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Ntokozo Amanda Xaba,
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 217-226;

South Africa is currently facing a water crisis due to low rainfall, climate change, a large population and pollution in freshwater sources. Rivers and streams are polluted despite the legislation and management systems established by the government at the national, provincial, and local levels. The aim of this study was to determine the perceived barriers to the effective management of streams in uMlazi township in KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. The study was conducted at a Durban solid waste office in Cator Manor and a community hall in uMlazi township.A qualitative case study design was used. Data was collected through focus group discussionsfrom the two groups who were involved in the management of water streams in uMlazi township, namely Sihlanzimvelo co-operatives and the section of the EThekwini Municipality involved in stream management. Data were recorded, transcribed, coded and thematically analyzed. Four main themes were identified, which revealed that the current barriers to effective stream management were related to attitudes and behavior of the communities and the EThekwini Municipality's working conditions and management practices. The study established that to manage the streams effectively, all stakeholders in communities should be actively involved, and for that to be possible, they should all be educated about the importance of streams and the environment in general. Environmental education was found to be central in promoting accountability and civility in engagements amongst stakeholders, to ensure that there were healthier streams and river systems and an eco-friendly future was secured.
Cias T Tsotetsi, Bunmi Isaiah Omodan
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 184-194;

In the process of socio-economic development, the rural environment has witnessed various setbacks, mostly in agro-social and the socio-economic sustainability of the QwaQwa community of South Africa. Evidence exists from the literature, our observations and experience that sustainability in the rural economic development of the QwaQwa community is not equal and stable, which has exposed the youths of the community to crime and various anti-social activities such as drugging, drinking, gangsterism, raping, among others. Therefore, the asset-based community development approach was adopted to instigate stakeholders’ intention toward community emancipation. This was done within the lens of the transformative paradigm designed with the community-based participatory action research process. The research comprised key stakeholders such as community leaders, NGOs, and youths. A structured interview was used to elicit information from the selected participants. We used socio-thematic analysis to make sense of the data in order to understand the sociality of the people living within the spotted problem. The study revealed that the community is endowed with arable farming land and team spirit, but criminalities were found to challenge their development. In its quest for rural emancipation, the study also found out that the QwaQwa community needs empowerment programs in social and agricultural skill development.
Nairei Hori,
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 151-160;

The study examines how surface acting and deep acting affect emotional exhaustion and job performance in the hotel industry and whether emotional intelligence has a moderating effect on the relationship. The study was conducted using a questionnaire survey, and the data were analyzed using a structural equation model. The main findings of the study demonstrate that surface acting has no effect on emotional exhaustion while deep acting has a negative effect on emotional exhaustion. This indicates that deep acting not only produces better service performance but also reduces emotional exhaustion. Moreover, surface acting and deep acting both have a positive effect on job performance, showing that both acting skills are all about demonstrating a better job performance at work. Furthermore, emotional intelligence has a moderating effect on the relationships between surface acting and job performance and deep acting and job performance, this indicates that employees with higher emotional intelligence are more likely to perform a more effective outcome of acting on job performance, regardless of whether it is surface acting or deep acting. But this phenomenon only occurs when employees are not experiencing emotional exhaustion. If employees are already experiencing emotional exhaustion, emotional intelligence does not have any moderation effect on job performance.
Pungki Sukmana Putra, Risna Wijayanti, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 112-119;

This research examines the effect of safety knowledge and Workplace Safety Climate on safety performance mediated by worker safety behavior in the defense product manufacturing industry in Indonesia using PT Pindad as a research site. Occupational health and safety (K3) are one of the most important aspects of a company's production operations. No matter how good the quality or productivity of a company, it will be meaningless if there are problems regarding the value of K3 in its operations so that the K3 aspect cannot be ruled out. Safety knowledge of workers and creating a safety climate are able to achieve good safety performance. This study also measures the mediating effect of safety behavior in the causal relationship between safety knowledge and safety climate on safety performance. Questionnaires were distributed to 160 permanent employees. Then, Partial Least Squares are used to test the proposed hypothesis. The results showed that the safety knowledge variable was significantly related to the safety performance variable, with a count of 2.097, and the safety climate variable was significantly related to the safety performance variable, with an account of 2.243. The safety behavior variable mediates the effect of the safety knowledge variable on the safety performance variable, with a count of 2,607, and the safety behavior variable mediates the effect of the safety climate variable on the safety performance variable, with an account value of 2.094.
Jeremiah Mkomagi, Devotha Mosha, Athman Ahmad
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 206-216;

The study, using a comparative case study design, explored the attitude of local direct beneficiaries concerning the cessation of resources for two donor-funded agriculture-related projects in Tanzania from a Social Cognitive Theory perspective. Using a 5-point Likert Scale, data from 274 respondents were collected and analysed. Before data analysis, validity and reliability tests were performed and determined to be good. Descriptive statistics including percentages and frequencies were done. Additionally, a chi-square test was done to establish the association between variables. The findings show that local beneficiaries with higher self-efficacy and wider outcome expectancies had a positive attitude as opposed to their counterparts. Also, a positive significant relationship existed between self-efficacy and attitude (P<0.01) and between outcome expectancies and attitudes (P<0.05). Equipping local beneficiaries with the competencies needed to solve problems on their own and the continued functioning of VBAAs can aid local beneficiaries in maintaining a positive attitude post-project resources withdrawal. The study recommends that a transition phase is critical for project implementers to solidify benefits and benefit-enhancing behaviours. Also promoting community-based extension services by institutionalising VBAAs within the LGAs should be given a priority for enhancing sustainability.
Syarif Ali, Agus Kusmana
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 141-150;

This study aims to identify problems in the implementation of bureaucratic reform in the field of employment, especially civil servants’ promotion. This study is carried out using a qualitative approach with the case study method. The data collection technique is done using observation, documentation study, and interviews with two key informants. The data is then analyzed in several stages, namely data reduction, data display, and conclusion drawing. The findings indicate that there is an injustice and non-transparent phenomenon in civil servants’ promotion, especially in the initial promotion, promotion by extraordinary work performance, and promotion by graduation certificate. This condition has the potential to cause corruption, collusion, and nepotism, and might reduce employee performance in providing public service.
Hairil A. Hadini, Musram Abadi, La Ode Arsad Sani, La Ode Muh Munadi, Surahmanto, Wegig Sukoco Anggoro
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 168-174;

Bali cattle farming business in Indonesia is generally maintained by rural communities with the application of improvised technology in both feed management and maintenance systems. The beef cattle farming business is said to be successful if it can increase income, meet the needs of the farmer's life, and know the costs incurred by the breeder. This study aims to analyze the income of Bali cattle businesses with different business scales in Tiworo Tengah District, West Muna Regency using a survey method by taking 40 respondents from Bali cattle farmers spread over 8 villages in Tiworo Tengah District. The data collected consists of primary data and secondary data, then analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively using income analysis. The results show that the average income received by small-scale farmers is IDR 695.827/month, medium-scale farmers are IDR 1.439.440/month, and large-scale farmers are IDR 1.768.515/month.
Damianus Abun, Frelyn B. Ranay, Theogenia Magallanes, Mary Joy Encarnacion
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 82-98;

The study aims to examine the effect of corporate governance on the individual work performance of employees of private higher education. To deepen the understanding of the concept of corporate governance and work performance, literature was reviewed. The study used a descriptive assessment and correlational research design and the population of the study was all employees of the Divine Word College of Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Questionnaires were used to gather the data. The study found that the corporate governance of the institution is considered high and the work performance is moderate. However, the Pearson r product moment analysis found that there is a significant correlation between corporate governance and the individual work performance of employees.
Zulhawati, Meiliyah Ariani, Budi Harsono
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 61-72;

This study aims to determine whether financial ability, promotion, benefit and security are the effects of using OVO digital wallets in the Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The sample in this study amounted to 105 users of Ovo electronic money in the Pesanggrahan area of South Jakarta, Indonesia. Sample selection was done by the random sampling method. The data used in this study is primary data, namely questionnaires distributed to respondents. This analysis method uses descriptive statistical tests, data quality tests, classical assumption tests, data analysis tests, and model suitability tests using the SPSS program. The results of this study indicate that Financial Ability does not have a positive and significant effect, Promotion has a positive and significant effect, Usefulness has a positive and significant effect and Transaction Security has a positive and significant effect on the effectiveness of using OVO digital wallets in the Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Atma Citalada, Atim Djazuli, Sri Palupi Prabandari
International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), Volume 11, pp 44-50;

Despite many studies on online advertising and its effects, there are still few studies that try to examine the avoidance of advertising by a person. However, the number of advertisements that appears will make someone feel annoyed and trigger avoidance behavior towards the advertisement they see. Referring to psychological reactance theory, advertising can become a nuisance when it is considered unrelated and interferes with a person's freedom to access media which in turn can trigger avoidance behavior in an effort to regain his freedom. Using psychological reactance theory, the aim of this research was to further investigate the relationship between advertising linkage and advertising avoidance behavior mediated by advertising distraction and advertising engagement variables. This research uses Instagram as the object of research. Instagram was chosen because it is a social media whose number of users is growing every year and this is what triggers many marketers to place ads on Instagram. Respondents in this research were Instagram users who had avoided advertisements that appeared on their accounts, determining the number of samples in this research using a purposive sampling technique with a sample of 160 respondents. The method of collecting data is using a questionnaire, the data is analyzed using PLS-SEM.
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