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M Nur Fu'ad, Adimas Ketut Nalendra, Elok Hastari C
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 90-97; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i2.861

Tracer study is a method used to get feedback from alumni to tertiary institutions. Tracer alumni can be used to determine the absorption of PSN Blitar AKN alumni in the business world and industry. In addition, it also serves as a reference for adjusting competencies that must be owned by prospective alumni of AKN PSF Blitar in accordance with the needs of the business world and industry. System development uses the waterfall method which has several stages, including planning, analysis, design, implementation, and testing. The technology used in this system is web-based which aims to facilitate users in filling out the questionnaire and can be wider in scope. The result of this system design is a system design that uses a use case, the system flow uses a flowchart and the design of the physic data model. The results obtained are a web-based system that can reach a wider user, this system reduces operational costs, restrictions on access rights and individual alumni reports. Conclusion: This system can help universities in conducting tracer studies easily. The system used is web-based which can reach alumni wherever they are so that alumni do not need to come to campus or send questionnaire data so that the data will be faster to process.
Sucipto Sucipto, Teguh Andriyanto, Muhammad Najibulloh Muzaki, Erna Daniati, Rini Indriati, Arie Nugroho
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 72-79; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i2.857

The role of network communication is vital in this era which is the industrial era 4.0. In this era, the emphasis on digital economic patterns, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, and so on or known as the phenomenon of disruptive innovation. Technology tools that need to be developed do not directly want sophisticated automation technology. Still, network infrastructure that is available in an agency or region that wants to reach the industrial era must be considered. This research aims at designing the network is to make the topology of private networks and public networks. It is solving private networks to optimise SIMRS application access speed. It also improves the management of public networks in the form of hotspot management. The result that can be felt among the private networks is not that the SIMRS application network will not be interrupted by the public hotspot network. Besides, public network management will be more evenly distributed with hotspot management.
Fitroh Amaluddin, Andy Haryoko
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 98-104; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i2.843

Tsunamis are natural events that can occur any time without prior warning. Some mitigation efforts both through physical construction consist of sea wave height detection sensors such as DT-Sense Barometric Pressure & Temperature sensors, Infrared sensors, and ultrasonic sensors. However, the sensors have a low accuration and difficult installation. Therefore a device designed to provide temperature and air pressure data based on a microcontroller with higher accuracy, and easier installation. The device are made using a DS18B20 temperature sensor, then air pressure using BMP180 sensor. Sea wave height measurement system based on the working principle of air pressure at sea level. This tool is able to work well at altitudes with a minimum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Based on the results of air trials on water levels obtained every 0.1 meter increase in sea air, air pressure increases by 0.02 mb (millibar) or 0.12 mb / meter. While testing the air pressure against the temperature obtained is higher, the air temperature at sea level will increase. Each time the air pressure changes by 1.00 mb, the air temperature at sea level will change an average of around 0.46 degrees Celsius. In other words if the temperature decreases around 1 degree Celsius, then the air pressure also drops by 2.00 mb or around 16.67 meters.
Gita Natalia Krisnawati, Sucipto Sucipto, Rina Firliana
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 80-89; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i2.858

Information technology (IT) has become a crucial part for companies or institutions with enterprise scale. The problem in this research is the service of patients in RSUD Lawang has not been entirely done using the SIM-RS application directly. This study focuses on the implementation of the SIM-RS in Lawang District Hospital in providing health services to the community. This research standard uses COBIT 5 standard with APO 07 domain which discusses the preparation of HR in Lawang District Hospital, BAI 07 discusses readiness in obtaining new information systems (SIM-RS), and DSS 01 discusses procedural development and treatment of all forms operations, infrastructure, and facilities related to the information system used. The conclusions of this study are: (1) The level reached by the APO 07 domain is at level 1. This is due to the application of the SIM-RS in the Lawang District Hospital, which has a base practice but in the design of activities that have not been adequately monitored and evaluated and the work products that have not been applied, controlled, and maintained as appropriate. (2) The level achieved by the BAI 07 domain is at level 2. This is due to the application of the SIM-RS in Lawang District Hospital, which has a planned base of practice, is well monitored and evaluated. Its implementation is following agency needs. But related to the implementation process is still not following established standards. (3) The level achieved by the DSS 01 domain is at level 1. This is due to the application of the SIM-RS in Lawang District Hospital having a base practice. Still, in the design of activities, it has not been adequately monitored and evaluated, and the work products they have not been implemented, controlled, and maintained as should be.
Ibnur Rusi, Muhammad Iqbal, Ferdy Febrianto
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 105-119; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i2.832

Inventarisasi yang baik, sistematis, dan terstruktur atas barang yang ada pada suatu kantor atau lembaga merupakan hal yang wajib dilakukan, karena dengan adanya inventarisasi barang yang sistematis akan mengakibatkan proses kerja menjadi lebih efektif dan efisien. Sistem inventarisasi barang pada Dinas Kependudukan dan Pencatatan Sipil (Disdukcapil) Sintang saat ini perlu untuk dikembangkan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengembangakan perangkat lunak berbasis website guna memudahkan dalam perencanaan, pengadaan, penyaluran, dan pemusnahan/penghapusan atas barang-barang yang ada di Disdukcapil Sintang. Pengembangan sistem informasi berbasis website ini dilakukan dengan menggunakan Framework Laravel dan Bootsrap serta database MySQL. Metode pengembangan sistem yang digunakan dalam pembuatan sistem informasi ini adalah SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) Waterfall menggunakan model Hefner. Penelitian ini diharapkan dapat membantu pihak Disdukcapil dalam melakukan inventarisasi barang milik kantor pemerintah sehingga menjadi lebih terstruktur dan sistematis untuk mencapai efisiensi dan efektifitas kinerja pegawai Disdukcapil Sintang.
Muhammad Najibulloh Muzaki, M. Dewi Manikta Puspitasari, Rini Indriati
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 120-129; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i2.848

The final semester examination is a routine agenda for each semester for the Program Studi Sistem Informasi Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri. In the implementation of the final semester exams, some of the supporting documents are the exam schedule, minutes of the exam and the list of attendees of the exam. In the minutes of the exam and the attendance list, some entries must be written by the supervisor. Some of the fields include data on day, date, exam time, exam room, course name, lecturer, class and supervisor's name. Each of these documents is made in 2 copies, so that the filling process can take up the time of the supervisor when carrying out supervisory duties. When examined, some of the entries are actually already in the exam schedule, just how to make the data contained in the schedule can be integrated to complete the fields. This problem exists because there is no system or database that is the basis for making these documents. This study aims to provide a solution by building an information system that helps produce final semester exam support documents, such as exam schedules, minutes of the exam and attendance list of participants, using the PHP programming language and MySQL database support so that the process of making these documents is done systematic and automatic system. The results of the study indicate that with the Information System Supporting the Semeste Final Examination Document, the making of documents can be done in an integrated manner, so that some of the entries no longer need to be handwritten anymore. In the end, the documents produced by the system can save writing time faster.
Rizky Alifian, Usman Nurhasan
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 1-14; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i1.736

Saat ini perkembangan teknologi sangat cepat maka dari itu perkembangan dalam memberikan informasi juga harus mengikuti zaman dalam jurnal ini akan dijelaskan bagaimana proses dalam pembuatan sebuah Sistem Informasi dimana nantinya Sistem Informasi tersebut berbasis website dan akan menggunakan platform wix untuk membantu dalam membuat website tersebut. Dalam Sistem Informasi ini akan membantu memberikan informasi dari Balai Besar Pelatihan Peternakan. Balai Besar Pelatihan Peternakan Kota Batu (BBPP) Kota Batu adalah salah satu lembaga pendidikan dalam bidang pertanian dan peternakan. BBPP Kota Batu melalui divisi diklat limbah dan hasil ikutan ternak membuat suatu diklat pengolahan limbah. Pelaksanaan diklat pengolahan limbah yang banyak menggunakan praktek memerlukan multimedia pembelajaran interaktif yang dapat membantu menyajikan materi dengan mudah dipahami. Multimedia pembelajaran interaktif dikembangkan dengan tujuan untuk menghasilkan produk yang berupa multimedia pembelajaran interaktif yang valid, yang akan menjadi alternatif dalam pencapaian tujuan pembelajaran yang ditentukan, serta dapat meningkatkan daya serap peserta diklat pengolahan limbah di BBPP Kota Batu. Dalam Pembuatan Sistem Informasi berbasis website ini digunakan platform wix, dimana platform tersebut sangat berguna dan mudah digunakan untuk admin dikarenakan fungsi untuk membuat website menggunakan drag and drop sehingga admin dapat membuat desain tampilan sesuai dengan kebutuhan.
Eka Larasati Amalia, Agung Nugroho Pramudhita, M Ridlwan Aditya
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 15-23; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i1.715

This study aims to help beginner farmers to determine the location of the chicken farm construction using the MOORA method. The location factor for determining chicken farms is one of the important factors, because if the farm location is close to the highway, then the chicken will be exposed to transportation noise and easily stressed, but vice versa if the chicken farm is close to the cutting or sales location such as the market, the transportation costs will be relatively cheaper. The MOORA method has simple and stable mathematical calculations. MOORA method has the right mathematical calculation results in making a decision. The MOORA method has advantages over other methods, which are simpler and easier to implement. The level of selection in the MOORA method which is quite good can decide on an alternative solution in a problem.
Chusnul Chotimah, Kurnia Paramita Kartika
Antivirus : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Informatika, Volume 13, pp 36-47; doi:10.35457/antivirus.v13i1.811

Water requirements for mint / peppermint leaves are important so that mint / peppermint leaves grow and multiply well. Not only that, mint leaf protection from pests / insects is also important so that mint / peppermint leaves can live and have perfect leaf quality until harvest time. But in practice, humans are often negligent in watering and protecting pests on plants. To overcome these problems, mint / peppermint watering and automatic pest control use an arduino uno microcontroller as one solution. Automatic watering uses RTC as a schedule for minting and PIR sensors for detecting the movement of pests / insects approaching the mint leaves. The purpose of making this tool is to design hardware, software, and to find out the performance of an arduino uno microcontroller-based automatic watering pest control system. The making of this tool is based on arduino uno microcontoler combined with RTC (Real Time Clock) sensor and PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. Here Arduino Uno as the main microcontroller, relay as a pump and fan switch, RTC as a regulator of mint leaves watering schedule, and PIR sensor to detect any movement of pests / insects that approach the mint leaves. Based on the results of the tests carried out, the automatic pest control and sprinkler system on the arduino uno microcontroller-based mint leaves has been successful. All programs run well according to the previous plan. And for the performance of mint leaves as a whole is in accordance with the established functions. For further research watering and repelling pests on mint leaves can automatically be added to the temperature sensor for use during the rainy season. Because in this study the tool is only used during the dry season.
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