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M Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi, Muhammad Kholis
Konselor, Volume 9; doi:10.24036/0202091106891-0-00

Teachers’ beliefs are a personal construct that can provide understandings, perceptions, and evaluation of teachers' practices. The purpose of this research was to find out the students' perceptions toward teachers' beliefs and their effect on students' achievement in English as a general subject at Universitas Negeri Padang. This research was ex-post facto research. The students of English as a general subject in 2018/2019 academic year were the population of this study. The sample was chosen by using a random sampling technique in which there were 150 students chosen as the subjects of this research. The data were taken by using a Likert-scale questionnaire and analyzed by using SPSS Statistics 18 Software. The result showed that there were no significant effects of teachers' beliefs on students' achievement. H0 was accepted because the t-value was lower than the t-table. The value of the t-value was 1.008, while the t-table was 6.313.
Eko Hermanto, Sali Rahadi Asih, Edo Sebastian Jaya
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201983105924-0-00

Minority groups have been found to be at higher risk of developing psychotic symptoms, but the underlying mechanism is yet to be established. This study aims to determine the mechanism that underlies the relationship between minority status and psychotic symptoms, investigating the role of perceived discrimination as a mediator. We assessed 387 participants from a community sample in Indonesia using the Community Assessment of Psychotic Experiences for psychotic symptoms, surveys adapted from the NEMESIS study for minority status and perceived discrimination, and controlled for depression with the Patient Health Questionnaire-9. Mediation analysis was conducted, which showed that perceived discrimination fully mediated the relationship between minority status and positive psychotic symptoms, but not negative psychotic symptoms. This finding supports the social defeat hypothesis, which states that social stressors lead to positive psychotic symptoms due to dopamine dysregulation. However, further research is required to illustrate the association between social stressors and negative symptoms.
Felicia Cosmas, Merikan Aren
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201982104419-0-00

Changes in physical, psychological, hormonal and the social conditions occurred in the process of ageing. These changes are expected to bringing impact to the quality of life of the elderly people. The aim of the study is to assess the quality of life and its related factors among the elderly population in Sarawak. A quantitative research has been conducted in the form of survey research by distributing WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire. The study was conducted among the elderly people aged 60 years and above who are living in Sarawak. The sample size of the study was 130 participants that were obtained through snowballing sampling. The data were analysed using Pearson Correlation which was to find out the relationship between each domain and the quality of life of the elderly people in Sarawak. The results obtained shows that the mean score of WHOQOL-BREF was 90.17 whereby the mean scores of the domain environment score the highest among the four domains. In conclusion, the overall score of the quality of life of the elderly people in Sarawak was average.
Yuda Syahputra, Stefanus Soejanto Sandjaja, Afdal Afdal, Zadrian Ardi
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201984105894-0-00

The scientific interest in homosexual measurement has grown over the past 30 years, marked by new instruments and terms that have emerged. This condition is triggered by LGBT people who get justice, especially in westerly countries, so the instruments that emerge in westerly countries are more directed towards justice and development for LBGT people. For this reason, the existent instruments are not in accordance with the Indonesian State, because existent instruments have not been adjusted to godly and cultural values. The purpose of this study is to develop a valid and reliable Inventory of Homosexuality and Transgender Exposure (IHTE) in accordance with religious and cultural values in Indonesia. Research samples 304 people spread in 14 provinces in Indonesia. The sampling technique is done by purposive random sampling; the analysis technique used is Rasch model. The findings show that the IHTE instrument is valid and reliable, inventory development is discussed further.
Khilman Rofi Azmi
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201984105886-0-00

Counselors are striving to make sure that their counseling process is scientifically based. A new Counseling paradigm that related to neuroscience, called Neurocounseling, is acknowledged by the American Counseling Association (ACA) and became a new branch of Counseling in 2015. This study is used Neurocounseling paradigm to understanding the psychological condition of the client (student) in the counseling stage. Preliminary study showed us that 46 students from 80 students had showed phobia symptom. It means that 50% students are suffering learning disorder with various levels. We designed our research to record students with phobia symptom’s brainwaves through Electroencephalography (EEG). The record of counselee brainwave will make counselors achieve a better result of counseling because it will help them to choose the right counseling technique. We used qualitative approach and case study to find out student with phobia symptom’s brainwave and mental condition. We used some data collecting techniques: interview, observation, and documentation. The finding showed us that the main brain wave of counselee with phobia symptom is Beta wave in frequency 20-30Hz, it means counselee has a high level of anxiety. Counselee also had a deep tension on nerves and muscles during brainwaves record in the counseling process.
Hari Kusmanto
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201984105891-0-00

This study aims to identify a form of politeness in the dialectic of guidance and counseling. The data in this study is a word, phrase, sentence, and discourse Obtained through listening process guidance and counseling services. This research of the data sources conversation in the process of guidance and counseling services. The research use the data collection methods of documentation, see and continued with the technical note. Use research the method of data analysis and the pragmatic intralingual match. The results Showed a form of politeness in the dialectic of guidance and counseling services include: (1) a greeting; (2) use the expression preamble; (3) use of humor; (4) use good language or not hurt the hearer; and (5) to give a compliment.
Nooshin Nooroney, Wan Marzuki Wan Jaafar, Siti Aishah Hassan, Sidek Mohd Noah
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201983106103-0-00

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of schema therapy and schema-focused mindfulness therapy on marital communication among Iranian married women who lived in Malaysia from ‎2015 to 2016. The qualified participants were assigned randomly into three groups, i.e. two experimental groups which in order received schema therapy and schema-focused mindfulness therapy, and a control group which did not receive any treatment. The treatment sessions lasted nearly three months using marital satisfaction subscale from the ENRICH questionnaire, a demographic questionnaire and Young's schema questionnaire as the instruments. Two-way repeated measures ANOVA and ANCOVA were also employed for data analysis. The findings of the study revealed that schema therapy and schema-focused mindfulness therapy had a significant effect on marital communication of Iranian women in Malaysia. Moreover, the findings showed more improvement for schema-focused mindfulness therapy group at two months follow-up.
Amie Nursyuhadah Binti Mohammad Zamzur, Fatahyah Yahya
Konselor, Volume 8; doi:10.24036/0201982104418-0-00

This study aims to identify the relationship between adult attachment and self-concept among year one and year two counselling students in University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). This research is correlational research design. The sample consisted of 52 respondents. The study involves two main variables of Adult Attachment and Self-Concept. In this study, the questionnaires used are Experience in Close Relationship (ECR) and Robson’s Self-Concept Questionnaire (SCQ). Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) analysis showed a negative significant relationship between Attachment Anxiety and Self-Concept with Pearson correlation value (p = 0.005, r = -0.383).This finding might be due to the respondents’ backgrounds which are Counselling students. It is suggested that the trainee counsellors to gain awareness on the importance of having positive self-concept in order to be competence and professional counsellor.
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