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Nadrotin Mawaddah, Mutmainnah Mustofa, Irfan Susiyana Putra
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 65-81;

The problems faced by the students in this listening class were identified as the difficulty of recalling memory and managing concentration during listening. Therefore, this classroom action research solution is Edpuzzle interactive video because the teacher can easily embed questions, notes, and recording voices into the video. When students play the video until it reaches a particular minute of the timeline, it will automatically pause, and a question will appear. This study revealed that this media could increase the students' listening skills. The students were more motivated to listen using Edpuzzle because they liked the "rewatch" feature and the automatic feedback. The teacher's role in presenting a clear tutorial and directing the listening process is crucial to the success of this research. Moreover, the teacher paid more attention to the content of the video and the complexity of the questions adjusted to the students' listening ability level.
, Japhari Salum
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 156-174;

This paper aims at giving an overview of the historical development of Swahili translation in Tanzania. Currently, the available books and other publications have a little information on the history of Swahili translation. The data of this study was drawn through documentary review where books related to translation in Tanzania, dissertations and journal articles mostly published by reputable journals and indexed with world top data bases were thoroughly analysed. The findings demonstrate that before and during colonial period translation works were practiced informally and focused on serving one-time communication purpose. During post-colonial period translations by many writers occupied a large portion in the Tanzanian literary polysystem and in the 21st century translations have focused on economic, political and social cultural development of the country. The current trend in publications show that Swahili translation has increased and many scholars are attracted in the field. The study recommends further studies to be carried out in thematic focus of Swahili translations in pre-colonialism, during colonialism and post-colonialism as well.
Umi Ulfa Utami, Iin Inawati
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 114-125;

Realizing how vital English language education is today. Because children with special needs also have the right to learn like normal children, and because children with special needs will prefer games to games, the authors choose to use new teaching media in the form of educational games. The educational games used in this research are the Bingo alphabet, Charades, and Braille. Where all three are related to supporting students' abilities in learning English. This study aims to: Describe and analyze educational games and how they affect students. The author uses a case study method to describe and analyze three educational games at a private school in Tanjungpandan. The findings of this study are: (1) Students can improve their English skills through educational games that have several values that are by student learning which make the game more suitable to be used as a medium for learning English in the classroom for students. With special needs; (2) There are some visible results through the game. First, learning styles suit students so that they feel interested in learning. Second, motivation and background affect each student's learning progress, especially English.
Putu Yoga Sathya Pratama, Ni Nyoman Padmadewi, I Gusti Ayu Lokita Purnamika Utami
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 50-64;

Several conceptions of convergent and divergent thinking are being compared to determine the superior one. However, lateral thinking has emerged, blending convergent and divergent thinking whose potentials impact High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). This conceptual writing aimed to describe the practice of lateral thinking skills in ELT situations. Furthermore, its role in promoting HOTS was discussed, especially in modern classrooms. A library research design was used to gather primary data through literature reviews. The examinations were done qualitatively; triangulated for more reliability and compelling. The findings reveal that lateral thinking is most commonly delivered on a problem-based learning model, which might be utilized to encourage students to think beyond the box in the future. Lateral thinking is also adaptable and applicable in various settings and courses. It is anticipated that practicing lateral thinking in the modern classroom would significantly impact students' problem-solving skills, discover new solutions, create discoveries and breakthroughs. It is highly suggested that both teachers and students employ lateral thinking to ensure that HOTS is trained to its full potential.
Prativi Khilyatul Auliya
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 82-98;

Minimum Competency Assessment or AKM is one of the instruments used by the Indonesian government to evaluate the education system.  Several studies have been done related to AKM. However, there are no studies about English teachers' involvement in AKM.  Therefore, this study aimed at investigating English teachers' participation in AKM. It covers; (1) English teachers' perception of AKM and (2) English teachers' action plans to support students facing AKM.  This is a survey study with 23 English teachers from secondary and high schools in East Java as participants.  Online questionnaires and phone interviews were used as instruments to collect the data.  The result shows that most English teachers have a positive perception of AKM.  They show their positive emotion, motivation, and belief in AKM. Furthermore, the English teachers have created action plans as a form of their readiness to support students facing AKM.  The planning covers teaching material, AKM exercise, teaching media, and teaching methods, and further investigation about those aspects is still needed.  
Dewi Mustika Santi, Bambang Widi Pratolo
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 36-49;

This research is aimed to analyze the target cultural classification aspects of High School textbooks. The data for analysis were collected from two High School books entitled Smart 10 and Bahasa Inggris X. The method employed was the descriptive qualitative method, and it used the theory from Dweik & Al-Sayyed (2015) about cultural classifications. This study explored and compared how the target culture was represented in two coursebooks that used purposive sampling. Three available units were selected in every book by employing systemic random sampling. Six aspects were analyzed; food & beverages, person's name, places, social behavior, ecology, and economy. The results showed that target cultures represented by Smart 10 are more dominant than in Bahasa Inggris X's book. 
Miftaqur Rochmah Ayu Saputri, Rohmani Nur Indah, Fathor Rasyid
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 189-207;

Critical thinking, self-confidence, and speaking skills are fundamental skills, and debate is one of the methods that enhance these skills. This study investigates the direct and indirect contributions of debate, critical thinking disposition, and self-confidence to improve speaking skills. The design of this research is path analysis and uses AMOS 24 in the data analysis. 67 out of 72 students who participated in the debate competition at East-Java English Club 4 became the sample of this research. Questionnaires were used to determine students' perceptions of debate, critical thinking disposition, and self-confidence. In addition to the questionnaire, a speaking test using the Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM) was used to measure speaking proficiency. The findings show a significant direct contribution of debate to students' critical thinking, self-confidence, and speaking skills. For indirect contribution, there is a significant contribution from debate to speaking skills through critical thinking and a significant contribution from debate to speaking skills through self-confidence. From these results, recommendations for future researchers are about how to implement the in-class debate method in the realm of experimental research to develop the three variables previously mentioned.
Rindu Handayani, Dwi Indra Aprilliandari
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 23-35;

The aims of this research then are to develop and provide vocational school students with a cultural-based English textbook for a better understanding of English. Based on a mini-interview with some English teachers and observation conducted in some senior high schools in Bangka Belitung, cultural aspect has never been introduced to the students in the classrooms due to their limited teaching timing, diverse textbooks’ syllabus, and various learning objectives done. The method used in this study is Research and Development (R&D) by Dick, Carey, and Carey model. The data analysis was conducted quantitatively by the Likert scale. Based on the expert assessments, teachers’ evaluations, and students’ post-test results, the product is said feasible. The score obtained from the content expert was 82%, the media expert shares 84.05%, the teachers’ evaluations’ score was 83.14%, and the students’ post-tests reached 78.15, which was higher than the pre-test (67.95). It is summarized that the development of a cultural – based English textbook is necessary and immediately. Further researchers are expected to carry out a larger scale of the subject and to include all English aspects in the production of the book.
Widuri Indah Dwi Jayanti, Maya Ulyani, Ani Susanti
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 141-155;

Speaking is a complicating skill for students to master, since they must master all of its components such as grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and pronunciation. As a result, most EFL students struggle to succeed. The purpose of this study is to identify whether or not the speaking club helps students improve theirspeaking skills. The subjects of this study were the students who joined the Sixta Speaks Up as an English-speaking club in the Vocational High School by a group of forty students. The qualitative descriptive research design was adopted in this study. The author employed questionnaires delivered to students through a Google form to gather information. According to the findings of this study, the majority of students who participate in speaking clubs make significant improvements in their English speaking skills, including enhancements in pronunciation, vocabulary, and fluency in speaking English in general. The speaking activities also increase their confidence to exchange their ideas.
Ade Suhendri
Premise: Journal of English Education, Volume 11, pp 99-113;

The research aimed to investigate the effect of the REDW (Read, Examine, Decide, Write) Strategy with peer support on students’ reading comprehension achievement and their responses towards implementing the strategy. This research employed a quantitative method with a quasi-experimental one-group pretest and posttest design. The population was all the second-year students of MAS Al-Manar Modern Islamic Boarding School. The sample chosen was class A which consisted of 30 students. Test and questionnaires were used as instruments to collect data. The data were analyzed using SPSS 21 version (Cohen, 2013). The findings indicated that the REDW Strategy with peer support has a significant effect on students’ achievement in reading comprehension. The posttest average score is 23 points higher than the pretest score and the Cohen's d value, which is 1,948 greater than 0.8. Furthermore, the students responded positively to implementing the strategy which they mostly agreed with the questionnaire statements. In conclusion, the REDW strategy with peer support significantly affects students' achievement in reading comprehension and gaining positive responses. Therefore, it is suggested that the REDW strategy with peer support should be implemented in teaching reading comprehension.
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