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Hamdan Hamdan
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 102-114; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i2.346

Abstract:The aim of the study was to know the islamic boarding school students management in modern Islamic senior high school Al-Ikhlas Lubuklinggau. The method used was qualitative descriptive method. The results presented committees formation, brochures distribution, new students selection, students guidance, and students administration. The whole elements were organized well based on the function. In conclusion, students management include students input management, supervising, obeying the rules, the teaching methods (tilawah, tazkiyah and ta`limah). Keywords: Management, Student, Islamic Boarding School Students
Syaiful Bahri
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 92-101; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i2.411

Abstract:The objective of the research was to analyze the management of education in family as the way to create a tranquil family. The method used in this research was qualitative descriptive method. The finding was the religous education in family consist of (1) pre and post natal education, (2) breast-feeding and sensitive period education, (3) childhood education, (4) adolescence education, (5) mature education and family education. In conclusion, education was required to be a tranquil family, begun from pre-natal to mature education. Keywords: Management, Religious Education, Tranquil Family
Ahmad Gawdy Prananosa, M. Rusni Eka Putra, Armi Yuneti, Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 63-74; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i2.405

Abstract:The research aims at finding out the influence of leadership style and communicative skill of school principals on teachers working performance in senior high schools of North Musi Rawas regency. The research was conducted through quantitative approach with double regression analysis. It was executed in 6 senior high schools in North Musi Rawas regency. The population of the research was all senior high schools in North Musi Rawas regency. Meanwhile, the accessible population was six schools consist of 200 informants. The sampling technique was stratified random sampling, namely, collecting sample randomly propositioned from each group in the schools. The data analysis was done through double regression analysis with ordinary least Square. Then the hypothesis testing was through multi-co-linearity, heterokedastisitas, auto-corellation, normally distributed. Statistical hypothesis was done through T testvamd F test. The result of variable X1 analysis presented t-obtained = 2,644 and p-value = 0.027/2 = 0,013 < 0.05, it means leadership style has a positive impact on teachers performance. Moreover, the result of variable X2 analysis presented t-obtained = 2.526 and p-value = 0.013/2 = 0.006 < 0.05, it means the communicative skill of school principals has a positive impact on teachers working performance. Keywords: Leadership Style, Communicative Skill, Working Performance
Neni Ningsih
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 83-91; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i2.484

Abstract:The study aims at evaluating the school principal renewals management to improve teachers competence at SMP Negeri 1 Arga Makmur Bengkulu Utara regency. The study was an evaluative descriptive study. The subjects were the school principal, teachers and staffs. The techniques to collect the data were questionnaire, observation, and documentation. The data analysis was conducted through four components including data collection, data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing/verification. The finding showed that the school principal renewals management was in 'good' category with score ranges between 51- 62 out of the total score 75. In conclusion, the school principal renewals management was successful to improve teachers competence, particularly the competence of pedagogy, personality, social, and professional. Keywords: Management, Renewals, School Principal
M. Ary Irawan, Adisel Adisel
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 56-62; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i2.370

Abstract:The objective of the study was to find out the strategical management UP/J SMKN 3 Mataram. It was a qualitative study with case study method. The techniques to collect the data were observation, interview, and documentation. The findings were (1) strategical planning, including: (a) compatibility of UP/J program goal with school vision and mission and (b) the arrangement of UP/J program periodically; (2) strategical application, including: (a) cooperation with government institutions and private institutions, (b) marketing of UP/J carried out by school society including school principal, teachers, students, parents and alumni, (c) empowering alumni and students as employees, (d) executing production schedule out of reaching and learning activities, and , (e) transparency in financial management ; and (3) strategical supervising, including: (a) the distribution of customers satisfaction instruments, (b) the supervising in form of the report periodically each semester and each year. In conclusion, the strategical management of UP/J SMKN 3 Mataram includes; planning, excecuting, and supervising. Keywords: Strategical Management, Production Unit, School Service
Beni Azwar, Baryanto Baryanto, Rahmad Hidayat, Masudi Masudi
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 75-82; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i2.436

Abstract:The research aims at discussing the strategy to improve the existence of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) in Rejang Lebong regency. The research used sociological approach to comprehend the meaning of events and interaction of people in certain circumstances. The results were: Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) was quite exist in assisting the education advance. It can be noticed by the work programs. The students were competitive and their achievements reached regional and national level. In conclusion, the strategy used to improve the existence of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, such as using POAC strategy (planning organizing, actuating), as well as controling improved the existence of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) in Rejang Lebong regency. Keywords : Strategy, Existence, Madrasah Ibtidaiyah
Desy Puspita Indah
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 48-55; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i1.217

Abstract:This study aims to determine the factors that affect the effectiveness of interpersonal communication head of Human Resources Agency of Bengkulu Province. Research is designed as a qualitative research and uses descriptive data exposure. This data analysis technique is the step taken by researchers to interpret or provide meaning to the data that has been collected. The results of research In implementing interpersonal communication conducted by the head of the agency, it is seen that the effectiveness of communication is characterized by the openness in the implementation of activities, the attitude of supporting employees to improve performance, always trying to have a positive attitude towards all employees and equality in the execution of duties. Because in our daily life in communicating interpesaonal is the basis to be able to communicate, where interpersonal communication can not be separated in the process of our daily life. Keywords: Effectiveness, Communication, Interpesonal
M Rusni Eka Putra, Ahmad Gawdy Prananosa, Marianita Marianita
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 38-47; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i1.276

Abstract:This study aims to know the planning, implementation, control and evaluation of educators in SDIT Mutiara Cendekia Lubuklinggau. This research uses qualitative approach with qualitative descriptive method. The subjects consisted of principals, teachers and staff boards, guardians of SDIT Mutiara Cendekia Lubuklinggau. Data collection consists of observation, interview and documentation. Data analysis techniques include editing, categories, display of data and interpretation. The conclusion of this research is 1), the planning of SDIT educator Mutiara Cendekia Lubuklinggau run well that is recruiting educator by selecting administration of job application file and reading ability test of alQuran as well as micro teaching test, 2) implementing educator through guidance from foundations twice a month, 2013 curriculum training and teacher quality improvement seminars, 3) principals control educators by going to the study room during the learning process, checking the attendance of educators through finger print, and learning journals in the classroom, 4 ) the principal uses a questionnaire, then distributed to the students so that the inputs of the educators in carrying out their duties can be known and carried out by the school principal guidance. Keywords: Management, Educators
Ahmad Gawdy Prananosa, Dooni Pestalozi, Adisel Adisel
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 24-37; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i1.278

Abstract:This study aims to examine the concept of educational communication in alqur`an letter Lukman. This research is designed using qualitative approach by applying literature research method. The data used in this study comes from primary data and secondary data, while the primary data are the Qur'anic Manuscript of Lukman and supported by the hadiths of the Prophet relevant to the research problem, while the secondary data comes from books, magazines and written documents. The conclusion of this study reveals that the concept of educational communication in Surat Lukman is indicated by the dialogical atmosphere between father and son in an effort to achieve the salvation of life in the world and in the hereafter. The term dialogis here indicates that there is an element of communication between two people, in this case father and son. Father is a communicator or initiator of ideas in planning the atmosphere of the dialogue. But also he is at the same time the listener (in feedback dialogue) so that he at once became a communicant Keyword: Education Communication, al-Qur`an Surat Lukman
I Nyoman Wijana, Muhamad Suhardi
Journal Of Administration and Educational Management (ALIGNMENT), Volume 1, pp 11-23; doi:10.31539/alignment.v1i1.210

Abstract:This study aims to reveal, explain, and describe the social reality that occurred in West Nusa Tenggara, namely the expansion and equitable access to education for abandoned children. The research was conducted using a qualitative approach, by phenomenology method. The results of this study indicate that access to education for abandoned children in West Nusa Tenggara is very low. From the aspect of the availability of facilities facilitated by the Provincial Government, there is only one orphanage that handles abandoned children education, located in a provincial city serving ten districts. From the aspect of affordability, abandoned children find it difficult to reach the education provided by the government, caused by poverty, and the distance between cities in West Nusa Tenggara. Keywords: Expansion, Equity, Access to Education, Child Dropouts