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Yan Li
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 21-25; doi:10.4236/als.2021.91004

Chinese herbal medicine features strong national characteristics, and carries heavy cultural connotations. The use of Chinese herbal medicine originated in ancient China, which was called Japanese Kampo medicine after it was introduced into Japan. With the close cultural exchanges between China and Japan and the continuous improvement of medical technology, Chinese herbal medicine has become more and more appreciated and recognized by the Japanese for its unique charm. At the same time, the research on herbology in China and Japan has also been unprecedentedly developed. Based on the purpose of mutual learning and reference, this paper discusses the Japanese-Chinese translation studies of the popular science text of traditional Chinese pharmacology in Japan.
Aboubakar Nana Aichatou
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 42-52; doi:10.4236/als.2021.92006

The paper studies Hausa films language through the analysis of communication strategies, namely figurative language (proverbs, metaphor), Code switching/Code mixing and Coded-language. The paper attempts to demonstrate how the characters’ use of these devices is deliberate, conscious. It shows that proverbs are commonly used as communication strategy not only to “embellish” but also to “convey deeper meaning” (Aduku, 2018) which helps reveal character competence and proficiency in the language. It also discovers that code switching/code mixing is used purposely as a communication strategy to structure speech in film conversation. As for coded message, it reflects a change in handling matters where communication is done in a restricted secret manner through coded message. Also, the examples extracted from the Hausa Film Basaja are to show that for proper understanding of the language, the surface meaning of words is to be examined.
Dimitrios Politis
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 1-10; doi:10.4236/als.2021.91001

Although in 1982 Chambers’ book, Dance on My Grave, was considered bold, rather provocative, today, almost forty years later we can only treat it as one of the classic daring books that still attracts and challenges modern readers, teenagers and adults. And if the issue of homosexuality mainly identifies the novel nowadays seems commonplace, the matter of death stands virtually as a threatening scene throughout this book. However, the novel’s central hero named Hal Robinson, trying to clear his memories up, after he had experienced an adolescent love that still surpasses everything, entices all but poetically his teenage friends-readers into a dance that exorcizes death and praises life. Following Hal in his pursuits, the present paper seeks, though not exhaustively, to provide some more insights into Chambers’ novel concerning the torturous search of the self as well as the depressing idea of inevitable death that is very closely linked to the transgressions of adolescence.
Yan Yang
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 53-60; doi:10.4236/als.2021.92007

The purpose of this paper is to study the artistic conception of the English translation of ancient poems. Artistic conception, as the main artistic feature of poetry, is produced by the superposition of images. In this paper, I choose three different versions of famous translators’ translations of Prelude to Water Melody, to make a comparative study, and discuss how to convey the artistic conception in the process of English translation.
Fatema Akter, Bithi Mojumder, Maruf Rahman
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 27-41; doi:10.4236/als.2021.92005

This study aimed at investigating the students’ responses towards the course entitled “History of English Language” in the English Department, learning whether the course was effective or not and also identifying some teachers’ views towards the course. In order to collect data for analysis, two separate questionnaires were distributed to English department students and teachers of Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) and an interview was conducted with teachers in the English Department. The major findings of this study revealed that teachers and students provided similar views about the importance of knowing the history of English, the content of the course and the essentiality of the course in graduation level at non-native countries. Some differences between teachers’ and students’ opinions regarding the course including the effectiveness of the course have also been found in this study. Finally, some recommendations have been provided to fill the gap between the teachers’ and the students’ opinions in order to ensure the effectiveness of the course in the syllabus of English department in non-native countries like Bangladesh.
Jiawei Lim
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 84-90; doi:10.4236/als.2021.92010

Based on the in-depth study of the text, author explains the theoretical and practical background, development process, essential characteristics, main content of the formation of Lenin’s human studies, and the historical fate and enlightenment significance of this thought in contemporary development. The book indicated that Lenin’s human studies have enriched and developed Marxist human studies in human existence theory, human liberation theory, and human development theory with its distinctive characteristics of the times, nationalities, and practices. It forms another vital stage of development after Marx’s human studies.
Naiting He
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 73-83; doi:10.4236/als.2021.92009

As a member of human society, children are the future of the family, country, nation, and mankind indeed. With the development of human civilization, the protection of children’s rights attracts more and more attention due to increasing refugee crisis. Especially the group of refugee children caused by armed conflicts has aroused focus and sympathy worldwide. As an Afghan-born American novelist, Khaled Hosseini’s literary works are all about the theme of refugees. In particular, his new work Sea Prayer which was published in 2018 shows the issue of refugee children in a bald statement. With a strong desire to expect people to look at this issue from a humanitarian perspective, Khaled Hosseini’s stresses the importance of mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence, which happens to coincide with the idea of a community with shared future for mankind. This paper puts forward the issue of refugee children from the perspective of the community with a shared future for mankind by analyzing Khaled Hosseini and his new work Sea Prayer. In the first place, it makes the introduction to Khaled Hosseini and his work and analyzes his awareness of refugee issue. Then, the paper establishes the causes of refugee children and the current situation and difficulties to protect refugee children. The conclusion discusses that Khaled Hosseini’s work reflects the literary orientation of the community with a shared future for mankind, which will provide a certain valuable guidance and practice for effectively solving refugee crisis.
Tan Jing
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 61-72; doi:10.4236/als.2021.92008

The Northern drama (zaju) of the Yuan Dynasty has distinct formal characteristics in terms of script structure, arias and speaking lines, musical modes and song suites, as well as the linguistic register and metrical requirements. By comparing the three English translations of the Northern drama (zaju) Han gong qiu with the original Chinese text, there appear several deficiencies in presenting the capacity of performability and readability of this text, which includes the misplacing of the literary status of the songs and dialogue, the omitting of the musical modes and metrics. The formal feature exemplifies the “significant form” and poses an indispensable part of the content of Yuan Zaju.
Yan Li
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 11-15; doi:10.4236/als.2021.91002

This paper gives a brief introduction to Nida’s life experience and the formation of “functional equivalence” translation theory. Nida’s translation theory was not formed overnight, but perfected and deepened through unceasing practical exploration. From the initial “dynamic equivalence” to the final “functional equivalence”, Nida’s translation theory fully embodies its vivid life value. This paper attempts to achieve the best functional equivalence from four aspects: the communication of language information, the transmission of spiritual style, the communication of language habits and the similar reaction of readers.
Yan Li
Advances in Literary Study, Volume 09, pp 16-20; doi:10.4236/als.2021.91003

First of all, this paper briefly reviews Nida’s “functional equivalence” theory, and clarifies the core element of functional translation theory, that is, the response degree of the target readers to the translated text is roughly the same as that of the source language readers; Secondly, it introduces the characteristics and translation of popular science texts; Finally, the vocabulary, sentence and chapter of the popular science text of Takeda Pharmaceutical are selected to explain the translation practice in detail, so as to provide some reference for the development of popular science text translation.
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