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Irene Rämä, Elina Kontu, Raija Pirttimaa
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p163

Many children may need the help of another person to attend school. It is common for children with disabilities to receive help from a teaching assistant at school. Assistants are provided in many countries as a legal right and are often publicly funded. It is also widely assumed that having teaching assistants in the class is an effective and cost-efficient way to support students with disabilities. In this study, the research task was to monitor and document the development process carried out by the teacher, with the aim of making visible the development of a more dynamic classroom interaction. The focus in this development process was the teacher’s idea of minimizing the contacts between students and assistants to increase students’ opportunities to optimize interaction and learning. This was to happen by strengthening commitment to their activities and taking responsibility. The data include video excerpts, which originate from video recordings from a special education class, and transcripts of three stimulated recall-type interviews with the teacher of this class. In this article, the experimental development process is described as presenting an unorthodox approach to teaching assistants and their position in special education.
Berna Coşkun Onan, Mert Ünlüsoy
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p133

Based on the learning outcomes, values, skills/proficiency and job safety for grades 6, 7 and 8 from the 2017 Visual Arts Course Curriculum (MEB, 2017), outcomes related to three-dimensional work have been associated with care, love, responsibility and inquiry and activities “My Money”, “Abstract Sculpture” and “Talking Emojis” have been planned. They have been completed with visually rich presentations and step by step implementation phases and presented to the subject teachers intended for practices. In the data collection process, the activities were observed by the researcher, audio and video recording made and right after the activities interviews with the students and teachers were made and student work was collected to examine documentation. Data obtained during the data collection process have been analyzed with thematic analysis method and taking into consideration the basic characteristic of multiple case study and the themes obtained have been evaluated with the theme titles; “Connections”, “Internalization” and “Realization”. Among the outcomes of the results of the research are the facts that the bases of skill/proficiency, value and job safety are important at activity planning and that rich presentations and step by step applications can transfer the relevant outcomes of the students into behavior. It is also attention-grabbing that students, who gain the values of respect, love and care for their environment through three-dimensional work, can transfer mathematical, digital, social skills and those related to citizenship to their lives.
Yahya Yıldırım, Ali Kızılet
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p146

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of different learning methods on learning tennis stroke skills, retention of learned skills and mobility time compared to traditional learning methods. Twenty-four (12 boys, 12 girls) high school students who have just started tennis education in a high school in Istanbul participated in this study voluntarily (Age: 15.00 ± 0.00 years, weight: 63.46 ± 10.64 kg, height: 1.65 ± 0.06 m, and body mass index 23.26 ± 2.91 kg/m2). Subjects were divided into two homogeneous groups of 12, each with equal numbers of boys (6 girls, 6 boys) according to the pre-test results. One of the groups was named control group, and the other group was named differential learning group. The training sessions were held 3 days a week for 10 weeks and each training lasted 90 minutes. The International Tennis Number (ITN) test was applied to determine the tennis ground stroke accuracy and mobility time. A modified version of the ITN mobility test was applied using the Fitlight TrainerTM device. Repeated Measures Anova test was used to examine the difference between pre-test, post-test and retention test of the same group. One Way Anova was used for the interaction between groups, measurement (pre-test, post-test, retention test) means. p < 0.05 was accepted for the significance level in the interpretation of statistical procedures. As a consequence; It can be said that the differential learning method is more effective than traditional training methods in the accuracy of tennis ground hits, but there is no significant difference between the two groups in retention of learning. Moreover, no significant difference was found in mean differences between groups and from pre-test to post-test and retention test within groups.
Mahmut Oğuz Kutlu
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p155

The main aim of this study is to comparatively examine the “Studying and Learning Strategies” used by the students of Science and Anatolian High Schools, which are the general secondary instruction level in the Turkish Educational System, at Adana province example in Turkey. The study is a descriptive study, a relational survey model. The population of the study is 9th and 12th grade students who are studying in Anatolian and Science High Schools in the city center of Adana. This study group of this research is consisted of 393 students in 9th and 12th grades who were studying at Adana Science High School and Seyhan İMKB Anatolian High School in the spring term of the 2019-2020 academic year. As a data collection tool, the “Study and Learning Strategies Scale for High School Students” developed by Kutlu, Yapıcı and Korkmaz (2015), consisting of 46 items and five sub-dimensions, was used. As a result of the study, when the “Study and Learning Strategies” of the students are examined according to school types; It has been determined that there is a significant difference in the sub-dimensions of “Repetition” and “Enjoying Learning”. It has been observed that there is a significant difference between male and female students in “Repetition” and “Self-Confidence” sub-dimensions according to the gender of the students. There is no significant difference between the levels of 9th and 12th grade students studying at Science and Anatolian High Schools according to their grade levels.
Eyal Eckhaus, Nitza Davidovitch
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p121

Purpose. This study deals with the research and teaching achievements of faculty members as affected by demographics. The topic of age of employment, as well as age of retirement, is one that occupies modern society, both in research and with regard to the significance of age for the labor world in practice. Gender-related differences regarding this issue have occupied the academic literature as well. In the current study we examined the impact of age and gender on research output (by number of citations) and satisfaction with teaching (by student survey scores). Method. Empirical data on article citations and teaching surveys were gathered for 315 senior faculty members at Ariel University, Israel. Structural equation modeling was used to test the model’s goodness-of-fit. Findings indicate that the higher the age of the faculty members the greater their output. The opposite is true of teaching surveys. Age appears to contribute to the number of article citations and less so to students’ satisfaction with the teaching of senior faculty members. A sensitivity analysis was also performed. Men were found to have a higher number of citations than women. Results and discussion. The research findings have practical meaning. The achievements of academic faculty members are undoubtedly age-dependent: seniority and experience contribute to research (number of citations) and do not contribute to teaching as measured by student satisfaction. The question is whether in the modern era, when quality of life and life expectancy are on the rise, there is room to breach the employment age limitations in academia, particularly for high academic producers, in light of their achievements.
Abdullah Ali Asiri
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p112

This paper investigates the perceptions of teachers in Saudi Arabia About educational administers’ support of inclusive education. The goal of this study is to provide a baseline of information for the ministry of education to enhance their professional development plan for administers and teachers to adopting inclusive education for the purpose of increasing the number of students with disabilities in general education settings. The results in this study were almost converged between agreement and disagree with slightly more respondents agreeing that administrator support of inclusive education was present. The inferential results indicated a statistically significant difference between respondent degree area and recognition of administrator support of inclusive education. Significant differences occurred for both school and district administrators. Also, another statistical difference was found between respondent teaching grade and their recognition of administers’ support of inclusive education.
Gary Blau, Glen Miller
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p31

Military veterans (n = 153) completed an on-line survey and were broken down into combat (n = 92) versus non-combat (n = 61) veterans. The combat veterans had higher life satisfaction, perceived occupational alternatives, and education level versus the non-combat veterans. Looking at correlates to life satisfaction, for both samples number of prior traumatic events (negative) and personal accomplishment (positive) were significantly related. In addition, for the combat veterans, highest education level and perceived occupational alternatives were significantly related to life satisfaction. A high percentage of both combat and non-combat veterans were currently going to school to further their education. Working with employed combat and non-combat veterans, those currently going to school to further their education had higher perceived occupational alternatives than veterans not going back. Working with a smaller group of combat versus non-combat respondents who did volunteer work, the non-combat veterans were higher on perceived meaningfulness of volunteer work than the combat veterans. Returning to school can be one way to help military veterans find rewarding meaningful work, through perceived occupational alternatives, which can help to increase their life satisfaction. If increased education is not an option, volunteer work may also lead to higher perceived meaningful work. As veterans transition from military to civilian life, military out-processing should continue to counsel/prepare transitioning veterans for: finding/interviewing for jobs as well as realistic new careers; identifying meaningful voluntary work opportunities; or finding resources for furthering one’s education.
Muhterem Akgün, Ismail Hakan Akgün
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p71

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of digital stories on academic achievement. In order to achieve this purpose, meta analysis method was used in the study. Within the scope of the study, ERIC, Google Academic, YÖK Thesis Center, ProQuest, Science Direct and ULAKBİM databases were scanned and 23 studies (10 theses, 13 articles) were included in the meta-analysis using the criteria determined by the researchers. Cochran’s X2 (Q = 285,155, p < .05) test was conducted to test whether the studies included in the study were heterogeneous. Random effects model was used to calculate effect size since heterogeneity was determined between studies. At the end of the study, it was seen that the general effect size (Hedge’s g = 1.081) regarding the effect of digital stories on academic achievement was strong, that there was a positive effect in all areas according to the lessons which was higher for Science. It was also observed that the effect was positive in all dimensions according to the education level, there was a difference between the education levels and the highest effect occurred at university and middle school levels.
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p102

This study aimed to develop a scale to determine students’ perceptions of teacher involvement in mathematics homework assignments. An item pool (n = 30) was generated based on a literature review. Based on expert feedback, the number of items was reduced to 21 scored on a 5-point Likert-type scale. A draft named the “Scale of Teacher Involvement in Mathematics Homework Assignments (STIMHA)” was developed after the items were reviewed by a linguist. A pilot study was conducted with six middle school students to check for comprehensibility. The items were revised and finalized based on their feedback. The main study sample consisted of 751 middle school students from four schools in Demirci/Manisa in Turkey during the 2017-2018 academic year. Data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 24.0) and Analysis of Moment Structures (AMOS 21.0). Validity and reliability were established.
Bo Peng, Chuanling Zhang, Feng Peng, Xuezhong Sun, Xiayu Tian, Xiaorui Ma, Ruihua Pang, Yanfang Sun, Wei Zhou, Quanxiu Wang
Journal of Education and Learning, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/jel.v9n6p84

It has always been one of the hot spots of the whole society to improve teachers’ quality and ability. With the progress of the era and the rapid development of biology, it puts forward higher requirements for the cultivation of biology teachers of middle school. How to cultivate a large number of high-quality biology teachers of middle school with good ethics and outstanding abilities is a focus problem worth exploring. There are some problems in the traditional training mode of biology normal students, such as backward teaching idea, unreasonable teaching arrangement and uneven teaching level. In view of these problems, normal universities should take a series of reform measures to promote the professional development of middle school biology teachers. Therefore, this paper summarizes the reform necessity, current situation and existing problems of the talent training mode. It also puts forward a series of reform measures on the talent training mode in the aspects of learning, innovation and reflection. Thus, this paper will provide important reference for the reform of talent training mode of middle school biology teachers in the future.
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