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Antonina Kolesnyak, Nataliya Polyanskaya
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 538-547; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-538-547

The general level of socio-economic development and the quality of life depend on the economic availability of food, i.e. the ability of the local population to buy products recommended by the Ministry of Health. Each family has the right to afford quality food for all household members. The local economic availability of food depends, first of all, on the income per capita in a particular region. The present research assessed the economic availability of food in the Republic of Buryatia using such indicators as food supplies, cash income per capita, household budget structure, and self-sufficiency in basic foodstuffs. The results were compared with the food situation in other regions of the Far Eastern Federal District and the average Russian data.
Elena Shpakovskaya, Oksana Tokar', Renata Gasanova, Tat'yana Hudyakova, Ol'ga Stepanova, Mariyam Arpenteva
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 482-495; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-482-495

The present research featured the career and professional development of the head of a modern organization. The status and career development of specialists and managers often come into dissonance. Managerialism, corruption, and other deformations create contradictions that require targeted and large-scale efforts, e.g. innovative career management technologies. The research objective was to analyze modern problems of managing the career and professional development of CEO personnel. The career and professional path of a CEO is a cultural phenomenon. They are closely related to one's development as a personality, a partner, and a specialist, which forms a system of competencies. These competencies also reflect and generate changes in the area of intrapersonal and interpersonal improvement. Personal development depends on the accumulation and processing of life and career experience. As a rule, this experience is neither purposeful nor reflexive. As a result, it gives little large-scale effect. The study and reflection should prevent and correct violations of professional-labor and social-career development, including careerograms, customized work trajectories, psychotechnologies of career management, etc. Performance of a manager is a multilevel system of interconnected individual components. Managerial performance can be improved as a systemic correlation of the existing and emerging qualities of a manager with the peculiarities of the organization, i.e. corporate culture, socio-psychological climate, internal education and mutual assistance, a system of selection and support, a system of professionally important qualities of an effective leader, ergo design of staff, psychophysiological harmony, etc.
Aleksey Shilikov
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 472-481; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-472-481

The article introduces a sociological survey that featured the development of conflict management skills in municipal employees of the Belgorod region. The methods involved a questionnaire survey and a semi-structured interview of Belgorod municipal authorities, teaching staff of the Higher School of Management of the Belgorod State University, and employees of the Institute of Regional Personnel Policy of Belgorod. The reasons behind the conflicts were divided into those caused by the specifics of the municipal service, the peculiarities of team relations, and the individual characteristics of a municipal employee. The results of the study can improve the practical work of municipal personnel departments or be used in teaching sociological disciplines. Further study is required to develop diagnostic methods to identify the conflict management skills in municipal officials, collect information, define conditions and patterns of development, draft resolution procedures, etc.
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 548-559; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-548-559

The present research featured the issue of regional strategic planning as part of Russian economic system. The research objective was to study the role of strategic planning in improving the sustainable development of local economy. The study was based on the methods of analysis, synthesis, and grouping. The Strategy of Economic Development of Kuzbass through 2035 turned out to be more relevant in its content than previous strategies. The analysis of regional typology helped to identify a wider range of problems that aggravated or appeared over time. The problems were formulated as key priorities aimed at improving the life of local population and boosting the economic growth. The author believes that the main goal of the state regional policy is to reach and maintain a high level of economic development of the region. Regional policy is a set of legislative, administrative, and economic measures aimed at improving the quality of life and productive in the region. The state regional policy has the same economic orientation for all regions, which should be regulated by strategic planning, thus increasing the level of sustainable economic development.
Natalya Andrianova, Polina Nechaeva
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 496-505; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-496-505

Intellectual contracts based on blockchain technology improve the efficiency of supply management of an automobile enterprise by optimizing the transactional costs of supply logistics. The present research featured KAMAZ PTC. The goal was to develop an interaction mechanism for all participants of an intellectual contract in supply activities. The article includes a review of Russian and foreign publications about intellectual contracts in various business spheres, supply management efficiency, optimization of transactional costs, and blockchain technology. The study made it possible to build an interaction mechanism of the parties involved in a blockchain intellectual contract. It also revealed a pattern of changes introduced to the intellectual contract at different stages of interaction between the initiator and suppliers. The authors also highlighted the difference between smart contract and intellectual contract. An intellectual contract appears as a logical development of a smart contract and allows the sides to change the terms. The party interaction mechanism can improve the supply efficiency as it optimizes the magnitude of transactional costs.
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 568-578; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-568-578

The research featured a macroeconomic assessment of the quality of economic growth. The analysis was based on various environmental factors, obtained in the process of strategic environmental assessment of the developmental priorities of the Kemerovo region in 2002–2020. The research objective was to determine the effect of environmental factors on eco-intensity and economic growth in this resource-based region in the context of global and national environmental challenges. The paper presents an overview of the methods of ecological and economic analysis suitable for strategic environmental assessment. The study featured mathematical methods of calculating the economic eco-intensity and the decoupling effect, as well as the model of economic growth developed by P. Victor. The decoupling effect was rather weak for the main types of negative impact, i.e. pollution, waste generation, disturbed lands, etc. The only green decoupling effect was revealed by the volume of contaminated wastewater. P. Victor's extended model showed the predominance of "brown" economic growth, while the increase in the carbon intensity of the gross domestic product for methane coincided with the significant decrease in the economic development of the region. The article also introduces a forecast of the economic development of the Kemerovo region, based on global and national trends of decarbonization. Transition to the use of the best available technologies should reduce the level of eco-intensity and increase the rate of decarbonization, both in the main industries and in methane processing.
Leonid Cukanov
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 435-443; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-435-443

The research featured the national cybersecurity system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The cybersecurity standards developed by the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations made it possible to reveal the institutional and legal foundations of the digital security system, as well as the degree of involvement in international cybersecurity cooperation. The analysis demonstrated the key risks of the development of the Saudi cyber model. The assessment by the International Telecommunication Union standards gave quite positive results. However, Saudi Arabia proved to adhere to a catching-up development model and still experiences some problems with national cyberspace security. Some are of global nature, e.g. legislation gaps, while others result from the specifics of the national model of state governance. The most obvious risks include the imbalance between the civil and military sectors, the disagreements between various regions, and the poor integration of the local hacker community into the overall structure of national cybersecurity. Saudi Arabia plans to eliminate these imbalances in the medium term in order to build an integrated cybersecurity system by expanding its international cooperation.
Misak Arzumanyan
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 506-514; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-506-514

The author reviewed domestic and foreign publications that feature various methods of assessing the performance of municipal authorities, which is the most important criterion for determining the well-being of population. The article introduces an authentic method that relies on the analysis of performance indicators based on the predominance of the achieved values over the average converted values. The method makes it possible to quantify and interpret the level of the so-called "administrative rationality" of municipal self-government bodies. It converts the values of indicators into coefficients (dominance and achievement), elements, and integral values of efficiency. The transformed values are then systematized in the context of economy (assets, budget, wages, etc.) and social components (transport accessibility, land, population, housing, communal services, etc.). A comparative analysis determined the following effective municipal districts of the Kemerovo region: Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Yaya, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, and Izhmorka. The new method provides a transparent and objective assessment of municipal management.
Zul'Fiya Ibragimova, Marina Franc
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 444-452; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-4-444-452

Equal opportunity theory is based on the idea that inequality of individual achievements is a complex phenomenon. It is formed by two groups of factors: (1) one's own decisions and efforts (inequality of efforts) and (2) circumstances beyond one's control (inequality of opportunities). Therefore, wealth inequality caused by effort factors (1) is fair and is not to be compensated for, whereas differences in welfare caused by objective circumstances (2) are unfair and should be compensable (the compensation principle). This paper introduces an assessment of circumstances associated with family background: composition, psychological atmosphere, well-being, occupation, education, etc. Parents' education and two-parent status appeared to be the most important circumstances. Respondents who grew up in a two-parent family with both biological parents had a higher income than those who grew up in one-parent families or with one biological and one stepparent. The low economic status of the parental family also proved to affect the well-being of grown-up children. Thus, efforts to provide equal opportunities can have a long-term effect on social inequality and build a more just society.
, Nadezhda Guskova
Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences, Volume 2021, pp 401-407; https://doi.org/10.21603/2500-3372-2021-6-3-401-407

The present article introduces a new system of indicators for assessing the sustainable competitiveness of innovative industrial clusters. The authors reviewed foreign and domestic approaches to monitoring and evaluating industrial clusters and classified them according to assessment type, research level, costs, and effects. Sustainable competitiveness proved to be the most complex characteristic of any cluster. It could be divided into two groups of parameters, i.e. 1) long-term competitiveness and 2) stability as a socio-ecological and economic system. Each group was given a list of indicators for quantitative and qualitative assessment, which included indicators of potential development, organization and management, socio-ecological and economic stability, etc. The research revealed some gaps in the Russian statistics of cluster development, which hinder the information support for monitoring and evaluating the sustainable competitiveness of clusters. As a result, the current databases on the social, economic, and environmental aspects of Russian clusters are fragmented and chronologically incompatible.
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