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Alief Budiyono
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 93-108;

Children with special needs or special health care needs (e.g., Down syndrome (DS), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and cerebral palsy (CP)) are considered special because they require, in most cases, extraordinary long-term care in the hope of meeting developmental needs. In this regard, there is a systemic perspective of resilience in the ecology and development context, pursuing to identify for individuals to cope with persistent stresses. Based on this problem, “YAKUT” Special School type C-CI Purwokerto conducted a resourcefulness development program for mentally disabled students at “YAKUT” Special School type C-CI Purwokerto to increase the resilience of these students. In this study, the researcher used a qualitative type of research. The data collection process was carried out through observations at Yakut” Special School type C-CI Purwokerto, held from November to December 2021, and interviews with teachers at “YAKUT” Special School type C-CI. The entrepreneurial program programmed by “YAKUT” Special School type C-CI Purwokerto aims to help students remain competitive in the community. Students are trained to be tough and adapt to their limitations in this situation. Students who have resilience are willing to work hard to achieve their goals, adapt to changes to take advantage of new situations, and learn from their mistakes.
Fathan Budiman Fathan, M. Mustahal, Abdul Basit
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 21-42;

This study aims to explain the economic empowerment of the people based on halal tourism based on the Qur'an. The large number of global Muslim tourists visiting Indonesia, makes halal tourism potential to be one of the sectors driving Indonesia's halal industry. There are no less than 140 million Muslim tourists with online shopping of USD 35 billion every year. This is a challenge as well as an opportunity to make halal tourism a national tourism industry and a means of empowering the people's economy. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The results of the study indicate that the development of halal tourism can be used as a means to empower the people's economy. Opening up greater job opportunities thereby reducing unemployment. Improving the welfare of the people by opening up business and job opportunities. Can increase the income of the people so that it has an impact on increasing the ability of the community to be able to live more prosperously.
Zoe Wyatt, K. Morgan Welton
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 1-20;

Trauma is a global phenomenon that affects millions each year. Recovery from trauma is challenging and approaches vary between cultures and models. Faith and spirituality have long-been traditional modes for healing in cultures worldwide. However, through a largely Western-dominated medical model of treatment, healing through religion and spirituality had been often overlooked in favor of medical diagnoses and psychiatric treatment. The ability to recover from traumatic circumstances and adversity is known as resilience. Yet there is limited research available on how faith and spirituality may build resilience in the aftermath of trauma and its application in developing countries, such as Cambodia. The aim of this qualitative study was to understand what factors, including faith and spirituality, had enabled the recovery from trauma of Cambodian young people, through the collection of their oral narratives. The young people reported that coping strategies, such as faith and spirituality, played a role in in transforming their lived traumatic experiences into strengths. This paper explores faith as a resilience factor and how faith and spirituality may support healing and positive-growth outcomes for young Cambodians recovering from trauma.
Eva Mir'Atun Niswah
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 71-92;

The paradigm of productive waqf is contained in Waqf Regulation (Law Number 41 of 2004 Concerning Waqf). This regulation expands the scope of property in waqf which was previously only on fixed objects, now includes movable objects, both tangible and intangible. As an intangible movable object, IPR (Intellectual Property rights) is one of the waqf objects in this regulation. However, the forms of IPR waqf has not been explained on waqf regulations . So that, this paper will discuss the forms of IPR waqf as a part of productive waqf form. First, the absolute handover of IPR by the wakif to Nazir. In this form the nazir can manage IPR waqf by himself or licenses. Second, waqif can do his waqf of IPR for a certain period using a license or franchise
Hanna Wijaya, Yohanes Firmansyah, Yana Sylvana, Michelle Angelika S
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 43-54;

Several facts show that Australia has done several times wiretapping efforts against Indonesia. It is generally known that action tapping is an act of collecting information in secret diplomatic relations of a country. This journal is meant for analyzing the principle of the prohibition of wiretapping in the National Law, legal protection, and legal remedies that can be taken by Indonesia in the case of wiretapping. The research method used in this study is juriditve normative. This research analyzes relevant international treaties, case approaches, legal concept analysis approaches, and comparative approaches. The results of the study legally tapping is prohibited by law and international human rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1966, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (1958) and the 1961 Vienna Convention. While in the national law, the prohibition of tapping is provided in Article 28G paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution, Article 32 of law No. 39 of 1999, Article 40 of Law No. 36 of 1999, Article 31 paragraph (1) of Law No. 11 of 2008, and Article 31 paragraph (2) of Law No. 11 the Year 2008. concluded, juridically tapping is an act prohibited under international law and human rights In international law, Indonesian national law prohibits wiretapping. Indonesia has signed the Code of Conduct on Framework for Security Cooperation to prevent wiretapping. Besides, Indonesia can also bring wiretapping cases to the International Court of Justice because the Defense Signals Directorate (DSD) is the Australian government's official intelligence agency. The behavior of relations between countries and tapping as done by Australia to Indonesia appears to have shifted the meaning no longer as a crime but rather a violation of the diplomatic code of ethics.
Dudiyono Dudiyono, Slamet Wahyudi, Kholid Mawardi
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 55-70;

Indonesia as an archipelagic country, has ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural and social statuses. Religious moderation is an essential aspect in managing religious life in a plural and multicultural Indonesian society. In education discourse, religious moderation is an interesting issue, where currently, people in Indonesia have given serious attention to religious moderation. The purpose of this study is to find out what aspects of the Religious Moderation Mainstreaming program for students by examining Permendikbud No. 45 of 2014 concerning school uniforms for students at primary and secondary education levels. The research method is qualitative with a literature study approach. The conclusions in this study are 1) The mainstreaming program of religious moderation in schools. Where educational institutions can play a strategic role in religious moderation. 2) School uniforms as religious moderation, 3) School uniforms and religious rights, Identity in the form of this uniform initiates people's views of the religion adopted by students, and 4) School uniforms and attitudes of nationalism in religious moderation as a culture of tolerance which is described through respecting others, nationalism is related to the student's commitment to prioritizing the national interest.
Wulan Nurjanah, Akhmad Arif Musadad, Hieronymus Purwanta
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 271-284;

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all fields of life, including education. Indonesia through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has issued a policy called learning from home. The implementation of the policy is carried out with the help of technology and the internet. This article provides an overview of the implementation of learning from home policy. Researchers aim to find out the success of distance learning for history subject during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research was conducted on history distance learning, which was performed in XI IPA 5 class of SMA Negeri 2 Pandeglang. This study used a qualitative descriptive approach with a case study approach. The results show that distance learning implemented at SMA Negeri 2 Pandeglang is considerably successful because it has fulfilled five factors in the success of distance learning, namely institutional management, learning environment, learning design, supporting services, and learning evaluation.
Hasanudin Hasanudin, Viany Rahmawati
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 251-270;

The concept of problem solving on financing in the Fatwa of DSN-MUI No. 49/DSN-MUI/II/2005 regarding the conversion of the murabaha contract, it is different from the developed concept by the Fukaha. In the fatwa, the settlement of problematic murabaha financing can be done by rescheduling, reconditioning and restructuring. Meanwhile, fukaha saw the settlement of problematic financing can be done with two contracts, namely sulh and taflis. This research is library research, a form of research whose data sources are obtained from the library. The approach to this research uses a normative juridical method. The primary data source in this study is the DSN fatwa No. 49/DSN-MUI/II/2005 concerning the conversion of murabaha contracts. The results show that based on the perspective of Islamic law, the settlement of problematic financing based on the fatwa of the National Sharia Council No. 49/SSN-MUI/II/2005 on the conversion of murabaha contracts and some Fiqh opinions are not contradictory. Dispute resolution in the DSN-MUI fatwa in principle combines the techniques contained in akd sulh and taflis. مفهوم تسوية أو حل مخاطر التمويل بصيغة المرابحة المنصوص في فتوى الهيئة الشرعيى الوطنية برقم 49/DSN-MUI/II/2005 بشأن تحويل عقد المرابحة يختلف قليلاً عما نص عليه جمهور الفقهاء. تسوية مخاطر التمويل بصيغة المرابحة حسب فتوى الهيئة الشرعية الوطنية إما أن يكون عن طريق إعادة الجدولة (إعادة الجدولة) ، وإعادة التهيئة ، وإعادة الهيكلة ، أي تغيير متطلبات التمويل. هذا البحث عبارة عن بحث المكتبة، وهو شكل من أشكال البحث الذي يتم الحصول على مصادر بياناته من الأدبيات. إن منهج المستخدم هذا البحث هو المنهج القانوني المعياري. ومصدر البيانات الأساسي في هذا البحث هو فتوى DSN برقم 49 / DSN-MUI / II / 2005 بشأن تحويل عقود المرابحة والبيانات الثانوية المأخوذة من كتاب الفقه الإسلامي وادلته لوحبهة الزهيلي، وكتب الفقه والوثائق المتعلقة بالمشكلة قيد الدراسة. تظهر نتائج الدراسة أنه بناء على منظور الشريعة الإسلامية، فإن تسوية التمويل المتعثر بناء على فتوى الهيئة الشرعية...
Ane Rupaiedah, Kismartini Kismartini, Ida Hayu Dwimawanti
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 191-206;

This research is intended to analyze the Pioneering of the Raskin Innovation for Food Labor Intensive Patterns in North Central Timor District. The problem in this research is how the stages of pioneering Raskin innovation for food labor in the North Central Timor district. To answer this problem, various theories are relevant to the research phenomenon. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with data analysis techniques Milles and Huberman. The results of the Raskin Innovation Research on Food Labor Intensive Patterns in North Central Timor Regency, namely: 1.In the Raskin Innovation Initiation phase, PKP was formulated by identifying agricultural problems in TTU Regency so that the Innovation concept was indeed appropriate to answer the problem, then the PKP Raskin innovation adjusted to several criteria, namely new concepts, finance, technical capabilities, and public support. However, in adjustment there are problems that need to be reviewed and improved in the PKP Raskin innovation guidelines.
Mohammad ‘Ulyan, Guntur Dwi Purwanto Guntur Dwi Purwanto, Abdul Basit Abdul Basit
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 223-250;

Madrasa have a big role in building the Indonesian nation. The challenges of education in the era of globalization are getting bigger. However, many madrasa do not have the quality according to the standard. Therefore it is necessary to rethink the quality culture of madrasa in the global era. This type of research is qualitative research and includes field research. Data analysis using Miles and Huberman analysis techniques that include data reduction, display data, and conclusion drawing/verification. The results of research conducted by the author on the implementation of quality culture madrasa in MTs Ma'arif NU 4 Kemranjen can be concluded that wujud from the quality culture madrasa (religious culture) in MTs Ma'arif NU 4 Kemranjen as a form of development of pai subject family in accordance with the theory that includes; (1) mushofahah (2) memorization juz 'amma (3) istighasah and prayer together (4) dhuha prayer (5) friday box running (6) congregational dhuhur prayer (7) religious message. While what is not contained in the theory is (1) PHBI (2) reading asmaul husna (3) the use of polite uniforms and covering the aurat (4) pesantren kilat (5) reading yasin and tahlil (6) extra-curricular religious (7) religious tests (8) halal bihalal. The implementation uses a persuasive strategy that emphasizes on accuracy and habituation.
Moch. Saifudin
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 207-222;

This research purpose to analyze affected: 1) service quality to student satisfaction, 2) service quality to student atittudes, 3) moderation of student characteristic at affected service service to student satisfaction, 4) service quality to positive Word of Mouth, 5) student satisfaction to positive Word of Mouth, dan 6) student atittudes to positive Word of Mouth, 7) The mediation of satisfaction and students atittudes on affected of quality service to positive Word of Mouth. The using data was primary data which had by questioner brought to 150 higher students of Economic and Business Islamic Faculty of State Institute for Islamic Studies Purwokerto as respondence. Then, data analized by Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The result of research shown that: 1) Service quality had positive affected to student satisfaction, 2) Service quality had positive affected to student atittudes, 3) Student characteristic not moderated in affected service quality to student satisfaction, 4) Service quality had positive affected to positive Word of Mouth, 5) Student satisfaction had positive affected to positive Word of Mouth, and 6) Student atittudes had positive affected to positive Word of Mouth, 7) Satisfaction and students atittudes mediating of quality service affect to positive Word of Mouth.
Fitri Kurnianingsih, Iskandar Zulkarnain, Mahadiansar Mahadiansar
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 175-190;

The socio-economic impact is part of the benchmark for measuring the success of regional development in various sectors, especially tourism in Indonesia. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the tourism sector in Bintan Regency has decreased so that it has an impact on the life and welfare of the community. The purpose of this study is to analyze the socio-economic impacts of the tourism sector in the Bintan Regency before COVID 19 and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The research method used is qualitative with a case study approach and a literature approach which will later be analyzed in depth. The results showed that the socio-economy in the tourism sector during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bintan Regency affected people's living conditions to meet their daily needs and did not prioritize profit. Apart from that, the socio-economy also affects the lifestyle of people who must have the initiative to survive. Other findings need strengthening of stakeholders and new socio-economic needs by preparing the quality of human resources to revive the tourism sector in Bintan Regency.
Muhamad Basitur Rijal Gus Rijal, Ahyani Hisam, Abdul Basit
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 117-138;

Civil society (civil society) as the ideal structure of society's life that is aspired to, but building a civil society is not easy. There are preconditions that must be met by the community in making it happen. Coupled with technological advances in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.o like today, where information can spread easily through various online media unlimitedly in spreading hoaxes. This research seeks to uncover the dangers of hoaxes in building civil society. This research uses descriptive analytical method by examining the sources of literature related to building civil society in the Industrial Revolution 4.o. This research found that the public space is a means of free speech; democratic behavior; tolerant; pluralism; and social justice can shape civil society. whereas the impact of hoax news greatly affects the way people perceive a certain issue, so that people cannot distinguish which news is real or fake news which causes them to be incited by fake news that is spread.
Blajan Konradus, Agustinus Gergorius Raja Dasion
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 139-152;

This study aims to explain social change of post-conflict of the Wulandoni - Pantai Harapan community and what kind of cultural communication space should be built for sustainable reconciliation and peace. The two focus studies above have become very central in reading and analysing the reality of the conflict between the two villages. By using ethnographic method, this study found three things. First, the conflict between Wulandoni and Pantai Harapan villages is not a religious conflict. Even so, it cannot be denied that the discourse on religious conflict was quite developed at that time because the cultural and religious realities of the two villages were quite different. Second, the Wulandoni-Pantai Harapan conflict caused social change and the loss of kinship between the people, especially the loss of the Wulandoni barter market. Third, post-conflict reconciliation and peace efforts are immediately carried out thanks to the cultural and economic relations between the people on the south coast of Lembata Island. These social, economic and cultural kinship relationships are important pillars in creating peace and harmony between communities. This study also opens the discourse of reconciliation and peace based on local culture and economy in the south of Lembata Island.
Yohanes Firmansyah, Yana Sylvana, Hanna Wijaya, Michelle Angelika S
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 153-174;

The South China Sea (SCS) is a geographical area that is rich in natural resources such as crude oil and is a very strategic area of ​​the economy. The SCS is surrounded by several littoral states which cause conflicts between coastal countries over the right to power over South China. There are at least 9 countries conflicting with each other in the SCS, such as the People's Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Burma and Indonesia. The problem became even more serious when the Declaration of Decision of the International Court of Justice or the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) as the highest international institution was opposed by China because it was considered detrimental and weakening China's power. This research aims to specifically discuss the geographical position of the SCS and international law (especially UNCLOS), diplomacy issues in the maritime sector, how to regulate sea areas according to international law and disputes that occur in the SCS and the role of Indonesian diplomacy in responding to the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)
Muta Ali Arauf
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 105-116;

This research aims to know the relation between religion and environtment in a deep comprehensive understanding. How religion and environtment in some extents they are too related. In Islam for example, concept of shari’a seemingly agreed and supported the idea of nature and animal conservation. But, in some extent they are contradictive. This contradictive discouse could be seen from any kinds of texts of religious scriptures in how they deal with preservation of nature and animal (killing animal). The role of religious text we may say “yes” that it deal and closely related how the ecological views are constructed. How it overcomes the natural degradation, pollutions for instance. But, religion also should be understood as an orientation of the cosmos and how actually our human existence has an important role to the world. In broadest sense, we understand that religion also means of how people know the limits of reality and how humans interact with their own environment. Religion often talk about the cosmological stories, systems and symbols, ritual practices, norms and ethics, the history, and the institutional structure that transmits the view where human beings as an integral part in the world—and has a sense of responsibility towards nature. This article use the analytical approach in analyizing the issue of religion and environtment. Thus, the relation between Islamic law, Quranic verses and Shari’a are compactible in responding the issue of environtment
Alam Mahadika, Viqri Rahmad Satria
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 285-296;

This study explains the local traditions of Sasak People in Sade Rembitan Village, Central Lombok, Indonesia. By using research methods in the form of qualitative descriptive analysis, the researchers collected the data through literature study from previous researches about Sasak traditions located in the Lombok Islands. The results of the research describe the sasak tradition, namely Ngayu Ayu Ritual. Ngayu Ayu ritual as a ritual to fight the devil that threat the harvest of Sasak people. Rituals of traditional birth ceremonies as a medium to ask for safety and gratitude for all the conveniences given by God. The implementation of this traditional birth ceremony as a religious ceremony symbolizes that every ritual performed with prayers. Furthermore, the tradition of eloping by the Sasak tribe known as Merariq, the tradition of abducting the Sasak people is a form of action that belongs to social action. It can be said to be a social action if it can affect or be influenced by others. Sorong Serah tradition is commonly found after the occurrence of Merariq (Eloping), Sorong Serah tradition is used to hand over krama aji which is a payment that has been agreed before the implementation of marriage and customary fines.
Erfina Fuadatul Khilmi, Arvina Hafidzah, Praptika Septi Femilia
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 77-92;

Differences in understanding the distribution pattern of inheritance rights potentially cause disputes which fade the family relationships and merge endless conflicts among the family members. The aim of the research is to comprehend the implementation of inheritance dispute arrangement based on local wisdom as an alternative method in achieving the community’s balance and harmony that they still consider the arrangement through a court action as a taboo of settlement. The research shows several findings; factors that influence the differences in the distribution of inheritance in Gayasan A, Jenggawah, Jember Regency are the absence of communication between the heirs (the giver) and heirs, which is known as debik kek lopaen; and the community’s view of the heirs also influence the distribution of inheritance rights, so that local wisdom is needed as a strategic tool in arranging the disputes by implementing internal discussions among the family members mediated by a customary head and a sanction of exclusion (not diajepi). Data collection was conducted through a combination of literature study and field study by triangulating the results of observations, interviews and questionnaires. The research design applied was the sociology of law with an approach of problem on the unwritten customary law implemented in the community of Gayasan A as a social fact developed from the value system of the community and supported by a theoretical approach
Muhammad Yuliansyah, I Nyoman Sujana Degeng, Bambang Budi Wiyono, Achmad Supriyanto, Jarkawi Jarkawi, Murdiansyah Herman
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 93-104;

The existence of guidance and counseling is a basic need that must be prioritized in the life of the community Guidance and Counseling Services that are good and right, effective and efficient in developing guidance and counseling missions so that community recognition and trust will increase. Accountability is carried out periodically and in accordance with the provisions with effective documentation through measurement of results from professional activities. Accountability refers to accountability for the success or failure of achieving the results of an organization's program. The guidance and counseling profession as professional counselors masters and realizes their professional practice, the accountability of guidance and counseling must be carried out as an embodiment of the obligation to account for the success or failure of implementing the guidance and counseling program mission in achieving the stated goals and objectives.
Mahmudin Mahmudin, Zayyadi Ahmad, Abdul Basit
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 23-42;

This article departs from the author's anxiety about Islamic epistemology vis a vis the Islamization of science in the worldview of interdisciplinary Islamic epistemology, Syed Muhammad Naqueb al-Attas regarding the Islamization paradigm of science with a concept with an approach based on the paradigm of Islamic epistemology. In this case, the problem of Islamization is fundamental epistemologically. However, al-Attas does not want to contradict one another, in fact, it further strengthens the Islamization of science under Islamic epistemology’s spirit or values. The epistemology of Islamic thought of Syed Muhammad Naqueb al-Attas regarding the concept of epistemology vis a vis the Islamization of science is not only built on revelation and religious belief. However, it is built on a cultural tradition strengthened by philosophical speculation related to secular life that focuses on humans as rational beings. As a result, science and ethical and moral values, governed by human reason, are constantly changing. Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas’ Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies is a conception of the need for the Islamization of science related to reality and truth is understood by the unification method where there is a unity between inductive and deductive, empirical, and rational principles. The approach and theory used in this paper explore the historical roots of the epistemological paradigm of Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas by combining esoteric and ecstical elements as well as the combination of secularism and religion. However, it must be an interdisciplinary scientific discipline in Islamic studies.
Nurlia Yusniar
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 61-76;

PAUD teacher must have emotional maturity. The things that are directly related to the emotional maturity level of the teacher are environment, be it at home, the community or the educator's environment in the institution. Therefore, if a PAUD teacher can be well received by his fellow students, he tends to have emotional stability. With the acceptance of teachers in the early childhood environment, it can help students in early childhood development. It is assumed that emotional maturity has a significant relationship with the teacher's ability to socialize. The results showed that most of the PAUD teachers were quite good at emotional maturity, namely 74% of all respondents, then 21% of teachers were in the good category. However, there are still 5% of teachers whose emotional maturity is not good. The level of socialization of early childhood teachers in institutions and the environment is in the quite good category, namely as much as 79%, in the good category, which is 15% and there are still 6% of teachers who have poor social skills. The table shows that there is a relationship between emotional maturity and teacher PAUD socialization in Bunga sub-district, Sragen regency.
Khairul Azan, Kemas Imron Rosadi, Muntholib Muntholib
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 43-60;

Quality is a determining indicator of the existence of Islamic higher education institutions in the future. Higher education with quality will be in demand by the community. Therefore, quality must be a priority indicator in the implementation of Islamic-based higher education. In order for the quality to continue to increase, universities should implement the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) in all areas of university administration. Integrated quality management requires the existence of an Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) which aims to ensure the implementation of ducation according to standards. In order for the Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) to run well, it is necessary to have a quality culture that is well understood and implemented by stakeholders. The quality culture contains several aspects, namely: 1) focus on customers, 2) obsession with quality, 3) scientific approach, 4) long-term commitment, 5) teamwork, 6) continuous improvement of the system, 7) education and training, 8) controlled freedom, 9) respect for everyone, 10) unity of purpose, 11) involvement and empowerment of employees. Efforts that can be made in developing and maintaining the quality of Islamic higher education include: 1) Strategic Plan as a basis for implementing education, 2) building a higher education brand image, 3) consistency in implementing the internal quality assurance system.
Yohanes Firmansyah, Michelle Angelika S, Hanna Wijaya, Yana Sylvana
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 1-21;

Indonesia uses customary Law as positive Law in the archipelago, is obeyed and implemented as a custom, from generation to generation respected by the community as a national tradition. As a rule of Law, Indonesia adheres to many legal systems at the same time that lives and develops in society, namely the civil law system and the customary law system. All these legal systems are complementary, harmonious, and romantic. As the original Law that grows and develops from community habits, Customary Law affects the process of law enforcement in Indonesia. The values ​​contained in customary Law in Indonesia were used in the formation of jurisprudence in the Supreme Court. This paper will explain how customary Law, which has an "unwritten" character, can fill the Indonesian civil law system's legal gap. This paper's research method is a normative legal research method and uses several approaches, namely the statutory approach, the comparative approach, and the historical approach. This paper concludes that legal pluralism in Indonesia can be a solution to the legal gap created by the rigidity of civil law application.
Yana Sylvana, Yohanes Firmansyah, Hanna Wijaya, Michelle Angelika S
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 233-250;

Several major European countries, such as France and Germany, have included CPO in the list of non-environmentally friendly products. Some countries impose additional import duties because CPO is considered as damaging as alcohol. This research is descriptive and uses a normative juridical approach. There are several demands put forward by the European Union for palm oil entering its territory, these demands include the importation of palm oil, either for food or for industrial purposes. Hence, the European Union requires sustainable palm oil production. Besides, the European Union believes that the use of palm oil for fuel production will endanger the sustainability of other foodstuffs, especially for the poor. The European Union's accusation of environmental threats is considered impure as environmental protection. Many argue that the accusation is only a political step by the European Union in anticipating the development of exports of Indonesian CPO products to Europe.
Amalina Setiani, Muhammad Labib Syauqi
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 213-232;

Islam was comprehensive for all human races, in all areas of their lives, and whenever they live until the Judgment Day is coming. This is what is commonly called as Islam is universal. When The Prophet Muhammad SAW was performing of Hajj Wadā’ came down the al-Mā’idah verse: 3 has become an argument for some Muslims to show that Islam is perfect. In this time, many cases of a wrong understanding of religion's perfection will cause problems such as radicalism, disbelief of other groups, and even terrorism. Therefore, the writer used two problem statements: how is the interpretation of religion perfection in QS. al-Mā’idah : 3 according to Tafsīr Ibnu ‘Abbās and Tafsir Al-Azhar then how is the relevance of Ibnu ‘Abbas and Hamka’s interpretation related to the perfection of religion with the Indonesian context. The method used by the writer in this research is library research with descriptive analysis and used philosophical hermeneutics by Hans Georg Gadamer. Then, the writer concluded The meaning perfection of religion in QS. al-Mā’idah : 3 according to Ibnu ‘Abbas in Tafsīr Ibnu ‘Abbās which is Allah SWT has perfected the faith of the Prophet Muhammad and the believers, there is no need for additions and no deductions for eternity. According to Hamka in Tafsir Al-Azhar, the perfection of religion is the creed, worship, syariat, muamalah, and munakahat was sufficient and there will be no additional. However, Hamka allows for ijtihad in matters other than worship and syariat. Therefore, Islam does not freeze. Then, in Indonesia context that consists of various tribes, languages, cultures, and religions. Therefore, the meaning of surrender to God can be reflected in Indonesia. Because all religions also teach surrender to God or in other words “kalimatun sawā’”. Suppose someone has a resigned attitude to God. In that case, it will minimize fanaticism, claiming the truth of his religion, insulting other groups who disagree with their perception, the narrow meaning of jihad and the blasphemy of religion, even radicalism, because someone considers that in other religions there is also faith. However, change is greatly affected by time and space. In terms of religions, that is permanent, and some are changing or normative Islam and historical Islam. By having an attitude of surrender to God, it is possible to happen tolerant to other religions. In brief, Indonesia can still be a country with the slogan “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” which means “unity in diversity”.
Anifatul Kiftiyah
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 265-280;

Through Presidential Decree (Keppres) Number 12 of 2020 the President has designated Covid-19 as a National Disaster. Handling Covid-19 requires good cooperation between elements, both society, government and state institutions. The President as an executive institution and the DPR as a legislative institution have very broad functions and powers in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Namely, by optimizing the functions and powers it has in dealing with Covid-19 by establishing policies that aim to overcome Covid-19 without bringing political interests. This study uses a phenomenological research method with a normative juridical approach. With a descriptive analysis thinking method that aims to explain what is happening in the community and the government's anticipation in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The results of this study are that the executive and legislative bodies must be more maximized and more assertive in implementing policies to deal with covid-19.
Wiwit Kurniawan, Tri Hidayati
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 199-212;

Religion and mathematics are perceived as two things that are very reciprocally exclusive; this is due to the opinion asserting that mathematics is considered as valid and objective knowledge. On the other hand, religion is something interpretive and subjective. Historically speaking, religion and mathematics have a strong association and in certain aspects, both of them have points of contact that can permeate each other. The forms of intersection between mathematics and religion need to be analyzed so that we will be able to see more clearly the current religious phenomenon. This study investigates and discovers a potential encounter between religion and mathematics. To see the relationship between religion and mathematics, and even their fusion, the first thing to do is determine the definition of religion and mathematics. With a clear understanding of both, the encounter points will be easier to recognize. The research method used in this study is a literature review. This study collects systematically a variety of literature related to the theme under study. The encounter between religion and mathematics undergoes at five dimensions, they are ontological, epistemological, teleological, theoretical and application dimension. This study more focused on similarities to reveal the connection between religion and mathematics.
Jasbir Singh, Rahul Kundal, Neharica Subhash
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 251-264;

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, the Union Government of India announced nationwide lockdown. As the nationwide lockdown was implemented in India from 25th of March 2020, almost every sector of the Indian economy came to a halt. Along these circumstances, all kinds of educational institutions were also shut down. Evidently, and as anticipated, the students were among those groups that suffered the most during nationwide lockdown. Consequently, learning status of the students was hard-hit. The present study is an attempt to measure the impact of nationwide lockdown on the learning status of the students who were pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Jammu at the time of announcement of nationwide lockdown. In order to collect data for the present study, an online questionnaire was developed using the Google Forms platform and link of the questionnaire was provided to 300 students who were pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Jammu at that time. The responses from the students were received between 20th of August 2020 and 26th of August 2020. The data were then tabulated and analysed. It was observed that a large proportion of the respondents could only complete half of their syllabus (or even less) through online learning mode during nationwide lockdown, and that they had to face a variety of problems, such as anxiety, poor physical heath, poor internet connectivity, etc. It is suggested that the governments and the concerned authorities must aim to make policies to establish a resilient educational structure that is able to tackle situations like the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown, so that the young mind’ productivity is not compromised.
Muslim Muslim, Warto Warto, Djono Djono
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 281-294;

This study aims to obtain: (1) inculcating the values ​​of tolerance and patriotism of students through learning the history of the national movement, (2) difficulties experienced by history teachers, and (3) efforts made by history teachers to overcome these difficulties. This study uses qualitative methods, with a single embedded case study strategy. This study was conducted at SMA Negeri 11 Yogyakarta. Data were collected through observation, in-depth interviews, and document study. The data analysis technique used the interactive model of Miles and Huberman's analysis. The results of the study show that: (1) Inculcating the values ​​of tolerance and patriotism in students, namely through learning preparation, learning implementation, (using the discussion method, because in discussions it is easy to instill the values ​​of tolerance and patriotism in students), and evaluation (2) The difficulty faced by history teachers is that they have little time to study, and currently online learning makes it difficult for teachers to socialize with students. (3) Efforts made by history teachers, in overcoming these difficulties, were to make themselves role models and motivators for their students. In the end, after the obstacles were overcome, the students' tolerance and patriotism values ​​increased.
Erti Fadhilah Putri, Kukuh Setyo Pambudi, Agus Adriyanto
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 187-198;

Nowadays, the United States shows its foreign policy focus to the Asia Pacific region where there is a border conflict between China and the countries in the Southeast Asia Region. This paper tries to analyze the increasing tension of the US and Chinese military forces in the South China Sea and see how the challenges Indonesia will face with the escalation in the South China Sea. The United States of America began to increase its military power aimed to overseeing the South China Sea and Chinese Hegemony. The increase in US military strength certainly threatens China's interests in the South China Sea so that even in the middle of Covid-19, China is showing its military strength by conducting patrols and joint exercises in the waters of southern China. The improvement of the two superpowers can be seen in the framework of the Balancing Power theory, which emphasizes the analysis of military force tension in both countries. Whereas in analyzing the challenges faced by Indonesia, it can use the Balance of Threat theory. The purpose of this paper is to provide recommendations for the Indonesian government in dealing with the increasing tension in the South China Sea.
Al-Adly Darniyus, Hardi Warsono, Teuku Afrizal, Retno Sunu Astuti
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 147-168;

This article focuses on the evaluation of regional spatial planning policies, namely the Regional Regulation of the City of Semarang Number 14 of 2011 concerning the 2011-2031 Regional Spatial Plan, particularly regarding the spatial structure and spatial patterns in the Gunungpati District. Because the issue of spatial planning has caused various environmental problems in urban areas. This article refers to the Regulation of the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Number 9 of 2017 concerning Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatial Use, using a literature study methodology approach. The results show that the spatial structure determination in Gunungpati District needs to be changed because of the emergence of settlements that are on quite /very sloping slopes. As a result, Gunungpati District as a conservation area, water catchment, and green catchment as well as protecting the area below has changed. Meanwhile, the network of facilities and infrastructure as well as green open space in Gunungpati District has met the requirements of the RTRW for Semarang City. Based on the above considerations, a concrete policy is needed in maintaining the function of the Gunungpati District, so that it can protect the ecosystem in its area. Besides the importance of providing education to the public regarding sustainable urban development, to create complex environmental preservation, this article contributes to the field of public management and a collaborative governance policy model that is directly implemented in the city of Semarang.
Muhammad Lukman Hakim, David Efendi, Alam Mahadika
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 127-146;

Indonesia is a multiculturalist country by placing Pancasila as the main milestone in formulating all attitudes towards the nation and state, which are expected to inherit a nation's noble and noble culture. Pancasila contains values ​​that are very noble and do not conflict with religious and social values. The motto "Different but still one" unites differences in religion, race, ethnicity, and culture, from Sabang to Merauke. So that in the future, it will prevent Indonesia from various threats that damage the nation's sovereignty, such as separatism, treason, terrorism, and national diseases that can erode the joints of the state later. Muhammadiyah is an important part of the nation, one of which has a role in participating in caring for and preserving this noble and noble culture of the country. With various contributions in the field of thought, such as the "Pancasila State" as a progressive Indonesian as Darul Ahdi wa al-Syahadah, progressing Islam, Insha Allah will be able to nurture the noble values ​​of Pancasila.
Dinna Eka Graha Lestari
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 169-186;

The influence of modernization, cultural value of a society that changes towards cultural values. Society can be classified as a modern society because it reflects the cultural characteristics of modern society. The traditional IdherBumi ceremony can provide a large income for the village. Revenue comes from parking tickets, sponsorships and also local governments. Based on the situation and conditions in the field, the focus of this research is: (1) The concept of the IdherBumi Traditional Ceremony in the Using Community, (2) The Change in the Traditional IdherBumi Ceremony of the Using Community, (3). Related to the above focus, the approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative case study method, and uses data validity techniques that are based on trust, transformational, dependability and certainty based on objectivity.
Raden Mas Try Ananto Wicaksono
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 81-112;

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting emerging markets through an unprecedented mix of domestic and external shocks whose combined effects are very hard to predict. Through this analysis, the author would explore more regarding the government policy priorities in dealing with COVID-19 especially from the emerging countries. Brazil and India as the best countries to be weighed with Indonesia due to some similarities they have. The research method used in this research is a descriptive qualitative and comparative study, the types of comparable, in this case, are Most Different System Designs (MDSD). The results show that Brazil has a partial-lockdown system and India has a full-lockdown system, yet in both countries, there is a high number of death rates and confirmed cases. The politics of the moment are only a piece of the policy environment, however, economics as of a major factor. Thus, the paper suggests ensuring that the lockdown is not being lifted prematurely; it is crucial to significantly ramp up the capacity of the healthcare system.
Michelle Angelika S, Yohanes Firmansyah, Hanna Wijaya, Yana Sylvana
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 113-126;

The territorial sea is the area of the sea zone closest to the coast, entirely subject to coastal sovereignty. Meanwhile, what is meant by the Economic Exclusive Zone is an area outside and adjacent to the territorial sea whose boundaries are 200 nautical miles measured from the base of the coast. The northern Natuna Islands are an Indonesian territorial area included in the Economic Exclusive Zone of the Republic of Indonesia. In areas that are the source of the power of nature are plentiful, including a source of power sea. It's led to interest from the foreigners to master the source power. The state of China announced that territory northwest china south is the territory of china based Map nine-dash line, which triggers the occurrence of the disputed territory of sea between Indonesia and china because it crosses the boundary north is Natuna Island the impact on the ships of foreign without permission to enter and steal the source power of nature in the Economic Exclusive Zone of the Republic of Indonesia because it is the actual effort of government Indonesia to eradicate illegal fishing both through relationship diplomacy maritime and businesses more. Researchers using qualitative descriptive research. The methodology of qualitative as the procedure of research that produces the descriptive data form of words written or spoken of people and behaviors that can be observed.
Evi Ni’Matuzzakiyah
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 47-54;

Today, the reality of the condition of Indonesian society shows that there are symptoms of deterioration caused by a shift in the noble values ​​of the nation. Rampant juvenile delinquency and violation of norms, emotional intelligence is a basic condition for using intellectual intelligence effectively. Asmaul Husna's reading habit is one of the character education being pursued by the Surya Global Yogyakarta College of Health Sciences. Students are also trained and educated to develop their skills and mentality in a positive direction so that these educational institutions can produce superior and Islamic output, which is not only rely on theory in learning, but also experience in the field in facing the flow of globalization. The gap between the theory and practice of Asmaul's reading habits Husna with the level of students 'emotional intelligence, it is necessary to revisit considering the effect of Asmaul Husna's reading habit on students' emotional intelligence is not known. The research design is quantitative using the Emotional Intelligence Scale. The research was conducted at the College of Public Health Sciences. The research subjects were 65 adolescents, they were asked to fill in the pretest before Asmaul Husna dhikr intervention was carried out, and after going through the dhikr process for ten weeks the research subjects were asked to fill in the posttest. Pretest and posttest data were analyzed through the Wilcoxon test using SPSS 16. Based on the above results, it is known that the significance of 0.031 is smaller than 0.05, so it can be concluded that "Ha is accepted" This means that there is a difference in emotional intelligence between before and after Asmaul Husna's dhikr, so it can also be concluded that "There is an influence of Asmaul Husna's dhikr on adolescent emotional intelligence.
Yudhitia Yudhitia, Dhani Akbar, Mahadiansar Mahadiansar
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 1-16;

Social welfare has been a part of the impact of population growth centers in overcoming poverty levels in Indonesia. Community perception is needed as an effort to revive that social welfare is an inseparable part of daily life and is very important in the effort of the government's role in overcoming the disparities that occur given the unstable economic growth in each year. This research was conducted with the aim to analyze people's perceptions of social welfare that occurs in the Batam city community. The method used is survey research in each district in Batam City with descriptive methods that are perceptual sharing of ten categories of assessment, data collected through the distribution of interview questionnaires, observations and supported by secondary data. The focus of this research is on community perceptions of social welfare in Batam City with descriptive qualitative data analysis used to approach that used an average score of interpretation of 0.6 with a scale of 1-4. The results of the analysis show that the indicator of the perception of the people of Batam on social welfare does not have a big impact by the people who only agree to perceive that; (P7) Government programs on social welfare that are right on target felt by the community and (P8) Empowerment of local wisdom / MSMEs that are right on target felt by the community.
Muhammad Solikhudin
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 31-46;

Boisterous problems occur in Indonesia and other parts of the world. The issue of Cement Plant in Rembang spread in online and offline media is an example that can be disclosed here. People around the cement factory in Rembang who work as farmers attempt to stop the practice by casting the foot together. The reason is that food security must be maintained, and natural beauty also needs to be maintained. This problem is still a tug-of-war among government, employers, and the people. Islam as a religion of compassion, certainly teaches a sense of justice and humanity to all humanity. In direct proportion to Islam, green political reasoning also likes this. In this paper will be parsed study Cement Plant Perspective Green Politics, as an effort to maintain the continuity of human life and care for the beauty of nature. In a country that embraces a democratic system and applies green political theory, it should implement three aspects, namely: First, distributing justice, Second, committed to democratization process, Third, Efforts to achieve ecological sustainability.
Bekti Taufiq Ari Nugroho, Choeroni Choeroni, M. Minanur Rohman
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 69-79;

Wali comes from Wala or Waliya which means close, has a role in continuing the prophetic mission. In the Quran, this term is used to mean a relative, friend or protector. In carrying out the role of continuing the mission of prophecy, the saints who are more familiarly called Walisongo always invite Islam and Ahl al-Sunnah Wa al-Jama'ah, the da'wa used by Walisongo in realizing its mission is the application of the methods developed by Sunni Sufis in imparting teachings. However, the methods of preaching that are carried out by the saints are different, the values ​​of pluralism as practiced by Sunan Kudus are very different from other saints, where Sunan Kudus used methods by utilizing traditional symbols and beliefs of the local community, evidence of Da'wa methods are still visible today, namely the shape and style of the building of the al-Aqsa mosque, minarets, gates, and showers (ablution places) which are actually symbols of the eight Buddhist paths, each of which is given a statue of the head of Kebo Gumarang as a permanent Buddhist teaching. preserved as part of cultural assimilation.
Kamaludin, Muh Hanif
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 55-68;

The value of tasamuh as one of the values in Ahlussunah wal Jama’ah is very essential in implementation of Muslims. Tasamuh is to be tolerant of differences of views, especially in matters that are furuiyyah, so that they can coexist peacefully with other parties even though the aqeedah, way of thinking and culture are different. Tasamuh or mutual respect towards fellow Muslims is highly recommended in Islam to strengths in maintaining unity among Muslims, besides being a social demand it is also a form of brotherhood bound by the same aqeedah rope. Even in the hadith is explained that a person is not perfect in his faith if he does not have compassion and tolerance towards his Muslims brother. The aim of this research is to determine the exercise of the implementation of Tasamuh ala Ahlussunah wal Jama’ah in the learning of Islamic education in Ma’arif High School karanganyar Purbalingga and to know the inhibiting factors and supporting factors in the implementation of Tasamuh ala Ahlussunah in learning of Islamic education in Ma’arif High School Karanganyar, Purbalingga. The data collecting method used in this study are interview and documentation. Then, the data analysis used data reduction, presentation of data, and verification. The results of the research on the implementation of tasamuh ala Ahlussunah in learning Islamic education in Ma’arif High School Karanganyar include tasamuh attitudes towards fellow students, Tasamuh towards fellow Muslims and tasamuh towards non-Muslims. Supporting and inhibiting factors of the implementation of tasamuh ala Ahlussunah in learning Islamic education in Ma’arif High School Karanganyar is devided into two, namely internal factors and external factors.
Ubaidillah Ubaidillah
International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) pp 17-30;

Managing plural and multicultural diversity of citizens is an obligation mandated by the constitution and the third precept of Pancasila. One of the efforts to care for diversity within the framework of Indonesian unity is through interfaith dialogue which is packaged in fostering religious harmony. With the issuance of Village law 16 of 2014 has provided space for aspirations to manage the diversity of citizens through the deleberative democracy process in the village budget policy mechanism in Village Development Conference. This research has found grassroots aspirations that are included in the Village Fund policy in Klinting Village, Banyumas district. Although it is not the main aspiration in the village budget policy priorities, it is at least a quality aspiration that is included in the village fund policy. The issue of religion in the form of interreligious dialogue between Hindu-Islamic religions is still a common thread in the realities of policy and the aspirations of people's lives, that is the aspiration demonstration that can be achieved from this research.
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