial version 2.0. It involves 17 experimental journals of ACT and GAD (n experiment group = 574; n control group = 513). The assessment of ACT and GAD bases itself on random effect size (I2 = 83.3%), without any publication bias (-3.88). The result shows that ACT is still effective to decrease the level of GAD (d= -.66; medium effect size). The result concludes that the ACT needs the assistance from other interventions. It also suggests research replication to multiply the references related to the effectiveness of ACT.
Asyiah Ummul Muttaqinah, Laila Qodariah, Fredrick Dermawan Purba
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 101-120;

This research is a study on the adaptation of a training program aimed to increase focused attention into a computer. It aims to develop a tool for such training by applying some adaptations into a computer program (software). This study uses concurrent mixed methods (using quantitative and qualitative research methods at the same time). In the first process, the software was assessed by a Game Developer expert and three child and adolescence clinical psychologists. The expert of Game Developer suggests a change of the intensity of the color of the stimulus and the screen background. Using the Content Validity index (CVI) technique, the psychologists found that the “Attention Focus Training” software has a value of S-CVI/Average (S-CVI/AVE) = .91 (> .80), indicating its conformity to the existing theories. The next stage is user experience by three child and adolescence clinical psychologists, conducted by comparing the use of the software and manual tools. It shows that the software is more practical and tends to have less negative bias.
Ajeng Rintan Septiani, Sri Maslihah, M. Ariez Musthofa
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 143-168;

Subjective well-being is a form of evaluation and reflection towards life events which are also very important for imprisoned children in Lembaga Pembinaan Khusus Anak (LPKA, a special jail for imprisoned children), since they had a different life from the ordinary children. Research of subjective wellbeing on child prisoners aims to gather data about subjective wellbeing of child prisoners in LPKA by resilience and to know the effect on each domains. The research involves 83 child prisoners in an age range of 12-18. This quantitative research uses Resilience Scale questionnaire by Reivich and Shatte (2002) and Integrative Psychological WellBeing Measurements by Maslihah et al. (2017). It Points out that resilience significantly affects subjective wellbeing (p < .05), in many aspects such as academic, organization, association, and activity. Subjective Wellbeing in child prisoners can be improved by the resilience.
Ummu Khuzaimah, Yenni Anggraini, Zahrotur Rusyda Hinduan, Hendriati Agustiani, Ahmad Gimmy Prathama Siswadi
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 121-142;

The happiness of the residents of nursing homes becomes important with the presence of various accompanying life problems. This research aims to see the relationship between social support and elderly happiness. It involves 40 respondents with good hearing of both sexes aged >/= 60 years, free of diagnosis of depression, dementia or neurological or psychopathological disorders. The sample is selected by a purposive technique. Happiness measurement with a questionnaire that refers to the indicator of Happiness by Seligman (2002) which consists of positive emotions or positive activities. The indicator is divided into three parts; addressed to the past (grateful and forgiving), the future (faith, believe, hope, and optimistic) and now (gratuity and pleasure). As to the social support I adapt the scale from The MOS Social Support Survey by Sherbourne and Stewart (1991) with four dimensions of functional support: emotional/informational, tangible, affectionate, and positive social interactions. The result confirms that there is a significant positive relation between social support and happiness. The implication of this research is the importance of social support for the elderly to increase happiness in social institutions. Keywords: happiness, institutionalized older people, social support, the elderly
Neneng Tati Sumiati, Frieda Mangunsong, Guritnaningsih Guritnaningsih
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 169-194;

Receptive language is importance to facilitate the acquisition of language skills. Measuring receptive language skills is crucial, especially for children with language limitations, such as children with Down Syndrome (DS). This study aims to examine the construct validity of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test - Fourth Edition (PPVT-4) in children with DS. The research respondents consisted of 98 children with DS who are members of Persatuan Orang Tua Anak dengan Down Syndrome (POTADS) in the Jakarta, Bandung and Padang. Data were collected individually and administered by a psychologist. Data were analyzed using confimatory factor analysis (CFA). The results show that the one-factor model for set-1 to set-10 fit with the data and all items were valid, except for item 106. The implication is the PPVT-4 can be used to measure receptive language abilities of children with DS and estimate of the age equivalent of receptive language abilities.
Salsabiah Firdausiah, Arum Etikariena
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 57-84;

Recently companies need employees with innovative work behavior. Therefore, it is very important to prepare students as employee candidates to own this behavior since they are still in college. However, research on innovative work behavior among college students and the variables associated with it is still quite few, especially in Indonesia. This correlational research was then conducted to look at the relationship between creative self-efficacy and innovative work behavior among college students. The respondents were 539 undergraduate students at Universitas Indonesia, at least in fourth semester. This research is a quantitative study, using the Pearson Correlation statistical technique. It argues that there is a positive and significant relationship between creative self-efficacy and innovative work behavior among college students, r (538) = .67, p = .00 (p < .01, one-tailed). The effect size is quite large, because it has r > .50. This result might contribute in adding literature on innovative work behavior among college students. Keywords: college student, creative self-efficacy, innovative work behavior
Syafira Nur Sabilla
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 195-216;

High parenting stress often occurs in parents of children with special needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Whereas the involvement of parents in the life of children with ADHD is much more important. Thus the stress should rightly be prevented, by applying mindful parenting. The aim of this research is to give a clear explanation in the form of systematic review about mindful parenting as a protective factor in handling parenting stress on parents of children with ADHD. It aims eventually to optimize the role of parents and family support for children’s education. It surveys six studies in English and Indonesian published in the last 10 years, peer reviewed under the same theme. The databases used are from ScienceDirect, Springer Link, Frontier Psychology, ProQuest, PsycARTICLES, and Google Scholar. The research concludes that mindful parenting is effective at reducing parenting stress and improving the quality of parent-child relationships in the case of ADHD children. It also emphasizes that it is important for parents to maintain relationships with children and optimize their role in educating or fulfilling children’s needs for proper education.
Wildani Khoiri Oktavia, Pipih Muhopilah
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 1-18;

The spread of Covid-19 has various negative effects on mental health. One of the protective factors for decreased mental health is resilience. This literature review aims to apprehend the theoretical model of the factors that influence resilience. The results of this study indicate that resilience might be molded by religiosity, social support and spirituality. Religiosity, social support and spirituality might help one to increase the level of resilience, which might in turn be a protective factor for decreasing mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Airin Triwahyuni, Clement Eko Prasetio
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 35-56;

First-year university students are vulnerable to certain psychological disorders. Psychological Well-Being (PWB) is one of the resources they can use to face academic challenges. However, research focusing to identify PWB as protective factor among first-year university students is still rare. This study employs quantitative method involving 151 respondents from the Faculty of Psychology of University X in West Java. It uses a PWB scale composed by Ryff and Self Report Questionnaire (SRQ-20). It also employs simple multiple regression to determine the relation between PWB and symptoms of psychological disorders, on one hand, and stepwise multiple regression to find out which dimensions of PWB are significant to anticipate psychological disorder, on the other. This study argues that PWB, especially self-acceptance and environment mastery dimension, can be used as a protective factor against psychological disorders. Keywords: first-year university students, psychological disorders, psychological well-being
Hepi Wahyuningsih, Dyna Rahayu Suci Pertiwi
Psikologika: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Penelitian Psikologi, Volume 26, pp 217-232;

This study aims to adapt the Sanctification of Marriage Questionnaire for Muslims inIndonesia. Adaptation of the Sanctification of Marriage Questionnaire is carried out throughthe stages: translation, providing evidence of construct validity and reliability. Evidence of construct validity was carried out by exploratory factor analysis followed by MGCFA (Multi-Group Confirmatory factor Analysis). In this study, we used a composite reliability. Subjects to reveal the factor structure of sanctification of marriage were 160 married individuals, while the subjects to test the stability of factor structure consisted of 102 husbands and 111 wives. The result of exploratory factor analysis shows that the construct of sanctification of marriage has three factors / dimensions, namely: belief, perceived sacred qualities and manifestation of God. The structure stability of sanctification of marriage was then empirically tested by MGCFA. The results of MGCFA showed that the three factors / dimensions of sanctification of marriage proved stable. The composite reliability coefficient of the Sanctification of Marriage Questionnaire was in a good category. Further research can be carried out to provide evidence of construct validity with predictive validity and concurrent validity of the Sanctification of Marriage Questionnaire. Limitations in this study are discussed further.Keywords: exploratory factor analysis, multi-group confirmatory factor analysis, muslim,sanctification of marriage, scale adaptation
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