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Muhammad Sawir, Syarifuddin Hafid
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7814

This research aims to determine the effectiveness of the Agriculture and Food Department in developing the food security sector in Yalimo Regency and what are the obstacles to its effectiveness. The research design uses qualitative methods with sources of information derived from internal and external informants Yalimo Regency Agriculture and Food Office using purposive sampling techniques. Data collection techniques through in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of the study note that the Agriculture and Food Service has not been effective in implementing the development of the food security sector in the Yalimo Regency. The formulation of the development goals of the food security sector that has been implemented has not been effective, because it has not yet had a direct impact on meeting the food needs of the community in the Yalimo Regency. The description of various activities that have been carried out is not on target because the production and productivity of some commodities supporting the food security sector are still low. The Department of Agriculture and Food in the development of food crop commodities only sees the output target and the preparation of various programs and activities not based on the availability of real data according to needs. Meanwhile, the breadth of tasks and authorities developed according to organizational structure, ability, and motivation of employees is still low, and the involvement of various parties in formulating food security policies is not a barrier to the effectiveness of the Agriculture and Food Service in developing the food security sector in Yalimo Regency.
Restu Ramadhan, Ria Arifianti, Riswanda Riswanda
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7772

Tangerang City as a city that is implementing the Smart City concept to solve city problems and improve city governance. Since 2016 the Tangerang City Government has been running Smart City by creating a Tangerang LIVE Room with the Tangerang LIVE vision of Liveable, Investable, Visitable, and E-City, the vision is based on the use of information, technology and communication to create a public service system and employee work to the community to be more optimal, efficient and effective. Innovations that are being developed by the City of Tangerang have successfully made 174 Applications. The success of the application made 31 City Governments and Agencies in Indonesia adopt applications owned by the City of Tangerang. The principle of the Tangerang Smart City Partnership aims to accelerate regional development at the local level, increase economic growth and community welfare through optimizing the use of regional resources. A qualitative approach was used in this research by collecting data through library research, interviews and documentation of informants who were directly involved in carrying out these activities. The analysis of this study uses Frans Van Waarden's theory model, the results of the study show that: (1) The actors involved have been from all walks of life, but it is better to increase their involvement, (2) The function of each actor should be improved again to achieve the Tangerang policy objectives Live (3) Network structure is already running, but the good Leading Sector is transferred to the Mayor (4) Institutionalization has not been regulated (5) Rules of action have not been regulated in mayor regulations or regional regulations specifically regarding Smart City (6) Power Relations have been running with good (7) The actor's strategy is well underway to manage his dependency.
Nursaleh Hartaman, Titin Purwaningsih, Achmad Nurmandi
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7033

This research purpose is to examine the aristocrat's power in the perspective of habitus, capital, and arena. This type of research is qualitative. The results of the research show from the habitus perspective, the leadership of the descent line has gained legitimacy by the people with the “lontara” principle that is still held firmly by leaders from the aristocracy until now and Aristocrats has been prepared to become a leader from next generation. From Arena perspective, it can be seen that patronage of bureaucracy and parties has a great influence on the continuity of aristocratic power and the political system produces political opportunities that are influenced by the popularity and capacity, Finally, Capital owned by the aristocrats that are social, symbolic, economic and cultural, of the four capital the most powerful is capital symbolic because the title of aristocrat roommates then capitalized as a political tool to reap the votes in political contestation.
Dewi Masitoh
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7951

The Civil War that occurred in Liberia has been going on for a long time, where there are two rebel groups, they are: Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL). Both of these rebel groups have caused gender inequality in Liberia continuously, especially women who have been victims of this war. However, with the efforts and participation of women from Liberian society, the war was successfully reconciled without creating violence. This research is aimed at realizing that women are not only victims of gender inequality, but can also be 'agents of change' in creating peace and better change for the future of a country. This research will use qualitative research methods, that emphasize the observation and understanding of a social phenomenon, where data is collected through secondary data and literature review. This research will analyze the case using three concepts: Feminism, Gender Equality, and Peace. The research concluded that there have been several efforts that have been made by women to resolve conflicts in Liberia by creating and building peace sustainably so that peace can be stable for a long time. The efforts that have been made by Liberian women are by creating several organizations and affiliations, they are: Woman in the Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET), Mano River Women's Peace Network (MARWOPNET), Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL). This long-term peace can improve gender equality in several sectors of Liberian society, such as the economy and political sectors that are getting better and more effective from year to year.
Fauzan Ali Rasyid, Moh. Dulkiah
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7597

This article focuses on the study of the government's political will in Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) policy. The purpose of this study is trying to understand the form of political will of the central government in poverty alleviation through PKH policies. This research method uses descriptive qualitative research methods that take research objects at the district level. The findings of this study can be classified into the following: First, poverty alleviation policies through PKH correlate with improvements in the standard of living of people in terms of education, economics, and health. Second, the implementation of PKH which aims to improve the socio-economic welfare of Very Poor Households is still loaded with political interests. Third, the government's political will is still limited to aspects of policy and not yet optimal in aspects of its implementation. This study concludes that the government's political will is not correlated with increasing the welfare of beneficiaries from very poor households.
Encup Supriatna
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.8041

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide impact on various sectors of people's lives, including the social and economic sectors. This study aims to analyze the social and economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by taking a case study in the city of Bandung. This research was conducted using qualitative methods with data collection techniques such as observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The results of this study found that the COVID-19 pandemic harmed the economy of the people of Bandung because many were unemployed and many became new poor citizens. While from the social aspect, a prolonged COVID-19 pandemic will lead to potential conflicts if the basic needs of the community are not met properly. The implication is that the Bandung City Government needs to expand its social protection program to help the poor, both new and existing ones. But the positive aspect of this pandemic is that it raises the collective awareness of the community to help each other, thus creating social solidarity among the people.
Rio Yusri Maulana
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7317

The Open Government Indonesia (OGI) action plan, provides a focus on strengthening public services and strengthening public information disclosure, as well as strengthening data governance, it can be facilitated by the presence of government base applications. The success in implementing e-government is the level of policy, fiscal support, and infrastructure. At the community level, although the implementation of e-government has opened up a large space for community participation in using civil rights through a variety of available channels, limited access is a major technical obstacle, supported by a lack of socialization, and application design that is not user-friendly. Initial findings explain that the collaborative process seems less-coordination, open government design has not been connected to the rules for implementing innovations in the regional government, the cause is the absence of commitment from regional heads and stakeholders, the gap between understanding and practical facts is still too wide.
Hamsinah Djaing, Sangkala Sangkala, Muhammad Rusdi, Andi Ahmad Yani
Journal of Governance, Volume 5; doi:10.31506/jog.v5i1.7722

Water utility service is a fundamental service in urban society. Urban citizens expect a high quality of service that made the service provider company should be responsible to provide it. This study aims to examine service quality of water utilizes services which are delivered by the Regional Water Supply Company (RWSC) in the City of Makassar, Indonesia. The method used in this research is the quantitative method through a customer satisfaction survey. The research conducted in the Regional Water Supply Company (RWSC) of Makassar, precisely in four regions. The study employs a stratified sampling method based on regions and the number of the population is 163,549 customers. This study applies 95 percent and margin error is 5 percent which means the number of samples is interviewed not lower than 384 respondents. The data was collected through face to face interviews with questionnaires. The data obtained from the field is processed using a technical analysis of descriptive statistical data. The result shows that the customers of water utility services have moderate satisfaction where technical services are far better than non-technical services.
Arizka Waranegara, Syarief Makhya, Denden Kurnia Drajat
Journal of Governance, Volume 4; doi:10.31506/jog.v4i2.6870

This is a study about the nexus relations among globalisation, democratisation process and its implication upon the political change in Malaysia. Malaysian internal politics is very dynamics and contentious as well as running based on the ethnic consensus. The result recent Malaysian election has changed the Malaysian political landscape. The 61 years regime of Barisan Nasional (BN) has been defeated by the opposition that led by former Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammad. By applying qualitative library research. The result shows that the globalisation has a direct impact on the Malaysian democratisation progress. It also, therefore, influences on creating a political change in Malaysia. This paper argues that globalisation and democratisation process became a trigger factor of new media development. The non BN-linked government media such as and the Malaysian Insider play a significant role in distributing information related to the corruption scandal of BN elites, notably a corruption scandal of Najib Razak, a former Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Nur Istiyan Harun
Journal of Governance, Volume 4; doi:10.31506/jog.v4i2.6526

This study aims to examine more deeply the problems of women politicians in Gorontalo DPRD in Gorontalo Province in the formulation of public policies and seek to provide a new paradigm for strengthening the capacity of women politicians in the process of formulating public policies as a solution to the problems in intent. Women politicians have not been very much involved in the formulation of policies in the parliament, women politicians only become participants when the formulation of policies regarding women is reached and they become connoisseurs when the policies are passed. This problem arises if we try to compare it dichotomically with the existence of women in a quantitative context that is on average proportional to almost half the regional and national population. This research is a qualitative research, using a case study that is intended to explore in-depth explanations and conduct an analysis of the role of women politicians in Gorontalo District Parliament in the period 2014-2019 in formulating public policies. From the results of the study, researchers found that women politicians in Gorontalo District Parliament were not maximal in formulating public policies. Then through Focussed Group Discussion (FGD), Gorontalo women leaders consisting of academics, politicians, women activists, youth organizations and student organizations formulate a paradigm or model that is considered to be able to maximize the role of women in parliament. The paradigm or model or concept referred to is compiled in the form of recommendations that will be given to each political party and Regency / City DPRD and Provincial DPRD in Gorontalo Province and may be used as a reference in strengthening the capacity of women politicians in Gorontalo in particular and Indonesia in general. The recommendation is the provision of political education, the need for a Gender Analysis Pathway (GAP) and Gender Budget Statement (GBS), there must be regulation and characterization.Keywords: New Paradigm, Strengthening Capacity, Women Politicians, Public Policy
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